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In One Circle with the Friends

934Question: What does it mean to be in the same circle with friends?

Answer: Studying together, conducting workshops, and participating in various events that bring you closer together and advance you toward the Creator mean that you are in the same circle with friends.

Help them, and they will help everyone else in the ten. In this way, you will all rise together because a person ascends spiritual degrees through being lifted by the group.

Question: How can we learn to accept praise from the ten and not feel shame?

Answer: No, we should praise the ten and praise the Creator for giving us the friends thanks to whom we can advance. Everything we receive from the environment we attribute to the Creator because it is He who gives the friends the desire to lift up the entire ten.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/15/24, Writings of Baal HaSulam “Raising Oneself”

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Try to Find the Answer

249.02Comment: In the article “What Is, ‘The Smell of His Garments,’ in the Work?” there are several definitions of what a descent is and what the absence of bestowing Kelim is. And at the same time, during the ascent we must look for a descent. And this is now the state of the Creator. Help me define it somehow or link it into one single thing.

My Response: I cannot give you one brief piece of advice right now so that you could follow it and move forward clearly.

You have to ask yourself the same question every day and try to find the answer to it. And gradually, over the course of maybe even a few weeks, you will be able to imagine a clear picture.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/12/24, Writings of Rabash “What Is, ‘The Smell of His Garments,’ in the Work?”

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When Characters Match

507.03Question: We see spiritual qualities of a friend in how he makes efforts, and we appreciate them. But his egoistic qualities are the same as mine and do not allow us to get closer to each other. How can we work with this so that it does not interfere with spiritual connection?

Answer: You must overcome your contradictions with him, force your way through his attitude, and then you will understand how it is done and act correctly.

Question: And if you cannot overcome your egoism?

Answer: Ask him to help you.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/12/24, Writings of Baal HaSulam “Let His Friend Begin”

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The Property of Water in Spirituality

591Question: What is the property of water in the spiritual world?

Answer: Water embodies the quality of bestowal; even, one might say, love. All of humanity came out of water.

A child developing inside the mother is also in water. Water is the basis of life.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/12/24, Writings of Baal HaSulam “Let His Friend Begin”

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I Cannot Get Disappointed

293.1Amir asks:

Michael, the more you call for unity and good relations, the worse it gets. And yet, you continue and continue. Don’t you see that nothing is working?

Answer: What can I do? In return, I want to ask Amir: “What should be done?”

Comment: I do not know what Amir will tell you; I would say: “Get tired, enough already.”

My Response: No, I cannot get tired. Every day I see the development of evil.

Question: So why not say this: “It continues to develop, let’s leave this generation alone?” Once the phrase “generation is not worthy” was said.

Answer: Yes, but that does not mean that I walk away from it and stop everything.

Comment: But you can see that it is getting worse.

My Response: I do not evaluate good or bad, better or worse at all. I just know that I must do it and that is it. There is no possibility of getting disappointed, leaving, and so on. Whatever happens—no!

Question: So, you must continue?

Answer: Yes.

Comment: Amir thinks that you are saying this, but people’s ears are closed and their hearts too. So, it goes somewhere into the sand, as he believes.

My Response: Everything has its history, beginning, and end. So I hope there will be an end to this.

Question: That is, in principle, as they say: water wears away stone. Just like that, drop by drop. You just keep going like that, right?

Answer: I must do that!

Question: Is this called above reason or not?

Answer: Yes, against reason.

Question: Will they hear?

Answer: Not soon.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 1/4/24

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A Soul that Yearns to Free Itself from Shackles of this Life

202.0Question: One day a disciple came to his teacher and said to him: “Teacher, I want full realization and perfect attainment of the truth.” “Wait,” says the teacher, “It will take some time, and this will certainly happen to you.” “No,” said the student, “I want it to happen now, right now!”

