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Don’t Neglect any States

238.01If it is said that “There is none else besides the Creator,” then how can a person act independently? The only action of a person is that from time to time he feels and attains more and more that there is no one else besides the Creator, there is no other force in the world that can give and do something—only Him.

You should not neglect any states, but rather, you need to connect them all together into a single desire, a special decision, into one collective Kli (vessel). Then we will see that this Kli has a unique form in which the Creator, the ultimate purpose of creation, is revealed, and we all become included in it.

The concept of time is important here. A person needs to try to always be connected to what is felt in the heart and to let this feeling lead him to the goal, to connection above reason, against the arguments of reason. But he still keeps going and gradually begins to understand what is required of him and how he should prepare himself to reach a state that is called spiritual, above reason.
From International Kabbalah Convention 5/19/24, “Praying to Go Above Reason”

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The Miracle of Revealing the Truth

572.02A miracle happens, and a person begins to reveal their first connection with the Creator. They feel that they have now reached a special spiritual state where the contact with the upper force is revealed to them.

A person does not know in advance that this will happen, but one continues to strive toward the Creator for a long time and desires to reveal a connection with Him. It is called a miracle because it comes suddenly, without any apparent signs of approaching, and reveals itself suddenly like a gift.

A person is required to make efforts toward this revelation, but in doing so, they see no connection between their requests and what they receive in their understanding and feeling at the moment of the revelation of truth.
From International Kabbalah Convention 5/19/24, “Praying to Go Above Reason”

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The Poison Is In Your Head

510.01Question: In an ancient Chinese parable, a married woman who could not bear the reproach of her mother-in-law decided to get rid of her. She went to an herb merchant who was an acquaintance of her father. She explained everything to him and told him: “I want you to sell me poison.”

The herbalist said: “Okay, I will help you. But first of all, you cannot poison your mother-in-law right away because people will guess what happened. Therefore, I will give you herbs that will gradually kill her.

Second, to avoid any suspicion, you must tame your anger, learn to respect her, love her, listen to her, and be patient. Then no one will suspect you when she dies.”

The girl agreed, took the herbs, and began to add them to her mother-in-law’s food. In addition, she learned to control herself, listen to her mother-in-law, and respect her. And so, six months later they were already as close as mother and daughter. And then the girl ran to the herbalist and begged: “For God’s sake, save my mother-in-law from the poison that I gave her! I love her!” The herbalist replied: “Don’t worry, I just gave you spices. The poison was only in your head, and you got rid of it yourself.”

I want to ask you: we kill each other with words all the time. And whoever is smarter kills gradually, not immediately. In order not to become the enemy, he acts through others, starts rumors about others, and so on. It is our nature to put another down.

Why it does not hurt me that I am quietly humiliating another, getting him out of my way, killing?

Answer: I believe that the other does not let me live, that he is my enemy who sees me standing in his way, and must destroy me.

Question: Why were we given this nature—to live like this?

Answer: This is all for the same reason—so that we correct our egoism. So that we can be convinced that “love your neighbor as yourself” is the main law of the world.

Comment: In that case, it should make me feel bad at some point that I am like this.

My Response: Yes, of course.

Question: Now I see all these wars, all these murders directly, not directly, and so on. And at what point comes the feeling of: “What am I doing? It is all in me. How can I get out of this?”

Answer: At the moment of enlightenment.

Question: When does this happen? Can it be accelerated or something be done? I understand that this is the main moment in life, really. That everything is in me, that everything is because of me, that I am the killer. Does it come to a person at all?

Answer: When a person becomes convinced that he is full of evil, then his true nature is revealed in him, and he can no longer tolerate it and turns to the Creator.

Question: Does this happen unexpectedly for a person? Or does he kind of want that already?

Answer: No, this enlightenment usually comes with such a serious push.

Question: So there is something before that, is there some kind of push, after all?

Answer: Yes.

Question: When this is revealed to a person, does prayer to the Creator become natural? That is, the understanding that everything depends on Him alone?

Answer: Yes, then a person turns to the Creator, judges himself, and by correcting himself, corrects the world around him.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 4/15/24

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What Is The Creator’s Name?

236.01 Maxiver writes:

Please tell me, what is the Creator’s name? When I ask Him for something, it seems necessary to call Him by name. After all, when I ask someone for something, I address them by name. So how should I address the Creator?

My Response: Abba.

Question: Do you mean “Father”?

Answer: Father.

Question: Is that how we should perceive Him?

Answer: Yes.

Question: When you say the word “Abba,” “Father,” what do you mean by it?

Answer: That He is my root; I grow from Him.

Question: Can we tell Him absolutely everything, or are there some prohibitions?

Answer: No, there are no prohibitions. Avinu, Our Father.

