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New Life 470 – Hanukkah Then And Now

Episode 470|Dec 11, 2014
What special meaning awakens from this holiday specifically nowadays, and why in each generation do they rise up to destroy us, and what miracle do we expect to happen for? Hanukkah talks about ideological clashes between two approaches to life: materialistic versus spiritual. The Jewish elite adopted the materialistic approach from the Greeks. They abandoned the altruistic approach of love of others. Abraham taught connecting with love, being one, and discovering the one supreme force. When we unite and become one, we are similar to the one supreme force, and then it shines on us. But a connection like this requires a struggle against the egoistic tendencies that naturally awake in us. Hanukkah symbolizes that the world is waiting for us for the Light, for the force of life that will connect everything in harmony.