Lezione del giorno15 nov 2020(Morning)

Part 1 Lezione sul tema di “A riguardo di "al di sopra della ragione"

Lezione sul tema di “A riguardo di "al di sopra della ragione"

15 nov 2020

Morning Lesson Transcription is made from simultaneous translation which leaves possibility for errors.

Morning Lesson November 15, 2020

Excerpts from the sources: “Work with Faith Above Reason”, #15

1. Rav’s Introduction: It is not the lesson it is our entire path. To reach all the degrees of faith above reason, meaning all the degrees of bestowal above our will to receive. That we will grow accordingly and help us be higher and higher above and above it. That is the difference between the usual normal faith that each person in the world has, the way they believe, and faith above reason that we wish to acquire, to attain. Since in faith above reason we feel that the Creator is concealed that He is, as it is written “A concealed God” and it's not that He doesn't want to reveal Himself to us, rather we don't want Him to appear because then we won’t have the ability to go against the concealment, above the concealment. So, what we are asking for is to have the strength to be above all disturbances, not to erase them, but to be above them. Meaning that even though the Creator is concealed we are going above the concealment. Above. Faith above reason. It's hard to express in words but nevertheless, gradually, we are acquiring tastes and understanding. After understanding that we have no connection to the qualities of the Creator, to spirituality and the will to receive is revealed each time, we feel more deeply how we are not part of spirituality. Then all that is left for us is one thing. One thing to do. That is to ask the Creator to save us to raise us above our corporeality and through prayer, specifically through the prayer we receive Faith about reason. And the sign for advancing is that each day our will to receive becomes greater and once again we need to build ourselves above it as much as possible. This way we advance meaning, are on top of the growing will to receive and the growing concealment, growing confusion, helplessness, everything all those things that are discovered daily and above it I need to rise. And this way until I attain the first degree of faith above reason and I understand how to continue advancing in it. So let us start. 

Reader. Rabbash. Article 12. (1991) Excerpt 15 (04:17 - 05:43)

2. R. This is exactly the condition for entering spirituality.

Excerpt 15 Reader(05:57 - 07:20)reads twice

R. Since, by himself, he cannot attain the degree of faith above reason and he cannot be in gladness from being in such a degree. He needs to receive those two discernments from Above. But to ask, to demand, to pray towards that.This is what we need. 

3. S. (07:50) The test that we are going above reason, is it Joy?

R. Yes, it is true.

4. S. (08:06) We need to imagine to ourselves that we were already rewarded to really enter this state? Because we really don't know what it is.

R. Like it or not, we always portray the state that we wish to reach. Without that, without making that portrayal to some extent, even if it's wrong, we have no choice, we have to do it. Either with the flavors or visually or emotionally somehow. But we always portray the next state, together with the prayer where we ask the Creator to give us a direction give us an impulse for it.

5. S. (09:04) The correct prayer, is it that I will reach the next spiritual degree, I can go above reason or the prayer towards the friends?

R. No, together with the friends I want to go above reason, I want to receive or accept the spiritual degree of bestowal in the group, between us and to the Creator and we want only this to happen. Interpret it with all the words that we can understand and it doesn't matter if we are making a mistake or not. It always happens like this when we are searching and it is good, it is part of the path.

6. S. (10:01) In the article he talks about reason of Kedusha. What is that?

R. Reason of Kedusha Daat de Kedusha means that I am in the quality of Bestowal.

7. S. (10:37) I asked the friends, for the friends, that we will have a quality of above reason between us and the Creator….. so I don't need to ask the Creator to give this to me... so what does it mean to ask the Creator?

