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19 septiembre 2021 - 10 enero 2022

Lección 511 de nov. de 2021

Baal HaSulam. Shamati, 43. Acerca de la verdad y la fe

Lección 51|1 de nov. de 2021
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Morning Lesson November 01, 2021 Transcription

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Part 1:

Baal HaSulam - Concerning Truth and Faith


1. Rav’s Introduction: This is a short article Concerning Truth and Faith, Shamati 43. However it is not simple. We stumble across it on every step along the way. On the one hand, we understand that there has to be labor and then according to our labor, our efforts, we will get a reward. On the other hand, we hear and we think that if the Creator is good who does good and is Almighty and He doesn't need any effort from us, because this is how He created us, so why do we have to labor and do anything. Also, in our world we see the same contradiction, there are poor people who are born into a poor family, where they are not able to provide the child with anything special, and so it may be that because of this he will suffer his whole life. He won't get a good education, he won't acquire knowledge and so on. There are people who are born in a family where there is everything both the education and the knowledge and everything he gets from the family. Even more, they give him everything, they buy him everything and he goes out to life and he doesn't need to labor so much in order to achieve whatever he wants compared to the person who was born in a poor family.

Even more than that, even internally, we have wise, we have fools with all kinds of qualities that already exist from birth. There are those who are not so successful, not in their intellect, not in their emotions. That is we all see that here the beginning is not equal for everyone. Not in the intellect, not in the emotion, not in the qualities or the corporeal means. How does it happen at least in spirituality, maybe in spirituality there are more just conditions, more equal because spirituality comes from above. The Creator arranges everything so in this world maybe we can understand that this is how we are arranged. But in the spiritual world and therefore, with respect to spirituality we also have complaints. How come I'm not getting what I deserve? Like a child who demands everything from the parents and whether they give him or don't give him, whatever they're able to give him or not. However, it seems to the child that he can demand everything and we are the same. That we can demand or maybe we don't demand it, however we do think that we do deserve it.

Therefore, we sit and wait and expect that we will get something, that it will come from the Creator Himself another day and another day and but at some point it will come. As it says he will not fight forever, will not quarrel forever and eventually I will get what I deserve and I cannot pressure myself for whatever reason but only above reason. Above reason, if I will pressure myself through the friends somehow, well in short whichever way you look at it there are many contradictions here in the perception of reality even in the corporeal one, even more so in the spiritual one. If we could see these things in their true correct form, maybe we wouldn't have so many complaints against each other and against the Creator. However, we see that in corporeality and also in spirituality these things are not organized the way they should be. Here there is a question, what kind of completion, complementation can we do so that the world will appear as though it was created not equally however justly so that in the attainment of the final goal we reach the state where each one completes himself through the others and each one completes the others by himself and this way specifically can we attain the correct state.

So the fact that we were born not equal, and one exerts more and the other less, that no one will have any complaint to the Creator for the fact that He made it so, how come? Where do we reach such a complementation and why did the Creator do it so make the world in such a way to begin with? Such that each one is in a state where it seems to him that maybe the others have it good? Therefore we have a very hard time exerting because according to our mind of course we would have built the world in a different way. Why is it that as we advance we agree with the Creator more and more and we see how everything was done with an upper mind, upper justice and this is how we advance. So that all people who are not equal in corporeality and also in spirituality however eventually when they finally maybe connect in a single vessel, this is how we seemingly want to explain this to ourselves. Then they complete each other and we reach a state where we are all as one. We are going to see this. Let's start to read the article, there are many deep things here even though it is short.

Shamati 43 (08:51) “Truth is what one feels and sees….”

2. S. (16:17) Why shouldn't we just say that the Creator gives according to one's efforts?

R. It's exactly in order for you to reveal the correct attitude to the reality in which you exist. This is why we are so confused. I'm even giving you an example from this world. That we are all in different states both internal in our intellect and our emotion. Not everyone is Einstein and not everyone is Shakespeare, and well most people are simple. Even though they are not equal with each other, each one is different from each other according to their character, their intellect, their emotion according to the above state they acquire from their upbringing, according to internal qualities that we're not aware of. Everyone is different, why are they different? It is an order for us through our connection to reach wholeness. So each one has something in him that does not exist in the other and each one has to discover how much he needs the other.

That we achieve wholeness specifically through connection and not by somebody studying himself and elevating himself, there is no such thing. What happened before in the state that we discover the shattering and therefore the most correct operation from our state is connection and there is nothing else actually. Everything is taken care of and we cure everything through the connection between us and therefore if we just shut our eyes and only take care of the connection it will work out. However, that is not enough because I also need, even to reach a connection, I also need to take care of myself. In order to understand the necessity for it, in order to develop the qualities that I have to begin with. Therefore here there's the matter of the inner work and external work.

S. You also said that not everyone is Shakespeare or but there's a feeling that this addition means that don't worry you'll have everything anyway, you’ll be talented if you need to. It's confusing, maybe during the preparation we don't need to pay attention to it. On the contrary, focus on the work and not think that everything is prepared for you in advance and the Creator is giving you everything?