Question: When it says, “Our Father in heaven,” what does that mean?

Answer: That He is above us and determining all our paths.

Question: Is that what is meant by “in heaven”?

Answer: Yes.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 4/1/24

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Do You Have To Love Yourself First?

626Question: I do not like myself, but you say: “Love thy neighbor as thyself.” Maybe it is necessary to love yourself first? But how?

Answer: Start loving others, and then you will see how much you love yourself. Only then does a person begin to understand that he is actually a terrible egoist!

Question: Usually this phrase is actually translated like this: “Let me love myself first, and then I will deal with others.” But you say it differently. Strive toward others, love others, and then you will see how much you love yourself.

So a person must forcibly make such an effort and start trying to love people. Will some bitterness appear in him then? What will appear in him?

Answer: He will see that he is divided into his external and internal parts, and in fact he loves only himself and only for this is he ready to exist.

And then if he understands that he has to remake himself, he will already need some kind of correction methodology.

Question: And these are the kind of people who find us?

Answer: Yes.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 4/1/24

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The Last Stage of the World Development

284.05In the article “The Last Generation” Baal HaSulam described how the structures of the state will look when some people are at the stage of realizing evil, some at the stage of “do not harm others,” and someone is already in love for one’s neighbor.

He specifically describes how the social structures of society, the courts, and everything that exists in the state will look.

In the primary sources, it is said that this should first of all happen in the State of Israel, with the Jews, because this is the nation chosen for the purpose of unity and love for one’s neighbor back in ancient Babylon thousands of years ago. And this does not refer to nationality but to the aspiration of the soul.

That is, the last stage of spiritual development is the existence of the state of Israel for the whole world.

When we can create such a state structure and such emotional relationships between people here, then we will have some tools and we will be able to set an example to others.

And then the whole world will become a closed system that exists according to the rule “love your neighbor as yourself.”
From KabTV’s “Era of the Last Generation” 5/9/24

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Without Benefit for Myself

629.4In Kabbalah there is such a term: from “for my own sake” to “for the sake of the other” (“Mi Lo Lishma—Lishma”).

That is, correction begins with egoistic intentions: I want to get closer to a friend in order to reveal the Creator because I understand that in this system I will have eternal life, I will be able to justify everything.

This is the second stage after the recognition of evil, but it is still egoistic. And then, under the influence of the upper light, the force of the Creator, His emanation, His nature, we begin to change.

That is, a person acquires such an ability when he can already bestow and connect with another without any benefit for himself.

This is already the third stage, a real altruistic property because bestowal becomes a reward for us. As Baal HaSulam writes, everyone should work to the best of their ability and receive only what is necessary.
From KabTV’s “Era of the Last Generation” 5/9/24

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The Need for Human Transformation

115.05Question: Baal HaSulam writes that today, in a world where nuclear bombs exist, there is no other way to survive than to just start considering each other. We cannot openly use others anymore. Is this understanding not enough for us?

Answer: No, this requires consent and reshaping of each person and everyone together so that we all begin to move from an absolutely egoistic system of our world, our society, to an absolutely altruistic system.

In order for a person to begin to fight not with his own kind, but with his own ego, a great transformation must take place in him.

Question: Is it not enough for us to understand that our ego leads us nowhere?

Answer: No, that will not do anything. A person needs to realize the evil of his nature so much that he stops using it. Egoism must be revealed in him to such an extent that he sees that taking something from another is like death, thinking badly about another is like killing yourself.

Comment: But as I understand, nature itself or the upper mind cannot give us such a system; otherwise, we will not have freedom of choice and we will just be like robots.

My Response: Of course. Therefore, it will always be concealed.
From KabTV’s “Era of the Last Generation” 5/9/24

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The Only Path for Humanity

109Question: When I hear what Kabbalists say, something inside me rebels: “But this is some kind of utopia! That is impossible! How can this be?”

Answer: Certainly, because if we compare the demand for unity and love with the egoistic laws of our nature, then, of course, it certainly seems impossible. But, on the other hand, we see that humanity has no other path. Either it will destroy itself in some terrible war or try to rise above its nature and start a better life.

It is necessary to look at everything, not with egoistic eyes, but to take into account the existence of an upper force that has a goal to which it leads us.

Question: The educational process is very long. Should a person see the ultimate goal from the beginning, or is it enough to focus on: “Let us realize that egoism is bad and try to limit it somehow”?

Answer: A person should study all the stages and understand that the most important thing for him now is to begin to feel his closeness to others. And so he will come to a vision of the whole process, which will gradually be realized.

Question: So even if I am now making some product that, as Baal HaSulam writes, will clearly show a person that, living in the world of atomic bombs, a person cannot exist, and it is time to recognize this evil, he still needs to see the final stage of development to reach the purpose of creation?

