Lección Diaria14 de jul. de 2021(Mañana)

Parte 1 Lección sobre "Memoria del fallecimiento del ARI"

Lección sobre "Memoria del fallecimiento del ARI"

14 de jul. de 2021

Morning Lesson July 14, 2021 Transcription

Transcription is made from simultaneous translation which leaves a possibility for differences from audio

1. Rav’s Introduction: The upper light comes from the Creator, who decided to share it with the created beings to create them and to educate them so that they will feel the upper light, its essence, its quality internal quality. It goes through many stages and many degrees in its decline from the upper force until it becomes something that can reach contact with the creative being. The created being is something that is opposite to the Creator, separate from Him, and that's why it is called created being. The upper light goes through these concealments and degrees in its decline and cascades through taking on all kinds of different forms of clothing, garments in order to adapt itself to the created being. The created being needs to truly be the opposite of the Creator in order to discover Him to the fullest. He has to be completely the opposite of the Creator and at the same time, the created being has to have some connection with the Creator. So we learned that the upper light carries within it both the will to receive that was created, existence out of absence, and also this spark that comes from the Creator. All of that comes from above down to the final lowest point where there is nothing worse than it. It is considered that it is already in this world, and here it begins to portray, to shape the future created being that starts to grow and be built truly from the dust.

From the lowest degrees it develops more and more, further and further, through the force of that spark of light that exists inside of the will to receive. It evolves, it develops, from one degree to the next, from one time to the next, until it reaches forms that respond in the forms of the vegetative and then the animate, and then the speaking. It is all as a response that the created being can add to whatever it receives from the Creator, the form of a natural response, an instinctive one, and later on with responses that are more and more complex. It begins to connect with the one who is awakening him, to demand from Him, to enter some sort of relation with Him. Out of the will to receive within him, he wants to be connected to the upper one that is taking care of him, that is developing him. He learns from the upper one what it is that the upper one wants from him and how he is supposed to respond to the upper one. We see that the will to receive, just like in a baby, is constantly pushing it and pushing it to connect more and more in a way that is he is aware, emotionally and intellectually, with the one that is taking care of it. This is how the will to receive grows until it reaches degrees is where people in this world start asking where are we from, why are we here, what for, etc. This is how their development reaches a state where such people grow out of it but demanding of their nature that has developed in such a way that they demand a connection with the upper one more and more. Those people who have inside of them, such a lack, such a soul, are the ones that later on tell us and explain to us whom we are connected to, who we truly are, who is managing us, and so on.

There were many such people throughout history. We know about some of them and remember them, others we don't. It is not so important. However there are such people who left us means by which to reach a connection with the upper Force. We remember them, we honor them, and we study them. The most important one among them is a person who was called the ARI, Ashkenazi Isaac Luria who lived in the 15th century. Before him there were thousands of generations of kabbalists, the first one among them was Adam HaRishon, then the offspring of Adam HaRishon, that is his students, up to Abraham and from Abraham onward, Isaac, Jacob, these are all schools. They opened schools and educated people; however, the ARI was truly great. We are going to read about him. Today is the Memorial Day for his departure and we need to remember him, to connect with him by studying, because by this we draw upon ourselves an opportunity to connect with that very special soul. There is none other like it in the entire human species. In the system of Adam HaRishon, that soul was truly a very special one and it worked towards correction to an extent that no one else was able to reach. So let's read what they prepared for us.

Excerpt 1 (08:43)

2. R. (12:06) This is how he, the ARI, starts his main book called “The Tree of Life”. He explains the entire system for the very first time throughout the history of the wisdom of Kabbalah, and how it is built from above downward. To the extent that it can be expressed in our language in a way that is close to our understanding, indeed these excerpts are very special ones.

3. S. (12:48) How do we connect to the soul of the ARI? Through the 10?

R. Through the 10 for sure. This is something that he passed on to his students and demanded from them, that they be connected. We even have some records from his students of the way they behaved according to his guidance. If we want to connect to the ARI, we have to connect to the same rules of the wisdom of Kabbalah; they are the same for everyone. Again through that same rule of “love your friend as yourself” we eventually have to keep it to the fullest, that is all.

Excerpt 2 (14:01)

4. R. (15:39) This is what Baal HaSulam writes that indeed, what the ARI wrote, what he opened, what he revealed, was truly on the same magnitude, the same height as Moses, who opened the Torah. The Torah, as Moses brought to humanity, we are not really aware of it and we don't really know how to use it. The ARI, by that, took a step forward and explained to us what is the essence of the Torah, the internality of the Torah, and why we have to keep it. Why should we keep the connection between us? It's actually connecting all of the parts of creation which were broken deliberately. By assembling it through our effort to connect between us, we cause correction and we attain that force that connects the inner force that exists in it, that is, the Creator. From the Torah itself, we cannot understand these things. Generations declined, from generation to generation, and we truly reached the ruin of the first temple, then the second temple, and then we reached the exile. At the end of the exile, in the 14th or 15th century, the time came for humanity to discover the state that it is in and what it has to do in practice. At that point the soul of ARI was revealed and he explained and wrote and he actually founded this whole form. He revealed to us that system of the upper nature that is working on us and what we accordingly, should do. It became clear, in general, system wide where we exist, what is operating and working from above, and how we accordingly should work from below, and what is our purpose. All of that became revealed.

5. S. (18:25) Who did the ARI write for? For whom did he teach this book?

R. The ARI wrote these things for everyone, for whoever came to him. Five or six people, this is all-in-all the students around him. There were a few more and a few less, but he wrote it for everyone. When a Kabbalist writes and opens up whatever he wrote, it is for everyone, he writes it for everyone. The purpose of humanity, as Baal HaSulam wrote later, is equal for everyone for the white, the black, the yellow, the red. It doesn't matter what race, nothing really matters as long as the person wants to know why he exists, who is managing him and to whom he should come closer.

