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Can Decision-Making Techniques Be Taught?

632.2Question: Do you have a certain methodology for making decisions? Could you teach it to someone or is it very difficult?

Answer: I gradually teach this to all my students and those who can apply it do and those who cannot don’t.

Remark: I understand that this is a long educational process, not some specific advice.

My Comment: This is not just an educational process, but the process of creating a person in a person. By raising a person in himself, he will make the right decisions based on his inner image, from what he creates in himself.

Question: There are no specific actions here like do this or think about that?

Answer: No, if a person has not reached a certain spiritual level, he cannot make decisions corresponding to this level.
From KabTV’s “Management Skills” 6/11/20

What Is Our Fault?

236.02When a person asks the Creator for forgiveness, he has to feel that he has sinned. Otherwise, it turns out that he just mocks the Creator and the entire system that He created. However, we do not feel that we have committed any sins and do not think we need to be corrected. It is all because there is a law in nature that you repeat a crime for a second time and you already consider it as permitted not recognizing it as a sin.

Therefore, we need to think: is it possible that we do commit crimes in our life? In fact, we are full of crimes, every one of us at every moment. However, we return to them all the time, and therefore in our egoism, we do not feel we are committing a crime. You repeat a crime a second time and you begin considering it the norm; this is the law of nature.

A person is perplexed: What did I do? Who did I harm? The crime is felt just for the first time. After that, I can repeat it a thousand times and will not feel that I am doing something bad.

This is why we do not feel that we are sinners when we ask the Creator for forgiveness. What is our fault? Before Rosh HaShanah it is customary to cry and ask for forgiveness, but these are artificial tears since we do not recognize our crimes.

Therefore, we need to become included in the tens and find out that we are neglecting our friends, our connection, and our appeal to the Creator. We do not feel that we are constantly returning to the same crimes and therefore we stop considering them sin, a vice.

I should feel how much I disregard the Creator in order to ask his forgiveness for not appreciating Him enough, not realizing that only the Creator does everything, arranges everything, controls everything, that there is none else besides Him, and I depend on Him one hundred percent.

I was not considering correctly the presence of the Creator in my life, was not recognizing that only He determines my thoughts, desires, perception of reality. Now I ask to forgive me because I did not attach importance to the Creator.

It means that all my pleas for forgiveness are only with regard to the singularity of the upper governance and all my appeals to the Creator are only through the ten. All this we establish inside our connection: how much I disregard my friends, do not consider them as great, and do not value the ten, which is the only tool that can direct me to the Creator.

To the extent I disregard my ten, I disregard the Creator. Therefore, first of all, I must work with the ten, and through it, I will come to the Creator.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/15/20, “What Is Preparation for Selichot (Forgiveness)”

Wish The Creator A Good Year!

293.1First of all, I must press “Delete” on all my claims against my friends because it was not them who acted badly toward me, but the Creator. Instead of my friends, I must see the Creator who is hiding behind them and teasing me on purpose.

The Creator is standing behind each friend encouraging him to do something that I condemn. Therefore, I erase all my claims against my friends, and I see only the Creator who has pushed them to these actions.

And therefore, I apologize to my friends for thinking they were bad. It was not them at all, but the Creator who awakened the evil inclination in them and has done everything.

But I have no claims against the Creator either because “there is none else besides Him, who is good and does good.” I I feel bad, it indicates that within myself I turn all His good into evil.

I am now in the world of infinity, in the Garden of Eden (paradise), and you too! Why on earth do we feel hell instead of paradise? It is because we perceive this paradise in our corrupted Kelim. How can I fix them? The Creator has given me the opportunity to check myself in relation to my friends. If I love them, then I have corrected my attitude toward my neighbor.

We ask the Creator to help us achieve good unity between us in order to please Him. We want to wish Him a good year! A good year means that we have made a good change, that is, we have prepared a place for the Creator to reveal in order to express our love and unity. And so we wish the Creator: “Have a good year!”

Try to wish the Creator a good year through your connection. And then He will be revealed in Rosh HaShanah as the king who has done all this. We are His creations, and He unites us together and rejoices in us.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/17/20, “What Is Preparation for Selichot (Forgiveness)”

How Is This New Year Different From All The Prior Ones?

229How can we make this new year different from all the others, that is, make a leap to a spiritual degree? And not just any spiritual degree, but the one that is in line with the Last Generation.

There is a huge difference between that and what the chosen few, the Kabbalists of the past, have achieved. This is a completely different feeling, a different revelation—the true revelation of the Creator to the creatures of this world.

This new year differs from all the previous ones in that the Creator is beginning to relate to the world as a single unit. And we also need to relate to Him this way, to turn to the Creator as the whole world, and pull the whole world to this goal set for us by the Creator.

