Sep 2, 2018
There is None Else Beside Him. Webinar

A person exists in a world governed by a single force. But he has an illusion that this force does not exist, that we are free from it, not connected with it, or that we can somehow affect it, change it. This illusion is our egoism. I deny the uniqueness of the Creator and believe that my thoughts and desires are my own. I feel my existence as independent and that there is no-one to govern me. They can make me do or even wish for something, but I will feel that I am being forced to. And then I do not even suspect that my thoughts are not mine — they are broadcast to me, my wishes are not mine — they are aroused in me, that my decisions are decided for me. Whatever I wish, think, or plan, not to mention decisions, and the way they are carried out in my life - has nothing to do with me.

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