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New Life 1037 – Love Of The Nation Of Israel

Episode 1037|Jul 17, 2018
Other nations have natural love, but love of the nation of Israel means that each one wants to benefit others and enjoys this. The people of Israel are made up of a gathering of the nations of the world and therefore they have no connection. “National love” means that I must love each one in the nation that aims toward reaching love. A connection between differences is called “Israel,” which means we direct ourselves straight toward the higher integral power in nature. We need to learn to cover over all hatred with love like the forces of plus and minus and then we will attain wholeness and eternity. That is how we acquire the “weapon” of love and then nobody will want to harm us. The “weapon” of love is connection; it has the power to fight against all evil which is separation. There is no need to fight with anyone else but only with the evil that is found within me, only to fight with my own ego. When we relate this way to each other, people will immediately change their attitude toward us in a positive way because we will illuminate the whole world.