In this new year, a new state of reality is revealed. Only now, after many thousands of years of human development, is humanity altogether able to rise to the first spiritual degree. We are already beginning to enter it: The first tens open this door, enter it, and pull the whole world with them. You need to be prepared for this and feel your responsibility, strength, confidence, and mutual guarantee.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/15/20, “What Is Preparation for Selichot (Forgiveness)

“A Nature Made Hiatus” (Linkedin)

My new article on Linkedin “A Nature Made Hiatus

A new year is a great time for reflection. These days, as a new year begins according to the Hebrew calendar, I think we should reflect on what Covid-19 has meant for us as a society. Where were we going? Right up to the outbreak, the international tensions were rising to such levels that everyone tacitly agreed that a huge war was going to break out. America vs. China, Russia vs. America, North Korea vs. America, Pakistan vs. India (both nuclear powers), regional and global conflicts were threatening to erupt the world over. The virus forced it all to stop. It gave us a hiatus, a chance to reroute.

The pandemic, unprecedented fires, insane hurricane season, street and domestic violence, racial and social tensions, and all the other blows that have landed on us this year indicate that we are facing a systemic shift. But they have saved us from ourselves.

The coronavirus showed us also how quickly nature recovers if we only leave it alone. For a few weeks, we witnessed a recovery of wildlife that we’ve never seen before and didn’t think was possible. But as soon as the closures were eased, we resumed our gluttony, as if saying “Nature can wait.”

The pandemic, unprecedented fires, insane hurricane season, street and domestic violence, racial and social tensions, and all the other blows that have landed on us this year indicate that we are facing a systemic shift. But they have saved us from ourselves. Whatever harms the disasters have caused, they are far less than what we would have, and will cause ourselves with our total alienation and abusive attitude toward nature and toward people. We were on the brink, and nature pulled us back from the edge.

I hope it does not let us go there again, and I hope we will finally understand that we have to stop and think about our lives. Nature has stopped our rat-race, but we have to ask why. If we do that, then we can build a great life together. If we don’t then either nature will continue to restrain us through increasingly painful blows, or we will destroy ourselves and much of the planet along with us.

Guide For Round Tables, Part 6

528.04Attributes of the Round Table

Question: Usually the discussion during round tables takes place in a circle from right to left. Why?

Answer: This is the order: The right side is the beginning, the left side is the end. Starting from the right side, we bring everything to the end, and then the left side becomes the right. The right is considered perfection, the left isn’t perfect.

Remark: How important in a circle are attributes such as a clock for time regulation and an object that gives you the right to speak?

My Comment: This is very important for people. There must be some external signs that remind us of the format in which we have gathered. For example, a pencil that is passed around in a circle, symbolizing that a person now has the right of speech and can speak.

It is also important to introduce a time limit because there are people who can talk endlessly and there are those who are mostly silent. Therefore, it is desirable that there should be an hourglass, and everyone should be given, for example, a minute to express their opinion.
From KabTV’s “Management Skills” 7/9/20

How Can An Individual Soul Influence All The Souls?

283.02Question: How can I, as an individual soul, influence all the souls?

Answer: Since we are in a single closed system, you affect everyone else through your ascents and descents.

Question: And how do I increase the power of my impact?

Answer: You develop your vessel, its capacity, by caring about others, which enables your entrance to the general system, and then you attain more.

The more you care about others, the more you attain the one common vessel and perfect eternal life.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 10/7/18

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Ascending The Spiritual Levels

613Question: Does a person have to feel death 125 levels before he fully enters eternal life?

Answer: No, not 125, but 124 levels, the 125th level is already the eternal life. You need to separate from the previous level 124 times in order to ascend to the next level. But it is not felt as a loss. It is felt as a necessary release in order to free yourself for the future filling. This process also exists in science, and you need to constantly empty and refill yourself.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 10/7/18

Rosh HaShanah Convention “Day Three” – 9/20/20

Rosh HaShanah Convention 2020, Preparation for the Lesson 4

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Rosh HaShanah Convention 2020, Lesson 4

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Rosh HaShanah Convention 2020, Preparation for the Lesson 5

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Rosh HaShanah Convention 2020, Lesson 5

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Consulting With The Collective

284Question: Are there such decisions that a person can make alone without asking anyone?

Answer: If his or her decision matches the decision of the collective, then one can make it single-handedly.

Question: If I need to make a simple personal decision, for example, to buy a house, then I do not need to consult the collective, do I?

Answer: It would be nice. Why not? It could be that they give you a cue and you will understand “Indeed, look at what I was aiming for?! Why do I need such a house? For what?”

I am for a collective. However, on the other hand, you can ask how much this obligates me after I found out their opinion. This is already another matter.

Question: And how much does it obligate?

Answer: It is beneficial to consult with the collective in everything. Although, you still need to come to the final decision by yourself. But you need to understand on the basis of what criteria you accept either their decision or your original one.

I think it is better to make mistakes together with the collective than to be right alone because in any case your common movement is going toward connection.
From KabTV’s “Management Skills” 6/11/20