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29 agosto - 15 diciembre 2020

Lección 1 de dic. de 2020

Lección sobre "El trabajo con fe por encima de la razón"

1 de dic. de 2020

Morning Lesson December 1, 2020 Transcription is made from simultaneous translation which leaves possibility for errors 

Lesson on the topic of The Acting Mind.

Excerpts from the sources: “Work in Faith Above Reason”, #43

Rav’s Introduction:

We call spiritual work the work above reason. We need to understand more and more what it means, above reason? But it is not according to our intellect, we understand that. The fact that it is not according to our emotion, our feeling we also understand. But what does it mean to be above reason, nevertheless? Reason is actually, in the spiritual structure, it is a special combination between the feeling and the intellect. There's Keter, Hochma, Bina, Daat. It is a special combination between the feeling which comes from Bina and intellect which comes from Hochma. So even to work above that, how can you work above that? How can we grasp even the tip of this principle in order to advance with it in our lives, in our spiritual process that we want to go through? I think that we need to understand that it is simplest for us to feel it this way, if we want to come closer to the new vessels. We need to try, not with our mind and not with our feelings to work but rather in coming closer to the friends only. That is, if I want to understand something, to attain something, to make one step forward in spirituality, I don't do it with my intellect. 

Where am I searching, where is it? There are many among us who work with their intellect, altogether. We are all not fools, there's many people who come to the wisdom of Kabbalah and are very developed. Even more than usual, regular people and even in their feelings. We have mostly more demands for this world, for self, for others and therefore we need to understand here that neither by the feeling nor by the intellect can we advance. It's not like I would like to learn something else in the books or am I missing something to feel, myself, in awakening myself to feel something? Rather, only in coming closer to others, to the friends because that is actually the practical action that we can do or that we can carry out in the correction of the system of Adam HaRishon. 

From this, as I come closer to others, I need to feel inside the extent in which closeness, the tendency to come closer spiritually it could even be physically where I come a little closer but mainly that internal closeness to the ten and to the friends in the ten, to the extent in which this opens in me new vessels and nothing else and then I slowly, slowly move from reason to faith above reason, from corporeal vessels of this world, the corporeal intellect and feeling, to spiritual ones, which are revealed only in that tendency for coming closer, upon disturbances, upon indifference, upon that inner rejection that I have towards the friends towards the ten, towards Bnei Baruch altogether, therefore we need to locate this to the extent in which I open my heart, want to come closer to them, to that extent I understand more. 

As it's written, it is not the wise who learns. As it is not through wisdom, it is in vessels that begin to connect more and more, so the more they connect, as a result of the shattering, we are all scattered. We try to be closer, more connected to one another, by that we are creating corrected vessels. 

In these corrected vessels we begin to feel new spiritual discernments. That is how I accustom myself to go in spiritual changes and it is not the wise who learn. I don't demand some kind of intellect or even emotional, psychological feelings. That's the psychological, I demand proximity, closeness to the others from nearing where we correct the vessel of Adam HaRishon, by that we begin to understand what this integral spiritual system is. What was in Adam HaRishon prior to the shattering and what we're coming to now. Then, we discover the upper system, the system of the Creator and not to be wise or smart, book smart or anything like that. But in us we begin to discover the wisdom of Kabbalah. 

That is why it is called an internal wisdom. 

1. WSQ: (07:33 - 14:37) This is actually what I want us to maybe also do a workshop on this now in order to strengthen what I said now, more. Let's first of all talk about, what did I just say? Try and repeat it. How do we perceive reality in the corporeal world? How do we need to perceive reality in the spiritual reality and how do we develop new vessels to perceive spiritually and what do we need to do for that? Relative to our shattered state in the Kli of Adam HaRishon, towards correcting the Kli? Please. Workshop. Meanwhile talk, find some questions, start asking later and we will explain it. Scrutinize it together. Please.

2. WSQ: (14:37 - 16:57) How do we see in all the wisdom of Kabbalah that spiritual attainment depends on coming closer between us? All the wisdom of Kabbalah works that way and speaks that way, so where do we see it from the spiritual Partzuf? That coming closer between the pieces, the parts of the Partzuf, overcoming the separating forces, specifically overcoming them makes the conditions for receiving the light in the Partzuf? Please, workshop.

