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Dec 1, 2019
The path towards adhesion with the Creator. Webinar

When we look at our life, we see that it is full of all kinds of phenomena and events, behind which it is hardly possible to see the “hand” of the Creator. As if occasionally getting reminded, we live with the realization that everything comes from Him, and "there is no other force in the world that would have the opportunity to do something against the Creator" for several minutes a day. And it also happens that an understanding of this comes only once a week, a month ... or never. Why does the Creator allow us to forget as if covering our eyes with a veil? As if purposefully repelling us, not allowing to see behind everything Him alone, “good and doing good”. But His concern for us is manifested precisely in that: He gives us the opportunity to grow up, to rise above the animate level, “not allowing us to be satisfied with little and stay at the level of a small, foolish child”.