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New Life 1078 – Why Do We Hate?

Episode 1078|Dec 13, 2018
Human nature is the egoistic desire to enjoy. We love what pleases us and hate what distresses us. The ego grows daily and we are completely occupied by our experiences of love and hate or pleasure and pain. When the sources we thought would bring us pleasure end up becoming sources of suffering, we learn to hate them. If a person becomes a source of agony for me, I can no longer enjoy life as long as he exists. Inflicting a person’s “I” drives him crazy. All of life is simply a calculation regarding how much we are willing to suffer in order to earn something. Human imagination and knowledge expand the boundaries of hate and love whereas other creatures have only instincts. Only mankind enjoys the fact that others suffer. We have to learn to work correctly with hate and love so that we can rise above them in the middle line.