R. You can certainly limit yourself and say I'm only working towards one thing. There are such methods however, that is unrelated to the method of Kabbalah. In Kabbalah we want the person to understand where he is and how come the Creator made him with such qualities and in such a state and what is it he has to do on his own. How to magnify these qualities, how to diminish these qualities, he needs to work with himself these are the matters of the Mitzvot, Commandments. Meaning if he takes care of his own emotions and intellect, his brain and his heart in such a way, so as to adapt himself more to connection and in the connection he discovers the Creator and then he enters adhesion with Him. This is why we don't need to limit ourselves, to the contrary, we need to let the person and to explain to the person everything, we have all the possibilities and beyond that the person himself then already takes all of the possessions, the assets within him and he works with them.

3. S. (21:13) He says in the text that a person has to believe in reward and punishment? What does it mean that a person on the path believes in reward and punishment?

R. Reward and punishment is what happens to us, that, look he says in the beginning concerning truth and faith, truth is what one feels in his eyes, this discernment is called reward and punishment. Meaning nothing can be gained without reward without labor, this is reward and punishment meaning if I work more I will gain more and if I'll be lazy I will earn less and suffer, this is called reward and punishment. This is what we see in this world usually, that it's impossible to achieve anything except through labor. This is called reward and punishment.

S. So our reward is according to our labor? We also say there's none else besides him but it depends on us?

R. There is none else besides him regarding reward and punishment that is simply, the landlord, the boss as much as I work this is how much I'll get from him. To that extent if I have a connection with the boss it means that I have the relationship of reward and punishment where I work, I'll get more rewards, the less I work I'll get punishment that's it, that's the matter of reward and punishment. Besides that there is a different issue which is already above reason, we will come to that.

4. S. (23:41) Fourth paragraph from the bottom, it says that private Providence is eternal and reward and punishment is not Eternal, reward and punishment is a vessel for private Providence, it's not clear?

R. I understand it's not clear, we will get to it later, you're jumping ahead without scrutinizing previous things, this is why it's not clear.

5. S. (24:19) According to the text it's not clear that in spirituality it's revealed in one carrier, one subject or one place and in spirituality two places?

R. That's the result of the breaking of the vessel. Spirituality means what we discover in a vessel that is about to be connected, to be established. That exists in a certain connection between the parts then it is considered in one carrier. Whereas in corporeality we're still talking about the broken vessels and therefore this is how we discover it.

6. S. (25:10) At the end of the article concerning reward and punishment, he says that there are smart people, rich people and those who are not smart but still become rich, how can you explain it?

R. Okay, I see that you're all drawn to the end of the article, let's see who else.

7. S. (25:59) How can you scrutinize the quantity and quality of the Creator that's enough to succeed with the help of the Creator?

R. Quantity and quality, this should be clear to us just like in this world as much as you invest accordingly, according to your labor is your reward. That is clear with reward and punishment, it is clear. Seemingly, it's all arranged according to how we see it.

8. S. (26:38) If a person feels he can behave with his friends however he wants, can he say that this is truth and that's the way the Creator wants him to feel?

R. You have to have a certain clear line. Then you will be able to check yourself and say whether you are right or not. To the extent that you are in a form that is parallel to the Creator, connected to the Creator, according to that you can check.

S. What does it mean a clear line?

R. What you said now it's not clear, repeat what you said.

S. A person works according to how he feels towards the friends. Can he say about it that this is truth?

R. Where can he say that this is the truth?

S. He feels this way because the Creator wants him to feel this way?

R How does he know that this is how the Creator wants them to feel?

S. That is the question.

R. Because he feels this way?

S. Yes.

R. But this is before the corrections.

S. Right.

R. Look what he says. But how can these two things go hand in hand since one contradicts the other, what does he says however one discernment is called what one's mind attains. Meaning of that without man's help. Meaning that without proceeding labor and exertion nothing will be attained. This is called truth. That is the way we work in our world. Since the Creator wanted man to feel this way this is why this path is called the path of truth.

9. S. (28:57) How does a person detect what the Creator sends him as work?

R. First of all he has to accept that whatever he has his mind and heart comes from the Creator that it comes in order for him to build himself right now and respond correctly. This is what we have, the judge has only what his eyes can see. Why see with my mind and emotion, I have to fixate it and from that I need to start to work.

S. Why does it say that one has to pray for success, why not settle for labor?

R. He explains this to us “oh Lord do save, oh lord do succeed”, this means that we ask the Creator to help us also we ask of him to succeed. But how do I ask of the Creator to succeed? Where here is my labor? If I work according to reward and punishment which is called the truth according to the line of truth then as much as I do this is what I deserve. But now they say this is a separate thing, there is also something else, you also need to ask and pray and expect that you will get it even without your effort. This is called success. Those who do succeed, that we ask of him that we will succeed. What does it mean that we will succeed, succeed means even if I'm doing things incorrectly or I'm not doing, I'm still asking to succeed. Like a child behaving towards the mother. He cries and asks and demands and she does it out of love. So this is how we should also ask.

S. What does prayer add to success?

R. The prayer does everything, especially following these two paths. If we are walking correctly as much as possible, we get confused, however we can correct ourselves, we, according to that, advance to a meeting with the Creator.