R. If I feel that a special force is controlling all of reality, all of creation, all people, everything, then what is my state as a result? I am also under His influence His control His authority. I have no free choice. I exist in the nature of the Creator automatically, let's say. He is in control and then I have nothing left to do. Imagine, still vegetative and animate, they exist under the authority of nature, they have no free choice. Even when it seems to us when they do something, the desire to run away, to eat it is so according to the laws of nature that live in them. Also in  us we can say the same, the way we exist, whatever we do it doesn't matter. We have problems, we have no free choice, there is no free choice. In truth, no person has any action we can say that came from within the person, himself. Rather, it is all aimed at us from Above, from the general system. There are no crimes, no righteous people, everyone is as a beast. When does a person have the material, the freedom to do actions for himself? Only when he begins to want to enter spirituality then they show him how much he is incapable of anything. Us we constantly feel we can’t do anything in order to bestow, anything that is giving, bestowing, nothing other than our nature to receive that dwells and controls us, we can do anything. That's how we are thought and who we are. So through various actions, organization in the group, in the study, drawing the reforming Light, in this way we try to reach the action, an action of bestowal. When we try, let's say, awarded with rising into an action of bestowal, we begin to feel that we came out of the will to receive, out of that bubble. To the extent that we can be above the will to receive; connected to the will to receive and connected to the will to bestow, existing between Heaven and Earth, then we are free. We begin to feel freedom. What is the meaning of the will to receive the will to bestow and how can we move between the two? With this path, now we're trying to reach Faith, the force of bestowal, above reason above the force of reception, so we would feel the control of these two forces, not the only one. When only one force controls us, the will to receive, if we can't even feel that He is in control this is our nature this how we are born. We have nothing to compare it to. Without the ability to compare it to something, we can’t say that we have this or don't. You only have one thing. Our first action first degree first state is shifting to the state of bestowal the second force the force of faith, the force of Bina that exists above the force of reason. Between these two forces we begin to live. Will constantly fall to a greater deeper will to receive and each time will constantly try to rise between us, in the connection, to the prayer to a higher will to bestow. Deeper and higher. Deeper and higher. In this ever growing amplitude. These are our states. Ascents and descents. 

S. So I don't ask the Creator to just lend it to me, I want to put myself under the rule of bestowal?

R. Of course, we want to be under the authority of the force of bestowal but we don't understand what it is. And, it is expressed with us in such ways that is completely opposed, opposite our nature. How can I get rid of myself, rise above myself? What does it mean to rise to ascend? It means from everything I have, that I feel, this world what I have. That all this is happening down below and I am rising above. As if I am rising with a kite up to the heavens and I lose all of my relationship to corporeal life. We can't afford those things and if we can afford it, if we are ready for it, we're ready because it's better. It brings us a certain... solution, a better life meaning I am exchanging my corporeality with a greater corporeality and imagine it is spirituality. That's why spirituality, it is bestowal not an easier life. It’s not when I imagine to myself what it is like to be in the heavens and to be independent of everything above everything. No. I am actually not above everything. I take upon myself the responsibility to care for everyone, for all of reality, all of humanity, the whole world, to bestow to the Creator through that. Where I want to correct all my broken vessels, the broken vessels so that He would enjoy my work. To the extent I can bring all of humanity to connection, and to Him. That is why we need to imagine spiritual work in a way that...not that I am hovering between and above the angels, rather I am rising to more responsible work, greater, more mature work. Otherwise, we are imagining it all in our will to receive and we're getting rid of all the troubles and worries. No, we are taking upon ourselves additional troubles and worries. No, we are taking upon ourselves additional troubles and worries, but of a different kind. The global Divine kind.

S. According to what you are saying: we, I, now in the middle of the lesson, I detach from my responses and my images towards the friends I feel and of course it makes me feel good...

R. Why are you without any worries?

S. Because in that moment I just feel the friends…

R. This is not the meaning of being integrated into the friends. Here it is simply... escaping your corporality. In spirituality it is much more difficult, you have to connect everyone, care about the connection between you until the Creator is revealed. To reach these qualities, between those qualities of love and bestowal connection care, in which the Creator is revealed, that is not simple. It is not a simple thing. We have to be so close, tightly close to one another, that is what we feel, it needs to be connected in one soul.

S. So how do we correctly do this work? Even in the lesson how do you take care of the friends correctly?

R. I want to help them with everything I have, to be connected in one single force, one intention. So all of us with one intention to care for one another and from that we will discover that there is another component called everything. The Creator is not counted as another one among us He doesn't exist outside of us. The Creator is called Boreh Creator from the words Bo-Re come and see. We come from a state called come and see. If we reach a state of connection we reveal the result, the essence of connection as a special force in nature that exists even before that, that force invited this whole creation and then we reveal if again you restrict yourself and you connect again to Him. That's how you reveal the Creator.

8. S. (21:58) The text says that the most important thing is the prayer, the request. It seems like the joy is the result of that prayer.

R. Joy, Gladness has to exist in all the stages. You have to try. I am not saying it is there, the person who is there under the egoistic rule always feels some form of sorrow. But we have to organize, arrange the sorrow so the sorrow is not so but Gladness. We reveal greater will to receive each time and it is revealed when the Creator shines on us more with his upper light and the upper light shines on us, it reveals greater will to receive in each one of us and all of us together and each time we will find ourselves with a heavier heart and with a worse ego but we can consequently begin to rise above it. That's how we advance. Hence, he who is greater than his friend, his inclination is greater. And we also always start from a state where we are unhappy, unsatisfied, then we also as quickly as possible need to help each other to detect this state as a correct state for the beginning, for advancing.

