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New Life 1293 – Phases Of Dealing With Conflicts

Episode 1293|Jan 3, 2021
Flip it, invert it, and do a U-turn! Conflict is a fact of life and can help us experience new levels of enjoyment when we know how to use it properly for the benefit of everyone. The wisdom of Kabbalah teaches us how to manage conflicts so that everyone should be satisfied. First, we need to put the disagreement aside and focus on the connection between us, as if there were nothing to fight about. After we have risen above the conflict together in this way, we invert the issue so that it increases the connection between us. In other words, each person puts the connection between them first, ahead of the conflict or their own personal interests. Each one engages with the others in a sort of game of compromise and mutuality so that we are together at the end of the day. Often there are no corporeal solutions to conflict. The key to resolving it is to learn to enjoy what the other person enjoys. It is about changing the way we think to integral thinking. Personal enjoyment is limited, but integral enjoyment is unlimited. In this way, we end up experiencing double the pleasure in an unlimited way!