The student followed after the teacher.  The teacher took the student to the river, grabbed his head, plunged it into the water, and held it until he began to choke. Then he released the disciple who cried out: “What are you doing?! Another moment and I would have died!” The teacher replied. “Now you understand to whom the truth is revealed.”

The question is: Is it really to this extent?

Answer: Of course. The upper truth is revealed only to those who cannot live without it, who agree to do anything for the sake of its attainment.

Question: How do we come to such a demand?

Answer: This is only at the will of the Creator.

Comment: Because there are a lot of things around us.

My Response: No, no, everything around you does not matter at all. But it is possible to come to the meaning of life, to reveal it, to feel it only if a person understands that there is no other way. That is, it should be above life and death.

Question: Does a person bring himself to such an extreme state or is he brought to it?

Answer: No, this is the soul. This is a soul that seeks to free itself, to free itself from the shackles of this life.

Question: Does it mean that these are special souls, and we do not know when this will happen within us?

Answer: Yes, but gradually an increasing number of souls are approaching this state.

Question: Is this what we call a cry, a prayer?

Answer: Yes.

Question: Does a gift come from above?

Answer: Everything is a gift. Absolutely everything is a gift from the Creator.

Question: Are my efforts to come to this point a gift?

Answer: Yes.

Question: Will it not come to a normal head otherwise?

Answer: Never to anyone, and in no way. It only comes from the Creator and only to those whom He designates for it.

Question: Tell me, please, is the revelation of the truth the end or the beginning of the work?

Answer: Revelation of the truth is the beginning.

Question: Will there again be getting to the fact that it is impossible to breathe, and revelation again?

Answer: But it will be different.

Question: Then the last question is: What is the truth?

Answer: Attainment of the Creator, attainment of the entire universe through the Creator. This is the attainment of the perfection of the Creator’s actions.

Question: Is this what we have to attain?

Answer: Yes.

Question: Does everyone have to attain this one way or another, sooner or later?

Answer: Yes.

Question: Will everyone be taken through this state when I cannot breathe until I attain?

Answer: Not to such an extent. There are special souls who have to go through this in such a large volume on their own. And there are those who follow them, in their footsteps, en masse.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 1/8/24

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An Effort Is the Prayer

232.1Thus, the correction depends entirely on the connection of the letters ELEH the MI through MAN. This is why this correction is called “the holy tongue,” (Rashbi, Zohar for All, “Heaven and Earth”).

MAN is our desires. In rising to the upper world, they get included in its system and prompt parts of the upper world to connect with each other.

In this way, the nature of all worlds will start uniting and pulling toward each other. Then humanity will realize that it is included in the general nature of the world. Then it will begin to act logically and directly, in accordance with this system.

MAN is the raising of a prayer, a desire. The connection of any part occurs when raising MAN, a prayer occurs. If you want to connect with someone, you have to ask the upper force to do it.

Question: Why didn’t nature give us the strength to do this ourselves?

Answer: It will give that to you to the extent that you can use it for the benefit of everyone.

Question: But why should I ask for this? Let us say I made an effort and was given that, but no, I have to make an effort, ask, and pray.

Answer: This happens so that you really understand whether or not you are able to interact correctly in the world with all its parts.

Question: It is still not clear why the upper force shouldn’t give a person, after his efforts, the opportunity to connect with another part?

Answer: That is what it gives him.

Comment: But it says here that we need to raise a prayer.

My Response: So, this is effort. The effort itself is prayer.
From KabTV’s “Introduction to The Book of Zohar” 1/21/24

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How Can You Make Happiness Follow You?

294.2Comment: There is a small parable about three brothers who saw Happiness sitting in a pit. One came and asked Happiness for money, and he received it. Another asked for a beautiful wife and received one too.

The third bent over the pit. “What do you need?”, Happiness asked.

The man asked, “What do you need?”

“Brother, get me out of here,” Happiness requested.

The brother extended his hand, pulled Happiness out of the pit, turned around, and walked away. And Happiness followed him.

What should a person do to make it follow him? What did he do anyway?

