Sep 4, 2018
New Life 1055 – The Wisdom Of Kabbalah As A Scientific Method, Part 2

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The results of the research in the wisdom of Kabbalah are beneficial to the whole of humanity because the Kabbalist opens a way for everyone to reach out to the Creator. The researcher is the material being studied because the Kabbalist studies the world within himself. In other words, he adapts himself to what is concealed from him and examines his behavior under the conditions he wishes to investigate. Furthermore, he himself is the ruler with which he measures how much the upper force dwells in him. Proof is attained when the researcher reaches and reveals the same level as his Kabbalistic predecessors did. The results of these historic experiments have been recorded in the writings of Kabbalah for 6,000 years. In general, the Kabbalist studies how the thought of creation is realized in him or how much he can resemble the Creator.

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