S. That group that was around him, the group of students where they, as a vessel through which he could write it?

R. No, I don't think so. I don't think that he wrote it thanks to his group. He was so high, he took from them a certain deficiency. Nevertheless by being connected with them, not that the group seemingly somehow took part in his writing. No, it was such a soul that was truly disconnected from everyone.

S. When we read it, from this exalted height, what should we take from it?

R. We should be impressed and inspired by the ARI by what he did and to learn something from him. Actually this is his “The Tree of Life”, his main book, and there is also the “Seven Gates'', and there are other books. There are books that were written, later on by his students, from whatever he left behind. The most important thing we need to learn from him is the general system, and when we study that, we become connected to those entrances at the gates that bring us the upper light that is influencing us as surrounding light.

Excerpt 3 (21:36)

6. R. (22:55) Yes, indeed this is how it was. These were the conditions from above that the ARI revealed. In his generation no one stood against him saying “this is not correct”, “this is not okay”, as later on it happened in the following generations. From the Baal Shem Tov onward, when they were publicizing the wisdom of the ARI, many people stood against it and opposed it. During the time of the ARI he worked in a small town in Safed with a small community with just a few students. Even today, to this day, this place where he was teaching still exists and we can go there. We used to go there and honor this place, but time goes by and we no longer need to be connected specifically with those places by going there physically. But actually what we have to learn from those periods that have transpired in history before us, is that these great things come down to our world in a very gentle way. We don't see them, we don't understand them, we don't feel what is going on. In some small place there is some great person from whom the whole of the Torah, of the teaching, comes to us and he explains to us the actions of creation and about man's duty in creation. Later on it becomes revealed, years later.

7. S. (24:56) What's the difference between the method of study or the form of revelation that was before the ARI and what he brought? What was his innovation about?

R. The novelty, what was new, is that humanity keeps growing in its ego and this is why according to the degree of the ego, it becomes more and more in a position to the upper light, to the Creator. In the state where they are opposite one another comes to a point where specifically from something and it's opposite, that is, from the Creator, the upper light and from the will to receive, the darkness, they reach such a state where they are beginning to feel that even though the light that comes is very small, nevertheless specifically the force of the darkness helps. It emphasizes the light out of it. This is how from generation to generation we come closer and closer to the revelation of the Creator. Even though this light is small our ego has become greater so we search more, we understand more, and we discover more the plan of creation, the purpose of creation. We are expecting it, looking forward to it, and this is what is helping us to get closer. It's not because we are so worthy of it but rather because of our ego that is growing and demanding it.

S. When a Kabbalist brings something new to the world, very few at that time can understand anything of his words, if at all. Nevertheless it changes all of humanity?

R. Because it works as surrounding light. Also, as we learned, when the whole of humanity, as much as we have people living on the face of the Earth, at the moment the light that we are connected with, which is a tiny light but nevertheless it does pass through us to them. We are all connected in a single body called Adam.

Excerpt 4 (27:45)

8. R. (29:05) This is also a well-known book, HaBrit haShalem, “The Complete Covenant”. All the Kabbalists following the ARI respect him and bless him for what he did and what he revealed. Thanks to him they are alive spiritually, and this is what they attain.

Excerpt 5 (29:37)

9. R. (30:21) This is something truly great that the two of them did. We don't quite know the actions of the Baal Shem Tov, however he actually took the entire wisdom of the ARI and disseminated it. He was the greatest disseminator. We see, up to this day, how many people have heard of the Baal Shem Tov and they respect him even though they don't study the wisdom of Kabbalah on their own, however, nevertheless they have in them the results from his study. At least in the sense that they are drawn to “love your friend as yourself”. This is why we need both of these people. One of them acted in order to reveal scientifically, let's say, what is happening throughout the whole of reality, the system of reality, the forces that work in reality, the Creator's attitude to the created beings, systematically. This is what the ARI did and how the Baal Shem Tov clothed this in all kinds of stories by which he was able to bring the words of ARI closer to the common people. This is why he was the great disseminator, the great interpreter, or a commentator even though he didn't write anything by himself. He was only thinking about how to bring and publicize the method of correction, to all the different parts of the people and population. As much as people stood against him and opposed him, he nevertheless did it and we can see the results of his actions until our very day. We might say that his spiritual offspring didn't really study the method of the ARI and as a result of that, they are also not so much concerned about how to correctly interpret “love your friend as yourself”. However, certainly the two of them did the same thing, the ARI revealed and Baal Shem Tov disseminated.

Excerpt 6 (33:28) Twice

10. S. (34:44) From this excerpt it sounds as if it is enough to do individual work in front of the Creator in order to climb spirituality?

R. We have no Kabbalist that did not create a group around him, not in order to teach the group, but so that together with them, through the connection with them, to advance together. Spiritual advancement can be done only in the group.

Excerpt 7 (35:28) Twice

11. R. (37:21) This is very important to feel that we belong to a single body and the whole of humanity will actually need to feel that. That each one depends on everyone. That my whole spiritual life depends only on the good connection between us. Also in our corporeal life, we are the last generation and we will feel more and more to what extent we depend on each other. Without achieving a good connection between us we will not succeed in anything, in this corporeal life, either. This is a study that humanity will now have to learn from life, from the blows, from all the necessary things that it will be lacking and missing because if we don't add good connection between us, then we will not be rewarded with any success anywhere, in any territory, in any aspect of life.

