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By Sources Of Baal HaSulam


The Essence of Religion and Its Purpose

The Love of God and the Love of Man

The Arvut (Mutual Guarantee)

The Peace

The Peace 5/2003 | May 27, 2003
The Peace 11/2003 | Nov 23, 2003
The Peace 2006 | Oct 15, 2006

Peace in the World

Matan Torah [The Giving of the Torah]

The Essence of the Wisdom of Kabbalah

The Freedom

The Freedom 2003 | Feb 27, 2003
The Freedom 2017 | Dec 10, 2017
The Freedom 2018 | Dec 29, 2018

Newspaper "The Nation"

The Shofar of the Messiah

A Handmaid Who Is Heir to Her Mistress

The Meaning of Conception and Birth

One Commandment

600,000 Souls

600 000 Souls 2013 | Oct 8, 2013
600 000 Souls 2018 | Feb 11, 2018

The Wisdom of Kabbalah Compared to Other Sciences

Exile and Redemption

The Quality of the Wisdom of the Hidden in General

The Last Generation


Introduction to The Book of Zohar

Foreword to The Book of Zohar

General preface

General preface 2011 | May 27, 2011

Introduction to the Book Panim Meirot uMasbirot


"Shamati" Articles | Sep 19, 2021

By Sources Of Rabash

Assorted Notes

The Need and Importance of Teaching Faith

Explanation of the Article, “Preface to the Wisdom of Kabbalah”

By Sources Of Michael Laitman, PhD, Rav

Summaries of articles and letters of Baal HaSulam

Michael Laitman. Attainment of Unity of the Universe

Baal HaSulam. The Giving of the Torah. The Arvut (modified) (3)

Baal HaSulam. Freedom of Will (modified)(2)

Freedom of Will 2004 | Apr 27, 2004

The Writings of Baal HaSulam, Campus (rus)

The Peace

The Freedom

Study of the Ten Sefirot, Part 1, Histaklut Pnimit

Lecture in Dusseldorf - Brochure

By Topics

The Wisdom of Kabbalah

Spiritual work

Faith Above Reason
Annulment and Subjugation
The greatness of friends
Ascents And Descents
Each Day They Will Be As New In Your Eyes
I am the First and I am the Last
The Process of Correction
There is None Else Besides Him
Amalek 2021 | Apr 18, 2021
Importance of the Goal
Love of Friends
Envy 2016 | Nov 9, 2016
Envy 2020 | Dec 19, 2020
Envy 2021 | Feb 14, 2021
Play 2016 | Dec 1, 2016
Play 2021 | Jan 3, 2021
The Work in Concealment
I Dwell Among My Own People
The Middle Line
Middle Line 2020 | Dec 2, 2020
Recognition of evil
If I Am Not for Me, Who Is for Me
Two Opposites In One Subject
The student's attitude to Rav
From Love for the Created Beings to The Love for the Creator
Mi toch she lo lishma baim lishma
Still, Vegetative, Animate and Speaking
The reason of the landlords is opposite to the reason of Torah
In due time - In Haste
Depart from Evil
Joy on the way 2016 | Nov 25, 2016
Prayer of Many
Devotion 2016 | Nov 24, 2016
The Center of the Group
Craving 2016 | Nov 20, 2016
Habit Becomes Second Nature
Equality 2016 | Nov 15, 2016
The Reforming Light
Exertion 2016 | Nov 10, 2016
Union 2016 | Nov 5, 2016
Patience 2016 | Oct 21, 2016

Structure of the Worlds

Intention During the Study

What Is Kabbalah?

The connection of humanity
A Call to Unity 2020 | Oct 31, 2020

Culture of Israel


Tishaa BeAv (Ninth of Av)
Counting of the Omer (Sefirat HaOmer)
Pesach (Passover)
The Period of “Between the Straits”
International Women’s Day
The Woman 2011 | Mar 6, 2011

Kabbalah in our world

Science and Technology

Perception of Reality

Society and community

Special parts of lesson


From Helplessness to Crying Out to the Creator