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Oct 29, 2013
New Life 245 – An Integral Education Course, Part 1

Topics: Happiness
Related to: New Life
We are a generation of love, meaning that we seek happiness and discover that it lies in feeling loved and loving. We were created as egotistical beings so that we can find out for ourselves what love is and what it is not. Food, sex, family, money, respect, control, and knowledge do not bring happiness but help us evolve toward the principle “love your neighbor as yourself.” We can learn to develop the capacity to love through integral education. These courses teach us about human nature, the process of development, the crisis (recognition of evil), and the means of correction. When we open our hearts and try to connect with one another, we discover the power of correction, the field of love between us. We undergo a fundamental change in perception, a paradigm shift, and achieve mutual warmth, success, health, and harmony as well as a world full of opportunity and connection.