Lezione del giorno15 nov 2020(Morning)

Part 3 L'ultima generazione

L'ultima generazione

15 nov 2020

Morning Lesson Transcription is made from simultaneous translation which leaves possibility for errors.

Morning Lesson November 15, 2020

Connecting the World in the Last Generation

65. R. (00:01) Except for there being a book and not maybe one on this topic that we have printed according to Baal HaSulam writings we still have gathered the most essential and important excerpts of the last generation, meaning that society that we need to participate in and build or it will be built without us, God forbid. So, I hope we will really be the ones that are participating in the society but it has to be standing up in our days, in our generation.

Excerpt 1, 2, Reader (00:57 - 4:33)

66. S. The last generation is intended for the whole world right?

R. Gradually entering into that spiritual state of the whole world but it is gradually, it's not that everybody goes into spirituality, there are some like he says that take those who can connect to the Creator on their shoulders and push them, they also understand that they don't even have the right of existence on the corporeal level.

S. So the basis he writes here of equivalence of form, the basis for the commentary, is this true for everyone?

R. In the end yes, but there is an active part which is us, those with the desire, the impulse that will be revealed in.  That the Creator will bring them in all kinds of ways to connect to the method of correction and to him that they will be the head of the changes, the beginning and they will be such that will later need from all kinds of reasons, that they will feel that there is no other existence and they will join either from a desire also or because they are forced either in a good way or through suffering.

S. So when we go out to the general public do we go on the basis of equivalence of form?

R. No. we don't speak about equivalence to form with the general public, you can't talk to someone who doesn't have that desire. You are like a good salesman, you have to come to a person who has a desire against what you want to sell him otherwise for what? We want to come to people and tell them that we have a remedy against the virus, if you have it, come if you don't, don't. So until humanity won't reach despair from all of these states, they are going through and say that this is it, they are done, we can't go anymore, until then you have nothing to come up to them with. But to scatter this knowledge like we're doing here or there but to really have an ear that can listen and an open heart from all of the people in the world because from their despair they will see that they have no method of how to organize their life, but that is not yet.

S. So what is the basis for commentary for explanation when we approach the world what is our basis?

R. We come for now to tell about these things that for certain there will be a remedy, a continuation for their life, light in life and they will say it's philosophy or whatever, I don't really need it, I don't buy it. It all depends upon the suffering that a person reveals in his life

S. What is the principal on which we build our explanation that life will be better if we connect, that is obvious, but why?

R. We want to explain to them that connection is the means to connect from all of the problems.

S. Why?

R. Because then we are in equivalence to the entire nature which is global and integral and if we connect in such a way we will be more connected to the general force of Nature and by this we can organize or the upper Force will organize all of the system of life correctly.

S. That also is a kind of equivalence of form?

R. Yes, but you don't tell them bestowing in order to bestow or receiving in order to bestow you speak about nature which is a general law which is in control of all of us, which is clear and in order to come close to him to be connected to him correctly we need to be connected just like the still, vegetative and animal are connected between them also the speaking degree has to be connected and the problem with the still, vegetative and animal is why do we see all of this trouble out of them? Because we, people that are in the ego between us, we bestow to them that his hand controls at all that we in our egoistic desire we influence the still, vegetative and animal, if we would connect our egoistic, correct our egoistic will to receive we would see the sheep living with the wolves nothing would seem as bad in the still, vegetative, animate either. We have to write and think and in what way maybe even for children and all kinds of people in such a way to gradually bring them to understanding the correction. But we are not speaking obviously about the Torah and not of Kabbalah, but how we resemble nature, that it is clear that everyone’s resemblance with nature is for our benefit.

67. S. (11:01) The last generation sounds like something fatal, if we could call it the greatest generation or just presented to people this way because if they don't hear according to the script of Baal HaSulam....

R. You're right we call it the last generation, we have to call it  the generation of correction, the correction generation that we are correcting humanity in this is why we are called in such a way.

S. If humanity doesn't listen and according to the script even a third or fourth war is possible so it might repeat again in a thousand years?

R. According to the theory that Baal HaSulam writes about it and other Kabbalists, it seems to me that we went through these stages that the third and fourth world war even though it is very actual to what is going on, but I think we are advancing correctly including that the Creator does won't or doesn't want if you could say, but according to the corrections that are taking place that we won't need wars.

68. S. (12:54) How can we resolve the paradox of those whose necessity was not affected, doesn't hear us everything is okay for them, and those whose necessity was affected significantly they are looking for food.

R. Of course, the egoistic will to receive that constantly equalizes and compares a person's state to others, that is how it determines the way a person looks at the world.

S. So where does the idea, our idea enter, so that they will listen, because we are right in the middle, because those who are not suffering will not hear it, everything is okay for them.

R. If you explain to people what suffering is and as much as it can get to and where we're going and what the plan of creation is on behalf of nature, not on behalf of the Creator, it is the same thing, but we don't have to say Creator. If you explain the plan of creation on behalf of nature so that even those that do see the tendency and it won't let them rest, they still will join, it is not a problem. A person doesn't have to reach a state that it won't have what to eat and then he agrees with the correction. He looks ahead and sees where it is going to, he has children and grandchildren, he has a life and it brings him to the necessities of correcting the states.