So the correct, good connection between people has to be the main study of ours. Also of the whole of humanity following us. Man has to go back to the system and the system has to go back from being a broken system to being single, integral, connected where the whole of humanity depends on each other. So let's hope that people will understand that quickly. We already study systems and we understand how they operate so it should not be so difficult for us to understand that all of us exist in a single system, a single force, and as much as we want to keep it, this force will sustain us. It is bringing us closer to each other and pushing us towards each other, however we do not want it. Therefore we resisted and this is the source of all of our problems. But if we will understand that we have no choice but rather nature specifically wants to bring us to a good connection, then we will reach the point where by this we will resolve all of our problems. And therefore, it is not an issue of left or right, or all kinds of different political parties or different movements. There is only one thing that the upper nature, in which we exist, is demanding of us. To be connected in a good way reciprocally to one another. This is clear? Good.

12. S. (40:41) So what is the purpose of spiritual work in the corporeal world?

R. The corporeal world was given to us because, here, through our own forces by ourselves, we can determine good connections, good relations of connection between us.

13. S. (41:10) How to imagine that the more we approach the good connection between us, the more the influence of the upper system, as he writes. What is lacking in the upper system?

R. We exist in a single system, a single system which is nature, and the more we are in equivalence of form with the general overall nature, to that extent, we can influence it. That way from the lower one we are able to influence the upper one and this is called ‘raising MAN’. We will then get forces from them, and understanding, everything, until we will take on from the upper force good forms of connection and the feeling of the upper spiritual life. It will happen when the upper world will truly descend down to our world, or maybe you can say the opposite, that our world rises up to the degree of the upper world.

14. S. (42:13) He writes that each one must include himself as though he is an organ of the friend. What does it mean to be an organ up the friend? What does it require?

R. First of all, I depend on them, but I also depend on myself. They depend on me and I take upon myself to be the passageway that passes the good upper force connection to everyone. This is how I see my role in this life.

15. S. (42:51) Chaim Vital writes that he was one of the closest to the ARI, that “My teacher cautioned me and all the friends who were with him in that society to take upon ourselves the commandment to-do of “Love your neighbor as yourself”. What does it mean to do something?

R. In practice we need to achieve such a connection that is called ‘love your friend as yourself’, however when you go forward and achieve it in practice, you already begin to feel that by this you are rising from one degree to the next spiritual degree, and that you already exist not only in this body, but in your body but also in the upper world in your soul with your feeling, with your attainment.

S. So what is the physical act?

R. The physical action is to do everything that Kabbalists recommend to us to do so as to get closer to one another, so much so that we will feel ourselves as one man with one heart.

16. S. (44:06) Here he writes that love of others brings us to the correct connection with the upper one. What does that mean?

R. When we bring ourselves closer to one another in the 10, let's say, by this we cause a good influence to our root and we are in greater and greater equivalence of form with it. We then feel its influence over us in a more intensive manner, a truer manner, and then the force of the Creator truly begins to be revealed in the connection between us. That's it, that’s what it is.

S. But, on the one hand, the ARI writes from such heights, such levels, and on the other hand he says to his students that they need to grow stronger in love between them. Was this connection between the upper root and love between them attained immediately in his group?

R. Each one, and the entire group can, attain to what extent they can be connected as one man in one heart. It is only according to this condition that we attain the upper force, the spiritual force. Before that, there are all kinds of different feelings, in small individual revelations. However it's not truly spirituality. Spirituality is the connection of opposites forces that come together. What we call oppositeness is actually the coarseness, the Aviut the in the Kli and the connection is the refinement in the vessel. The two of them operate in a single direction, both the coarseness and the refinement, as like two lines and then they establish the middle line in which we discover the Creator. He is actually the source of both of them.

S. This method, before Rabash, was described by Kabbalists in such a way with the group?

R. This message comes to us, even back from the Zohar, even before the Zohar, we found here and there that people wrote about it. How do you think that they were able to come out of Egypt? How do you think that they were working for thousands of years from Adam HaRishon and onward? Of course it was like that but they didn't write about it, rather this was the oral Torah. They would pass it on from teachers to students, they formed groups. Of course, this is how it was. They were always sitting beneath the tree with the students and they were studying in such a manner.

17. S. (47:27) Kabbalists have written everything perfectly. Why are we so stubborn against the work?

R. Look at the little children. As much as you can tell them to do something correctly, in a good way, and they will do everything according to whatever they want. Man's evil inclination is evil from birth, therefore we are operating according to the opposite force that exists in us because this force is a result of the shattering of Adam HaRishon. The Creator prepared this for us, for us to be the opposite of Him, the opposite of the Creator. By understanding, growing, and wanting to be in the opposite form of our own nature, according to that we will establish within us the form and the image of the Creator, which to begin with, we don't want it. Each time it's done through resistance to it, but nevertheless, we will want to adhere to Him above reason, we will want to be like Him above our desire. How is it possible to do that? By us connecting between us and then we want the Creator to give us this force of connection, and in that connection between us, not in any one of us, but in between one and the other, we assemble that attitude between us which we call Creator, BoReh, come and see. Only in such a way. So let us try to do so, to actually implement it.

18. S. (49:45) Does “love your friend as yourself” mean to disseminate the wisdom of Kabbalah to everyone?

R. Yes, because all of us, all human beings, are the sons, the offspring of Adam, and they belong potentially to the degree of Adam. This is why it says “my house shall be a house of prayer to all nations”. All nations will flock to Him, all the nations of the world. Goy means nation; ‘gentile’ also means a nation. Certainly there is no difference between a Jew and all of the other nations, but rather this group has disconnected from the rest of humanity in Babylon. They were ready, they were willing to go forward towards spiritual development. Up to this day, the way that it exists, not all of it but whatever remains out of it, the two out of the twelve tribes, you can see what form they have. All-in-all what we have out of this group that started the path of Abraham is us. Just as Abraham invited the whole of Babylon, meaning from all of the nations that lived and existed in Babylon, those who wanted to come closer to the Creator came to him. This is what we do, we are wide open to everyone and this is why I am happy that we truly have such a collection from all people from all nations, specifically at the time of the last generation, we are the most ready for correction.