Answer: Naturally.
From KabTV’s “Era of the Last Generation” 5/9/24

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Questions about Spiritual Work—138

546.02Question: What does it mean to light a fire in the heart?

Answer: Kindling the heart means that it represents all the thoughts and aspirations you want to raise to the Creator, to heaven.

Question: Why does our corrected connection establish freedom from the angel of death?

Answer: Because we rise in the quality of bestowal. And the angel of death is a quality of reception. As he affects us, all the light disappears.

Question: What does it mean that the connection is shining for us?

Answer: This means that the light of Hochma comes to us in the dressing of the light of Hasadim.

Question: What is the best way to overcome some kind of calmness or indifference not directed to the Creator?

Answer: We must somehow pull ourselves out of this indifference.

Question: To come to the connection in the ten, should everyone have the same desires?

Answer: No, the desires can be different, and should all strive for the same action and be mutually connected.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/26/24, Writings of Rabash “Concerning the Omer [Count]”

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If a Daughter Grows Up Without a Father

627.2From a Viewer:

I have a wonderful baby girl. But she was born sick. My husband left us. And I am happy. Is this normal? I am asking because you keep saying that the child needs a father. And I do not want to look for any father for my Sveta yet.

My Response: Don’t, the daughter does not have to have a father.

Comment: Yes? This is news, actually.

My Response: No, that is how she lives; the daughter is with her mother and that is it.

Question: The fact that the father left when the sick child was born was, of course, a blow for the mother. And she does not want to start a family anymore. So she can go on like this?

Answer: Yes, she can.

Question: Two women live. Is there some kind of root in this—that a boy needs a father but a girl does not?
Answer: A boy will one day be attracted to his father, to an adult man, but a girl will not.

Question: But they say: “Our female destiny” means that we have some kind of divorces all the time in the female part. Will that not be a sequel?

Answer: No.

Question: Will mom not tell her that it is good to be alone?

Answer: I think she will not. What the girl lacks now with her father, maybe she will feel later when she starts dating guys; then she will correct this lack of communication.

Question: In general when a girl meets a guy, who does she want to see in him? Should he look like her father? Or does the girl have something else? You once said that when a man meets a woman, or a guy meets a girl, he looks for his mother in her.

Answer: That is for sure.

Question: And when a girl meets a guy, what is she looking for in him?

Answer: It is more complicated. Maybe she is thinking about her grandfather.

Question: So if she has not seen her father, let’s say, she remembers the man in her life that she wants her husband to look like?

Answer: Yes.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 4/1/24

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The Main Thing Is To Ask

562.01Question: How does annulment before the upper lead to bestowal?

Answer: As a rule, prayer for annulment before the Creator leads to the Creator giving us His quality of bestowal, and when we bestow, we become like Him.

Question: How do you hide yourself so that it is a pure bestowal?

Answer: It will come gradually.

Question: Each time we pray we compose a new prayer. Should we strive for some form of prayer, or does the fact that it is new every time indicate its imperfection?

Answer: It does not matter if it is new or old every time. The main thing is to pray. The main thing is to ask.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/23/24, Writings of Rabash “The Desire to Bestow – 1”

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The Nature of a Woman

294.2Question: Who is more sensitive to fulfilling the Creator’s will, a woman or a man, a wife or a husband?

Answer: In general, a woman. Therefore, it says that a lot depends on her because she can convince her husband to act one way or the other. She is more sensitive to the “voice” of the Creator than a man. She was created this way by nature.

She feels more dependent both on her husband and on the Creator. She has an inner sense of faith that the Creator guides her.
From KabTV’s “Man and Women” 5/14/24

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How to Become Righteous

959Question: Midrash Rabba (The Great Commentary) says: “A pious man, a pious woman.” What exactly is meant by the term piety?

Answer: Piety is obedience to the Creator, the aspiration to fulfill His desire, that is, His commandments.

Question: There are so many disagreements about what the Creator commands. What is His primary commandment? Can His desire be expressed in some way?

Answer: The Creator desires a husband and wife to fulfill His commandments and continually check themselves against them. The primary commandment of the Creator is to love your neighbor as yourself.

Question: It turns out that in a couple, the closest people to each other are the husband and wife. Should they start fulfilling the commandment “love your neighbor” with their relationship to each other?

Answer: In general, yes.

Question: If I learn to love my husband as myself, will it be easier for me to treat other people the same way?

Answer: You will be righteous.
From KabTV’s “Man and Women” 5/14/24

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Study and Teach

271Question: According to Kabbalistic sources 6,000 years are allotted for the complete world correction. According to the Jewish calendar, it is now 5785. So the correction stage should end somewhere in 2240.

