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Study of the Ten Sefirot
Study of the Ten SefirotEpisode 7Dec 4, 202285 ViewsTo all episodes
Something like this (full version)
Something like this (full version)Episode 42Dec 2, 2022142 ViewsTo all episodes
Working conversation
Working conversationNov 28, 202219 ViewsTo all episodes
4 Tips from Anthony Hopkins •Conan Doyle and the 12 Missing Bankers •Fine-Tuning Harmony, Atmosphere and Violins •Mankind Let Go
Anthony Hopkins: “Be calm, don’t rush. Don’t make God laugh with your plans. Don’t be so eager, driving your truth into the heads of others. Remember, your good fortune and death will come to you at their proper time, you can’t do anything about it.” •Conan Doyle once joked and sent telegrams to 12 of the largest London bankers and the most honest ones, as claimed. He wrote the following: “Everyone knows everything, hide!” What do you think happened the next morning? They hid? Yah, all 12 bankers disappeared from London. •One morning a street violinist played Bach at a Washington subway station. Forty-five minutes and 1100 people passed by, only 6 stopped, about 20 people gave him money, he made $32, barely anyone applauded. Then he turned around and quietly left. It turned out that the violinist was Joshua Bell, one of the best violinists in the world. He played on a 3.5 million dollar violin, that evening he played a concert to a packed house, the tickets were sold long in advance. •We really like this story, this joke, a person falls from a cliff, he grabs a ledge and hangs by it. And he’s growing weak and he yells out, God help me, and suddenly a voice from above, I’ll help you, let go. And he is hanging by the cliff, and he says, I'm here, don’t worry, let go. And he looks up and says, is there anyone else up there? Today, mankind is like free-falling, but we already hear the voice of the Creator, that you are doomed, why don’t we hear anything?
Kabbalist's View with Dr. Michael LaitmanNov 24, 2022880 ViewsTo all episodes
Study of the Ten Sefirot
Study of the Ten SefirotEpisode 6Nov 20, 2022546 ViewsTo all episodes
Song - Drops of Unity
Songs From The Morning LessonEpisode 73Nov 19, 2022162 ViewsTo all episodes
Song - Milo Lishma Navo Lishma
Songs From The Morning LessonEpisode 72Nov 19, 2022458 ViewsTo all episodes
Leonid Makaron and Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman
Leonid Makaron and Kabbalist Dr. Michael LaitmanEpisode 12Nov 18, 2022892 ViewsTo all episodes