10. S. (31:53) If I exert in connection does the Creator give me everything I need in order to continue the connection, in the corporeal sense as well?

R. You need to walk on these two paths both in truth and in faith or reward and punishment and eternal Providence. On the one hand you're going within reason on the other hand you're going above reason. If you did not determine what reason is, how can you go above reason? In a minute we will scrutinize these things, we will read the article again another time at least.

11. S (32:50) How can we determine that we're seeing the truth correctly?

R. Seeing the truth correctly, it is all very personal with respect to each and every person. What does it mean, the truth? The truth is called what I see, what I understand, that is what I feel according to my senses and what I see according to my mind, my intellect, that is called the truth.

S. But when we begin to work with there is none else besides Him. This truth kind of dissolves?

R. Of course it dissolves because we get confused because of walking up the path of whatever we feel and what we want to ascribe to spirituality and the two of them contradict each other. Of course, yes, this is why I start to say before the article, that there are people who, and it happens to each and every one to some extent, that they sit and wait for something to happen. They're right because they deserve it, because of Eternal Providence. Because there is this attitude from the Creator to people in terms of what we call above reason. That eventually the Creator comes and He helps and He brings everyone to the end of correction and He connects everyone and everything nevertheless, is done by His hand and there is none else besides Him and that is all well and fine. You cannot say anything about this approach, except for one thing. That it is an incomplete approach and where here is our effort? The effort, labor is not required, you can say if the Creator does and will do all the deeds and there's none else besides Him etc.

As much as I have such verses and quotes about it then I can sit and wait and expect this to happen. So it's clear to us if this is in the corporeal world then this person will starve to death, he will die. In the spiritual world we don't feel the spiritual world, so it seems to us that there everything can be done also just according to the Eternal Providence and not according to reward and punishment. It's not going to happen because there are two forms and our problem, and why is the wisdom of Kabbalah so difficult to accept and why is it hidden. It's like we're trying to put a ball into a box, a square, these are two different forms so how is it possible to do that? It's a problem, it is a very big problem. That it doesn't work, it doesn't go hand-in-hand and therefore the perception of the spiritual world from the corporeal world, so complicated, misunderstood. Only through the influence of the upper light that belongs to the upper world and also to the lower world, when we rise to that light, then we can start to feel reality both the corporeal reality and the spiritual reality and how they close in one another. But in truth it's even difficult to explain what the problem is here.

12. S. (37:07) The question is as follows, the mind and emotion, these are two channels of our perception and they combine together to form the true perception?

R. No, it's not necessarily that they are contradicting and conflicting with one another, the intellect comes from us from this world and the feeling comes to us from the upper world that too is incorrect. No, we don't divide things in this way. Wait, we will soon clarify it.

S. It's not clear because in the first paragraph. What is the true feeling that's related and how is it related to reward and punishment and that you cannot gain anything without your effort?

R. Is it not clear that through effort we come to either reward or punishment? Rationally thinking, logically thinking it's correct.

S. That is clear, what is not clear is how the perception of truth, receiving the truth, what I see in my eyes, how's that related to this quality of reward and punishment?

R. If we are speaking about spirituality then you cannot attain spirituality if you don't prepare the vessel and you obtain the vessel through labor. On the other hand within the labor you have to take into consideration the above reason, another element otherwise you'll have no connection with the upper force, with the Creator. So it turns out that you have both the labor and faith together and in our intellect and our feelings also they don't connect. But still we have no choice, we have to exert towards it and the influence from above, the upper light from above will organize things for us.

RAV reads concerning truth and faith, truth is what one feels with his eyes, meaning in his feeling and in his understanding. Because eyes mean the mind and the heart is what feels. So truth is what one feels and sees with his eyes. This discernment is called reward and punishment. Meaning that nothing can be gained without labor. It is like a person who sits in his home, and does not want to do anything to provide for his sustenance. He says that since the Creator is good and does good and provides for all, He will certainly send me my provision while he himself does not need to do anything, no effort. Because everything is in the hands of the Creator anyway, the Creator does everything. Of course this person will certainly starve to death if he behaves this way. Reason to assert it so it appears to the eyes and this is indeed the truth. That he will die of starvation. We see it in our world we don't need intellect. But at the same time one must believe above reason.

Meaning, not what the intellect and his mind and his heart tell him but above it. That he could obtain all his needs without any exertion and trouble because of private Providence. This is really what we want within us. We sit and wait for the Creator to do something. Days go by and years and we are still waiting. And he says that there is justification for it. Because if we go above reason, meaning that without any intellect or labor we work, we are just waiting as it is, I am not changing anything in reality. I lower myself completely to the level of inanimate, the still with respect to spirituality. He can still obtain all his needs because of private Providence. In other words the Creator does and will do all the deeds and one does not help him in anything. Rather the Creator does everything and one cannot take or take away add or take away.

13. S. (43:37) A person is not equal in the spiritual path in the beginning, can you explain this more?

R. I can't explain it now, we are reading the article, I gave an example just as in this world can he be this way and spirituality. Now we are scrutinizing this in this world, not everyone is equal in any way, no one is like another right. By what do we obtain justice or justness or equality? Only through our corrections where we are included in one another then we discover that each one needs everyone. There is no one in reality I'm talking about souls, that I will not need in order to achieve the end of correction and the same goes for everyone.

