What's new?

What we've been working on lately:

  • HD - Finally, you can see our lessons and programs in HD
  • Library - Option to search by article name in the table of contents
  • Search Engine Optimization - Just before we go on Google, we need to adapt ourselves to it.
  • feedback - we have added a feedback option to hear from you what you need, look for the pink icon click and write to us what bothers you, what does not work and what needs to be fixed.
  • Bugs - ongoing bugs and fixes to make everything work for you
  • Arrangement and improvement of the material - continuous work of arranging the material, there is quite a bit of it, that needs to be described, labeled, translated
  • Additional languages ​​for the interface - Spanish, Turkish and Ukrainian

Ready soon:

  • Fit to social networks - You can share Facebook and other networks easily
  • Version 2 of the library - adding new tools needed for easy text reading, mobile enhancement, adding English and other languages texts, bug fixes
  • Improving lectures and lessons section - working on improving it so that it is more convenient to find classes and lectures
  • Series of lessons - additional sub-sections will be added that will include ordered series of lessons gathered by source or topics.
  • Improved filters behavior - All filters on the site will be adapted to mobile
  • Version 2 of the search - a better and more convenient search
  • Replacing the old site - the new archive will be fully functional and will replace the old site until the New Jersey conference