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New Life 279 – Upgrading Relationships, Part 1

Episode 279|Dec 31, 2013
We live in a small, interdependent global village and must establish good mutual relations. We had thought that we could advance toward the realization of the American dream and that everyone would live well, but the social gaps are only growing. The middle class has been eroded and few climb up from it. The root cause is social neglect. People are dismissive of others and proud of it. The weak are fighting to survive, hi-tech workers are worried, big executives are under pressure from market instability, and the elites even fear that global insecurity is increasing. It is especially shameful and inappropriate for the Jews to neglect the weak so much in Israel since they must build a model for a corrected human society and be a light for the nations. They need to help humanity embark on a new path through education that is based on love of others and mutual guarantee. People need to be taught that nature is one connected system and that we must connect with one another in order to be in harmony with that system.