3. WSQ: (16:57 - 23:48) Meaning, we are feeling between us like in between the friends in the ten, a certain degree of thickness, of coarseness between us and this coarseness is truly very broad. We have no idea how much rejection and hatred and distance we are from one another but a certain measure is being disclosed to us where we can overcome it. Then to the extent in which we feel ourselves as distant naturally, we're nevertheless not in one heart and the extent in which we can come closer to one another and be in one heart as we are distant from one another, that's our foundation, our base. That's the bottom of the Partzuf. When we can connect nevertheless despite that in some kind of desires between us that will be the internality of the Partzuf. When we can in this internality work together in receiving in order to bestow towards the Creator, that's already, we have the Toch of the Partzuf and the Rosh of the Partzuf. Everything is built upon their being a big will to receive that distances between us, great hatred like the students of Rabbi Shimon who discovered this every day more and more and they overcame it and connected above this hatred somewhat and by that they built the Toch, the internal part of the Partzuf and the address to the Creator which is the Rosh, the head of the Partzuf. In such a way they begin to discover between them the qualities of the Creator practically in those qualities that can come closer between them. If they come closer that way, they connect that way between them and this is how you build the Partzufim and ascend. The more you rise up there’s all the sudden more in each new degree great distancing and hatred and above that connection and love and equivalence with the Creator which is the force of general love. This is how we rise up until we correct ourselves to absolute love. Please talk about this. How do we make from the ten in such a way a spiritual Partzuf which rises more and more in resembling and connecting and adhering to the Creator?

4. WSQ: (23:47 -27:08) How do we get used to making efforts, not with our intellect and not with our feeling, because it's a corporeal intellect and a corporeal feeling that we have. We need to rise above them, above reason. How do we get used to making efforts, not with our feelings and our intellect, not with our vessels of now but rather only in attaining a new connection between us? How do we accustom ourselves to that? To be in an active practical way in this way? Please.

5. WSQ: (27:08 - 37:05) How do we sustain our connection so that it won't fall? So it won't change, weaken, so that it won't be obscured? How do we hold on to it constantly, of course in order to hold on to it, we need to just care for it and only strengthen it, how do we do this? How do we maintain and protect the connection and increase it each time? Because our whole spiritual walking depends on this. How do we want to feel, demand to feel so that to the extent of our connection we feel our proximity to spirituality, towards bestowal, towards love, towards the Creator? When will we start to feel that we're entering Ibur, gestation, Yenika, suckling to adulthood, where we're going through actual spirituals states in the connections between us? It only depends on connection. How do we stand upon this and care for this and constantly worry about this? Let's say we're going out to the air, to our day, so what happens when we go out there from the lesson? The whole world, the whole of humanity, this whole big mess that the Creator created meaning the whole Kli of Adam HaRishon enters between us, between the ten people. I have a ten and then the world starts to enter in the ten which I connect into to some degree and the world enters inside and starts to bring its coarseness, its thoughts and desires, etc. It has to be, otherwise, we will never come to the general correction. We need to be incorporated with that, with it. So, when we are incorporated with it throughout the day where the world influences us and it's between us, between the friends, like it or not. This is how the Creator arranges these things. We need to understand that it's not a matter of the world or politics or the economy, etc., but rather the big desire of the kli of Adam HaRishon enters between us and we are influenced by it in order to return back to a connection between us upon what they influenced us with. Then despite them bestowing to us all kinds of additional ego pieces, we try, in the connection between us and are already coming closer between us into increasing connection. Here comes the question, how do we work in this? How do we come out of the lesson and not forget that our integration with the broad world is in order to be impressed somewhat by the broad world. But without disconnecting from one another, then we absorb from the broad world only these things that we truly need to receive and absorb and this way we will then work in correction through this. Where if we don't separate from one another then the whole broad world that throughout the day influences us, is incorporated correctly. So that we will be able to correct it and by us correcting it inside of us, we are also influencing it outside of us. Because there's a certain connection already between what's inside and what's outside and then in such a way when we include it within and it doesn't bother us to disconnect between us and the ten throughout the day, then by that we also give to them our connection and then by this correct the world and they slowly, slowly, become a part of our Partzuf, the Sof of the Partzuf. We can’t work with this in a practical manner but it's included with us in a manner, the TNHY of the Partzuf, we can’t work with that in a practical manner but it is included with us in a manner, it becomes the active part, the HGT of the Partzuf. This is how we operate, we absorb from it and in such a way, transfer to it and again the next day it will be different again in this is how it is everyday. How do we do it throughout the day? How do we do the work after the lesson? As we connect and only in our connection we want to attain new spiritual discernments, how do we throughout the day when we go out to we also protect ourselves to be connected and also to absorb influences from the world which influence us, inevitably. With that try to be, to remain connected and this way we influence the form of connection, the nature of our connection to the external world as well. Meaning we have great big work throughout the day in correcting ourselves towards the absorption of the world inside of us and to correct it in the way that we can bestow to it, influence it. That's to correct the world in Malchut Shaddai which will eventually be but already in the small parts we will already come closer to it. Please workshop. How do we throughout the day work with ourselves and with the broad public?

