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Endangered American Jewry: • Summer Vacation: • Germany Returns to Coal: • Internal Breakdown: • A Letter from a Viewer: • Gratitude: •

Episode 92|Jun 27, 2022
Endangered American Jewry: The annual survey of the situation of the Jewish people in Israel and the Diaspora, by the Institute for Jewish People Policy, found that only one-third of young Jews in the United States care that their grandson be Jewish and that the younger generation's connection to Judaism is weakening. Is Judaism shutting down in America? • Summer Vacation: Many parents debate how to occupy their children during this time. What does Dr. Laitman recommend? Why are we built in a way where we like holidays? • Germany Returns to Coal: The government is preparing for an energy crisis following the reduction of gas supplies from Russia. "As of today, gas is a scarce resource," the minister of economy said, calling on the Germans to try to save as much electricity as possible in the coming months. In the meantime, the government will put coal-fired power reactors back into operation. Who would have believed that in 2022 we would reach a situation like this? • Internal Breakdown: The commander of the Revolutionary Guards in Iran, Hussein Salami, referred to the political crisis in Israel and said that "the Zionist regime is in a political collapse." Ismail Haniyeh, the leader of Hamas, also talks about internal Israeli disintegration. He said "You are the invaders, you have not much time left. You, the passers-by, will leave the country." What does Dr. Laitman think about this situation? • A Letter from a Viewer: “My name is Avi and I want to share with you a problem that has accompanied me since a young age. Ever since I can remember, I hated lying, even when I knew I would pay a price for telling the truth. And over the years I have lost quite a few friends. Even when I knew they would not like to hear what I had to say to them, I could not lie or smear the truth. Why do people not like to hear the truth?” • Gratitude: Studies have found that people who used to write themselves a few sentences of thanksgiving every day, for all sorts of things they say thank you for, these people have become more optimistic, energetic, and happier. In addition, they showed more generosity to others, and suffered less from illness. How do you explain these results? Why does saying “thank you” bring such positive results? • Max Nordau, one of the founders of the Zionist movement, once said: "Logic is the wisdom of Greece, hated by our people. A Jew does not learn by logical thinking, he learns from tragedy. He will not buy an umbrella just because clouds have appeared on the horizon. He will wait until he gets wet and gets pneumonia." Why are we like that? Maybe there's something good about it?