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May 20, 2020
New Life 1243 – The Place Of Humanity In Ecological Balance

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Humanity must control all of nature like a wise, good-hearted mother. According to our potential, we are the highest creatures, but all of the bad phenomena we see in the world today is a result of the human ego. Every phenomenon in nature, whether good or bad, is the result of the thoughts and attitudes of people. Evil is expressed when we take more for ourselves than what we need in order to dominate everyone. If we learned to relate well to other people, the still, vegetative, and animate levels in nature would also be balanced. Humans must understand that nature is global and integral and that they have the power to bring everything to correction. Balance means taking from nature only what our bodies need to live and turning toward spiritual development. Spiritual life means learning how to connect with love and concern to one another until we will all be like one person with one heart. This will lead us to an awareness of an eternal and perfect life on the level of a global, infinite, and divine nature.