Lezione del giorno22 mar 2023(Afternoon)

Part 1 Lesson on the topic of "The Conditions for Studying with Friends"

Lesson on the topic of "The Conditions for Studying with Friends"

22 mar 2023

Afternoon Lesson March 22, 2023

Transcription is made from simultaneous translation, which leaves a possibility for differences in the audio.

Lesson on the topic of "The Conditions for Studying with Friends" – selected Excerpts from the Sources.

1. Rav’s introduction: (00:20) Besides Kabbalah, the fact that the person can study about the wisdom of Kabbalah, the main thing about the wisdom of Kabbalah, writing in the wisdom of Kabbalah, you study from the connection from us coming closer to each other. Even though our nature is to the contrary, to move away from each other and to take advantage of the other, but our nature is not letting us be so good to the other. To the contrary, it's using the other. The wisdom of Kabbalah is teaching us that if we would like to come to know the creation, the upper force, and then we need to come closer to the other, and to be with the other in one heart, one desire, in mutual support, mutual help and all that we need to do against our nature. And to try and be in it in unity. Therefore, one of the conditions that we can achieve in order to reach the quality of the Creator, love of the whole world, complete love, complete connection between is that we will be together, that means in a group, and this group will literally work in order to connect each and every one. Then we will start to feel the nature of the Creator, and slowly against the obstacles if we work on it in the connection between us, then we will begin to understand the nature of the Creator and to come closer to Him.

And in such a way, it will be clear to us how the world is built. What is its nature? How can we connect in such a way that we will feel all of reality? All the depth and weight of all the worlds. We will ascend upwards in attainment, understanding, and feeling. We will go above our world and understand how much it is small and dark. That we in essence only feel ourselves, and start to investigate what actually happens in the general nature. That it will let us see above, planets and stars and galaxies. That we will start to understand and feel the upper light that sustains all of reality together. In one force, and in an infinite form that it exists. And in this infinite form, we will feel ourselves existing, that we are not depending on our body, corporeal body, that today it's alive and tomorrow it's dead. However, how we are belonging to the eternal nature, the whole eternal nature. And to that, we will come only through connecting with our friends and studying together about the upper nature.

That we will study, and we will, when we will study we will feel, to what extent we are above our nature, how much we are capable to turn to the Creator, to feel Him, to obligate Him to correct us. That it all depends on our request to Him, and to the extent that we cancel ourselves towards the other in our ego. Which is the nature of our world, our lower world, the most lower world of them all. If we would like to be connected together to reach the upper world, this we will attain. The Creator will help us, and this we will feel the eternal reality and how we will become eternal. And this is what we will discover and this is what's waiting for us. So, let us read these excerpts, the conditions for studying with friends. Because only by studying with the friends, we can obtain new qualities of the upper world. And according to these qualities, we will start to feel Him and attain Him and sense Him, and we will be elevated in Him. We'll exist in Him in feeling and understanding and acknowledging and entertaining. So, please let us study this.

Reading #1 (07:25) "I learn much…"

2. R. (07:35) That means a person needs to understand that he has to learn from his teachers and his upper ones. And from his friends, the people he's studying with, and more than that, from those he's teaching. That means I can study from everyone, whoever belongs to the study of the wisdom of Kabbalah, the study of the upper world. Also from teachers, friends and as well as that, students.

S. When we talk about studying in the wisdom of Kabbalah, what is it? Is it receiving information?

R. No, no, no, this is not about receiving information. It's about how I learn about how much we yearn for it, how much we want it, how much we annul towards each other to study together. Because there is a big difference between studying together and studying alone because when we study alone, we achieve or attain nothing from the study. Only when we study together we learn from one another and we attract, we receive the upper nature and it is dressing in us and it's pulling us to a degree and in such a way, we acquire the letter of degrees. And this is how we go through all the worlds.

