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New Life 1231 – Self-Determination In The Coronavirus Era

Episode 1231|Apr 30, 2020
It is very important for a person to seek out self-determination since by that he acquires his whole, eternal existence. I actually don’t know who I am or how to define myself. What is important is what I leave behind me. Our role is to be a healthy part in the integral human system and to build a connection of love. It is not our attributes or work that define who we are. All of a person's engagements can disappear just as the coronavirus has taught us. A person's identity is his connection to the root of his soul. The root of the soul is the point in which you are connected to everyone and through them to the upper force. It is actually in your integral connection with everyone that you will find your identity. The Creator has given each person a nature and a special role in human society, to organize humanity as one family.