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The Yemenite Children Affair • World Environment Day • Wage Disparities Amongst Teachers In Israel • The Phenomenon Of Addiction Amongst Israelis • A Global Economic Crisis Leading To Social Instability • The Passing Of Uri Zohar

Episode 344|Jun 2, 2022
The Yemenite Children Affair In recent weeks, a wound that has never healed has reopened from several directions, the affair of the Yemeni children. For the first time, the grave of one of the children of the affair was opened, a computer with investigative materials in the affair disappeared, and a new documentary series aired called "The Meshulam Riddle", which reviews the affair through the story of Rabbi Uzi Meshulam and his group. When did the rift between Eastern Jewry and Western Jewry begin, what is the essential difference between these cultures and how does the wisdom of Kabbalah bridge the gaps between them ? • World Environment Day was celebrated by the UN this week, on June 5, as a global event to encourage action in the climate crisis. The UN estimates that we are running out of time. Humanity is utilizing the resources of the world faster than it can recover naturally. The theme of this year's Global Environment Day is "Only One Earth". What is the main message that the person needs to understand in order to maintain his environment, how should the issue be conveyed in the schools and how will we ensure that the person understands his importance ? • Wage Disparities Amongst Teachers In Israel This week, thousands of teachers went out to demonstrate against the pay gap between senior teachers and new teachers. The Histadrut described the demonstration in the Tel Aviv Museum plaza as an "opening shot," threatening future disruptions while emphasizing that the system is collapsing, with masses of teachers abandoning the teaching profession due to poor conditions. Why is there no appreciation for educators, what is needed today for a teacher to be motivated to function and will raising salaries solve the problem or part of it ? • The Phenomenon Of Addiction Amongst Israelis A new and alarming report by the Israeli Center for Addictions, relating to 2022, reveals that one in seven Israelis is dealing with addiction. About a quarter of addicts are between the ages of 18 and 35, and the most common types of addictions are sex and pornography, alcohol and cannabis, as well as gambling and computer game addictions. What in general causes us to become addicted, why exactly do young people tend to become addicted and what is the solution to addictions wherever they are ? • A Global Economic Crisis Leading To Social Instability The war in Ukraine is affecting the world economy dramatically: the world fears that the decision of EU countries to impose an embargo on a large part of Russian oil may only exacerbate the energy crisis. The immediate fear that hundreds of millions of people will be affected by a severe food crisis, and many will be forced to give up basic nutrients. Extensive demonstrations are taking place in Greece and even violence in Iran, Sri Lanka and other countries. What can be done to avoid an eruption spiraling out of control, how is the world changing as a result of the war and the corona and is humanity learning anything from the plagues it is going through? • The Passing Of Uri Zohar Uri Zohar Passed Away. What made him leave the stage at the height of his success and turn to Judaism? What memory did he leave behind and what contribution did he make to Israeli society?