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Dictating and Firing: • One Language: • Charitable Giving and Reward: Why doesn’t it always work? • Stressed and Happy: • A Threat App: Why do we make everything bad? • Theft in Order to Eat: • A Letter from a Follower:

Episode 95|Jul 18, 2022
Dictating and Firing: Palestinian Islamic Jihad waited for the end of Biden's visit to Israel, and a few hours after he left here and flew to Saudi Arabia, they fired four rockets in the direction of Ashkelon and the Lachish region. In response, the IDF bombed Gaza. It seems that they are trying and succeeding in imposing an agenda on us. How do we get out of this loop? • One Language: Mark Zuckerberg introduced a new model that is based on artificial intelligence, and allows you to translate about 200 different languages of the highest quality, including rare languages. The technology will enable fast communication between most people in the world. • Charitable Giving and Reward: Why doesn’t it always work? A story ran on Twitter under the headline: "A beautiful story about charitable giving and hire": A few years ago, neighbors of my family gave their apartment on Friday and Saturday to an elderly man who was staying with his brother in the area, and had nowhere to sleep. During a Sabbath he was in the stairwell, because of the darkness the old man fell down the stairs, and died. Now his son is suing the neighbors for negligence.” • Stressed and Happy: How can it be explained that Israel is simultaneously one of the most stressful places on the planet, and also ranks high in the global happiness index? • A Threat App: Why do we make everything bad? Recently, an application called NGL has become popular in Israel. Intended for teenagers, it lets them express opinions anonymously on one of the social networks. According to the developing company, this involves transmitting and receiving "messages, advice, opinions, questions and compliments." But in practice many teens report receiving threats, cursing, blatant sexual descriptions, and abusive treatment. • Theft in Order to Eat: With rising costs of living, people in financial distress are stealing basic products from food chains and other stores. A security guard at a branch of a food chain asked a young mother to open her bag and discovered a milk substitute for babies inside. The mother began to cry and asked him to take pity on her. She said she has no money and has a baby at home. • A Letter from a Follower: I have been married for 20 years and have 3 lovely children. My husband and I have had a good married life all these years, but in recent months his attitude toward me has changed greatly and a month ago he just got up and left home without explaining why and I feel like my whole world is ruined. And I want to ask you how does a man do such a thing? To leave me and his children like that? We have three children… What can I do to get him home?