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New Life 634 – Giving

Episode 634|13 de oct. de 2015
The good deeds that we think we do are actually egoistic and useless since we are incapable of doing anything without compensation for ourselves. When we try to alleviate the suffering of others, we feel bigger, stronger, and higher than the ones we give to. The receivers feel cared for, warmed up, and deserving of the help. Each provides the other with different feelings through objects, one ego with respect to the other. In order to truly do a good deed in wholeness and perfection, we must “love thy friend as thyself” and become one. If we connect in love and bestowal in this way, we get energy from the upper force or the Creator. This infinite source provides strength to act and to not expect to receive anything in return for oneself. We become able to give without losing anything in the process, just as one can light another’s candle with one’s own candle flame and one’s own flame keeps on burning.