6. R. WSQ: (37:05 - 40:49) If we work like that, what could be the connection between the tens? In what could there be connection and when could there be connection and what will we attain in that? According to the system of Adam HaRishon, we need to all be connected to one another. When will we begin to feel that we're capable and can and there's a need to connect between the tens? Please.

7. WSQ: (40:49 - 47:15) How do we hold on to one another such that only to the measure of connection, the measure of closeness between us in the ten, our spiritual true feeling depends upon? Only through the power of connection between us, we come closer to the Creator as well and then receive from this action a spiritual result, a spiritual feeling? How do we hold on to that, keep that? How do we protect all the friends so that they won't start once again to work with their corporeal intellect and feeling. But rather only in coming closer between us, in the internality between us, in the group we will attain the spiritual discernment? From the connection that I had previously to the connection that I have now, the difference between this and that gives me a feeling in my spiritual advancement. How do I constantly pay attention to only that and how by this do I also want to strengthen the friends because I depend on them and they depend on me altogether. Our correction must be general in the ten and beyond that after that. How do we not go down from defining the process and the state or, our spiritual state, only according to the extent of connection between us? Only concern ourselves with that, more and more? If I didn't advance in the connection with my friends and the whole ten, I didn't realize my obligation towards correction. I wouldn't live in spirituality. I would live in corporeality. Meaning the difference between spirituality corporeality is what I want to advance in my existence. The current intellect and feeling or connection between us which will raise us to a spiritual intellect. Which is called faith above reason. Please. What do we do? It's written you shall put guards and policemen in all your gates. How will I make it so that there will be protectors and guards and all that will protect me from disconnecting from spiritual action which is connection and the spiritual result which is the result of the connection? Please. That's our last question and then you'll be able to ask. Please.

8. S. (47:29) What guards and cops can we position because it seems that whatever we do in the end?

R. No, there's no in the end. Whatever you put that is what you will have in the end. There's no such thing as putting something and saying ah... nothing will happen. I need to constantly work on this. Every single moment. In spirituality it’s not like I did it once and it remains. Each time I need to renew it. All the time. Otherwise it doesn't work.

9. S. (48:07) How to take care of the friends in the maximum, most effective way?

R. Awaken the need for closeness in them, but purposeful closeness. To the extent of closeness between us we established the spiritual vessel. So that should be clear to them that the spiritual vessel is in the power of connection between us. Here we truly need to see how much I invest, how much I am ready to give the connection between us all as this is the measure of my desire for spirituality by which I actually present the Creator His vessel of revelation and bring Him contentment.

10. S. (49:15) You said there is a mixture between the work of the ten and the 99% outside. When we go and bring the light and I see this as the danger when we go outside, how do we work this way to not fall?

R. We need to understand that all together we are one vessel, one Kli. If we were to live on some desolate island not connected to anyone, we would not talk to anyone about this, but we need to understand that reality is this way. The whole vessel of Adam HaRishon divided to Rosh, Toch, Sof, and the fact that we want to connect between us, by this we build the Toch, the inner part of the Partzuf and the Rosh, the head of the Kli. The general public, the mass that has yet to come to connection and to correction, that's called the Sof, the end of the Kli. We need to simply think about how we are incorporated with it. because our work, especially in our times as it's the general correction, we need to think about the public because we need to see that we do want them. We are not like the first Kabbalists who lived in some cave or in monasteries or in some closed places, in small villages, that all together Kabbalists have a tendency to isolate themselves, there's no obligation to work towards the correction of the world and that's how they also wrote books and spoke between them that in the future the time will come when there will be also a correction with the whole world. We are already in a different state. Like it or not we are incorporated with the whole world, that's why I gave the picture of us throughout the day absorbing into us the desires of the whole world and we also need to process them. There's nothing we can do about it, we are integrated from the whole world and then as we connect between us we also need to take that into account. That the connection, in the ten, like it or not somewhat as we absorb it from the broad world. In such a way we connect more and more with the world with some part of the broad world and when we go out to the broad world later, it spreads out if we like it or not we are going out to the general Kli. And the world changes and advances as well and it also advances towards the understanding of correction and connection. You will see this will happen pretty fast. And that's how we work.

11. S. (52:56) When we go out the next day after the lesson to the world, how is it that we bring contentment to the Creator by working correctly with the disturbances?

R. We don't see these things as disturbances. We see them, to the contrary, as those desires and forces that operate upon us in order to help us renew our vessels. Even more than that, come closer to the Creator. There are no disturbances. These are preventions as Baal HaSulam writes. There are no such things, there's a letter that he writes that way.

12. S. (53:55) You spoke before about how we are to hold on to our ten, so the question is, how can we bring our ten always into our hearts during the twenty-four hours to hold on to it into the ten, the ten and the lesson?