My Response: He did not demand anything. On the contrary, he did a good deed; he provided a service to Happiness.

Question: Is this the condition under which happiness follows you?

Answer: I do not know.

Question: Can’t we generalize that we shouldn’t demand anything, etc.?

Answer: No.

Question: When you ask for happiness, like in this parable, you receive some segment—money or a wife. Later, everything can change. You can get divorced, go bankrupt, and so on. But when you want to give it to the other, is this the secret?

Answer: I cannot imagine how you can give happiness to people, transfer happiness, or take away happiness. I think it does not depend on the person.

Question: What does it depend on?

Answer: I think it depends on fate.

Question: Does it mean that you will behave according to what is given to you? You either give away happiness or demand it for yourself.

Answer: Yes, and the main thing is to agree with it.

Question: Is this the main question?

Answer: Yes.

Question: So, can I change?

Answer: Practically, I cannot change. Perhaps the Creator can do this sometimes, at our earnest request. But I personally cannot change anything.

Question: But can I come to a state where I do not like myself the way I am? I don’t say “hate.” I don’t like myself when I demand happiness only for myself. Can I come to this state?

Answer: It is not easy to come to this, but it is possible.

Question: Can this be the starting point when I ask to be given the opportunity to somehow give happiness?

Answer: For what? Are you going to give people happiness? Are you taking on such a mission?

Comment: I see. Instead of happiness, I will give something else: unhappiness.

My Response: Yes.

Question: Your question: “For what?” If I answer egoistically: “In order for happiness to come to me, I understand that I need to give it away.” Is such a formula possible?

Answer: No, it is egoistic anyway.

Question: Is it still called “Give me happiness”?

Answer: Yes.

Question: It turns out to be such a dead end. How can a person get out of it?

Answer: There is no way. As the Creator predicts and decides, so it will be.

Question: Is it necessary to seek happiness after all or not? Or is it also in the hands of the Creator?

Answer: I do not think happiness can be found. You need to make happiness. That is, you need to put yourself in a state where you know exactly how to force it to reveal itself. Then you will see it.

Question: Then a very important question is: what do you mean by the word “happiness”?

Answer: By happiness, I mean the feeling of a person that his life was a success. It was a success.

Question: Does he have this feeling toward the end of his life, or does he have this feeling during his life: “I am living the right life, my life has been a success”?

Answer: No, I think it is already closer to the end.

Question: And during life, is there work going on all the time? Does it turn out that our life, in your opinion, is constant work?

Answer: Yes. It is when a person is looking for ways to rebuild his life again and again so that it brings the happiness that he imagines, let’s say, to make people happy, to make relatives happy, everything that he can imagine.

Question: But now you are still directing the vector “from me”—to make others happy. Do I in this way find the meaning of life for myself? Do I through this come to the conclusion that I am happy in this case?

Answer: Yes.

Question: Is this constant work?

Answer: It is constant work, and it cannot stop. A person should clearly understand how to do this.

Comment: But along the way he should be disappointed, get up again, and so on, and so on.

My Response: I do not know whether he should be disappointed. He just should imagine his path. And then “The road surrenders to the one who walks it.”

Comment: That is, if happiness is following you, it does not mean that you are happy; you have to work all the time to make others happy. And this is not easy, as we understand it.

My Response: It does not matter that it is not easy. What is easy in life? There is nothing easy.

Question: But is this the path? Is precisely this the path?

Answer: Yes.

Question: When you say “the path of light” and “the path of darkness,” what do you mean by it?

Answer: The path of light is when you bring light to people. And the path of darkness is when you cannot do it.

Question: I cannot or I will not?

Answer: I think that you cannot and you do not want to is the same thing.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 12/14/23

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Lose Yourself for the Sake of a New Degree

276.02The efforts that one makes are but preparations for achieving devotion. Hence, one should grow accustomed to devotion, since no degree can be achieved without devotion, as this is the only tool that qualifies one to be rewarded with all the degrees (Baal HaSulam, Shamati 208, “Labor”).