Is this a firm date, or could the correction end sooner or take tens of thousands of years more?

Answer: No, there does not have to be an exact date. But by all indications, we are, as they say, at the end of days.

Question: What must we do to move on to at least the first stage of spiritual development—the awareness of evil?

Answer: Study and teach.

Question: In other words carry out the educational process?

Answer: Indeed! You do not need anything else! As soon as we are convinced that our most important task is to accept the laws of a correct relationship with each other, we will immediately begin to join the new system of relationships and thus accelerate our development.
From KabTV’s “Era of the Last Generation” 5/9/24

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The Era of Concrete Explanations

235Question: Is there any difference in the presentation of Kabbalah for people in the past and for those who come now?

Answer: Of course! There is a big difference in the explanation, in the approach, in the specifics, and in the style of presentation. Once upon a time, 20 years ago, you could only speak to people in accordance to what was written in the original sources. For example, the Torah mentions a serpent, and you explained what a serpent is, and so on.

But today, people do not ask about this because they understand this is some kind of allegory. A person requires a specific explanation of what Kabbalah is talking about and what we can achieve with its help.

That did not happen before. Everything was figurative and descriptive. Six hundred years ago the great Kabbalist RAMHAL described Kabbalah as a dialogue between the soul and the body: the body said, the soul said, the body said, the soul said, and the whole book, two hundred pages, was like that. RAMBAM wrote in the form of all kinds of philosophical thoughts and sayings.

That is, each generation, even each society, imposes its own form of presentation.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. Old Stuff” 2/1/10

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Questions about Spiritual Work—137

962.1Question: You said I can only use those desires I am sure I have a screen for. What does it using desires mean?

Answer: This means you can use every desire your way, but only for the sake of bestowal.

Question: Our goal is to get a correction for our intention. But I see that this is not my desire because it is directly opposite to the desire to receive pleasure. So what will lead my heart to correct the intention?

Answer: You will get a push first from the group and then from the Creator.

Question: What is the feeling of good and evil? How do we get to this state in the ten?

Answer: Actions aimed at connection and bestowal are called good. Therefore, we must learn to fulfill them among ourselves, and to this extent, we will receive the fulfillment of our desires.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/22/24, Writings of Rabash “Turn Away from Evil and Do Good – 1”

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Develop Deficiency for Connection

938.03Question: How can we increase our connection if it lasts, say, only two hours according to the given measure of deficiency (Hisaron)?

Answer: You should reveal your common Hisaron (deficiency) in the ten and develop it. Then you will have an unlimited opportunity to remain connected.

Question: How should the connection with friends be expressed in feelings and in the mind?

Answer: Ask the Creator to help you unite, and in this unity, you will find even greater connection with your friends.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/26/24, Writings of Rabash “Concerning the Omer [Count]”

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Toward a Single Goal

938.01Question: What quality of connection should be in the ten in each state so that it corresponds to the revelation of the Creator?

Answer: The most important and correct thing is to unite everyone with everyone and all together.

Question: How do you learn to connect your thoughts and desires with the ten in a strong bond so that there is only one goal: to bring contentment to the Creator?

Answer: To do this, you must get out of yourself, incorporate yourself into your friends, and strive toward the Creator.

That is when all your efforts will lead you to a common goal and common unity.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/26/24, Writings of Rabash “Concerning the Omer [Count]”

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“Gathering Sheaves”

631.4Omer comes from the words “gathering sheaves,” which means connection.

The world is called “the six days of action and Shabbat [Sabbath],” which are seven Sefirot, and there is Hitkalelut [incorporation] of the Sefirot. Therefore, we must connect ourselves to the Creator on all the days of the years of our lives, which are seventy years, implying that each year comprises ten Sefirot. Rabash, Notes 938 “Concerning the Omer [Count]

“Gathering sheaves” means to connect with each other so as to be in one bundle. Then we will be able to feel the attitude of the Creator toward us in this bundle (sheaf).

We all desire to reach one goal, and therefore we must strive only for it so that all our desires connect together. But it is the Creator who does this because we are not able to do it ourselves.

Question: How can we connect with the Creator in such a way as to acquire the quality of a certain Sefira from this sheaf?

Answer: It depends on the soul of each of us, on the desire of each person. For example, in striving to meet the Creator I attain Him in one way, and you follow your own path and attain Him in another way. But overall, each of us attains the root of our own soul.

Question: But the qualities in this sheaf, these Sefirot, are they still common?

Answer: Each person has their own.

Question: How can I reach a certain quality from the seven Sefirot as a result of connecting our different qualities?

Answer: You should only strive for connection, and what will result from it, what will be revealed to you from your connection with the Creator, you will see for yourself.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/26/24, Writings of Rabash “Concerning the Omer [Count]”

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