R. Constantly think as much as possible like we talked now during our entire workshop. Not the workshop let's say I asked and you basically talked, as much as this whole coming closer, this whole advancement, it comes from coming closer to one another. Just work on that not to use our current feeling and intellect but rather just coming closer to one another and from that, attain new vessels.

13. S. (55:05) The level of connection between the friends is the level of common prayer that we have or there's an addition?

R. If we are inclined towards the right connection between us, then the more we try to connect it will be expressed in our prayer.

14. S. (55:41) During the day, when you connect with a ten above all the disturbances, meaning you dissolve into the request in the friends, what is the Rosh in the work and what is the Toch?

R. We don't yet build a Partzuf. The Partzuf is built from above as a response to our efforts. Do you understand? It is our desires which will be the Toch, the internal part of the Partzuf, these are desires to connect between them despite the differences between them. The Rosh are the intentions to attain adhesion with the Creator out of the connection between us, from the connection between us. It's not that I'm alone and that not in some other way but rather between us attain the measure of connection so it will be resembling the Creator. So that the bestowal between us will establish for us general bestowal towards the Creator. You will discover this, you will feel that it's revealed that way.

S. If I can be more precise, when you said that the whole world, basically the outer part of the world that we included in it, how do we correct it correctly?

R. It's exactly aimed that way from above that seemingly the whole world is bothering us so that we will strengthen our connection between us with all of the disturbances from the world. That's why there is a commandment not to distance ourselves from the public, because we need to include the thoughts and intentions of the public that it's not that we're truly absorbing it but as much as they enter and bother and separate between us, we accept it as a detail that is given to us from above from the Creator and arranged that way and then we work on the connection between us, despite all those external disturbances which we don't feel them as disturbances but rather as help against us. The help that works against our advancement but becomes an assist. That's how we advance. We see these things not because we love them those thoughts and desires that are external, but rather we understand that without them we will not advance so they influence us and we all together work on the connection between us, together with all the disturbances. We need to learn how to work with this but we need to understand that this is actually the source of the new vessels with which we will advance. Our work nevertheless is in constant connection and then the connection between us and the connection between us with the external disturbances which in such a way are included in the connection as well. We will see how this works and the connection between us in the Partzuf but that's already the beginning of the building of the spiritual Partzuf.

15. S. (59:38) Is it okay to say that the connection between us, that cloud of love always exists in parallel? It exists in parallel and it never stops, this spiritual influence as far as it concerns our connection?

R. You're right, you're right. We need to feel it that way that we have the connection between us and, despite the world, the external world operates and influences us and wants to seemingly separate, confuse, and distance us from the spiritual goal. Nevertheless, we hold onto connection and all these external disturbances need to be processed. Not repulsed, not rejected, push them away or cancel them, but rather, with them together we increase our connection.

16. S. (01:01:03) On the one hand, it's clear to me that the response to everything happens in the ten needs to come from the direction to shift everything to the scale of merit, and every provocation of my will to receive or flaw that I think about, I need to still understand, what is the right work in connection in the ten? You can chase each and every friend and connect them or you can sing some serenades for them. What should be the right kind of work?

R. I feel like you need to go back and repeat studying the social writings of Rabash. Do you hear what you are asking? As if you never read what he wrote. It's really you never read what he wrote because now you will read something new and better, and it will be more clear for today. The next day it will once again, we need to repeat them again. You will see how new they are as if you never read them.

17. S. (01:02:31) How to guard the state where on the one hand we need to advance, on the other hand we need to see the friends as though they're already corrected?

R. Look, what does it mean they are already corrected. All of us in the group are not corrected but nevertheless I need to see them to a higher degree than I am. I also don't know what it means, corrected, sometimes I need to see them to a higher degree than me and I, as the smallest. Sometimes I need to see myself as greater and them as the smaller ones and each time we need to be in all kinds of different states where all together benefit the general correction. There can't be in the group that those are completely corrected and I am completely corrupted altogether. The group is measured by the general principle, the common, the average.

18. S. (01:04:02) What am I supposed to do, what are we supposed to do in order not to fall into apathy or indifference in the work of connection?

R. I need to see that my advancement in spirituality is through increasing connection. There's no other means. We return to the connection, the correction of the Kli of Adam HaRishon, where we need to connect all the shattered vessels and the Creator arranges for us the order of correction because we don't understand. If we were to see the whole Kli of Adam HaRishon and how it's connected, how it's shattered, how it is broken and its pieces are so distant from one another. It's like a baby that you bring him Legos to put together or a puzzle, he doesn't know what to do with it. So the Creator arranges us in a ten like we learned, in the article of Baal HaSulam, The Arvut, and several others, that the Creator brings a person to the good faith and says take it and we then we need to start working with this. Each time the Creator arranges for us additional personal and external desires, we talked today about how we get the external influences from the broad public. Internal ones where we are constantly changing according to the extent in which each develops in his own personal corrupted will to receive and this is how we need to move towards the purpose, towards our correction.

