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Lección 510 de nov. de 2020

Baal HaSulam. Paz en el mundo

Lección 5|10 de nov. de 2020
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Morning Lesson November 10, 2020

Baal HaSulam - Peace in the World (Practical Difficulties in Determining the Truth)

Reader reads title of article (00:01-00:18)

70. R. We already spoke about it but I see, according to how our friends tell me, that it is still not clear enough, and also some of the friends ask, those who disseminate. They feel it would be very good if we would study these states thoroughly these qualities operating in human society today, as well so that we can explain, why we have to change society in order to get to a good life that it is not even about the revelation of the Creator but how we organize our lives, our human society, on earth. How we arrange it in a decent way that is suitable for everyone so that everyone will enjoy that we will be certain that tomorrow this planet will not blow up because of our bad relation to each other. How do we manage ourselves correctly? In the end we are human beings: we have intellect, we have feelings, but we are working as if we have neither the right intellect nor feeling but only bad forces that want to destroy everything. So here he tells us how to build a good society. It is unrelated to spirituality or to anything, unrelated to attaining the Creator this is why these matters are very down-to-earth, you can present them to every person in the world. So, there is a reason why it is written, Peace in the world, that is the title because you can really explain it to every single one. It is not simple. It is not simple to understand it because we are very opposite in our relation to the world, from what he writes, but it is still not spirituality. It is not above reason it is not to attain the Creator. It is about how to build in every place in every society in every country, how to build a good society. That can really... so people can really enjoy life and develop and have children and have a decent normal life. We should relate to this article very seriously. Because we are in a situation where the world has become round. And these pandemics and the troubles are just waiting to erupt in the world and will not go away until we show the right attitude to life. Clear? Good. So let us begin.

Reader “Four attributes: Mercy, Truth, Justice, and Peace...” (03:43-05:35)

71. S. (05:48) What does it mean that we should take the law of development into our hands and rid ourselves of all the troubles?

R. Whether you want to or not this is what you do. Look at this still, vegetative and animate: they live according to the force of nature that is in them. Say, seeds: when they have good conditions, they grow. Animals also develop and multiply in the right conditions. Man processes and changes his environment to his own benefit. So, he doesn't have a good situation, he turns it into a good situation: he brings water where there isn't water, he lights up a fire to heat, cools and air conditions. He does everything to build for himself good conditions. If we didn't build for ourselves good conditions, we wouldn't multiply the way we have. In the last 100 years, we have grown 4 times: there were two billion people in the beginning of the 20th century, and in the 21st century we have eight billion. Where have you seen such a thing in nature? In other words, people yearn to change nature (the still, vegetative, and animate around them), to build for themselves such an environment where they can feel more comfortable, more convenient, according to their ego, according to their desire. They have preference over the rest of the parts of nature in that they can arrange nature according to the way they feel is good for them. You don't have any other species in nature that does this. In a limited way, yes: they build for themselves a place to hide, they even store food for a while, but not like people. They don't build power plants, fuel stations and all of that. They use the forces that they received from nature and that is it. They don't improve on these forces and build with them an improved world, a better and better world each time. Only man can do that.

S. What does it mean that we will rid ourselves from all torments in history?

R. If we advance correctly, use correctly, everything that nature is giving us, we can rid ourselves of all of the suffering completely, certainly. But if we use everything in us, correctly.

S. You said before there's no connection?

R. He is not speaking about the wisdom of Kabbalah.

S. So what does he mean?

R. I don't know, I'm not a wise guy like you. I don't see in this article that he is speaking about the wisdom of Kabbalah. In this article he is talking about the right connection between people by which they correct their nature, they have the right relationship between them and they build a good nice humanity, that's all he's speaking about.

S. Only the connection between us?

R. Only the connection between us, yes.

S. Why is he hiding everything so much?

R. He's not hiding it. He is explaining it to you. It's just that you can't understand it although it's your profession.

S. Who did he write this for?

R. To the members of the Union.

S. Really?

R. He wrote it for regular people, do you see what he writes? The scrutinies about the questions that caused the absence of peace.... he is not saying a word about the wisdom of Kabbalah. Nothing.

72. S. (11:12) He writes that there are four qualities: Mercy, Truth, Justice, and Peace. So are they like four discernments of direct light? How did he define these four and not kindness or something else?

R. I don't know, we will keep reading and we will try to understand. And even if I did know I wouldn't tell you this. Because that's the only way we can understand it better.

S. He writes that with these four qualities humanity paved its way, till now. Does it mean that we have already rid them?

R. Humanity is using mercy, truth, justice, and peace to the extent that they understand how it should be used. But in the end, we see today, what we are seeing in human society. That the situation we have come to is the result of incorrect usage of the four elements, these four qualities.

73. S. (12:48) It seems that it is the human invention, these measures. Do we see examples in nature of these qualities?

R. No, there is no such thing, in nature everything works on instincts. That is why we don't discern them as qualities there.

