Jan 12, 2014
New Life 287 – Shame And Jealousy In A Circle

Topics: Society and I
Related to: New Life
One can only deal with negative emotions with the help of an integral group. Shame is an internal contraction resulting from self-criticism. It is a discovery of the gap between me and a person, situation, or quality above me. Shame is driven by the question “Who am I?,” while jealousy concerns “Who is he?” These feelings balance one another. In an integral group, people complement, balance, and empower one another. To the extent that a person is devoted to the group wholeheartedly, he or she is given the powers of the group. One learns to rise above egoism, stop feeling afraid, and switch from “me” to “we.” A person experiences a special, warm connection and acquires the tremendous treasure of the experience of life.

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