19. S. (01:06:26) Is it correct to see ourselves as a Malchut each and every one of us?

R. Yes, each of us is a part of Malchut in the connection between us creates the first nine. Yes.

20. S. (01:07:01) How to guard the friends correctly from falling to the corporeal world, to the reason if that's ever basis because without this we can’t rise to spirituality?

R. First of all it's not correct that through the corporeal world we can rise to the spiritual world. We can rise to the spiritual world above the corporeal world. It's faith above reason. It is not that we can take something else other than disturbances that we will invert specifically to spiritual vessels. In that we will rise above them. Like you're saying if you're connected to the corporeal world and you can’t disconnect, it's a sign that you don't have the right connection with the ten because it's certain that if you come to the group, you feel the extent for which for a time you forget about this world. So, you need to bring yourself in a different way as I'm connected to the group in a permanent way. Allow the corporeal world to enter my spiritual world, my group when I allow it to, when I feel that I can do something. Not the way the corporeal world operates and truly manages it, only in such a way I put the preference of spiritual development upon corporeal existence.

21. S. (01:09:12) We now go out to our world, to our day with connection to the ten. Now do we need to add to that the exit to the world, the connection between the tens?

R. No, no. By no means. Leave the connections between the tens. I don't see it in a nice way because in the ten you're not connected and this will just distance you from the connection inside the ten. The ten has to be as the foundation. When it exists, out of all of the conditions that we go through, then as an addition we can connect with other tens. Otherwise it will be, you can just help externally, but not for the internal connection where you become as one ten and you want to be connected in the heart and mind, in the intellect, intentions. That's not good. That's not good. You didn't yet build the first degree, the first spiritual correct degree and you want to jump to the second one already. It won't work. Don't do all kinds of actions that you don't understand. What we're doing here, do exactly that. Hear it again and again, the morning lesson then let that protect you from making mistakes. That's how it is.

22. S. (01:11:06) If the external disturbance comes to the ten, and the request for the ten, for the friend who suffers, is that something that can direct the ten or whatever happened, happened, it's external and...

R. If someone was in a ten and left the ten by his decision, we need to agree with him and forget him, forget him. Don't be connected, anyone to him, more over not the whole ten. He left. It is as if he died, it is as if he does not exist, erase him from the intellect, from the feeling, from the memory, from everything.

23. S. (01:12:02) What to ask between us, so that the prayer will influence people in the outside world, that the prayer will be effective?

R. As strong and connected we will be inside the ten, it will influence the external world. We don't need to invest in the external world too much, but rather just dissemination so that they will know that there is such a thing. That we are telling them that by connection we can overcome all the corporeal actions in a language that they understand and actions that they also understand and no more than that. Concentrate more on the connection between you, don't run all the way to all kinds of external actions as if they are important, there is nothing more important than the connection in the ten and don't build yourself some more important goals, you're simply by this destroying your spirituality.

24. S. (01:13:35) Please say how to come back to the connection with the ten during the day if sometimes when you're at work you can't even put together a sentence in your head?

R. You just need to listen to the lesson again, what we talked about for the first hour every single day you get a certain portion, a new dose of how to advance onward, spiritually. Put on your recorder and hear, but your earbuds in and hear the lesson.

S. ....

R. Then you need to renew your connection with them each time more.

25. S. (01:14:56) When a person asks the friends to adhere to spirituality, should he give details from his corporeal life or is it enough to ask for power from them?

R. It's enough for him to ask for the forces and he can also consult with them. In the ten it is possible, you can consult.

26. S. (01:15:42) How is it possible to bestow to the Creator if he doesn't allow the ten to be complete in the lesson and thus be a support to all the other tens?

R. I don’t understand the question.

S. If the Creator doesn’t allow all of the friends to be in the lesson, so how can the ten be as support for all the other tens?

R. I also don’t understand the question.

S. If the Creator creates a reality where not all of our ten is in the lesson...

R. That’s the Creator, not the friends’ doing, yes.

S. Yes, the Creator made this reality. How can our ten then support other tens?

R. Join in another ten. What do you mean support, if we are weak and the friends don’t come to the ten to the lesson? So, in what can or ten be so strong and supporting something, I don't understand. What is that word to support? It could be that ten then needs to search, by what it can complement, complete itself by such friends that will come to the lesson and that won't sit at home somewhere and be disconnected from us and think that this is their participation. We count friends by live participation, live participation in the lesson do you understand? If a friend is not in the lesson, for me he is not a friend. He is not a friend for me, that’s it. Just as it is written, friendship or group or death, I’m either I'm in the society or I'm dead, one or the other. That needs to be the law for each and every one of us, if you want to enter spirituality, if not then you can hear our lessons, we are open for everyone, but you're no longer in the groups in Bnei Baruch as a group is called one who takes on the conditions that Kabbalists place for us and advance accordingly. That's how it works.

