Aug 18, 2019
The Path of Achieving the Ultimate Goal. Webinar

The science of Kabbalah teaches us how to come to a state in which we can reveal the Upper Force, the Creator, through a consecutive study of the laws, while we are in this world. Moreover, we will reveal Him as an absolute, the Upper law that connects all parts of creation, between themselves. That is, by revealing the Creator, we fully attain all of creation, because everything is included in Him, and we are also included in Him. But until we attain this complete system, we get confused in its forces, and interconnections. The only thing we attain is the Creator, because there is nothing else besides Him, as it is said: “There is none else besides Him.” This is the first rule of the basis of the science of Kabbalah, that is, the science of Kabbalah deals with the revelation of the Creator, by man, in this world. How is this achieved? By investigating, through the whole chain of forces, from oneself to the Creator, thus a person gradually reveals Him.

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