S. When we read these texts, they are very clear and very beautiful. Then we go back to the 10 and we can't connect. We disseminate and we find hardship. The dissemination is true but we are like kids. How can the entire vessel, the whole 10, truly reach the goal?

R. In the same form that we are doing it. Nevertheless, from one day to the next, we do advance. Maybe you don't see it but it is like a baby. Does a baby know that he is growing each and every day? He is just living, however, when we look at the baby from a higher perspective where we understand what is going on, we can see to what extent he is growing. Today he is able to do something and perform some action which yesterday he was not able to do. He doesn’t understand that today he is doing it for the very first time. He just does it and that's it. This is why this is what we see on him. So what we need to do is just to continue. Nevertheless we do need to monitor ourselves according to how we are coming closer in the 10, and the realization that only in the connection between us is where we discover the upper system, the spiritual system. We discover the Creator in it. This is as all Kabbalists write, and the way for us to understand is to keep on doing it. Nevertheless, we exist in a special time in a special state and we can see that we are successful and we have a blessing. The Creator is supporting us and this is how we will advance. It is all right here, very close to us.

19. S. (54:45) What is the source of the logo of Bnei Baruch, the tree? What does it symbolize and is it connected to the Tree of Life?

R. Yes, of course our logo was drawn according to what the ARI writes. First of all his book is called “The Tree of Life, his primary book of Kabbalah because out of the upper root the light develops and it builds and it creates all of the created beings down to our world. This is also how we created our symbol, our logo symbolizes the tree. Besides that, man is called “the tree of the field” as he develops from the still, from the ground, but he himself already grows. What grows first is the vegetative.

20. S. (56:06) Do all the Kabbalists attain the same thing or does their attainment depend on each Kabbalist’s uniqueness?

Rust like in our world, each one attains the world that we exist in, in different forms, on a different height, with different qualities. It all depends on the nature of the personal individual vessel of that person. It is also like that in spirituality where each and every person attains out of his soul. To the extent that it is higher, broader and in that there is the matter of quality and quantity. Everyone is different but all in all, as we connect we reach an integral attainment, that everything that each one has and whatever we have between us, we all attain it on the condition that we connect. This is how we eventually reach the complete Gmar Tikun, the end of correction. This is called “as one man in one heart” that everyone, everyone has the same complete vessel.

21. S. (57:48) When we learn from Kabbalistic text the ARI, from Baal HaSulam, Rabash, should there be something inside our intention beyond the reforming light, something that belongs to that specific Kabbalist? Do we need to have such a thing?

R. Actually yes, when we learn the writings of Kabbalists, we start to be impressed each time in a different way from each and every Kabbalist, however all in all, what the Kabbalist, the true Kabbalist are telling us, they are telling us about the actions of the Creator. This is why through them, I become connected to the Creator and eventually I have a single-source, it is the Creator. Here, on the other side, it is me, my heart, my desire. Which is more and more corrected and in the middle we have the entire chain of Kabbalists who all in all are bringing me an impression from the Creator. This is how we need to see it that is I don't quite distinguish and also how many sources do we have? We have the Zohar with Baal HaSulam’s commentary and we have all the writings of the Kabbalists which is really Baal HaSulam, primarily Baal HaSulam and Rabash there are a few others from the students of Baal Shem Tov and that's it. What we study is maybe five sources, not more and this is enough, we do not need more.

22. S. (59:56) We know that laws and spirituality do not change. So according to excerpt number 5, before the ARI they needed mortifications and seven wisdoms, and after the ARI this was all canceled. What did the ARI do that this all changed?

R. Baal HaSulam also writes about this in an elaborate manner in the Study of the 10 Sephirot wrote that prior to the ARI, it required great mortifications and before the Zohar even greater mortifications meaning limitations on the person that wanted to achieve spirituality. However, we who have come closer to that source of the reforming light, the surrounding light that is working on us, we don't require such mortifications, such as eating a little bread with salt and drinking a little water or sleeping on the ground. We don't need to mortify ourselves as Kabbalists used to do in the past. They greatly limited themselves but rather we need to just study in a group because the sources that we are studying are so powerful and they bring us so much closer to the Creator that all of the physical actions that we might reform will not really be beneficial and so for us the most important for us is to study and to connect, to open our heart and nothing besides that.

S. Is there some connection between the Book of Zohar and the writings of the ARI? Is there a continuation or each one as a different role one completes the other?

R. The Book of Zohar, it is a commentary, it is not a study book. It is a book that is wide open to one who has attainment and if one does not have attainment then for him it seems like stories and all kinds of virtues and remedies. Many books have been written around the Book of Zohar. Which is all really, there is nothing in them that is truly from the book but whatever those people were thinking that is written, in the Zohar. This is why we read The Book of Zohar and we study it only with the commentary, The Ladder, the Sulam commentary because there are many up until these days, additional compositions where they write about the Book of Zohar and also about the writings of the ARI even. So we need to realize that one who has attainment only he is trusted by us and this is why Baal HaSulam who wrote The Ladder, the Sulam commentary to the Book of Zohar and also the commentary of Panim Meirot uMasbirot, to the ARI’s Tree of Life and also TES these are actually our sources.

Excerpt 8 (01:03:47)

23. R. (01:05:46) This is a very interesting story that the teacher tells the students that now we have the opportunity to invite the end of correction and there is nothing difficult here now we are going to gather and go to Jerusalem. They do not agree because they need to overcome this knowledge. What did they say? We need to take care of things at home. We need to tell our wives and our families. How can we jump to Jerusalem right now and bring on the end of correction, the end of Correction, what do you need to think about? These are the students of the ARI and you see along with the fact that a person is given the opportunity that there is none greater than that, along with that he is also given the burdening of the heart, some difficulties and he cannot do anything against it. Only with faith above reason they would be adhered to their teacher and they would be able to do it. We cannot quite understand this story and how it happens in the corporeal world and why and how, we don't really understand it. But that state in itself we have what to learn from it.

