27 de jun. de 2013
Nueva Vida 204 - La nueva familia

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There are two paths for Humanity. Until now Nature was taking care of our development, we could not change it and no matter we want or not, Nature will bring us to its planned destination. It is first path. Second one is to build inner connection by ourselves and bring us back to that feeling of one big family. We can return to it if we develop true love, which means to make others feel pleasant without any demand to return. This is the next big degree, which humanity has to reach. All connections are in circles, starting from small family and expanding up to the whole world. Foundation for a new family is mutual agreement of the couple first to work on their inner connection, mutual bestowal. It can be build through workshops. Parents will transfer their new type of relationships to their children through their common example and family worskhops, in which by equality of all family members, by listening and participating we build common agreement. Important to understand, that family it is not physical bodies, it is mutual connection point between family members. By using family workshops as a tool we create mutual, warm atmosphere, in which all members feel support, love, happiness.