Question: What does it mean to lose yourself for the sake of a new degree? Is that sacrificing oneself without knowing the state we are going to?

Answer: It means losing your egoism, to stop feeling it. Without this, we will not be able to rise to the following degree. Therefore, we must be ready to sacrifice our ego.

Question: Do we sacrifice our qualities or some levels of the desire to receive?

Answer: In principle, we do not sacrifice anything. We agree that the upper light gradually annuls our egoism. Before any new state comes to us from the Creator through our friends, we must annul ourselves and be ready to help each other in everything.

We need to be in this direction all the time, to want to get closer to the Creator, to turn our state in such a way as to be in unity with Him. The main thing is to not stop and move forward. There is a better future prepared for all of us.

Question: How can we effectively build a new level so that it is in love and bestowal?

Answer: To do this you just have to love.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/18/24, Writings of Baal HaSulam “Labor”

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Make an Atomic Bomb and Stay Silent

229To myself I am only a child playing on the beach, while vast oceans of truth lie undiscovered before me (Isaac Newton).

Question: What do you think of that?

Answer: That is normal. Precisely because he explored and felt the world, he calls himself a child.

Question: Because he saw what the world is like?

Answer: Yes.

Question: And he says that he just found a few pebbles, that he was lucky. He doesn’t get proud of the fact that he is like that. He says: “All this was given to me.” Where has all this gone today? Nowadays scientists do not think like that.

Answer: Today it is no longer possible to investigate the world using such methods of internal contemplation. And this is exactly what he used. Today they use technical and technological methods.

That is why there are no more Newtons. The last Newton was in the form of, I would say, Lev Landau. There was no one after him.

Question: Then what is your definition of a scientist?

Answer: A scientist is one who wants to understand the meaning of the existence of our world. It does not matter what he is: biologist, technologist, who, or what. If he seeks to understand the nature of the existence of our world, then he is a true scientist.

Question: Basically, over time, does it turn out that the Newtons have been exterminated?

Answer: Yes.

Question: Why were they brought down? Why did it all come to this current state?

Answer: Nobody likes scientists. Nobody. Not a single scientist could rise as much as he was supposed to by nature. Science is in conflict with government—any government! That is why no one respects them.

Different kinds of seminars and academies are organized for them. This is true. And shut up! Make an atomic bomb for us, space flight, all sorts of rockets, planes, guns—and stay silent.

Question: What do you think if we took Newton from that time and transferred him here—as he is, without the influence of anyone else—how would he respond to these instructions to make a nuclear bomb, a hydrogen bomb, or to create weapons? Would he go for it or not?

Answer: I think he would not. Each scientist, in accordance with the depth of his attainment, simultaneously feels the height of science and cannot connect it with those egoistic, mercantile demands that the government offers him.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 12/25/23

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The Land Flowing with Milk and Honey

627.1Question: What is “the land flowing with milk and honey.” This must have some kind of spiritual basis, what is it?

Answer: The land flowing with milk and honey means that from our base (where we are), there is both the light of Hassadim and the light of Hochma, which complement each other in their connection, and we will never have problems in this.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/12/24, Writings of Rabash “What Is, ‘The Smell of His Garments,’ in the Work?”

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572.02Question: It says that one who serves the Creator should be joyful. What is this state of inner joy?

Answer: If I am striving toward the Creator, then I should feel joy from this alone.

Although I am still far from getting close to Him, I must constantly think about Him, imagine that I have a connection with Him, turn to Him all the time, and be happy.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/14/24, Writings of Baal HaSulam “My Adversaries Curse Me All the Day”

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Everything Is Resolved at the Roundtable

528.01Question: How should we work internally and externally when a desire to convince and defend our opinion to others appear when scrutinizing Kabbalistic sources?

Answer: This is not right and it shouldn’t be like this. Try not to get involved in such matters at all.