24. S. (01:07:16) When the work of Satan succeeded, what does it mean that the work of Satan succeeded?

R. That the slandering of Satan succeeded while Satan means the force that works against connection against Holiness which the Creator himself is managing on purpose in order for us to have a place to work. This is what it means that the slandering of Satan exceeded that the force of resistance, the opposing force, was so great that they were not able to overcome it.

25. S. (01:08:09) We don't have the spiritual acquisition of connecting so isn't it philosophizing to disconnect and explain the method of connecting to all the people?

R. No, this is how we are broadening the circle of people who understand what do we exist for, how do we exist and what is this planet Earth, what are we supposed to do, we need to connect, this is our good future in order to avoid the blows that appear in this world more and more. We have no choice, we have to open up the source for the reason for all of the trouble so as to help humanity to rise above them. We are not talking about spirituality were talking about corporeality how did I have a better life in this world and that from that we turn to people and we explained to them that according to what we study and we understand according to the old sources if we are connected between us in a good way by this we neutralize all of the bad forces from this pandemic and all of the problems in wars and everything and everything stems on one thing on a good connection between people.

26. S. (01:10:23) So our books are filled with tragic stories like this one where the Kabbalist tries to guide his students and the students fail, so the question is should we learn that this is the way that it had to happen?

R. From the sin of the Tree of Knowledge, from the shattering of the system that the Creator did on purpose in order for us to have a place of work so that we can participate in reassemble it is system and then understand how it is built and how it should operate and how it then operates in its complete form, so we have to go through all of these actions through all of these states through our own effort. This is what Kabbalists teach us. Everything depends on our effort to come closer to one another so it is not in the entire general soul but in the small 10 of each and every one of us but to the extent that we will try to do it artificially as much as possible by that we nevertheless awaken the reforming light and the upper light, and it helps us to connect and in that connection we already discover the upper force

S. Moses said students didn't listen; Baal HaSulam could not explain it if I can say that and the ARI students did not listen, so what is that to us?

R. It all speaks about the fact that there are two forces in creation and these are opposite and equal forces and we exist in the middle and we can determine to the right line to connection and this is what we need to try to do and in each and every generation and each and every day we need to work on that, that's it. If you today have some lack of power of hope then you need to connect to the friends and get it from them or the other way around, connect to the upper force and pass it to the friends.

27. S. (01:13:08) Why does it feel like we are receiving this call right now in the same situation as the ARI was to his students, calling them to Jerusalem, we are at the center point again isn't that right?

R. Yes of course, we now also still exist in a broken state and we have that same opportunity before us and we can't quite disconnect from all of our engagements of this world in order to jump to the end of correction, we don't feel that we can be divided or connected to our soul that is yearning for connection and correction that we can divide between the soul and the corporeal life that we have to arrange in order to exist. We are not yet organized internally in such a way that the most important for us is our internal correction.

28. S. (01:14:32) Are we the architects of the third temple or the builders?

R. We only want to participate in this building because to the extent that we agree, it is built. We don't need to search for some force in addition, this force maybe what rock we need to place in this place or what form needs to be, we only need to get close in the connection between us and that this coming closer to connection between us that this shall determine the form of the temple meaning the form of our soul itself. Because in the true form of the soul, the corrected form is already present, we just need to be drawn to it and to reach it to be incorporated in it. That is called the Third Temple. We don't need to build it, also not in Jerusalem and not out of bricks, not out of trees, not out of anything. We need to build it only out of our desires that in the extent that we are willing to connect between us without any conditions just to be connected then this Temple exists, comes to be.

29. S. (01:16:30) Until this day there is no better time for redemption like this time you were to admit this thing. What do we need to be admitting?

R. That we were in a very unique state and we missed it.

S. Was there a problem with dissemination back then as well?

R. We need to understand the opportunities we get on a daily basis and that we are even out of time, that we are in each moment, the form of nature and nature is ready for the end of correction in its final form.

S. What is so new in the teaching of the ARI?

R. I can't explain it as it is so wide. He opened all the sources in addition to the Zohar, he explained them technically, he explained them in a form of cause and effect. The Zohar itself is a book of stories, a book of morals and the ARI, on top of this, wrote the book of science, of spiritual wisdom and also the light we draw by the study of the ARI is much greater with respect to us than what we can do with the study of the Zohar.

30. S. (01:18:35) Is there a connection between the fact that the ARI students refused to go to Jerusalem and the month of Av and remember the ruin of the Temple?

R. Yes, it is written in the month of Av, in these days that there was the first and second temple, specifically in these days there needs to rise up the third Temple that it shall be in the highest in the end of correction for all such as is written. It is written that the ARI called them to Jerusalem to do this jump, this leap shall come to be.

31. S. (01:20:17) What is the action of building the temple in the 10?

R. That we want to connect one with the other to build a 10 as whole as possible, this is called that we are drawn to the temple. That the house is called the vessel and the temple is called sanctity, a vessel of bestowal that is what we want to build between us that is called the temple, it is not a building, it is a vessel that wants to be bestowing like the Creator towards it.

32. S. (01:21:19) When you explain this excerpt you said that when a person is given a great opportunity he is also given a great difficulty as well. That you can only advance in faith above reason and the students of the ARI couldn't do this because they wouldn't adhere to their teacher. What in our times is considered adhesion to the Creator of the whole World Kli, how do we stand on this point of adhesion to our teacher so we can do this above reason?