27. S. (01:18:45) We just read from Rabash about the importance of the friends and it says that a person works in faith above reason and when he chooses a friend he already looks at him in faith above reason. Now you just said that if a friend is not in the lesson, he is not a friend. How then can you know who is a friend?

R. Maybe you need to read a few more articles and what's written there against what we're talking about. How can I take a friend as a friend if he's not with me in the lesson as the lesson is exactly the means for spiritual advancement? Meaning he's not walking with me in this advancement towards spirituality. So how does that work, the fact that I'm sitting in the public and drinking a beer?

S. So who is a friend the one gives me importance of the goal, who is my friend?

R. A friend is one who is walking with me together in all that we need in order to attain our common spiritual goal. Where I can't do it without him, and he can't do it without me. If I'm now in the battle and every lesson for us is a battle against our ego, how we locate it, how we triumph over it in order to come closer to the Creator, through the connection if he's not with me then what friend is he? It's not a friend.

S. () People because of work let's say they work at night, so he watches a recording or he's sick not a friend anymore or what?

R. Friend he's a friend he's not an active friend. I don't know why you're bringing such cases, it's clear there are problematic cases, but such a case where a person doesn’t come to the lesson and does not have a clear justification then he's not a friend, that's it.

S. For example a friend drinks and he comes after 2 months, I have to kick him out of the ten? R. He himself erased himself from the ten. I wouldn’t want to see such a person in my group, I wouldn't keep them in my group one day, let him go to get rid of his problem, his disease and come back when he's healthy. This is clear this is a known phenomena when it comes to alcohol drinking there's nothing you can do about it, we don't hold such people not with drinking or with drugs. If he's not in the morning lesson with his full force and cannot participate with us in the attack on the connection that every morning lesson were in, this attack for connection if he's not in that then that's it he ran away from the battlefield, that's how I look at him, I can't love him already I can’t connect with him, I'm already in hatred towards him. Until he distances and then he'll be like everyone. There needs to be, we need to decide about states in a very clear way and not that he can go and drink and smoke for a few months and then come back. Who are you on this path with if he doesn't come for a few months how does he even understand where you are? What is the fact that he knows how to speak nicely? We talked about that in the beginning of the lesson, that we don't pay attention to that. Not our intellectual effort and not the efforts when it comes to corporeal proximity, only the effort to connect. It doesn't need to be any intellect or any emotions in it, just connection. He's not giving it a connection that disconnected us from us for a few months. How could this be a friend? How do you even ask about that I don't know? How are you sustaining such friends in the group, erase them very fast and then you will advance to spirituality. You don't need to keep people on the list that are not with you already or that they're sitting behind the door and drinking over there or smoking something there or shooting up something, that's friends? There's nothing to do with it; simply tell them that they are not friends.

28. S. (01:24:02) Now when we are building connections between the tens, different groups how will it affect us if we...?

R. You need to connect to all the tens as to the connection of partnerships, but it's not that you're connecting with some ten like one ten. The ten is the ten, it's an intimate matter. It's like you're in your family with your wife and your kids and you are family and you're also in some friendship, certain nice relationships with other families, no more than that. Also the group is more intimate than the family it's, spiritual. Therefore you need to understand that the ten is a ten and the connection with the other tens is only in order to feel that we're not alone that were together that we can help them and they can help us, but that's already external it's not that we're becoming truly as one ten that is impossible also in the system of Adam HaRishon it is impossible. Every ten is a nucleus of its own and there's a connection between these nuclei, between the tens but it's already an external connection, it's not the same connection. We're learning this, just like between the Partzufim. Between the Partzufim. It's not like two drops of water that become one drop. The ten is an eternal structure.

29. S. (01:26:20) In your earlier explanations and just a minute ago actually you spoke of emotions not being involved in our work but you also referred to the need to feel the connection between us. Is this feeling that you referred to more like sight and hearing in corporeality and what is the difference between emotion and feeling in this?

R. The feeling that stems from my corporeal life is a feeling that I recognize, I know, I feel it. The feeling that comes from my connection with friends it's not something that exists between people in this world. It's where we're connected between us upon the rejection between us and if there's rejection then there's no connection. Connection can only occur upon the rejection and then we connect this way between us above the rejection and from this connection we seek how to connect more and more. When we connect more and more, we will feel even more the ego that separates between us. Upon that ego which is renewed, and we will once again discover the tendency for connection between us. That's the process I am talking about. Again, you need to go back to the beginning of the lesson. What did I say, that we need to build new vessels, not according to our current vessels of reception and understanding and feeling which is considered to go above reason to new intellect and feeling which stem from the connection between us contradictory to the intellect and feeling we have corporeality.