74. S. (13:31) If we were bestowing towards each other we wouldn't need all of these rules. So all of these things disappear, because everybody just... naturally then wants to do good towards each other?

R. Yes of course.

75. S. (13:59) The same 4 degrees, the qualities he writes that with them, nature brought us to a state that we are in today. So actually, we need to learn those states in order to use them and bestow in the state that we are in?

R. We use, to some extent: mercy, truth, justice, and peace, instinctively. But we don't know how to use them correctly; but this is what we have in human society, in Society. Therefore, now we have to learn if we can arrange a correct and good social life with them or not. But we have not more than those four qualities. What is he saying? Once we thoroughly know the hoped-for, good quality, we should look at the things at our disposal in order to accelerate the good and happiness. In short, in order to get to the Good, we have four qualities that are at our disposal for this: mercy, truth, justice, and peace. If we know how to use them correctly, we will be able to have a good life, in everything. That is what he says. Why, he explains where he takes it from, why he is certain that it is like that.


R. This is what distinguishes man from beast and by which we build the human Society. There is no such concept as society in the still vegetative an animate, although they live like that, take ants and all kinds of animals: in big families, herds...They live like that, but they don't have that relation there, it’s all instincts, operated by nature. Whereas if we want to live well in our social life, and without order social life is impossible, we need those four qualities: mercy, truth, justice, and peace. We have no choice we have to arrange them. We have to organize them. So, let him explain why we can't settle. He will tell us that truth is that which is. Truth is the name of the Creator. Aleph Mem Tav. Emet.Truth. Aleph is the first letter; Mem tells us about Bina, Mem indicates Bina, that’s the middle. And the last one in the Alphabet is Tav. Emet. So that’s the name of the Creator and in all these letters it contains all of creation, but we can't manage ourselves through the quality of Truth. Therefore, instead of the quality of Truth we have mercy, justice, and peace. And we may use truth a little bit, maybe a little bit, but we can’t use it to its fullest. Therefore, it is not according to the nature of bestowal that we can behave, this is called truth. Truth means that everything is in absolute bestowal; it is the nature of the Creator. If we can't, then we use something, somehow, some of it in order not to eat each other up. These are called mercy, justice, and peace. These things are not complete, but they keep us in some sort of connection that is called humanity. This is what happened.

76. S. (18:54) We heard from you that the Creator created the will to receive and anything compared to these four qualities the expression is from the same will to receive: whatever we do, we will screw it up. We have no bestowal, so whichever way we engage in these four qualities towards humanity in some way our rule, which is the will to receive for ourselves, that is what is going to come out and it will come against us anyway...

R. We see and that's exactly what he's going to explain now according to what you explained: practical difficulties in determining the truth.

77. S. (19:58) It appears the four qualities that help humanity to develop and bring us to this point, are now at its full egotistical development. And right now we are a society gathered around this lesson, listening to these qualities, to implement at a spiritual level. Is this the work of a Kabbalist, what Baal HaSulam is telling us, that we take these qualities now in our tens and give them new meaning, new life and therefore the world will begin to feel this?

R. We will see it later, how we should work with these four qualities. Let us first learn what are these four qualities. We are jumping ahead. He hasn't explained the four qualities, but he says that through them humanity advances. He explains the difference between man and the animate level is that the animate level works on instincts. And this is how we worked, on instincts, but when we began to multiply and get into families, connection between families, connection between countries and nations. Now we have to arrange different connections between us according to mercy and truth, justice and peace. Animals don't have such a thing. So, let us check how we do this.

78. S. (21:51) Why does Baal HaSulam mention the four qualities? What distinguishes us from people who are in the will to receive, because they are also talking about these four qualities?

R. No difference. In every person, there are these four qualities. He is not talking about Kabbalist here, look at how we still don't understand where we are. Baal HaSulam is not speaking about Kabbalists here he is not talking about attaining the Creator. He is speaking about how to build a society, a corporeal society, people. It doesn't matter where it is. How to build a society, humanity in such a way that they don't eat each other, like animals. But live... well and nicely, without any wisdom of Kabbalah. This is what it is about, do you understand where we are? We are in the last generation, where we have to explain to the whole world what is the right way to live. This is why this article is so important. And we still don't understand how to approach it. Look at how we also are so underdeveloped that we don't understand what is required of us, ordinary people, not Kabbalists.

79. S. (23:58) If humanity will learn how to use these qualities, by this will we acquire the freedom of choice?

R. I don't know I have to first learn what is written here. Why are you jumping to the end if you don't know what is written and the rest of the article.