14. S. (44:55) It's not clear these two states need to exist at the same time?

R. What states?

S. Truth and faith.

R. We haven't come to it, we haven't come to truth and faith, why are you asking about it, two states together or not together, we're not there yet. Meaning we have to believe above reason without labor and exertion, we will still come to the solution why the Creator placed this obstacle on our way. That we can do nothing and yet believe that we can reach the goal. Have a little more patience, I want you to get into this. To start feeling it a little more internally not getting an answer, a superficial answer and settle for it. But get into it and get to know it.

Rav continues to read. But at the same time one must believe above reason that he could obtain all his needs without any exertion and trouble because of private Providence. In other words the Creator does and will do all the deeds that its written and one does not help him in anything. Rather the Creator does everything and one cannot add or take away anything. For better or for worse to influence the Creator's actions. In other words, sit and do nothing is better. Yet how can these two go hand-in-hand, how can both exist in reality since one contradicts the other. One discernment is called what one's mind attains. Meaning that without man's help, meaning that without proceeding labor and exertion nothing will be attained. This is called truth since the Creator wanted man to feel this way. This is why this path is called the path of truth. That we have to exert even though on the other hand it seems to me like I am sitting and waiting and in the end I will still get to something.

But I don't understand that the Creator will still perform all kinds of exercises and operations on me and will force me to labor, to exert. Let it not perplex you that if these two ways are in contradiction, yes, they contradict one another. How is it possible that this state will be true? That they will connect. The answer is that truth does not refer to the way or to the state within reason or above reason. Rather truth refers to the sensation that the Creator wanted him to feel like that way. This is truth. It follows that the matter of truth can be said precisely about the Creator, meaning about the Creator's will that He wants man to feel and see this way. Meaning we agree with all those things that befall us and we position ourselves correctly according to what is written for us and then we begin to change and accordingly we gradually come to a state where we do understand and feel. Even though neither our mind nor heart are aimed toward it.

We still come to a state where we grasp it, we perceive it. Yet, at the same time one must believe that even though he does not feel and see with his mind's eye that the Creator can help him obtain all the profits without any effort on his part, obtain all the profits that can be gained. It is only with respect to private Providence. The reason that one cannot attain the matter of private Providence before one attains the matter of reward and punishment. At first I have to work with my mind and heart and to do something and then while exerting as it's called this is called exertion, labor, so I come to a state of private Providence. Why is it so? Because private Providence is an eternal thing and man's mind is not eternal. Something Eternal cannot clothe in something not Eternal, this is why we don't feel the corporeal world. Once one has been rewarded reward and punishment the reward and punishment become a vessel for him, a Kli where private Providence can clothe. In other words, only after we perform all kinds of work, we give the labor and everything we can.

When we search how we can achieve spirituality attainment after a person is rewarded with reward and punishment, I see where all those things I have both reward and God forbid, punishment then reward and punishment become a vessel where private Providence can clothe. Now we can understand the verse, “Oh Lord do save, Oh Lord do succeed”. Save refers to reward and punishment when a person should pray that the Creator will provide with labor and exertion by which he will have a reward. We're asking for work by which we will have a reward. We are not asking for a reward without work. This is called “Oh Lord do save” at the same time he should pray for success which is private Providence. Meaning that he will be rewarded with all the spirituality and all the profits in the world without any labor and exertion. So how can we pray for this and for that for both, yes, this is what we have to do. We also see this in corporeal possessions discerning that separation in place as meaning in two bodies. Whereas in spiritual matters everything is examined on a single body but in two times. This is why we see in our world, so many differences between people. Some succeed, some do not, some this, some that, all kinds of discernments, distinguishments, because in spirituality they all connect into one vessel then we have no question. They complement each other.

But in physicality there are people who feel, who obtain their possession specifically through great exertion, energy and great wit and at the same time we see the opposite, that people who are not so witty who do not have a lot of energy and do not make great efforts to succeed and become the greatest property owners in the world. We talked about it, that's clear. The answer is that these physical things extend from their upper roots. Meaning from reward and punishment and from private Providence meaning two forms of Providence exist on us, from above. The only difference is that in spirituality it appears in one place, in one carrier, in one subject and one person, who incorporates all of us. But one by one meaning in one person in two states, in two times, in two states and in corporeality it is one time but in two carriers. Meaning at the same time but in two different people. This is why there's only one Adam who contains everyone. It's a system we are all its parts, its pieces and our whole work is accumulating in it, in that Adam, in that system.

Therefore if we connect and want to complement one another then we come to that state. Where all of us, become as one in one desire and there both private Providence and general Providence all connect together and precisely we, by connecting, we assemble together time and place, our exertions, all of them together into one. That's why it's clear to us that in our world we will never come to any complete states, perfect states, beautiful, good, just. As much as we may develop, we will develop, actually because of our development, we will discover how different we are far, opposite, conflicting and contradictory things from each other. Only if we rise above our world, above this egoistic approach, this egoistic connection which is how our world is depicted and begin to connect above it, which is called going above reason and then we will connect into one vessel and connect complement each other. Everything will seem just and that everything is gaining as much as everyone else. This is called truth and faith when they connect together.