69. S. (14:56) In the article he talks about the quality of uniqueness, singularity, when a person feels singular and the Creator extends from him and we use this in different ways, the question is what does it mean that this quality sits inside our narrow egoism?

R. That is the foundation of the ego because the ego is personal, individual it comes straight from the Creator, that the Creator is the only one and no one but him and also the ego that was created by Him, it got only in an opposite way, it got the same quality. I am one, I am alone, I am essence, except for me and nothing exists, if they do exist it's only but they can be dirt under my feet. This is how our ego says I was created by the Creator, I have created the evil inclination and we need it to be that way and the more we advance it grows and it shows that to us because otherwise we can't equalize in form with the Creator because equalization of form is upon that disparity of form this is why the ego constantly has to be opposite of the Creator to the same extent.

S. How to explain to the general public?

R. You have to explain only the good things that you can attain and nothing more than that.

S. I'm asking because today there's a desire that everyone wants to feel special, they want to realize themselves.

R. If you get into it you don't go out.

S. This is what everybody wants, this is why it's very conspicuous and is what is being promoted so I'm trying to see how we can dress these words on the public that is looking for their own singularities?

R. You can explain it but it's not simple, that you want to explain what he reaches, meaning not only a good incorporeal life but spiritual, that this is where the true implementation of the ego is, that he resembles the Creator. Each and everyone reaches adhesion with the Creator that each one resembles the Creator, like the Creator that each one explains through the corrections what it means to resemble the Creator and the general public isn't willing to accept this equivalence of form. We can without the corrections speak about it, that we reach correction with the Creator, adhesion with the Creator, without corrections, speaking of corrections. Then we really reach the fact that each one becomes like the Creator, exactly. We can say that, I didn't see it that the Kabbalists write that but we can speak about it right now in order to draw a person I just don't know as much as it will help them. We have to think and develop as this is a time as we are still lacking the language, the definitions, but soon we will reach a state, let's say after we learn the Last Generation articles and repeat The Peace in the World articles we might have more words and discernments of how to approach the general public in our times. For now we're not really prepared, I am constantly asking you to start and go out as much as you can that each one must develop a desire, and impulse as still a kind of art which is still before us.

S. You discover your singularity only when you have a good connection with the environment?

R. And how will I find my singularity?

S. Everything you think and everything you can express from yourself in a unique way, this special gem that you are in the world, you will understand what it is only when you have around you, people that you can express your uniqueness in the connection between you.

R. In order to be special I have to go and connect to the others, maybe it doesn't really sound, it sounds indirect but if you succeed in explaining it that way all right.

Excerpt 3 Reader (21:08 - 23:01)

70. S. Do we awaken the environment to spirituality without suffering in corporeality?

R. I don't think so, a person isn't drawn to anything only when it has a need for it, the Creator awakens this general need in the world today and it is clear to us how.  These blows will also come repeatedly, it is not going to end. We can get used to any state, a person is such a special animal that eventually he can organize himself and get along in every state, the worst that can be. This is why the Creator won't let us go and give us more problems and troubles in all kinds of other ways, and like this we will still eventually come to the necessity to correct, for the correction but without a need and without a desire, we can't get anything. Each and every action we do in each and every moment also stems from the deficiency we reveal, otherwise how can I do it.  He says if a person takes his hand from the chair to the table it is because he sees here it feels not so good in there it feels better, so it forces him to move. These are movements that exist on every degree of nature, a foundation to physics and chemistry, all kinds of biological things it doesn't matter what, it is a foundation to any motion or change, a deficiency. This is why in human society without a clear deficiency, general deficiency that even increases one upon the other every time when I look at others and look at myself and so on I see that there are better that they live better they get along better, so I suffer even more, only in such impulses can I turn to the correction to hear better what you're saying. Then from no choice do I come.

71. S. (25:59) What is the altruistic force and where does this Force exist in nature?

R. There is no altruistic force in nature.

S. So what is Baal HaSulam mean in the excerpt, he mentioned it several times?

R. Naturally there are some things that work also from taking a few things into consideration, but I can't look at the other suffering, but this is also egoistic because I describe these things in me, I depict them in me and I suffer from it and this is why I also work in such a way in order to erase or compensate the reason for the sorrow on the outside.  Meaning that I, let's say I give money to a poor person because I feel sorry seeing people in such a way. Or I feel good that I feel that I can do this, my pride goes up, or maybe I'm afraid that it will come to me and I also won't have those means from all kinds of reasons from all kinds of reasons, but still it happens in the ego. 

S. So when he says that the altruistic forces the constructive force in society doesn't really help?

R. In our society it's also the building Force not that it comes to us from the form of bestowing, but again it's foundation is from the ego. it is only from that there is no other Force, look what he writes, Baal HaSulam in all kinds of places.