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Kabbalist's View with Dr. Michael Laitman is a series of talks between Dr. Laitman and Semion Vinokur with Kabbalistic commentary and opinion on current events around the world.

Aug 4, 2022
There is this parable, joke, in heaven they are choosing who is going to heaven and who is going to hell, and there is this famous preacher who is constantly sent to hell. And he said, how, before me was this get away driver, and he was sent to heaven. So they said, what did you think? At your services, everyone slept, and when he was driving, everyone was praying. And I saw here great depth, and so it's much more important that what brings a person to prayer. So how do you relate to this, there is great depth in this I feel. • Patience is a tree whose roots are bitter, but whose fruits are sweet. Why are the roots bitter? • An Israeli reporter broke in, broke the rules and caused a big disgrace in a closed off city, designated only for Muslims. Saudi Arabia reacted in a very negative way, and an Israeli channel said it was a good journalist investigation. In one way or another, it's always in order to raise the ratings. What is it all about when we enter something that we are not allowed to do? • Students from Rockefeller University conducted a study on the reaction of ants during extreme temperatures. When one ant feels heat, it does not move until all the other ants feel the heat, and then they all move together. There is like complete trust towards the collective mind. How would you apply this to humans? • From day to day we need to make various decisions, the Romans used to toss a coin, heads or tails to make decisions. So how do we make decisions?