15. S. (58:23) What is the relationship between our labor and the results of our labor?

R. Through labor we build a correct desire for the Creator whom we need. Because indeed only He can organize and arrange all the details of our connection to the very last detail. This is really the purpose of our labor to need, to yearn for the Creator's help, to do the work. In other words through reward and punishment we come to the correct form, to above reason. But above reason comes from the Creator.

16. S. (59:51) Yesterday, following your advice, we started to work with this article. We read it in the 10 and we tried to work on it. First we read it from beginning to end and then verse by verse, and we have the same questions that surfaced just like the ones that were asked in the lesson. First of all, when a friend asks a question, the discussion in the 10, it means that we ourselves try to answer it and there's a danger, here, meaning how should we relate to how the friend is interpreting it. It may be different from how you're explaining it?

R. We need this confusion because precisely out of darkness, out of mistakes, we come to states that we cannot resolve; and then in the end we turn to the Creator. This is why just as you feel as a result of these articles, as if we understand more, feel more but are we getting anything in our hands besides having to connect and turn to the Creator? No, we have no results from it. Or, we hope that this will be the result, understand? And this is the truth, and only by understanding together that all of our progress depends on the Creator, after all of the exertion, when we come to this necessity to such raising of MAN, where on the one hand we have connection with a degree of bestowing we want it and on the other hand we did everything we could in the state of reward and punishment, in the exertion, now we can really cry out and ask, “please Lord save us save us please help us succeed”.

Those two things we can connect them in our work, in our group, in the person who does it everything connects together otherwise they cannot. How can I ask, “oh Lord do save, yes? Make me succeed. How is it possible? Precisely out of great exertion and great connections as much as we can, we asked for it. So what you went through was very good, I recommend everyone to do it. If you notice, I too am not answering you – you can't really answer a person – there's only really one way to give an answer: either tell him to go above reason or tell him to go by reward and punishment but neither is correct. But how do the two of them connect? By him trying to connect them together and turn into the Creator and the Creator is our goal from below and He is the one who brings the salvation from above. Why is it called ‘salvation], because He elevates us to a level where the two things connect together. ‘Reward and punishment ‘and ‘eternal Providence’, ‘reason and above reason’, those two worlds connect. Only through the upper light can we connect the two worlds, they cannot connect in the mind and in the heart they do not equalize, they cannot permeate one and one another. It's like trying to put a ball in a cube, you can't, they are two different things. Only the upper light does it. So let's continue and most importantly demand it.

16. S. (01:04:37) I understand that after you said we actually need confusions it's difficult to ask this question but nevertheless: why after he was rewarded with reward and punishment, “he was awarded reward and punishment they become a vessel inside of which the singular authority can clothe”, that's not clear?

R. At that time we have no collision between this world and the spiritual world because faith and truth connect together through the upper force from which we get both Malchut and Bina. And in the connection between them, we begin to see the real solution. You are asking how to see it before we connect in this way. You can't answer it, you can't answer it. This is why the real wisdom of Kabbalah is something that you cannot attain only those who work who go through all those states he attains.

17. S. (01:06:06) It seems like we have to have a spiritual life and corporeal life, and Kabbalists tell us what to do. We are focused on the system of how to arrange the material life: what depends on it?

R. Now you're asking about something practical: how to organize life. You just need to divide your time, a time for work, for family, for taking care of yourself. You also need to do that. A time for lessons, for meeting with friends, this is something else, two things spirituality and corporeality. But what we do need is to try that our thoughts will be constantly through our connection to the Creator, and then all of the physical life you will understand why it is arranged this way, that we have to work by the way the wisdom of Kabbalah obligates every person to work. Even if you are filthy rich and you don't need to work, you still have to work. A part of the day, you have to work with your mind, with your hands whatever your profession is and that work you also need to direct towards connection with people, with humanity. Because without your work, like the rest of the people in this world, you don't connect to humanity. This is why you have to be married, a wife and children, preferably two children per family, 2 children, and to work and study. And all of those things you need to do with the intention that this will bring you to the purpose of creation. Try to do it this way and it doesn't matter how much money you have, you don't need to work, you do need to. Because by this you connect to all of humanity. And you need to, not humanity needs it, you need it.

18. S. (01:09:17) According to the article, the Creator gives both exertion and success, So it seems that I don't have any independent action .If He's doing everything, what role do I have?

R. To want the Creator to govern you, to manage you and want all the corporeal connections, the connection with the 10, lessons dissemination, you put into it. Try, we do it, you need to add try to add what more, how else can I bring contentment to the Creator? Clearly if this were in your hands, you would take all of humanity, connect them together and present them to the Creator. To bestow upon them His light and correct them and fill them. So this is what you need to do. Try this is our work.

19. S. (01:10:54) Is it possible to consider our effort as an inseparable part of the Creator's Providence, meaning the Creator does everything, and my efforts are just a part of His action?