80. S. (24:28) What is this criterion of Truth in our Society?

R. We now are before the part in the article that talks about Practical Difficulties in Determining the Truth. Why don't you want to study correctly? The right way to learn how to approach what Kabbalists are writing, I am explaining to you and crystal clear words and you don't want to hear. You are asking what will happen at the end of the article or about attaining the Creator now you will start asking about Faith above Reason, it is irrelevant here. What is relevant is how people can organize their societies everywhere on earth, completely, regardless of the wisdom of Kabbalah, unrelated. Baal HaSulam even went to Poland to speak to workers there when they had a revolution there during a special time. He went there to explain to them how to build the country after the revolution, so they would succeed. So what did he go to Kabbalists? No. He was a revolutionary, he was a man who wanted to build it, in practice. He spoke to ordinary people. So again, in Peace in the World we are speaking only about what we should tell regular people. We're not speaking about the wisdom of Kabbalah here. This is why it is so important to us, because with this article, once we learn it thoroughly, divide it into small portions we will be able to go out with it to disseminate in the broadest way. To explain this is what we should do and everyone will be happy, without any wisdom of Kabbalah or faith above reason.

81. S. (27:09) So if we are looking at mercy, truth, justice, and peace, from a regular citizen standpoint, it feels like we have been manipulated through these... forces. And now these same forces that were bringing us together are now keeping us apart?

R. Soon we will learn if you allow me to approach the text and start learning it, that’s first. Mercy, truth, justice and peace are four qualities that distinguish us from the animate level. That if we start using them correctly, we will build out of ourselves the speaking level otherwise we remain on the animate level. Animals that want with all of their modern instruments to control one another.

82. S. (28:19) You are saying this article was written for all of humanity, but if we read even the first sentence here, we don't know if they will agree with us. He writes after we know the Good that is waiting for us in His image, I don't know if humanity will agree with you that He is the Good?

R. I mean to emphasize that we can convey this article to everyone and it will be understood by everyone. That is it, so take out a few words.

S. But the basic assumption that He is a Good that does Good they don't know that, we do but you said this is for everybody?

R. No one knows the Good that does Good but we can have a life of good and doing good.

83. S. (29:35) How simple, but deep it is for the simple person, really the regular person lives with these qualities and it is a gift for integral education.

R. Thank you. I'm asking you to read this article from the beginning up to this title of the Practical difficulties because tomorrow we will continue.

84. S. (30:32) Why is it important for a Kabbalist to organize human society?

R. Because precisely through the human society we bring contentment to the Creator. Precisely by that. Because the Creator wants to arrange all of humanity, so that it is attached to Him. He doesn't enjoy having Bnei Baruch or some other group that approach Him and want to bestow contentment upon Him. They are only an instrument. He is telling us what Israel are; they are only an instrument to connect all of humanity to the Creator but the Creator enjoys specifically all of humanity that turns to Him, yearns for Him and connects to Him. This is why we have to understand that our work is mainly, especially in the sixth millennium, to disseminate the method of connecting to the Creator to all of humanity. This is what the Creator expects of us and according to this He weighs how successful we are in this and successful in general. We have to bring Him contentment, by bringing to Him all the people in the world. That is it. Only. Therefore, if we connect all of the people to the Creator, this is our work, this is what we have to do. So please think about it well. So the article Peace in the World that talks about it is exactly going according to our direction.

85. S. (32:57) Can we understand this article as an algorithm to build a society where each one can live in a good way? So how can we perform this simple algorithm so every person can understand it, just understand what to do?

R. That is exactly what I hope we will do. That we will study thoroughly, to divide and split, analyze and synthesize everything that Baal HaSulam is writing here and as a result perhaps we will be able to open up some more, penetrate deeper into the article and understand what we have to do in order to carry this out.

86. S. (34:05) To prepare ourselves through this reading of the article you can focus us because he is not saying clearly in the article how this system that he is about to present .... except for organizing the relationships in human society. How will it help a person know the Creator and be adhered to Him which is the true purpose behind Creation?

R. We don't need it in this case we don't need to talk about the Creator with people who don't have points in the heart. We don't need to speak to humanity about the Creator but by connecting among themselves correctly, not just in order to survive, but to have a good life, they will discover that the form of connection between them is called creator. Without yearning for it in advance, because they didn’t have and don't have a Reshimot for yearning to the Creator. You are working in order to discover the upper Force, they want to discover that this life is good. And as a result, by revealing a good life, they will discover that this is called the Creator and actually it's not more than that. The power of connection between us that connects all of us in mutual bestowal, completely, it's called the Creator, the upper Force. This is what you have to pray to, meaning, ask, yearn for to bring it closer to you and nothing else is required of you. Everything else is idol worship.

S. These qualities he is presenting as a system it’s different from what they invented in communism or other places, because it will bring humanity to the feeling of the good from the Creator and that the Creator does agree?

R. It can be said that the Creator doesn’t exist without a created being. You have to arrange the created beings in such a way that the upper force that connects them will be revealed in them. They will discover it once they all connect together, they will understand then that there is such a higher force in nature that came before them. But after they discover it, among them.

S. So revealing the upper force in this way will work compared to other ways humanity has tried?

R. Correct.