9. S. (23:55) There is a feeling that we are supposed to relate to something that doesn't exist or that we don't attain...

R. What I don't feel with my senses is considered as non-existing.

S. So we are supposed to be considered that we attain even though we don't?

R. I don’t want to enter into philosophy...yes, no... You should do what is written.

10. S. (24:31) In the excerpt it is written that the Creator will give him Joy with the work above reason, but we always have reason...

R. As if we don't have reason, we are asking for Faith. Read it a few more times and you will see. He is not asking for reason, he is asking for Faith to be above reason. The reason that he had, he is asking to have faith to be above it.

11. S. (25:16) He describes that the body doesn't agree with the work. How can you describe joy when the body doesn't agree with this work? Like the example that Rabash gave: let it suffer. Where is the joy?

R. In the same place as the suffering. In the feeling. It is the only place joy and suffering can reside.

S. If the body agrees, it is not the correct joy?

R. No. I nevertheless work to demand faith to rise above my feeling, my mind and to be in the power,the force of bestowal, that's it. And if I come to determine these two feelings, the feeling that I have nothing and together with that the feeling that I have the ability to bestow to everyone then in that case it is a spiritual degree. Gladness from bestowal and together with that, I don't have sorrow from not filling my vessels of reception. On the contrary, I feel I am rising above them, it is an opportunity for me to rise to bestowal.

S. What does it mean to rejoice in the suffering?

R. It is true, I also remember I didn’t get it. And Rabbash would point at himself and say, let it suffer. Meaning his ego now demanding something and not receiving it, it suffers, let it suffer. A person is always divided in two: the will to receive and the will to bestow. And he always has a satisfied part and an unsatisfied part, and one pulls him down and with one he is rising up. One is under the restriction and concealment and the second one is moving towards the revelation of the Creator, adhesion.

S. So now I am happy because I have won against the will to receive?

R. Yes.

12. S. (28:14) It seems from the excerpt that the greatness of the Creator takes me down to the reason. So what is the difference between asking for faith or greatness?

R. From the greatness of the Creator doesn’t bring you to reason because you attain it above reason.

S. I understood from the excerpt that you can’t ask for the greatness of the Creator then?

R. Because then you will work because He is great, in your vessels of reception. It will not be spirituality. You will work for your own benefit, you will never reach the quality of bestowal.

S. So what is the greatness of the Creator above reason?

R. If you portray it, the greatness of the Creator, even though you don’t attain it in your vessels of reception, you attain it in your vessels of bestowal. When we attain vessels of bestowal after a few more efforts discover vessels of bestowal and then in them you will reveal the greatness of the Creator in bestowal meaning in the reflected light. To the extent you can raise above your will to receive above the restriction and the screen the reflected light to bestow to the host you imagine portray the greatness of the host not in your vessels of reception but only in bestowal in equivalents with him. Then according to the degree of equivalence we begin to discover it and begin to feel it.

S. That means that we are building Him?

R. Yes, that’s exactly right. Because what does it mean to investigate Him to feel Him? You are building inside of you from your own corrected vessels the image of the Creator. In these vessels you are finding the Creator. That's why it says you have made me.

13. S. (30:36) Should we always be adding a new intention on top, to behold on to faith above reason? Do we always have to always add on top of the feeling in every state to be able to be above reason in thought of the friends and the society?

R. Yes.

14. S. (31:10) Is being in agreement with the body the same as the agreement between faith above reason?

R. How can it be. I don't know... This is a special philosophy. When I am in agreement with my body what my body wants and if I go and do that, what my body wants this is called faith above reason. First of all, it’s not faith, it’s reception. And within the reason of the body.

15. S. (31:58) When we work in joy and the body feels no resistance, but at the same time, I can't raise a prayer to the Creator from the heart. Who is giving me the power to work in joy?

R. Only from the group. Don't worry you'll always have the strength if you connect to the Creator through the group in all states.

16. S. (32:42) The difference between a Kabbalist and a masochist is that the Kabbalist enjoys the suffering because he relates it to the Creator?

R. No, he doesn’t relate it to himself, but he relates it to the ego the Creator created and he sees suffering and the will to receive in him as something that doesn’t belong to him. Rather, it is the Creator’s force and he is looking at himself like a beast, like an animal. And in this beast the force of reception is revealed, the ego and not that in this beast the force of bestowal will be revealed. He sees himself as neutral. He's not doesn't belong to this or that.

