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New Life 1084 – Love And Hate

Episode 1084|Dec 25, 2018
The human experience of love and hate are determined through a part of the brain called the pleasure center. This small part works in the interest of the ego or the desire to receive and differentiates between pleasure or love and suffering or hatred. It is said that the feeling of hatred pushes us to communicate with the upper force and understand what He wants from us. Hatred is awakened in us so that we will eventually learn to look within and correct ourselves. We can change our negative, egoistic attitudes in such a way that we will see a good world full of love. Instead of being dominated by egoism, we can manage it by changing ourselves. The wisdom of Kabbalah teaches us how to correct ourselves in relation to the world. When we attribute everything to the upper force, we begin to understand that no one is hating or loving us. Instead, when we want to reach bestowal by giving to the world and the upper force, we realize that the whole system is taking care of us.