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25 agosto - 18 octubre 2020

Lección 25 de sep. de 2020

Lección sobre "La ley de Arvut (garantía mutua)"

25 de sep. de 2020
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*This transcription is made from simultaneous translation which leaves possibility for errors.*

*Morning Lesson September 25, 2020*

*The Law of The Arvut [Mutual Guarantee] - Excerpts from the sources, #53*

38. R. We talked a lot and learn all of the time about Arvut and connection. It is this kind of time but in truth another week or two will pass through all of these holidays and we will begin to learn deeper more serious fundamental things. Not that they are more important and good, just that we need to connect those also to our studies. For the time being we need to complete these topics that are before us. The law of Arvut is the essential main law in creation. In its  observance or not observing it: you are dependent upon it whether to the good of the bad. So let's go.

*Excerpt 53, 54, 55 Reader (1:17 - 4:29)*

39. S. Baal HaSulam writes here that the benefit of each and every person is evaluated not according to his own benefit, but according to his service to the public. So the question is who takes into account my own benefit if I don't take it into account?

R. The system itself, no one is measuring or deciding, the system itself responds to your efforts and creates the result and its response.

S. It provides for my necessities, the system makes certain that my necessities are covered?

R. Yes, it is all by the system. The Creator who created the will to receive and broke it and gave it such conditions, more than that we need not worry. All the rest is managed by closeness or distancing between the shattered pieces and they themselves feel how to get along and that is it. There is nothing here that we say that the Creator is getting involved and he is doing, we just say it that way. But in truth it is all a system that begins to work and how it goes through to the end of correction and nothing happens there that is all of a sudden coming from some foreign desire beginning to get involved there.

S. So to conclude if the individual sees that his own benefit is harmed by the system it is just out of his own corruption?

R. Yes of course. And this too is included in the system so that he would respond in such a way.

40. S. (6:44) What is service to the public?

R.  To serve the public means that I do everything for the benefit of the connection between everyone. That, to the extent of the connection between everyone, the Creator the force of bestowal, love and unity appears inside the public, inside the Kelim and then these Kelim accordingly can be filled with the upper light, with the revelation of the Creator.

41. S. (7:29) What does it mean peace in the world and what does it depend on?

R.  Shalom peace means Shlemut, perfection, where we are connecting opposite things and everything operates for a common purpose. This is called peace. Shalom.

S.  What is the difference between the amount of, the sum of the individuals and the integration between them?

R.  The sum is where you join their forces, incorporation is where in the connection between them they discover the one and unique and special force which is the Creator.

S. What do you say where there's no addition beyond the sum of the individuals?

R. The addition is the totality, so to speak.

42. S. (8:45) What we see is the reflection of our own state?

R. Yes, it is a result of our own influence upon the public. It is written about that anyone who disqualifies does so in his own faults, meaning I don't see the public or the world. I see the extent to which I relate to the public.

S. (9:44) The excerpt is talking about service to the public, does serving the ten with hands and feet create a gateway or a proving ground for being able to serve the public with hands and feet?

R. Yes.

43. S. (10:24) It turns out that the individual can decide for the collective. In another place he says that the individual should be submitted to the collective. So what’s  the relationship between the individual and the collective?
R.  It depends on what you're talking about, what is the individual, what is the collective, what is the situation, who and what are they?

S.  The friend in the ten can awaken all the friends in the ten and transform the state of the ten?

R.  Of course, what are you just deciding that he can or can't? It all depends how they operate, look at what Rabash writes.

S.  In what state is he influenced by them and can't do anything besides what is in his environment?

R.  If the ten holds onto certain common opinion or common spirit, then each of them is included by that. Unless he is under some foreign influence and through that foreign influence, he goes out of his ten and moves on.

44. S. (11:47) What does it mean that the total, the sum total: if the sum has no more than the amount of the individuals?

R.  The connection that they do between themselves. Because there's nothing in one of them, but in the collective. That is called the sum and this is called the Creator. It’s the Kli and the revelation of the Creator. It's not in any one of them but only in the special connection between them. The revelation of the Creator to the creature.

S.  You said that the corona will reach even the small islands in the world and it really happens like that.   It seems to go and pass through the air and then you explain that it's even from the source?

R.  It is from the will to receive where the still, vegetative, animal and speaking reaches everywhere that way. Because the whole world is desire. Hence the corona will be revealed in every single state. It will be revealed in animals and in plants if we can identify it. This is considered that his hand is in all and all is in Him. If he corrects his desire, then the response of that is felt by all the people in the world.

S.  So, the question is: the Arvut also comes from the same place?

R.  Of course, if we observe Arvut then accordingly we bring the world to unity, to the force of connection and the force of the Creator is revealed in everyone. And then the force of separation, these bad forces, the Sitra Achra, they disappear. One or the other, if this one falls the other one rises and vice versa.

S. So we can think that it is in the hands of people to bring Arvut to the world but also to bring the corona to the world?

R. Yes of course, we need to explain this, we are leading this, we are connecting the upper force to all of humanity. That's why it turns out that we are to blame. We are to blame.