S. So we study from all the examples of the others?

R. Mostly from connection, but connection can be only through annulling, giving up. Therefore, I learned from my teachers that towards them I know myself as a student because it's more natural that way. And then towards my friends, which is a bit harder because we are so to say equals and later on from my students, from them I will need to, not that they will feel it, but I feel as if I have a greater opportunity to annul myself. That my teachers, my friends and my students are examples of three, these three degrees. They are for me methods of learning, studying through different people. Foreign to me to the extent that I connect myself to them that I want to be with them as one man with one heart, then I can receive from them more. Therefore, of course here, it's not for nothing that I'm studying more. According to how much I can, then let's say towards my student.

S. What does the person study from the Rav and what does he study from the friends?

R. I always study from the Creator, want to, don't want to, I always study from the Creator, and then to the extent that I lower myself in my ego, and connect with the Creator. Through either my teachers, my friends or my students, and according to that, to the extent that I'm lowering myself, putting myself down to that extent, I can through them, we could say learn. Always whatever you study, you study through the Creator.

S. You study from the Creator through the Rav or through the friends? What is the quality from learning from the Rav or the friend?

R. As both of you receive from the Creator the upper light that comes into Him and it organizes in Him and the reality.

S. Why do you receive more from the teacher and not from the student?

R. It is all to the extent that he is lowering his ego and willing to connect with the other. The other is either teacher, friend, or student. To this extent that he lowers his ego, he can receive from the Creator more.

3. S. (12:50) Is studying from the student means to connect to the students' deficiencies?

R. No, no, no, this is additional stuff. To study from the student, that means that we are all connecting by annulling the self and then what I receive from the other, I receive from him even things that he doesn't know about. But I am receiving through him, knowledge, feeling and a message from the Creator. This is here to the extent that I annul myself and to my student, it's more than from friend and teacher. Then according to that, that I'm annulling myself. According to that, I'm turning myself into a vessel of reception. Then I receive from the Creator through this person, that he doesn't know, he doesn't understand. But I am receiving in such a way, the knowledge, the feeling, and the revelation.

4. S. (14:30) What is the difference between learning from the Creator and learning from life?

R. We always study through the Creator or from the Creator through someone. As he says here, either through a teacher, a friend, or a student. These are the three options that we have. But what we learn or study from there, we receive knowledge, feeling attainment from the Creator.

5. S. (15:19) What is the clothing of the upper in us? And how will we come to the deficiency for this?

R. The clothing of that is according to the equivalence of form. The more we want to be like the Creator, the more it will dress in us, that's what they call equivalence of form.

S. Can I continue?

R. Yes.

S. How to work on the aggressiveness that comes out of my nature, when we're working with friends in dissemination in the ten?

R. It's a problem and there is nothing much to do, there are those who are less aggressive and even more friendly. There are those who are more aggressive and are even in repulsion and hatred towards the other. There is nothing to do about it, this is our nature and we have to work with what we received from the Creator to agree with it and to work with it in a consistent way. In a continuous way. And slowly, bit by bit, it goes away.

S. But I want to be more specific. Like in the past, even in Turkish Kli, there were a couple of friends who complained to Shimon that he is aggressive, he is like pressuring people into committees in the work, school, and I wanted to do a like inner scrutiny that how should I behave, how should I do that I will not offend friends. I will not break their hearts, but on the other hand, I feel that I am getting more aggressive just like wild monsters getting out of me the more I study. It feels like light is causing this. I start to think that because of the upper light that I have this.

R. I would recommend looking at all these things in a matter of fact, as a matter of fact perspective. What do I need to do in this group that the Creator organized for me, that I need to be in? And that I need to be nevertheless in connection with these people nevertheless, in order to obtain the Creator. Therefore, I need to accept these friends and relate to them in order to attain the Creator, that means to be with them in one heart, as one man in a mutual way. Slowly, bit by bit, it will change on their part towards me and also on my part towards them. If there will be even harsher conditions, then I need to understand that at the end of the day, this is what the Creator is organizing for me in order to correct me. Truly, to the extent that the will to receive of a person is greater, when he has a greater difficulty in studying and connection, this implies that he has an opportunity to reach a higher degree.

