Apr 14, 2019
How to Manage One’s Thoughts and Desires? Webinar

Most important in a person are his desires. His thoughts and mind exist only as an instrument for the realization of these desires. This is what an entire evolution of mankind consists of: our brain became more complex, and the human mind surpassed all other living organisms, because all the desires grew to an immense magnitude. Here lies the secret for upbringing a smart, well-developed child: it is necessary to grow big desires in him, not to spoil him, meaning, not to fulfill his undeveloped desires but to give him the opportunity to apply himself in the efforts to achieve his wishes. This is the only way that a mind of a child develops. How can we increase a desire? We must concentrate all our thoughts on it, paying more and more attention to this desire, until it becomes consuming, obsessive. Then a person begins to only think of ways to fulfill it. Thus, the thoughts are needed not only to realize the desires, but also to sort them out, to chose the most important ones, intensify them and make way for their fulfillment.

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