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The Jews are always to blame • How to speak to the Creator • Neuroscience and free will • Japan's campaign to distribute alcohol to youth • We live in a world of everything here and now

Aug 25, 2022
Every time something happens, disasters, elections, coronavirus, inflation, etc. Jews are to blame, and antisemitism spreads all over the world like wildfire. How long can we talk about this? How long can we continue? • A great letter from one of our students: I have a request, can you please teach me how to speak to the Creator. I've been studying Kabbalah for over 12 years. My husband passed away 2 months ago, he was not engaged in our studies but he supported me, helped me study, disseminate. He died, it’s very hard, my heart is breaking, your articles and videos help. I talk to my husband very often in my heart, ask for his help, advice, etc. But it’s not normal, he doesn't exist, it’s only the Creator. How can I turn directly to the Creator instead of to an image. Thank you very much for your time and your answer, although I know you have no time for personal issues. Sincerely, Ilena • Benjamin Libet, a pioneer in neuroscience, research proves that a decision occurs in a person before he makes the decision himself. That the brain proceeds the consciousness by one to two million milliseconds. It turns out that whatever comes from the outside comes along already with the reaction to it. And this is like a turning point, like there is no free choice, no free will, no freedom. I get some blow and immediately my response to this blow is embedded in me, everything is premade, so where am I in it then? • Japanese authorities will hold a sake viva contest on how to better distribute alcohol among young people. Sake is like a 20% kind of vodka, but not only sake, they are talking about distributing alcohol to young people. They want to increase the demand for any type of alcohol. It's believed that liquor sales among young people are far below their parents. It seems like they have gone mad, to increase revenue, what do you think? • Today, we live in a world of everything here and now, i.e. if you order something you want it to already arrive, you can't stand waiting in lines, traffic jams. Remember how it was way back when, how pictures were developed. You clicked and asked no one to move, until you use up the entire film, you don’t send it to be developed. In short, life was different. You know there was this expectation, and you participated in the process.