S. You said also that we need to disseminate only in a scientific way, not in a religious way or not as Kabbalah.

R. Because it really has nothing to do with religion and also in Kabbalah there's all kinds of stigmas about it. That’s why we need to act on this out of a rational mind. That all together there is a desire to receive and this is how it acts, and this is how we need to arrange it for mutual giving and bestowal. It’s the way that we have to see unity and connection occurs in Nature and how it develops and explain it this way.

S.  Today in the morning you said with regards to us that we are studying Kabbalah so how can we be an example?

R. We need to be an example in the connection between us. The world doesn't learn Kabbalah, it doesn't have any desire or a need for it, it doesn’t need it. It just needs to be in a folk, regular way: closer to one another.

S. How will they see the connection between us and not see us as an example?

R. They don't need to see the connection between us, little children can't see the relation between the adults. We need to explain to them what they need. To just try to get closer between them; through all kinds of simple exercises, and then they will start to feel that Corona transfers, passes and all the problems move on. That we are entering into a new world. That they don't have to run and fly after all kinds of earthly small pleasures. That all of a sudden greater more exalted pleasures are revealed to them and they can enjoy them truly from upper attainments. This will be slowly, slowly.

45. S. (16:52) How to turn correctly to the whole of society in terms of connection?

R. From within the heart.

46. S. (17:14) If a person works without a will to receive, without the will to receive a reward and then he gets or suffers a blow - what does he relate it to?

R.  He needs to attribute it to a state that he doesn't know how to get along with the environment. If he moves his actions through the environment in the right way it can't be that he will receive a blow from it.

47. S. (18:15) You said they only need to connect between them according to simple exercises, can you give an example?

R.  I can't right now, I don't have the head for that.

*Excerpt 56 Reader (18:42 - 20:04)*

48. S. How is it possible to reach the whole world, people don't even get along with each other. How to approach this perception?

R. Through sufferings if not through consciousness, if the mind doesn't do it then through the blows. One or the other. 

S. But the blows will take me to want something so big? Will they take humanity to that?

R. This is the will to receive that is very sensitive to good or bad. That is why you can teach all of humanity in his simple way, the only thing that's happening here is the Creator can obligate us to be righteous just like this, in one little click. But because he wants us to come to an understanding, to an awareness and for us to want this on our own and to ask on our own for him to give us a possibility to bestow and connect that we ourselves would want to be connected. To want to be in Arvut between us. That we ourselves want to be similar to the Creator. This is why it takes a long time and all of these conditions where you need to divide all of humanity into the 70 nations of the world and into times. Into all kinds of states, this is all in order to combine a feeling which is above the desire to bestow in each part and also the feeling and how much to use the will to receive and the will to bestow.  Then for a person to guide himself, how much you can receive from the Creator, so it won't be too much, only in order to correct his will to receive so that it will be in order to bestow. No more than that. So you really need to program the will to receive so that it will integrate in all of this wisdom, in this knowledge, in the abilities, how he works against his nature, how he takes the nature of the Creator as a superior thing and clothes it upon himself and by this is impressed and functions.  That is why these are very complex things: until a creature becomes like the Creator. To start with he is completely not like that, he is completely opposite the Creator. The Creator created the will to receive which is opposite to the desire to bestow and he shattered the desire to receive by penetrating into the desire to receive these little sparks of bestowal. Because these sparks are also under the desire to receive, under the control of the desire to receive and then a person needs to come to using this whole will to receive and all of this sparks in the desire to bestow and by this he intermingled with others and build societies, builds the businesses in order to profit from one another. It is by these sparks that fell into the will to receive, otherwise these desires, these individual egoistic desires to receive could not connect with one another. So from this connection of go and profit from one another we come to a state where we understand how good these businesses are, that they connect more and more and all of a sudden they come to a state of a shattering. In which you can't continue this way anymore and a true big fall begins. This is what we're feeling during the 20th century, ever since the twenties in America there was the big drop and then throughout the 20th century all together in our times. It's coming not just to a time of a financial fall but a human fall. We are starting to understand the extent in which connection can be bad even though it comes to us seemingly by sparks of lights. Now our work is to invert this connection to a good one. So here we have a special process of how we come to this. How we enter into actions that we begin to connect between us only for our benefit, for the benefit of others, this is something that is yet to come.  The fact that we are raising the upper light, these sparks we are raising them higher up than our will to receive. Not that these sparks in which the Kli broke and they are trying to make the desire to receive rise even more egotistically until this day. But now we need to take this desire to receive and we need to place it, to work in the work of the sparks so that the light will shine so that the desire to bestow will grow and not the desire to receive. The intention in order to bestow, for it to rise above the desire to receive is called the work in faith above reason. Above the force of bestowal to be higher up and its value in our eyes then the force of reception. This is actually the big revolution that we need to do and by this we actually are leading and all of humanity is just like the fuel for this, the matter, it will be revealed in it as matter and we specifically, we need to work in faith above reason. Meaning to invert the inclination so that the intention in order to bestow will be higher up than the force of reception. So those sparks that fell from the shattering will be the ones that define our development and not the desire to receive which will define its development and use the sparks in order to connect and to benefit and profit from others.

