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New Life 142 – Israelis Must Spread Integral Education To The World

Episode 142|Feb 17, 2013
The Israeli society is responsible for spreading integral education to all of humanity. Humanity is in a global industrial, political, and economic crisis that is advancing at an exponential rate. We lack direction and need simple versions of the method of correction to be distributed to everyone at all levels of society, according to what we can hear. Israelis need to find the niches in which the secular, religious, right, and left become weak and fill them with hope based on the new paradigm of mutual connection. Israelis need to form a world university for all the nations to learn this new system and trend. They need to develop materials, workshops, and creative ways to distribute the message, like in movies and TV series. We are moving toward a world in which people will not work and will no longer need to worry about their animal bodies, but will spend their time learning to feel and reveal the upper force, the power of bestowal, upon which all of nature is founded. It is up to Israeli society to be the pipeline of this force for all of humanity.