30. S. (01:28:51) Every friend in the world Kli one way or another is going through states where he has no thoughts or feelings, he's like a zombie. But for some reason he comes and meets the friends and comes to the lesson and then there's a place for working above reason. So what's actually taking place here, is it the Creator taking you in his hands and he's working you with the force of the ten because maybe you invested in the past or that you have an opportunity in this to build that new mind you're speaking about that you feeling that has nothing to do with the ego, what is this?

R. It's certainly the Creator's doing either through the ten or directly to you, to your mind, to your heart but of course it's the Creator doing it and this is how He advances you.

31. S. (01:30:05) In the beginning of the lesson you said that coming closer isn't mind and feeling and someone asked you and you said that even prayer is a result of us getting closer together. I can't clothe this in any clear way, if you could explain what that means?

R. You need to listen to the lesson several times and read all of our excerpts about faith above reason. How we disconnect from the corporeal mind and heart and ask for a spiritual mind and heart that are built on bestowal and not on reception. This is why I, so emphasize that connection before everything. Connection in the ten and then above the connection you develop your new feelings, spiritual ones, your intellect, you develop two systems, mind and heart, spiritual ones. What are spiritual ones? They are built on your connection in the ten. This is why connection first and then how to work with this connection in advancing toward the Creator by this you begin to build a Partzuf, the structure of the soul. Again and again, listen and think and we won’t leave it, we are advancing. Tomorrow we will talk about it in a new and different way. Likewise, as much as the Creator allows, we will open it up and advance. You have all the conditions, all the elements to advance, to make progress.

32. S. (01:32:24) If the Creator does everything, even the deeds, so how can it be that He is demanding work from us if He knows what every person is going to do even respond?

R. Our work is only to agree with the fact that the Creator is the doer. There are several stages in it. Submission, surrender, that comes before everything else. Baal HaSulam writes about it, we have to find this excerpt. That work consists of several stages. In the first stage is submission.

33. S. (01:33:32) In the beginning you said, the reason, the three Sefirot, Keter Hochma Bina. Hochma is the mind, Bina is the feelings, so what is Keter here? When do we go above these three Sefirot in our thoughts?

R. Can you speak of something you understand and feel and not something you read in a book? Try to get into these things emotionally not from your intellect. I don't want to go along with you because you're pulling us to the corporeal mind and heart, so first of all try to do what we talked about.

S. How can we depict something that I don't have?

R. Through connection, through connection. This is what we have been talking for for the last hour and a half this is why I'm not answering you but I want to stress by this and this is my answer by this you have to start going into where we are, how you can picture the things that were talking about, by disconnecting from the corporeal mind and heart and building your spiritual vessel through the connection with the friends. First comes connection and in the connection, you'll discover Hochma, Bina Daat and everything we're talking about otherwise it will just be words on a paper.

S. This word connection I've been hearing for so many years and I'm trying to get into it in the lesson. I can feel it afterwards it disappears and you crawl like a beast all day and you can’t do  anything with this donkey, so you live from lesson to lesson and except for the lesson it's just for nothing.

R. It's because you're not getting the connection that I want to awaken in you during the lesson, a lesson is in order to elevate you to a new level of connection and out of that you'll begin soon to attain spirituality inside the connection between you and then you will see what is reason, feeling and intellect but spiritual ones which all together are called faith above reason.  If you come out of the lesson and all you have left from the lesson is that you attended the lesson and that's it it's not good. Keep listening to it in your earphone all throughout the day again and again, you'll see how much you didn’t hear how much you missed. Today we spoke about very important things, general things. How we practically elevate ourselves from the corporeal level to the spiritual level and build instead of the corporal mind and heart, through our connection in the ten, spiritual mind and heart. Other than the mind and heart, both in this world in corporeality where we received in our substance and in spiritual mind and heart that's all we have. In the corporeal mind and heart, they work in the will to receive for ourselves and spiritual mind and heart work in a desire to bestow with the aim to bestow. That's it. So first we have to come to something that is in order to bestow that is only in Connection in my inclination to connect with others and  there, in this inclination we begin to develop a spiritual mind and heart. This is called faith above reason. The degree of Bina above the degree of Malchut.

S. ....

R. This is what I don't want to talk about. These are your problems I'm telling you what to do if you can do it. If you can't, sit and do what you can, you can't help it. What the mind doesn’t do, the intellect, time does. I'm not going to solve your problems. I'm just telling you what should happen.