Let everyone express their opinion, and then find out why it is this way and different way. But everything should be decided at a roundtable, preferably when the ten is complete.

Question: What follows from what: individual work from the work in the group or the work in the group from the individual attainment of the internal work?

Answer: It is interconnected. You cannot determine one of the parameters. They always affect each other and mutually determine each other.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/13/24, Writings of Baal HaSulam “Rewarded—I Will Hasten It”

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The Spiritual Ten

530Question: How can one practically discern the difference between their current ten and the same ten on ascent to a spiritual level?

Answer: Try to lower yourself to the level of the ten and agree to unite with friends under any conditions. In this case, you will feel connected with them, which will be enough to start the spiritual ascent together.

Question: What is a spiritual ten in which we should establish a connection at a higher level?

Answer: A spiritual ten is my ten. However, until now I have not experienced this state, nor have I felt it.

Question: What will be revealed in it then?

Answer: Connection with the light, with the upper world.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/16/24, Writings of Baal HaSulam “Foreword to The Book of Zohar

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The Language of Holiness and the Language of Translation

526The language of the translation is close to the holy tongue, yet the angels do not need it and do not know it, while they do need and know the languages of the nations of the world. The language of translation is posterior, VAK of the holy tongue, since VAK are called posterior and sleep, without Mochin, which are GAR. For this reason, the translation is truly very close to the holy tongue (Rashbi, Zohar for All, “Heaven and Earth”).

Question: What are these two languages: one, Hebrew, is holy and the other, Aramaic, is reverse of it?

Answer: The holy language is called Hebrew because it conveys the direct influence of the Creator on all of creation. And the reverse language, as an imprint from Hebrew, is called Aramaic. Many books on Kabbalah, including The Book of the Zohar, are written in Aramaic.

Question: Why is Hebrew not enough?

Answer: Because the two languages complement each other and describe the whole creation. The point is that creation must be described in such a way that is understandable to everyone.

Moreover, it is crucial to understand that Hebrew and Aramaic are not just two opposite languages, but are an expression of the forces of creation, and that is why we use both. After all, how can these languages be opposite at all? For example, The Book of Zohar and Talmud are mainly written in Aramaic, while other primary sources are in Hebrew. Yet in principle, both Aramaic and Hebrew convey the Creator’s attitude toward creation. The choice of language depended on the period of writing and for whom the books were written.

Aramaic was once a more common language. It was not only read and written, but also spoken. It gradually fell out of use.
From KabTV’s “Introduction to The Book of Zohar“1/21/24

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“How Will the Messiah Be Known?” (Times of Israel)

Michael Laitman on the Times of Israel: “How Will the Messiah Be Known?

Messiah, “Moshiach” in Hebrew, comes from the same linguistic root as the word for “pulling” (“Moshech”), as it is a force that can pull us out of our inborn self-aimed desires, elevating us to a level where we can understand and feel the supreme laws of nature that operate our universe and our lives.

This force called “Messiah” illuminates and expands through special people or a special generation, unraveling the laws of nature to us people here in our world.

There are two types of these forces: Messiah ben Joseph (Messiah son of Joseph) and Messiah ben David (Messiah son of David). Messiah ben Joseph is a force that prepares the public for the discovery of Messiah ben David. Today, we live in the latter’s generation.

On a physical level, we see a return of the Jewish people to the Land of Israel after a long exile, and what remains is for this nation to unite according to the laws of the Messiah, i.e., the laws of positive human connection, the key one being “love your neighbor as yourself.” Then, Messiah ben David will come, i.e., the global expansion of the awareness of how to exist harmoniously according to nature’s interconnected and interdependent laws. Everyone will then know, feel and connect to the fulfillment of the Messiah’s laws in their entirety.

The coming of the Messiah means that we will feel the emergence of a new desire within ourselves, in which we will invite and attract the force of the Messiah to reveal itself in the field of our connections to each other.