R. We need to understand that the connection, despite all the obstacles, by us is called the action of above reason, because by us the will to receive is very great, it operates on a daily basis, weakening us every moment, confusing us and if we catch ourselves, a few times a day again and again to return to the urgency, the necessity for connection we advance. The students of the ARI had obstacles according to them, large ones. We are in a state where we also get large disturbances in connection between us in the 10 and also we do receive assistance from above and we have a large quantity of people and if we overcome and reach connection during the lesson, on a daily basis, this is doing connection in the world to bring us closer and very much bringing us closer to the end of correction. On a daily basis I become more optimistic in this that we are in the process of getting closer to the revelation.

S. To enhance the point of adhesion to our teacher, the concept of adhesion to our teacher, today, in our times, what does this mean to us?

R. The process of adhesion with our teacher is called that you hear what we read from our teachers; Rabash, ARI, Baal HaSulam and Rabbi Shimon, that we learn this together and I pass on to you as much as I understand and also add to it. In total we have one teacher, it is the Creator who teaches us but he teaches us through all of these sources, through all of these people and books.

S. The ARI said let us go up to Jerusalem and you said things that are on the hardening of our heart that we are not able to do so what is it according to your guidance that we are able to do?

R. I don't know what it is, whatever you hear, that each one hears according to his desire and understands it according to his desire, this is how it is. I can't say on your behalf, what you hear.

S. It is such an essential thing and what you are telling us we can't grasp or implement all of the sources, so how and every 10 do we connect and also in the world Kli to feel that we are adhered to our teacher?

R. We have two actions, that we perform what the teacher says that is the action of connection in the 10 and the action of dissemination to the entire vessel Kli of Adam HaRishon, two actions, one is inside in the 10 and the other is expanding the wisdom of Kabbalah, of correction, the form of correction, the goal of humanity.

33. S. (01:26:29) Why were the students of the ARI so hung up with the physical aspects of going to Jerusalem with a travel and telling their wives when the Kabbalists only speak of spiritual qualities, wasn't he speaking of the quality of Jerusalem felt in the connection?

R. You understand correctly that we are talking about here not about the corporeal distance but about spirituality but he doesn't explain it in such a matter as he lets us understand it corporeally it is also from a book written by people who are not the students of ARI and in spirituality, it is from the book called The exaltedness of the ARI is the most important thing for us to understand the content, as the teacher invites you to the spiritual ascent and you find all sorts of reasons and excuses in order to remain in your comfortable corporeal state.

34. S. (01:28:04) We know from the military stories that you teach the soldiers how to operate even before they start to think how can we come to a state where we recruit ourselves so as not to miss the opportunity?

R. On the condition that instead of your mind you adhere to the mind of the group that you perform without thinking twice about what the group thinks and decides. This is called to be in faith above reason.

S. How do we develop such an immediate response of thought?

R. To constantly think that the friends are greater than you and you must be subjugated towards them.

35. S. (01:29:03) Can we now come to the end of correction in this lesson?

R. In each and every moment not just in this lesson as it is all open before us it only depends upon the connection between us.

S. If we want to reach the end of correction at this moment, what do we do?

R. If you are connected by the heart such that you will be as one heart. To connect as one heart request of the Creator to perform this connection for you so that the Creator needs to do this, that we are not capable, it is only dependent on the request.

S. It only depends on my 10?

R. Yes and the Creator broke the vessel into so many parts and details and subparts, so it shall be easy for each and every part to think about its small part and through this it already reaches corrections, and that we are connected with all those shattered vessels, how would we be able to connect with it such that we can be focused in our 10?

S. Why did the ARI make it dependent upon a time that now is the appropriate time?

R. I don't know, that we had an opportunity and we are missing it, why this happened to the ARI, I don’t know, the truth is I don't care what happened to him and his group, I learned what I need to perform now and so I don't understand your questions of what you are investigating here you won't understand the spiritual state until you reach it yourself, at least understand it that you don't understand what is spoken about, rather what can you learn from here lowly state?

Excerpt 9 (01:31:44)

36. R. (01:34:20) Rav Chaim Vital received the order from ARI to engage in the study of the wisdom of Kabbalah and he wrote a lot front he lessons of the ARI and from his study he explained it all from all the writing of ARI from Chaim Vital. That this is such that we learned the writings of the Kabbalah to recent times to Baal HaSulam as they all went through such changes, there were different stops along the way to be revealed. That is unordinary, even the writings of the ARI were found in a tomb in all sorts of concealed places such as in an abandoned house. Such that the writings of the Kabbalah will be revealed to the world.

R. We're continuing the second half of the lesson and continuing about the ARI and Baal HaSulam is rewarded with being conceived with the soul of the ARI

Excerpt 10 (01:39:31)

37. R. (01:41:03) What do we see from here, that there is a matter of the conception of the soul of the ARI and Baal HaSulam that he can explain and continue to open up all of the writings of the ARI to us and to the wide audience and to this day he says anyone who is into it were just confusing matters.

People wanted to explain and to comment on what the ARI wrote and his students as Baal HaSulam writes, they just confused matters and they did a lot of harm in this. What can we do? We hear what he says, not more than this, but he received, like he says out loud, that he has received the conception of the soul of ARI Meaning what the ARI attained Baal HaSulam attained and thus he could write all that he wrote. That's why we need to study Baal HaSulam and then we can turn to the writings of the ARI as much as we have real sources and we can understand what is written there.

Excerpt 11 (01:42:54)

38. S. (01:44:12) It is certain we cannot approach ARI as a piece of protein so what level does he represent and what should we feel when we hear from the ARI so that we do not get confused.