S. Can you give us an example to a friend in this work? 

R. I don't know, try.

17. S. (33:46) If a person is, for example, an athlete and he invests his efforts, he sees results. Why is it so opposite in spirituality? Not only do I not get a result, I even have to imagine the result? Why does it work that way in spirituality?

R. This is correct and incorrect. It depends on the kind of result that you expect to get from spirituality. Just like when you're exercising, even when you get tired and you need afterwards to rest, nevertheless you are growing stronger. Here in the wisdom of Kabbalah the more exercises that you do, when you want to do these exercises, to rise above your ego, your ego grows weaker. You become weaker, but later you recuperate, you recover. Similarly, to sports, you see all the states that are coming are good. But here you see them both as good and as bad. You want to subjugate your ego and in sports, it’s opposite, you want it to grow. Think about it you can even talk about it in the ten.

Excerpt 16 Baal HaSulam. Reader (35:41 - 36:17)

18. R. It is a sign that we are in the work of above reason. It is written, they should be as new in your eyes. Each day several times a day every moment I feel as if I'm starting from scratch as if I have nothing, I know nothing of spirituality and what to do and how to do it and I always look for how to do something, meaning these are signs that we are renewing ourselves and climbing the ladder.

Reader continues (36:58 - 37:37)

19. R. That is what we are demanded of. Doesn't mean that we are wise, that we are investigating, we are advancing in a healthy way with a clear vision. As it is written, a wise person has his eyes in his head.

Reader continues (38:00 - 38:13)

20. R. I wake up every morning and several times a day when I recover and I return to the thought of spiritual work and I see I have nothing. And again I have to remember where is it, why what for, how can I do something. And this is happening several times a day at least, daily. So when will I get anything if everything disappears...

Reader continues (38:47 - 39:10)

21. R. If we don't forget that there's none else besides Him, and the Creator is what is 100% in control of each and every state that we have, and there is not a moment that we are not in his field. When He is filling all of reality, the force of bestowal, general force of bestowal. Then we have no room for any negative feeling, any negative thought. Rather, we are inside the force of the Good who Does Good who Created the creatures inside of Him in order to bring them, as well, to that state. We are in that and we are specifically in that development, it needs to be realized. That we discover this force and connect with it together.

22. S. (40:26) We can agree with everything but in the end I don't come to a prayer. I don't see a prayer on the horizon.

R. Where on the horizon do you need to see it? Where should it come from?

S. With all these states with everything we need to be joyful but the prayer doesn't emerge

R. What does it mean that it doesn’t emerge? Shouldn’t you do it?

S. Yes, but to be in gladness, to believe it is all the Creator, to see it all within reason?

R. Everything we attain in spirituality comes to us because we are turning to the Creator and He is arranging it. Nothing besides that. The question is only, in what state should we be so we could turn to Him and He would help? The inclination towards connection in the ten, that's a must, addressing and the Creator since the force of correction would only come from Him. And another thing, which is patience. Constantly activate the connection between us and by that, the prayer of many as we call it to the Creator.

S. So we can say there is an inclination to connect between us but to the Creator, I don’t know what else to do to reach this prayer.

R. Start talking about it between you. How much did you speak about the need to pray to the Creator? Start talking and then each will help with his friend. Then envy, lust, honor, all of our foundations will help us build the prayer. The people of the Great Knesset the Great Assembly created the prayer for us. You can read what it says in the Siddur, the prayer book. You can read Psalms, which is accepted in the entire world, you can see it in all languages, everyone is reading Psalms. You don't have a nation in all the religions who don't know Psalms. Go ahead you have words if not your words you have written words.

Excerpt #17 Rabash Reader(43:43 - 47:13) reads twice

23. S. (47:15) Is it the request to work with joy because we don't feel the greatness of the Creator in the center of the ten?

R. No, the request to work in the ten is because we wish to resemble the Creator and you can resemble Him only in the connection, in the complete connection as something that you can carry out only in the ten.

S. The question is whether the request to work in joy is because we don’t have the greatness of the Creator.

R. Gladness is not because you have it or don't. Gladness is a result of accepting what the Creator is giving me as the correct thing for my advancement in order to reach bestowal to the Creator.

