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25 giu 2024 05:58 -

938.04Question: You said to clarify what strength we reveal from our connection in the ten. How should we analyze this correctly?

Answer: In our attempts to connect we must try to see how those strengths and opportunities we lack are born from our unity.

In this way, we will understand what we can develop within ourselves. We must look for new states we have not felt before, i.e., new strength, new connections, and new opportunities.

In the habitual rhythm of our actions, we must see this new strength each time, how it is born each time we get closer to each other, and how a new opportunity emerges in the connection with each other.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/11/24, Writings of Rabash Letter No. 59

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25 giu 2024 05:52 -

115Lukas from Lithuania asks: “Today there are no leaders, no authorities. Who should we follow?”

Answer: That is true. But why do you need to follow someone? Follow yourself! Elevate your soul, fill it a little with the Creator’s light so that it illuminates the path you are on, and move forward. Move forward, you do not need anyone! You have a spark of the Creator within you, and it will lead you to Him.

Question: So are you saying, “Follow the Creator, He is your leader”?

Answer: Yes.

Question: Is it possible to set myself up for that? People are usually inclined to follow some leader with a charismatic personality.

Answer: Only follow the Creator.

Question: Is it possible to make the Creator your leader and follow only Him? Is it possible to live like that?

Answer: I believe that it is the task of every person.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 5/6/24

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25 giu 2024 05:43 -

750.03Question: Suppose one watches recordings of your lessons. How do you differentiate between where you are present and where you are not, and when information is simply transferred through you?

Answer: I am always not present. Who am I after all?! I am an element of the system that does the work it needs to mediate between the upper and the lower levels, and I am in the middle.

That is a function, a position, and nothing more. Therefore, if a person can perform it without introducing any distortion or disturbance, then he is called a “faithful shepherd” (Rohe Ne’eman), like Moses. He was a faithful shepherd because he led his disciples (those who heard him), but in the way the Creator showed him to the next upper level.

The work is to annul yourself as much as possible and place yourself between two levels, upper and lower, to be the ideal connecting link between them. You must reduce and lower what is at the upper level, even at numerous upper levels, to the lower level to which you need to lower yourself.

Question: How can you precisely annul yourself?

Answer: A Kabbalist performs this natural action when he works in the spiritual world. After all, this is the first condition for existing in the spiritual world when you annul your “I,” and at that moment you have no other goal than to adhere to the upper level and fulfill its will.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. Representative of God!“ 3/13/10

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25 giu 2024 05:37 -

235Comment: A “Doomsday Clock” was started in 1947 by the creators of the first atomic bomb. This clock shows how much time is left until midnight, which marks a nuclear cataclysm. This decision about the remaining time is made by a board consisting of 18 Nobel laureates.

Today, they say, there are ninety seconds left until midnight. According to their calculations they warn that we are approaching catastrophe and everyone needs to react. They assert that we are facing the most dangerous moment in modern history. They urge us to bear in mind that it could very well happen.

My Response: Yes.

Question: Why do we completely not care about these statements?

Answer: These statements are actually completely unimportant to us.

Question: So they gather there, they talk, they determine how long until midnight, and we do not care about it. Why? Why are we not afraid of this?

Answer: That is our nature.

Question: Will this always be your answer?

Answer: What else can be done? That is how I see it.

Comment: But I have children, grandchildren. I have my own life.

My Response: So what. Do you really want them to carry on this miserable life?

Comment: I do not want them to have a miserable life.

My Response: Suffering endlessly, from century to century.

Question: So will there be no Doomsday Clock ticking away in me, making me tremble and worry: “It is going to happen any moment now”?

Answer: No!

Comment: I am trying; I want to stop all of this!

My Response: If it ends, what difference does it make to them whether it happens today or in ten years?

Question: So all these calls to action mean nothing?

Answer: No.

Question: Then why do they call for action, sign treaties, gather at the UN and hold Security Council meetings? Why?

Answer: Someone has to do something and get paid for it. Nothing will change. This world will remain doomed.

Question: So what should we be doing then? If not stopping these wars, not working on peace in the world or anything else, what should we be doing?

Answer: Actually, the best thing would be if we all went to sleep. Really. If we invented a little pill: right now, at, say midnight, we all take the pill and wake up in 100 years.

What would happen during that time? The world would heal.

Comment: You saw what happened during the Covid period. Animals came into the cities, the environment improved. We were told that springs, lakes, and rivers were getting cleaner. The world would cleanse itself from our pollution.

My Response: Yes, that would be good.

Question: Not bad, of course. At least no one is killing anyone. But in reality? There will be no pill, we can’t sleep it away.

These people have found a goal for themselves—to warn the world about nuclear catastrophe. Others, on the contrary, are building nuclear bombs. Still others want to live peacefully, but are not allowed to. Ultimately, what should we all, as humans, come to?

Answer: We should come to the question: “What is the purpose of human life?” And, of course, not just to sleep through life and do nothing, but to get an answer to this question: “Why am I living?”

We all need to ask this question and receive an answer.

Question: Do you personally see your task in getting people to ask this question?

Answer: Yes.

Question: What answer will they come to if they ask the question?

Answer: Why I live.

Question: And why is that?

Answer: Why? That is for each person to understand: the purpose of their life.

Question: So this is the engine of life?

Answer: Yes, to push people toward the Creator. I believe there is no higher task than to rise to the level of the Creator.

Question: Will an ordinary person also come to this question?

Answer: Yes.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 4/1/24

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