6. S. (19:30) Thank you. All these things that go through us. It's from the inclusion and bestowal of you and the friends. Besides two incidents. There are two incidents where we study with friends or teach students on campus. We didn't even hear from you. Where does that come from?

R. Well I don't know whether these two things are on this campus, or I don't know.

S. What about between us?

R. I don't know, I don't I don't know this.

7. S. (20:15) We know that when we connect and become’ as one man, with one heart,’ the Creator is revealed. And if we feel that we're not connected, then through the connection, does it correct? Or should we discern yearning and aiming towards the Creator?

R. Through, alongside the connection, it corrects itself. And in such a way, we come closer to each other, learn the nature of creation, our nature, and the nature of the Creator. We need to simply go through this process, this entire process, it's not small, it's long, it's not short. But without it, we have nothing else to do. Nevertheless, when advancing in such a way, we come to the nature of the creation. Continue.

Reading #2 (21:30) "Whenever one must learn…"

8. R. (21:45) We don't like to hear the other, and other people and so forth. If it's a great man, then we're willing, but a different person, no.

Continue reading #2 (22:02)

9. R. (22:56) Yes, this we need simply in a group, we know why which is systematic. To constantly make out of yourself a person who hears the others, who is willing to receive different opinions that means from the friends and to follow their lead. And not that he cancels himself. However, to be a friend, that means that he wants to be like them, and wants to be with them. But nevertheless alongside with it, in order for them to have connection, he is willing to lower himself and in such a way continue. Eventually, the person will feel himself as the smallest of all the world. And in such a case, he's like, disappearing from this world. And becomes more and more closer to the Creator. That the Creator disappeared from everyone.

10. S. (24:27) You've described to us the hardest is to annul towards the student. The easiest is to annul towards the Rav, or the teacher. If we can say that what you said. So it turns out that it's easier to annul towards the Creator?

R. But we don't see or feel the Creator. We're not in connection with Him. Therefore, it's not talking about that.

S. Yes, in relation to what you said, I want to ask about annulment?

R. Because we have no one to annul towards because we don't feel the Creator.

S. So what is annulment? Annulment is in that we won't do anything? Or we must do something?

R. Can you speak a little less? When I annul myself to the others, what does it mean? It means that I relate to the other as higher than me. That's it.

11. S. (25:45) These levels of Rav, friends and students, can that be towards the friend in the ten as well?

R. All three degrees?

S. Yes, that means to see the friend as great as a Rav, to see them as equal and as students underneath me?

R. Yes, of course.

S. Okay, so it's clear. For those that I see underneath me, I annul towards them and they become greater than me? And this is how I learn?

R. Yes.

12. S. (26:40) What should I learn? Study from the friends that when they're physically, they're either hectic or they're very stressed.

R. This all depends on your relations or relation to them, and not the friends themselves. Therefore, try to relate to them with an even more open heart. And then you understand how you can annul yourself towards them, and through them, to receive influence. Bestowal from the Creator.

13. S. (27:30) Many times we work in workshops for the connection between us. And we kind of hear the friends and how to renew this place of really listening to the friends? And not just hearing another one and another one. What to do there in order for it to be renewed?

R. To try to understand her. Where is she coming from? Why is she talking like that? To be dressed in her, clothed in her and then you'll understand the innovation in her words.

14. S. (28:19) Can I ask a question in the name of a friend?

R. Yes.

S. He asked me to read it precisely. There was a request for us in order to accept three friends in the ten?

R. I didn't understand. Again.

S. We've received a request in our ten. To receive, to accept in the ten, three friends. What does it mean that they're left alone in the ten?

R. Students, there are only three in that ten? That means there are three left in that ten, and this ten wants to join you?