R. Of course we are operated by the Creator but in everything that the Creator does, we have our own participation. Our participation divides into what we feel, attain, can do, and what we can't but we're preparing ourselves for it, which is called above reason. And we need to take those two levels, the relation to the Creator and in a realistic manner like a child for example, on one hand he knows that his father and mother love him and want to give him everything; on the other hand, he says no I want to behave with them according to how much I can be connected to them according to this. I don't want to receive more than I deserve, I want to connect with them with love even though I don't see this love because my intellect isn't like the intellect of the mother and father. When a child says “mommy is bad”, can mommy be bad? But that's the way it seems to him. So he needs to rise above it and say “mommy is good”, I am bad and attribute this bad to himself. This is what we should be like towards the Creator

20. S. (01:13:21) Does reality change every time we rise to above reason? How should we preserve the common feeling in the 10?

R. Let's put it this way it's not correct but just for example if I have a clear view a painting of my own and at the same time I can detect the opinion and view of the group, and if I accept the view and opinion of the group above my own opinion, this is called ‘rising to the level of faith above reason’. It's not quite spirituality but it's still a big step towards it. This is real labor.

21. S. (01:14:45) You said that “please God save me, please God help me succeed”, that this is private Providence. But if I pray this prayer from the center of the 10, from the group, that He does it for the group, not for myself, is that a right prayer?

R. Yes, this is the right prayer. Try to be at this point, specifically, as much as you can so you shouldn't. It is forbidden to raise the prayer if you're not in the 10, this is called ‘the prayer in a quorum’. If you're not in a quorum, in a 10, in a complete connection as much as you can to be with the others it won't be accepted because your prayer is egoistic and it won't reach the Creator, it doesn't connect to a higher degree than you.

22. S. (01:15:51) There is nothing unnecessary in creation, and in the 10 there are people that are, like kind of waiting, according to the second principle. So the question is how to develop patience towards them, what is their function and how do they help correction?

R. There is a role and every moment it changes, he changes, and this person does what the Creator aims for him to do and the truth is everyone is serving the Creator all the time, the whole of humanity, all human beings still, vegetative, animal and speaking, all beings are doing the Creator's work. However, we want to do it with awareness, with our understanding, we want to reach a state where we ourselves want to add on to what the Creator does with everyone else so we want to develop such vessels inside of us that our participation in creation will be in awareness, understand, in feeling with all our heart and all of our brains. That is the difference between us and alien people, ‘alien’ meaning, alien to this work. This is why we learn how to come close to this state and we will be in this whole structure that the Creator created, that we will be those parts that of themselves they would want to come close and integrate with the same thought of creation, that’s all. As much as we can we want to add others to that; ultimately everyone will join either without reason, without knowing about it or like us with exertion and the knowledge.

23. S. (01:18:15) What does it mean that we complete each other, what am I lacking and what do the others complete in me?

R. The 10, we have to understand that within the 10, the group for certain, are all of the qualities as they are in the vessel of Adam HaRishon but it is in a compressed form so each one includes many. Suppose you have 10 people, each of them is like a billion people, outside. So the more that we are in the group, the more we want to connect between us which, first of all, is very difficult as each one is like a grapefruit. He has many qualities, corporeal, of people in creation, and the more that we have corporeal 10s the easier it is for us because we are dividing our works in to many such 10s; and, then the Creator organizes from above to each and every 10 its own character, etc., and you will see in the upcoming times how these things will change and we will feel how the world is changing and we inside the world are changing and how our relation between us in the world and from the world to us how it is going to be revealed more and more.

S. So what is the action of completing each other?

R. The point of completion between us: we don't really feel this and understand it but it is when we according to what Kabbalists say that we should do, “each one helps his friend, we should feel as one man in one heart”. Our desires it's not that they can connect, no desire can connect to another but above these desires of ours we perform a connection. Our thoughts, when we are drawn to one goal, and there are thoughts will connect because in Him our hearts will rejoice. That is how we try to connect in the group.

24. S. (01:21:11) You said that we are not turning to the Creator until we connect in the 10, so why? Because we said, like children, we constantly have to ask and also ask individually not just together in every little thing but the main thing is to ask, so why did it change?

R. We don't change anything, we should be turning to the Creator all the time but along with that we don't focus our work only on that but also on us trying to go above reason. If all we do is ask from the Creator so that the Creator will organize our provision our salary as it is written here then we are going only according to reward and punishment but I'm asking everything from the Creator so everything depends on Him but what depends on me, where is my work, only to ask? We are told that this is where you have to make an effort, here, and the truth is that my effort, we also organize it so we know what to ask for. So I am asking for a reward and punishment but what kind of reward am I asking for? So first we have to try to connect between us then we can ask and then with this request what returns to us is both truth and face emerge. It will settle down in us, today we started.

25. S. (01:23:08) How can we recognize a collective record in the 10 if it belongs to reward and punishment?

R. The French have a very nice approach, it is truly a special way. Throughout the history of humanity, this Is how they identify it is a matter of approach of a matter of feeling, I can’t even say forgive me for saying but this is the truth out of the upper light when it works as much as we are trying and trying, and don't know what to do but we’re trying like little children. So out of our exertion that sum total of our exertion leads us to the solution; and the solution is not a result of the exertion but the exertion awakens the Creator and then the Creator brings the solution.