24. S. (48:44) What does it mean accepting the burden of the Kingdom of Heaven?

R. Receiving the Kingdom of Heaven means that I take upon myself the authority or the control of the Creator, let’s put it this way. I take upon myself the meaning of the Creator that there is an upper force that is nonetheless in control of me, He is twisting me and turning me, confusing me, it is all coming from Him. In general anything and everything exists in me in my desires, my thoughts, my brain, my heart, it all comes from the Creator. If I carry this thought all the time, possibly even with this feeling this means you are taking upon yourself the burden of the Kingdom of Heaven. Meaning the Creator is first.

25. S. (50:07) How to build a correct prayer in the work?

R. You need to connect in the ten and in the ten, start reading perhaps some excerpts... we will prepare for next time various excerpts and verses for prayers, general ones, not too specific and then we will see if we can keep these prayers or not or maybe we will compose the prayers not according to what is written there but according to what we think.

26. S. (51:14) You said something before that was horrible that the Creator is 100% in all of our feelings that scares our egoistic nature a lot, we feel we have to hide somewhere?

R. Hold on I don't understand, I remember once reading somewhere that it is says that it is none else besides Him, did you also read it once?

S. Yes

R. Okay so yes you see then what is up? The Creator is in control of everything, even now when you are speaking it's not you who's speaking it's the Creator speaking through you. Yes.

S. Yes the question is this: for what purpose does the Creator do that? Why does He want the total control to be His, what is His goal here?

R. Put yourself in the place of the Creator, you are the only force that exists in the world and you want to create more creatures that would exist separately from Him, what can He do? If he is a single force, you see that He has no choice and that he will have to build and construct reality the way he constructed it's not that he doesn't have any other options or he has more options. Nature, who is one if he wants to construct to create something other than itself there is no other thing that can exist but us and specifically in the way that we exist it all is moving from the beginning of creation till the end of creation. If you think how everything exists from one force, if that force wants anything else to exist, that it has no other choice out of his necessary nature to build what he built and how he built it. 

27. S. (54:34) Without being in joy it’s impossible to come out of the nature of the will to receive?

R. You can’t. But you can receive joy and gladness from the group. If you are not connected to the group, you will be in sadness, and if you are, you will have the force of joy and confidence.

28. S. (55:00) It says that the Creator wants to show me that I am in lowliness?

R. No.

29. S. (55:32) The state of lowliness, is it the lowest possible state we can come to as a ten?

R. Yes. It is something that you also attain only in the ten. Everything is measured according to your relationship with the ten, a person by himself is not considered and cannot measure anything, it is not spiritual. Spiritual is something measured according to the ten. We need to simply and forcefully determine that we only live in the ten.

30. S. (57:02) When we come to the state of joy as a result of the work above reason, it seems like the will to receive felt this pleasure to always work above reason, to get to this feeling?

R. In order to work above reason you have to rise above the will to receive, he needs to be in bestowal.

S. Yes, but after he worked in bestowal in the beginning he felt joy, it’s a sense of Joy, correct?

R. It is a pleasure from bestowal. This is possible, this is allowed, you can do it. You start giving out everything that you have and enjoy what you are doing, it is not a transgression.

31. S. (58:11) It says that the Creator wants to show me that I am lowly. What does it mean that I depend on Him?

R. It doesn't say that you depend on Him although this is also the case. Lowly means that you accept what the Creator gives you in the correct way for your advancement, first of all. There are many conditions for lowliness. First of all what I got now is the correct form that I got for advancing from this state to adhesion.

S. Even when I don't think so?

R. Of course when you don't think so, if you check according to what feels right then you're not in the method of correction.

32. S. (59:17) Why do I need to pay for the friends if they are more advanced in spirituality and more successful? What is the correct work in this situation?

R. You have to be connected to them and annul before them as Rabash writes in his articles and you will see from there what to do and how to pray. So repeat those articles.

33. S. (01:00:01) The attempt is to work in faith above reason to integrate in the friends to bestow to the Creator. At what moment do we begin to feel Him and to understand Him because it seems like we're always going to work above reason and we don't need reason?

R. It will always be like that and as much as we receive we will always go above what we receive. And each time the knowledge that we receive and the revelation of what we received is in order to go above it. So Bina will be in our eyes more than Hochma. We want to reach it specifically, this is the meaning of rising with our Malchut to a higher degree

S. It is as though we received this knowledge and feeling?

R. Yes.

34. S. (01:01:06) As a result I just want to detach from the gladness as well and from bestowing and the sorrow and the will to receive and just become an observer as if looking from the side at what is happening to me?

R. Yes but to disconnect from sorrow and from joy is incorrect. You have to work with it, but it will come. Keep going.