S. Yes. And we're very happy with them. However, one friend has a few doubts about one of them, the friends that are there. And we don't know, we're not sure because we're already ten and we're not sure whether to receive them or not.

R. I do not know what to tell you. I don't know what to tell you. This is something you yourself needs to think and decide. You can add three more. It's not so bad to be 13 instead of 10. But the thing in that is, are you all willing to do it?

S. Yes, we all agree besides the one who has doubts.

R. That means he's not against, he has doubts?

S. Yes.

R. Then maybe try to convince him maybe. Try. But you need to discuss all that. Why does he have doubts? Let him express himself? What's bothering him? And others will give their opinion. The decision is in your hands.

S. Yes, we've already done that. We only wanted to hear this from you.

R. I cannot give you any advice. This is the business of the ten.

S. Thank you.

15. S. (30:50) If everything depends on me, and to the extent that I'm annulling towards the person I'm studying, learning from, why is it that we're lacking so many teachers in my everyday life? Why are there so little teachers?

R. I did not understand. Why is there so little, what?

Translator: Why are there so little teachers that I can learn from in everyday life? I have studied a lot from my teachers. She's asking why there are so few teachers that I can learn from?

R. Well, firstly, we're talking about the wisdom of Kabbalah, the wisdom of the Creator. Then of course, there aren't many people who understand this and feel this and study this, and can even be teachers. In our organization, there's plenty. I would say that there's even a lot of women who are teachers, who we can ask from them to teach. And they are well known to us, all our men know them. So please, we can organize such groups of women. That will teach him, female teachers and not male teachers, that's also possible. It's not a problem. We have a sufficient number of teachers that can teach everyone.

S. Can I add something?

R. Well?

S. The question is, do I in essence, love someone in the outer world? Why can't he also be my teacher? Why do I need to annul toward someone? Why does he have to be part of Bnei Baruch?

R. He's studying the wisdom of Kabbalah. Which teacher are you talking about? Does he study the wisdom of Kabbalah? Is he a student?

S. No, no, not a person who studies, a person from the corporeal life, outside the wisdom of Kabbalah.

R. Do whatever you want. I cannot tell you anything, do whatever you want. But if you are studying in our framework, then you have to learn from our teacher.

16. S. (34:20) How to turn the friend into a teacher, but not in the reason?

R. A teacher is something more than just the person who is teaching you, it's a person who is formatting you, is building you, that gives you recognition, conscience. And therefore, it is a great work and very serious. And there's a lot of responsibility on such a person, so it depends on how he is teaching you. And what does it teach you?

17. S. (35:20) If in the ten, there's a group of friends who create situations that are so to say 'against the path', and not annulled. It brings a state of separation, so what should we do? Should we annul towards them or what should we do in the ten?

R. You then have to turn to whoever's above you. You have someone who's taking care of your group, there is, so you have someone to turn to.

S. Yes.

R. Yes. Okay.

S. Perfect Rav.

R. Turn to this person, that's it.

18. S. (37:17) How do we reach complete annulment towards the friend without completely giving ourselves up?

R. You cannot. You cannot be one without the other, to the extent that I'm annulling myself in such a way I can elevate the friend in my eyes. And I have to do this until I elevate him to the height of the Creator, to the level of the Creator. Then through Him I can receive from the Creator whatever it is that the Creator has to give.

19. S. (38:19) From you, I study as you are at a higher degree, how to do your directions? And from the students, I receive impressions, so why is there such a big repulsion when the friends begin to put themselves in a higher degree and to speak from there, so to say. Why? Why does it annoy me?

R. It annoys you because you don't want to elevate them above you. On the contrary, you continue to play with it, but you need to continue and act in it as if you want to hear and see them as greater than you. In this, you have to act and from that, you'll learn a lot.