R. The Creator who wants to bestow to human beings He bestows many opportunities. It's all in His hands but if there is a matter of advancing man to the degree of the Creator and all human beings to the degree of the Creator, then we have a problem because He needs to give them knowledge, mind and sensations, opportunities and possibilities along with the way to free them. Not that you give them forces than they should go do it but rather that they should have free choice so that they can decide for themselves that this way is better, or this way is less good and such we have the evil inclination which is opposed to every good thing that we want to do and all this is in order to develop us to be free that we understand that this is where our nature wants and this is what I want meaning the man in me, the Adam in me which is opposite my nature and such this is how I work.

In order to bring us this method in a manner that won't obligate us like the rest of the forces of nature obligate us to breathe. Let's say whether I want it or not, I have to breathe. This is how it is with everything but rather not in order to obligate us and actions of bestowal and love which is the nature of the Creator. Rather that we shall do these things out of our desire internally freely. Against this free desire there has to be something opposite to it that we shall feel how much it obligates me against my evil inclination and how much I can be opposed to it because I choose something else in a unique goal in order to attain it. Thus the Creator needs to bring us a method of correction of ours not in an obligatory manner through nature as we see in the still, vegetative and animate and speaking like them we are in this world that belong to the degree of the animate they perform things because they have no choice. They are not asked whether they want or not but of course they want it because that is the force that enlightens them and obligates them.

Now we want to reach a state that we are free, that we are supposedly not created beings that we shall rise above these forces that activate us. To be a free nation, in our land means to be free in our desire. That is what the Creator wants that we shall be free from Him, and from this freedom we will choose to be similar to Him, like Him in actions opposite to what we had before two actions of bestowal and love. These things that He wants to bring down to us He cannot do it through nature. But then we will exist, like we exist now just instead of forces of reception that we have today, we will be activated by forces of bestowal that we don't have today but they would be. Let's say like a mother she constantly wants to worry for her children and give them and give them and that's how we would feel ourselves towards everyone. Everyone just wants to give and worry but that doesn't make us free. As this, we actually become slaves to our nature. Just like a woman that nature obligates her to care for her baby. Thus this method is opposite of our nature. It also reaches us not in any ordinary manner, but rather in a very weird manner.

There was some group there that learned with Rabbi Shimon, some odd people. Then we find some young person who comes from Egypt, the ARI, he came from Egypt and he was a merchant and was traveling all the time between Damascus and Egypt and he was a traveling merchant with merchandise. Still he was a young guy 36 when he passed away. Beforehand he was engaged in all sorts of matters. What Rabbi Shimon and his friends wrote and ARI and his students, these things were not revealed in an ordinary manner. The writings of the Zohar we're not revealed. They were written on all sorts of pieces of papyrus, a type of paper and so on. They were discovered in some market that some seller was using it as wrapping paper and the ARI also what he wrote was concealed in a tomb and a part where concealed in some box that was just standing in some abandoned house or something. These things of course it's the upper force that arranges things this way.

In any case, for us to receive these things but in a manner that is very unordinary. In a manner that we won't completely believe it. That we will have doubts that these things will reach people as if by chance. They are unique people, may not be so wise, not too rich and not so strong. Just people whose heart cares and you don't see this on the outside. Just like we can't see this on ourselves when we people look at us they can't say what's going on with him that he's all of a sudden adhered to the wisdom of Kabbalah and he wants to discover these things. If you say that by doing this I can do something, that I can make a good earning, I can succeed at something. No, this is how it is. This is why it says that the Creator wants to bring humanity closer to Him but with that to leave us as much freedom as possible, so that we will not remain dependent on Him. He brings it to us in such a way where some of humanity that wants to know and to discover the Creator is drawn to Him, as the members of Bnei Baruch and the other parts, the billions, can look at them and say ' they're crazy. What do they have in this? Well, they don't want to cause us any harm, we will let them be'. There were times where they related worst to Kabbalist that is the way it takes place in nature and it all stems from us needing to receive this method and remain free. You want please, you don't want it then, no. That is why it cascades in such a way

Excerpt 12 (01:54:14)

Excerpt 13 (01:55:45)

39. R. (01:57:13) Meaning the main thing that the ARI added to the explanation, if you could call it the explanation of the Zohar, is that he interpreted it all in the manner of the Ohr Hozer, the reflected light in the work of man from below upwards. Therefore his books and commentary, The Tree of Life, is such an important book because everything is explained according to the restriction the screen and the reflected light and then through the clothing of the reflected light on the direct light we can receive and learn reality which is the practical Kabbalah, in practicality not the way it cascades from above down but rather how we reveal it how we open it from below. That is the ARI who interpreted the Wisdom of Kabbalah did so in a way of the work of man, in as much as a person reveals and opens these things and understands these things that it all depends on the work of man on the screen that one builds and therefore this way we need to understand that the method of the ARI is a method of correcting our work.

Excerpt 14 (01:58:48)

40. R. (01:59:07) Meaning we have two messiahs, A messiah that's called the upper force that operates on a person and raises him from below upwards so that each and every one has such an upper force, Let's say a messiah of his own, but there are two degrees of these forces. It is probably as we usually learn the force of Bina and the force of Hochma. That's why the ARI was the messiah son of Joseph. That Joseph is the force of the Yesod, which brings the method to the world and himself cannot implement it and realize it but rather just opens it to the world, in as much as one is ready for this, is impressed by it and altogether is incorporated in it. What we expect is the additional force that will be revealed in a certain way called 'the Messiah, son of David, which is already David Malchut, not Yesod but rather Malchut, in as much as we act let's hope that by that we are revealing the force against Malchut itself, which we are all part of and this is how it will happen. Where this whole world will receive the upper light and rise to the feeling of the upper system and thus begin to exist in a way that is revealed to them as far as the general connection in everyone and then it is certain that everyone will observe the general law of connection and love meaning complete connection will spread all over the world.

