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Jun 22, 2020
New Life 1254 – The Evolution Of Employment, Part 1

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The principles of the new world are becoming clearer daily. Our attitudes toward business and life in general have changed. Ultimately, we will become one business around the entire globe. Employees will learn to relate to each other as a single system; they will feel open to one another, interdependent, and connected to each other, and will want to help and participate. According to the law of integration, if I produce something and there is a business that does the same thing better than I do, I will stop for the sake of the good of humanity. The benefit to the consumer public is what I will focus on and not my personal benefit. The next step in the world will be to stop producing things that are superfluous and not of use. We will be concerned with maximizing efficiencies for society as a whole. The need for change will come from nature, which is above us, and will lead us to full integration.