49. S. (27:46) The Creator says I will harden Pharaoh's heart so we must deteriorate humanity all the way down to the lowest degree, who are we to interfere, that humanity must go all the way in order for the Creator to be revealed?

R. You are right, but we have a possibility of not deteriorating, but rather to take upon ourselves the forces of nature, the desire to receive and the sparks, the intentions to bestow and slowly, slowly try to go in the middle line. Then we don't need to deteriorate, we don't need to. We can identify the problems, identify the disease and not reach death. Already start now to care for it in the right way, but actually your question is correct, yes.

S. The Creator is only able to reveal something out of the problem?

R. Yes and,

S. So, we can't remove the problem?

R. We can because we are broken and the problem is being revealed and as much as we try to be connected we discover the problem itself before it's truly revealed. But we discover it in the connection between us and then from that we come to the solution, to the ability to solve the problem. Because we ourselves are shattered and we have the possibility to understand and to draw the reforming light, then we can solve these problems and in such a way connects between us.

S.  So the whole work is to recognize the extent of the shattering?

R.  We don't even need to identify the intensity of it. Even if just a little feeling of the shattering that is enough for me to start the corrections all the way to the end of correction. I don't need to constantly receive blows but rather I in the revelation of the small shattering, I can raise myself to a state in which even in the smallest state of the shattering that I can see it as a great big problem. It all depends on how I look at the shattering. That's why we don't need to go down to the depth of the shattering, but rather just a little identify it and it is enough and I am already advancing to the end of correction. This all depends on the recognition of evil.

S.  We don't want to have the plagues on our flesh. We want to be able to correct it just in our connection, but it feels like we can't feel where the work is without the …?

R.  Not correct, listen if we are broken, if we are shattered and even the smallest shattering that's being revealed between us, if we can in the connection between us arrange it as a great thing we don't need a bigger shattering. We will discover the small shattering as the big shattering. Where is it written, where if a person upon the small deed of his moves through it as a big thing he doesn't need all of this whole process. It is written, he explains it to us.  That’s why, this is how we advance, moreover: otherwise, what is all of our work for? Then we will advance like animals, we receive a blow we run, we receive another blow away run away, this is not the work of Adam. The Adam needs to know how he proceeds the medicine to the disease, that is the work. This all depends on how I take a magnifying glass and I look at that little microbe and I see it as something huge that can eat me, but it is very small, only I look at him like this. Through this magnifying glass and I see that he can cause great troubles to me, that is what we're doing. This is why if a person upon the small blow can say that this is a huge thing, how do we do this? Because we are drawn to the good, towards connection and then even the smallest revelation of separation between us we receive it as a very terrible thing and then we can run from it to the good thing. 

50. S. (34:30) Please say in our explanations we talked about nature as a law that if we abide by it then we live well. How can you explain that the Creator gives us time, some free time until the blow comes?

R. This is so we nevertheless organize and operate from ourselves, he doesn't immediately start the forces that obligate us to do actions from necessity. But rather he wants us on our own to organize and to understand, to operate out of this recognition, out of this understanding, out of our desire to resemble him. This is what we want to do.

S. Maybe it is a specific example like the law of gravity. It just works, it doesn't need time, you always fall down, so how does it work here?

R. That is because we have Klipot. We will learn how the Klipot of good and bad operate differently from the laws of nature where there is a differentiation between good and bad. And the distance between, therefore we can use that distance between them and not immediately enter into the blows. Rather we have the possibility to connect between us and to heal the problems. To proceed the medicine to the blow. What is the matter of the medicine? It’s the force of Binah that operates upon us and we can use it, this Binah whereas in the laws of nature it isn’t there. It’s either plus or minus, that’s it and with us, no.  We have minus plus and in between where we connect between minus and plus and are incorporated from the two of them together. And can build a buffering system which is incorporated by two of them. The system that is made up of the two of them is called the Adam where there is the will to receive and an intention in order to bestow by which we make ourselves resemble the Creator.

S.  How can we explain Klipot without the language of Kabbalah, according to science?

R.  There is no such thing in still, vegetative and animal that science cares about and can learn. That’s why what’s inside Adam, even the earthly psychology is not science. We don't know the psychology of a regular corporeal beast man and moreover not of spirituality.  If we want to understand the spiritual man we need the wisdom of Kabbalah. This is a science that explains to us how a man is created. About a man in this world we can't understand anything about, as a beast yes, we can check all kinds of parameters and medicines, but that is the biological body. The man who is the internality inside of us is not susceptible to any instruments for any examination and only through the wisdom of Kabbalah can you approach it and learn it through superior vessels from above, not from below. Like we usually learn when it comes to still, vegetative, and animal. That’s why the only way to help humanity is to come to them, and to explain to them who they are and what we need to do. Until then, they will suffer. Until they say to us do something to us, but out of this love and as messengers from the Creator we must bring them this method of correction in all that is possible and let us hope that we will do this. We will try.