20. S. (39:20) Question and the continuation of the other one. To turn the friend, to a Rav, to a teacher, we see this many times. The Creator pictures to us as if someone is greater than their friends. And to do this action in order to see behind that person, my degree, that this friend, they'll be a teacher for me more and more. Is it correct to say it that way?

R. The main thing is that in your eyes all the friends will be higher than you, greater than you, and then through all of them, you'll be able to receive the influence of the Creator.

21. S. (40:20) Is it possible to learn about attainment, or the ability to attain is only given from the Creator?

R. The attainment is only given through the Creator.

22. S. (40:40) It turns out that in me, I’m not always able to annul at the same moment. Sometimes I feel like blowing up everything around me, but later on I adhere to the friends, to the Creator. That there is none else besides Him, and later on I connect or call my friend and apologize towards him and start connecting, is it correct to do it like that?

R. This in essence is good egoism, but nevertheless, try to in advance, that you put yourself in such a way that all the friends will be greater than you. And that you will always relate to them in such a way.

S. (41:45) Is it possible to see everyone in the world as greater than me and learn from them

R. No, it's impossible and you don't need that. Because you will not learn anything from it. You need to annul yourself towards such friends that go towards the goal, and preferably that are studying with you.

S. Starts to speak.

R. I don't want to argue with you my dear friend, you do it and you will learn from this.

23. S. (42:41) As I see there are four categories, teacher, friends, the students, lecture, and it's like driving in a car. Teacher, he is a person who knows how to drive and he can teach. And the lecturer is a person who can tell how to drive a vehicle. Friends are those who are with me in the vehicle and can share the impressions with me of how it is to drive in this vehicle. And students are those who we pass on the knowledge of driving to. The impressions of how to drive this vehicle.

R. You could say that way. Correct.

S. The teacher is you and lecturers, we have a lot of, and students we have even more. This is how we'll advance?

R. It's all in your hands.

S. (43:55) Toward friends that are veterans on the path, I can hear from them endlessly, and towards friends that are not attending lessons, so much. I can't hear them very well. Why do I need to learn from them? If I know the speech, the opinions are opposite to yours.

R. Then you need to teach them that you heard from your teacher something else than what they talk about, softly. By that show them that nevertheless you need to go to the lesson.

S. There is also such a case where I tried to give them a video clip of you, and that causes them a lot of repulsion. What to do?

R. That's because I'm talking about the annulment of the ego and that's, for them, sort of a contradiction, and causes repulsion in them. What can you do? There is nothing you can do about that. We need to, in small doses, send these facts to your friends in order to not repel them.

24. S. (45:35) In the interpretation that you gave, to the excerpt we read, I heard that we hear the friend in order to connect. This is the reason why we listen to him. I wanted to ask in this relation, what is the difference between hearing the listening to the friends and what is the reason for hearing the Rav?

R. Also the Rav is the same thing. Also, the Rav is the same thing. Having a friend is almost the same thing, it should be for us. Only a friend, we need to do a calculation whether we need to hear or we should hear him or not. It's only when I, in advance, receive his words as correct. And make an effort to perceive them.

S. So the friend is closer in the sense to that?

R. Yes, yes, of course.

25. S. (46:43) I have a question that I hope, and I'm also ashamed, but I'll overcome it because it's very important to me. Over the years, I was able to see my ten as very, very great and really wanted to be like them. Now, I continue to see them as great giants. They're so far away from me because they're so great. And I don't want to be like them, my ego is comfortable to be amongst them. So I feel as if the passion is gone from me and it's also pulling me apart, but I still see them as great. What to do. Is it broken?

R. I think that you need to ask from all the friends to do a gathering and to talk about it. Simply about whatever problem we have there between you. That's it.

S. There is no problem between us. They're great friends.

R. Lady, you don't have to explain it to me, I'm just telling you why you need to discern this. It's only between them. If you have a problem, it's only between them. I know that going inside your group and being a judge there, it's an endless job.