Great Kabbalists throughout the generations looked forward to these times. The wisdom of Kabbalah itself is the wisdom of the Messiah. It teaches the method of revealing the laws of nature to all people in a clear manner that is close to the heart. Therefore, in the Kabbalistic texts, the disclosure of the method of Kabbalah is linked with the revelation of the Messiah. As Kabbalist Yehuda Ashlag (Baal HaSulam) wrote in his article, “The Shofar of the Messiah”:

The generation is worthy of it, as it is the last generation, which stands at the threshold of complete redemption. For this reason, it is worthy of beginning to hear the voice of the Shofar of the Messiah, which is the revealing of the secrets, as has been explained.

This “worthy generation” that Baal HaSulam speaks of is our generation.

“And when it is near the days of the Messiah, even infants in the world are destined to find the secrets of the wisdom, and know in them the ends and the calculations of redemption, and at that time it will be revealed to all.” – Kabbalist Yehuda Ashlag (Baal HaSulam), The Sulam [Ladder] Commentary on The Book of Zohar, Portion Vayera, item 460.

Open Your Soul

624.02Question: What determines that someone achieves results through work and others through prayer?

Answer: It depends on many factors: the state of the person, the root of his soul, and how he connects with others.

Question: What does it mean to react correctly to the constant awakening by the Creator mean?

Answer: You must feel that you are ready to open your soul to the Creator and want to be in contact with Him because by striving to achieve the goal of creation, you fill Him. The Creator’s mercy is expressed in the fact that He helps you.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/19/24, Writings of Baal HaSulam “Completing the Labor”

Internal Replenishment

566.02Question: What does it mean to feed on the inanimate, vegetative, animate, and speaking levels in the ten?

Answer: All these four levels are below the level of Human. Your task is to absorb them within yourself and internally elevate them to the level of bestowal. That happens through unity within the ten, but best of all—through prayer.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/16/24, Writings of Baal HaSulam “Foreword to The Book of Zohar

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Questions about Spiritual Work—86

281.02Question: What is the difference between a desire of the  Creator and a quality of the Creator?

Answer: The Creator has only one quality—to bestow, to fulfill, to saturate. His desire is to see a person who does what He has directed him to do to receive the upper light from this and be fulfilled with it.

Question: We come to the group with a point in the heart. At what moment can we assume that we have some kind of soul?

Answer: From the moment you start thinking about it.

Question: Is there a difference between mind and knowledge?

Answer: Of course. The mind is the ability of our brain to process data, and knowledge is what we accumulate in ourselves as a result of processing data.

Question: When you feel negative about the actions of another person, suddenly the thought comes to you about what would you do if you really loved him? Is this the voice of the Creator?

Answer: That is the voice of the Creator. This is the opportunity to fulfill the commandment.

Question: Do all the commandments have to be fulfilled only within the ten or beyond it as well?

Answer: We study the commandments inside the ten, and we fulfill them both inside and outside the ten in everyday life.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/16/24, Writings of Baal HaSulam “And You Shall Keep Your Souls”

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Bring it to Life

259.02Conversely, those who do not walk on the path toward achieving Dvekut with the Creator, which is to obtain the desire to bestow, are called “wicked” in that they are not walking on a path where they will be able to do everything for the sake of the Creator, but rather for their own sake.

Yet, here, “wicked” is a different discernment, a completely different interpretation. That is, there are no righteous there in the middle, but all their actions are as wicked, meaning not for the sake of the Creator, but for their own sake.

In the work, they are called “wicked,” but to the general public, who observe Torah and Mitzvot, they are called “righteous” (Rabash, Article  9, “What Is, ‘The Smell of His Garments,’ in the Work?”).

We need to try to fulfill those laws of the Torah that lead us to unity because “love your neighbor as yourself” is the most important commandment. We must strive for it. We must examine this condition and implement it.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/12/24, Writings of Rabash “What Is, ‘The Smell of His Garments,’ in the Work?”

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