26. S. (01:24:41) If you can say in a basic way, the feeling of ‘the lie’ is a vessel for private Providence?

R. Yes, yes, that is also true.

S. So this means that we have to keep this feeling for the private Providence?

R. Of course, this is why it is written that ‘one should bless the good as the bad and the bad as the good’.

27. S. (01:25:20) Is ‘myself participating in the state’ meaning to see how He sent me this state or the reason He sent me this state?

R. The best is if I reach connection with the 10 and from there, I see how we are connected to the Creator. That is the most correct action.

28. S. (01:25:57) You already talked about this prayer, that let’s say to pray for faith above reason and also to pray for more labor and exertion, can you elaborate on how to pray more for this labor and exertion? Is this to come to the sensation of truth even more? Normally, I wouldn’t pray, let’s say, for more exertion and labor but it says actually, next to praying for faith above reason, we should also pray for more exertion and labor? Is this to come to more sensation of the truth?

R. Yes, a person, let's say he is an expert, he loves the exertion in his work. The more that he goes into it, the more he enjoys not because he is getting some reward, what he enjoys is how much he can attain new discernment in his work by his exertion. This is considered to really have some expertise and a right kind of connection with what he is doing, whatever it is. These kinds of people we respect, right? That's how the Creator is, meaning that we want these small exertions: where else can we add, something here or there as much as we can, in the connection between us and to Him. For it to be in reason and above reason, the main thing is to be more and more tight with the goal, close to the goal, in general.

S. It also looks like, because on one side, you pray for the faith and on the other side, you pray for the labor and exertion. But you also need the connection between the two. Is this also a prayer to make the connection possible?

R. Yes, you want to exert as much as you can with this work of faith. The work of faith is when I want to connect to a higher degree than me; and even though I am not in it, I am willing to learn from him. Just like a child, instinctively nature obliges him to learn from the grown-ups, he learns from bigger children. This is how he becomes a person.

29. S. (01:29:57) Are truth and faith two kinds of freedom of choice?

R. These are two ways by which the freedom of choice is truly attained by connecting them together so we attain the freedom. Lack of freedom is when we understand or attain only one of them. What do you mean to attain one of them? If I attain above reason am I lacking reason? Of course you are, otherwise how will you have above reason? That is why only in the connection between the two do we attain the freedom.

30. S. (01:30:57) Is the main work prayer, going above reason, or work in our desire?

R. Our main work is connection and in the connection to scrutinize as much as possible what the concept of the Creator means, meaning what is common between us. After all of these articles, in practice, this is what we need. Let's try, as much as we understand these articles. If you take these articles and you perform an action of bringing the friends closer, in this certain proximity you will start understanding the article better. If you don't do this action you won't perceive the article. That is why we have to do work during the day in perceiving this article and understand it.

31. S. (01:32:51) It is written that truth isn’t about the path in the state, but that it is a feeling that the Creator wants a person to feel. What does it mean that truth is a feeling?

R. A person comes to the truth the more a person feels the connection between the parts of the broken vessels of Adam HaRishon and that he feels that they all joined to be as one man in one heart.

32. S. (01:33:42) The matter of private Providence is eternal but a person's mind is not eternal and then something eternal can clothe in something that is not eternal. What does this mean?

R. It is known that our minds cannot understand things that are not organized by time, space, and motion. How many people in the world can somehow imagine such things as what Einstein's theory is or such things that don’t fit into our brain so much because it's beyond speed and time? Things are weird there in the structure of our intellect. Our connections, the links in our intellect, are different than what is required for that. So what do we do? The wisdom of Kabbalah says this is impossible now, all we are doing now is imagining things that is why only a few maybe understand something about what Einstein did, even Einstein himself as much as he did, all he did was to touch something that is above the ordinary logic for a person. What the wisdom of Kabbalah gives us is to awaken the upper light on us to the extent that this upper light shines, to that extent we can start to attain things that don't fit in according to our intellect. Things that don't fit in according to our emotion, they are above emotion and intellect this is called above reason. We remain with our intellect and our emotion, on the other hand we are building a higher state above our mind and emotion, Above our reason and then we are in the two worlds according to our mind and emotion in this world, according to the mind and emotion in above reason in the upper world and when we connect the two worlds, by that we correct creation. We raise all of our parts in our mind and emotion from the degree of this world to the degree of the spiritual world, from Malchut to Bina that is what we will do.

33. S. (01:36:38) After a person was rewarded with the discernment of reward and punishment it became a vessel to what private Providence can be clothed, what does it mean that reward and punishment became a vessel?

R. When he receives according to his efforts, he gets more understanding, more Providence in that same corporeal degree he is in and along with that by his exertion he awakens the light from above, he doesn't even understand this but that the light shines on him and bit by bit changes his qualities. Within these qualities he starts feeling bit by bit, new discernments, higher, then he starts feeling that he never had any attitude to other people. Especially with the women, she has her family, relatives and feels she is connected to them. This is all she thinks about most of the time but for people outside of the family only to the extent that she connects them to the well-being of her family. This is how it is in nature, slowly she starts feeling and looking in a more general way at the entire reality, how to scrutinize the whole reality and how to care about it in general Providence. As we see in our world, that if 1000 years ago, people thought about some general corrections of the air, water and what is going on with the world, no. Our evolution moves us in a way that we depend on each other and we feel that suddenly we need each other then it turns out that we have no choice, rather we start thinking of each other more and more as this is how we come close even from corporeality to spirituality.