41. S. (02:01:28) What does it mean that the generation is ready and he can reveal the principles of the wisdom of Kabbalah to them? What is this permission that is given?

R. We see this from their writings that from the time of the ARI onwards this method of the correction of man, must actually spread around the world and this is what Baal Shem Tov did Where all of his work, all his life was by traveling from place to place and teaching everyone the method of connection, the method of correction because he wanted to bring forth correction and hastening of the general correction of the world. This is what we need to do now also

S. I asked this from the perspective that many of our principles are like a shock to human beings. It turns their life upside down and how careful we should be in revealing these things? What is this? We need to reveal things correctly.

R. You need to reveal them in a way that is pleasant and good for the benefit of people. That is the first condition in dissemination.

42. S. (02:03:13) You just said that the ARI who was the first to reveal attainment from below upwards? What was the method before the ARI?

R. Before the ARI, the ARI is from the 15th century it's altogether about six hundred years ago, but prior to him, from the group of Rabbi Shimon till the ARI, there were individual Kabbalist who would gather a little and write a little, as possible and there wasn't so much what to learn and who to learn with it was truly a gray era. That's all I can say. Only from the ARI, because of his book, because of the light that he brought to the world, then here and there, groups began to rise that wanted to learn the method of the ARI and wanted to interpret it and realize it. What Baal Shem Tov did, he took these principles from the method of the ARI and talked about it and shared it and clothed it in stories and all kinds of things that you need to connect, you need to adhere to, you need to achieve love and so on and so forth. He talked a little about the five worlds and the lights and the Kelim vessels and the souls. He started to talk about this because prior to that it was prohibited to speak. Therefore there were many people who resisted him, but he talked about it in as broad a way as possible. First of all this gave people a lot more confidence and strength and spirit in their lives. After him after Baal Shem Tov his students and others began to rise and be interested in this and talk. It was already prohibited to engage in the wisdom of Kabbalah at that point and talk about the things that are happening there. From the 16th century onwards they already started to publish books and spread all over the places and the people that were of attainment began to teach and open study rooms. Baal Shem Tov did a very big, great thing. You could say that just like the ARI wrote, Baal Shem Tov only spread this wisdom that the ARI wrote.

S. Meaning there was no method?

R. Yes, yes it was what the ARI and the Baal Shem Tov did, these two, is that they truly opened the wisdom of Kabbalah for our generation. Then Baal HaSulam and Rabash came and it all comes in pairs and Baal HaSulam wrote about everything and only taught a few individuals that were next to him and I learned with a few of those that were still from the time of Baal HaSulam that they learned from him. This is why Baal HaSulam and Rabash both operated in such a way as the ARI and the Baal Shem Tov. Well and we need to already take all of these things that they brought us and to realize it and practicality in our last action.

43. S. (02:08:11) Regarding the difference that you spoke of between the ARI and the Baal Shem Tov we need to know and we say that Baal Shem Tov saves the person through the heart and ARI through the mind. Can you explain the difference here? What changed?

R. There was no change, it's just from these two different approaches of theirs about the revelation of the creator that comes to us. That you can reveal through the Creator by more intellectual work depends on the nature of a person in the root of his soul and you can reveal him through the work in the heart that's like Baal Shem Tov. Both are needed and they complement one another and people who study, study both. The implementation of the method of the ARI is in the Torah of the Baal Shem Tov. From this the method of Hasidism began and just like all of these methods were in existence for some time and then it also weakened.

Excerpt 16 (02:09:51)

44. R. (02:12:03) Yes, nevertheless the difference between them is about 100 years from the ARI to the Baal Shem Tov and this is what we have.

45. S. (02:12:30) There's a unique sensation of awakening from this lesson, something very high and unique. Is there something we can take to add to our work in the 10 today?

R. Not just throughout the day but altogether we need to understand that we are continuing and extending the path of Rashbi and his students and then the ARI and about Baal Shem Tov and Baal HaSulam and Rabash that all of these things are in us and we are learning them and want to develop through them into realize them today in our times in our world. This is why we exist. What else will remain after us? Just like this whole world is imaginary and exists only inside our imagination, nothing remains from this life only that which we can as much as we can bring everyone close to the Creator. So we will do it. We will operate as much as possible.

The main thing for us is not to think that we are small and despicable and who we are, on the contrary to the extent that we are small but we are standing upon all those great ones that acted and they couldn't have done anything more than bring the method to the world but the implementation of the method is actually on us which they could not have done. We specifically,

because we have the opposite, we don't have the strength or the feeling like they did, but we have the forced to execute and therefore we need to carry out ourselves in the human way that each and every one that each penny should add up to a great sum until the end of correction and that is what we can operate for therefore our whole action and specifically Baal Shem Tov operated in this and talked about this that our entire action is from the connection between us to expand this connection until all of humanity will know from the greatest to the smallest shall know Him and His house shall be called the home for all the nations and all the nations shall come upon it and we will reach the general correction which is what needs to be in the last generation.

S. Usually over the course of the day we go over the past history during the lesson, we read them, friends discuss their impressions, it seems to me maybe they're directing us to connection in the 10?

R. I think it's worthwhile to engage in this because nevertheless it is the day of the departure of the ARI in such a way we need to mark him as the foundation or one of the foundations at least of the correction of the world and our spiritual life. Yes. These are truly special souls like Rashbi and the ARI, Baal Shem Tov, Baal HaSulam, and Rabash. We need to respect them and try to observe their Torah in us. That's okay so we will do a workshop

46 R. WSQ. What do we need to do to strengthen the method of the ARI through our actions so it will truly be actions of connection so much so that it is to the extent that we reach the end of Correction? In what can we practically do this? Because all together nothing remains for us but to implement that which the ARI wrote.