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New Life 1274 – From Despair To Hope

Episode 1274|Aug 5, 2020
Despair comes from nature’s plan, purpose, and goal for human evolution toward the next stage of our development, which we do not yet understand. We are like children who want to feel good and cry out in demanding protest for mom to satisfy our desires. We do not yet recognize the evil of our approach to life and one another, that we wish to build our good fortune on the ruins of others. We must reach the dead end of our egoistic development, the wall inside of our hearts that works against others. Once we are rid of all of our imaginary engagements, are left only with basic provisions, realize that our leaders are powerless, and are despaired of all of our forces, we will be able to cry out to the heavens and new options will unfold that we are currently unable to see. We will build a new, tranquil, peaceful society based on good relations between everyone. We will think about how to benefit others and no one will lack anything. We will have the best possible life that mother nature has prepared for us in advance.