34. S. (01:39:19) It's written that man must pray that the Creator will give him work in the exertion and from that he will get a reward, what reward are we talking about when a person asks for the Creator to give him work in exertion?

R. Work in exertion, we are asking to have in order to succeed by this work in exertion is for us to come closer to the Creator, what does it mean to come closer to the Creator? It is to start feeling in me that I will feel inside me the qualities of the Creator, new qualities that I want to be connected, that I want to bestow and this is in the emotion and intellect also. To the extent that I see the world in a broader, more connected and dependent, certainly when you add knowledge and reason, you add pain. But still I want to be in this and I want to be there, I want to be Adam, I want to be like the Creator to understand reality more and more and to live it. This is why our whole work as much as we bring ourselves closer to a state where we are all connected, they are we will solve all of the problems and questions until the final correction.

35. S. (01:40:50) To expect a reward goes against the principle of in order to bestow, should we pray for success in the work of expecting a reward?

R. Without reward if a person doesn't pray for results of his work then how can he work? We always have to put some goal before our eyes, this is what we call a reward. To have a reward from, let's say you are working in a certain company but you are handing out your salary to the poor, this is also a reward that you are receiving. What do you do with it later? This is why if I do work I have to picture a reward and for it to be in order to bestow, first of all contentment to the Creator through people, through friends.

36. S. (01:41:51) It's written in spirituality, it's revealed in one place and one after the other in one person in two states, and in corporeality it is one time but two topics, meaning into people can you explain with an example?

R. I can recommend for you to do is to go into it deeply and to understand how wonderful this manner of the shattering of the vessel of Adam is, because specifically thanks to the shattering, we can in small parts just like Baal HaSulam gives us the example of passing the King's treasure from one place to another, by that we can do endless work, specifically in a state where there is an end. Specifically when each one does his work but in the connection between us we turn this work into integral, into a sum total and. Then by that we are performing an exertion and in the exertion we are turning ourselves into a circle and there is the extreme in the integral, the constant, the plus C. This is what the Creator adds as we say. “Please Lord save us and please Lord succeed”. There are many things in there and that is nice.

37. S. (01:43:50) If private Providence is in the hands of the Creator how can you ask to change it?

R. That is a well-known question, what should we ask for and what should we do if everything comes from the Creator? We want to change the Creator's relation to us, what a severe thing that I am saying to you here? We are forcing the Creator to relate to us in a more purposeful way, this is the meaning of the verse “my sons have defeated me”. It is not enough that he takes us from one end of reality through all of the worlds until the final correction, to the other end, but rather we are forcing him to do it with each and every step, otherwise he won't do it. Here he says “my sons have defeated me”, he performs the action, he stops and we have to ask, to try, can we take a step forward or not, we're crying that we can't and we demand of him and then he does it. That is how it is with each and every step, every step forward of ours is divided into many personal actions where there is the recognition of the situation, the approach to the situation, to the goal and how to come closer to the goal. How we examine and make mistakes and ask for each and everything until we receive, until we establish the MAN, the deficiency, the right way to ask and what to ask about and we raise that the Creator will do the work. Still a step forward is done by the upper light that draws us forward. All of that depending on us is the deficiency.

38. S. (01:46:30) What we see and feel a lot of times confuses us, how do we know what the truth is?

R. The truth we have to discover it, as he explains to us in this article, the matter of truth and faith that the judge has only what his eyes can see, that is the truth.

39. S. (01:47:02) Why is the text of the Kabbalists written that the person has to ask for himself when it says that the person has to ask for the others?

R. That is true and a correct argument but in such a personal way this is how they relate to a person, how can you do it more to say every time that you have to go into society to be one with the society to reach a deficiency is man's work, it is above the work for a person. We don't have the time, if we did have the time I would go over a few articles by Rabash about the connection and also Baal HaSulam a matter of Matan Torah and Arvut, and a few excerpts from the Zohar about connection, how much this is the most important topic.

40. S. (01:48:10) What you said about dividing our time into necessities and spirituality, is it right that the time devoted to spirituality will be free and around that to build my life or the first I have to build my life and my family and everything in the time that I have left to devote that to spirituality and is there a difference between men and women?

R. There is a difference here between men and women as a man has to use all of his free time as much as he can clear except for his work and making a living and his work in his house as he has to invest it all into the connection and study. A woman is certainly connected to the house and the work even in our times this is why as much as she can she should give this some work, however not to kill yourself, but to be balanced, to walk with balance here. I really appreciate the women because they are doing so much in all of our systems but still it has to be balanced with the work and home and a bit in the wisdom of Kabbalah. The main thing is to connect between you and by that everything will fall into place. The women don't have to learn the articles so deeply, more over the Preface to the Wisdom of Kabbalah, but her participation in that is enough to cover the correction of the soul for a woman.