26. S. (48:25) We might have a wrong question, but we've been through the discernments and it turned out that the motivation that we came into the wisdom of Kabbalah is different from each other. Should it be something unified? Or it does not matter, we should study, and along the line it will be clear?

R. You can wait and organize and talk about it. But it needs to be in a very pleasant manner and with agreement from everyone.

S. What is the main desire that should be in your opinion?

R. The main desire should be a main desire between you to reveal the Creator, this will give an answer to everything.

27. S. (49:45) In order to come to connection with the friends, I need to see them as if they're above me or as equal?

R. As if they are above you. Let's read.

Reading excerpt #3 (50:13) "Each one should assemble…" Twice.

28. S. (53:15) How do I need to relate to friends that are not in the lesson, that are not in workshops, and don't even do actions for the ten?

R. The relation should be to give them a good example. And as much as possible to whatever opportunity you have to draw them into the study, towards the society. What else can you do? Only to give examples, a good example to all the friends.

29. S. (53:22) Can you tell us, we are usually referring to the teacher as upper, as Rav., that’s the quality of the Creator. But if I don't see my friend is above me, is that breaking the connection with the Creator?

R. There is no connection with the Creator. All the friends need to be together in your eyes, together. And connected with the Creator. And this is how you need to depict it to yourself. This is your ten and it is connected with the Creator. When you are included in this ten, and together with it, dissolved in it, adhered to it. And then you receive connection with the Creator.

S. Thank you, thank you very much. The heart is beating with your words.

R. Thank you very much.

30. S. (54:48) There is a friend that I truly see in him as an example, and for me he is a teacher, but because of a certain state, I can't connect with him. What should I do?

R. To continue as much as you can, as much as you can. And slowly, these things will work out.

31. S. (55:25) If a ten is in an action, for example, reading the Zohar for many years. Even before the pandemic, we meet once a week with this ten, there's friends from all the countries that participate with it. Should such activity continue according to the deficiency of the friends?

R. For now let it be. Just keep on studying as it is now, with the friends. Later on you'll discern it.

32. S. (56:41) Is it possible to annul myself towards friends with the force of desire? Or is it a mutual thing?

R. You should try with all your strength to annul yourself towards the friends, with all your strength.

33. S. (57:03) It's clear that the Creator is bringing you closer to the created beings and we learned that this is the way to come closer to Him, and we feel like it's a mutual action. That moment, the step that we make towards the Creator He, makes a step towards us. Is it correct to think like this?

R. Yes.

34. S. (57:45) How to behave with the friends that they themselves declare themselves as teachers? They behave as teachers in the ten, and I cannot annul myself like that.

R. You try, it's healthy, it does not matter to you. It doesn't matter, it's unhealthy.

S. I would like to pick my teacher, and this way they force themselves.

R. That doesn't matter, you learn a lot from it.

35. S. (58:20) In order to see the friend above me, do I need to make a restriction to come out of Egypt, and when the ocean will open up then I'll see her as upper?

R. I don't know, I don't know the story. Therefore, do not speak to me with these words. Ask for yourself if you want to talk.

S. So asking myself, is it possible to see the greatness of the friend with restriction or is it before the Machsom?

R. It's before.

36. S. (59:10) Everything is the Creator. If I annul myself I make teachers, friends, and students. Is the first level of connection, then comes bestowal?

R. Yes.

37. S. (59:35) Does a feeling that the Creator's time is accelerated and he opens the fountains of mercy, why is it felt like that?

R. It is felt, we will study these things in the future. How from the side of the Creator when he opens or closes the path of light that influences us?

38. S. (01:00:30) If a friend started to deal in the framework of her work with other spiritual methods, and she is not participating in common activities of the ten, is there room for her in the ten?

R. There is no room, there isn’t any room for her. You should terminate all connections with her, all relationships with her.

39. R. (01:01:30) All the best to you, until tomorrow.

40. M. (01:01:33) Thank you, thank you all the friends. We'll see you tomorrow together at the morning lesson.