34. S. (01:38:58) What does the connection that we can attain in the lesson depend on?

R. The connection depends on our common after to connect and our common prayer to the Creator to connect us.

35. S. (01:39:46) These efforts that we are doing in order to disconnect from this world and connect to the ten, are they building the Partzuf?

R. Precisely this is called building the Partzuf. Not that they accompany or help build a Partzuf but rather these efforts to connect us in the group, they are what build our spiritual Partzuf. In this we are in practical Kabbalah and this is what we have to do.

Excerpt Baal HaSulam “You have made me from behind and before” Reader (01:40:38 - 01:41:19) 

36. R. Yes, likewise when we build our spiritual Partzuf, the ten, by this will become partners with the Creator we do it from the side of the Kli, the vessel, out of the darkness and the Creator helps us out of the light, from the side of the light and by this would become partners. We from below and He from above until we connect in one carrier which is the vessel that's filled with light in complete adhesion.

37. S. (01:41:58) How can we add towards others without negating the state of others ?

R. Add to others without negating their state. Only through example. Examples, only, this is what we need to give to one another and be careful not to give bad examples. That's it. Although we have no choice in the beginning usually and we can’t help ourselves also show disrespect, discontentment etc. But in the end we have to come to a point where we do come to connection, to giving correct and good examples.

Baal HaSulam. Shamati 172. Reader (01:47:00 - 01:50:17) Reads twice

38. S. (01:50:22) There's a sentence here that it's clear but it's hard to understand. He says that in nature there's no greater distance than us being pure matter and then the Creator being higher than high and only when you start getting closer you feel the gap between us. So only when I start coming closer to Him I feel the distance?

R. Yes, yes, yes, I always give this example that you go to the hospital to visit some friend or relative. He has some problem difficult one difficult one you don't know what to do you ask some professor what's going on he says look it's a big problem we don't know what treatment to do we have to do more tests and so on and then you meet some cleaning lady. She says no, no it’s nothing they’ll just give him this and that and it’s fine. To the cleaning lady, everything is clear. But the professor, he is confused, nothing is clear to him. How can you explain it? The deeper you get into it the more you understand that there are all kinds of reasons here that can create this complication and illness it's not simple because he sees and feels deeply. This cleaning lady thinks they’ll just give him an aspirin and that’s the end of it. It will go away. So were we. When we begin to study Kabbalah people who don’t understand and say the wisdom of Kabbalah is this and that how many angels in the sky you see how people who don't understand anything you see how they speak. People who go deeper in they see how the spiritual world is truly a world. Our world compared to it is like a grain of sand. That’s it. 

S. Like you said people always ask me what is the connection, what is coming closer, so only if you do these actions, that's the only way I can feel when I’m disconnected from this work?

R. You are disconnected, and you don't understand anything in spirituality, so it seems to you like corporeality. You build in your fantasy the spiritual world according to what you know in the corporeal world and it's even worse, because Kabbalists use their language of the branches they take names from this world and what they read up there in the spiritual world I don't know. It seems to you that what you see in this world has any spirituality in it. Jerusalem is the place of holiness of the world, that in the land of Israel and there are places that are impure and there are people like this like that and such occasions during the year and such times and places and people. Everything you have in this world you want to attach to it spirituality, and it's completely irrelevant. It's not spirituality. It is a temporary projection so we can exist in it but it's written you were as dreamers.

S. So what's that famous point that we don't understand that shall we knock on all the time?

R. Only the point that we have in the heart is the point that pulls us towards connection with the Creator. We learn in the wisdom of Kabbalah that this point of connection we can develop it through the connection between us, through the ten. If you're in a ten you can develop the ten to become as one man with one heart by trying to build it above your desire above your thought. You want it because Kabbalists say this is what you should do when you have no choice so you do it. Then you listen to what your teacher tells you every day and you advance. And he wants to advance you through these lessons into greater and greater and a more correctly established connection each day. In it you'll begin to discover spiritual discernments, there is no other way.

S. We don't feel anything any day and everyday we study the same thing.

R. And we don't complain. We don't complain because we have to learn to work in this too in order to bestow. In other words not to demand any result other than to be able to get up tomorrow as well and again try to be a giver as much as I can to the friends and through the friends to the Creator. I don’t demand to see or feel anything, on the contrary, I have to feel to understand that the Creator does it to me on purpose so that I will not be tempted to all kinds of depictions and leave spirituality because I have to first of all acquire vessels of bestowal so big that even if the spiritual world becomes revealed to me that form that will be revealed to me I will also accept in order to bestow. Not for me but only to benefit the Creator, the friends, but not me. When I'm ready for it, the spiritual world will begin to be revealed.

S. So that's the patent, you don't ask for anything?

R. I've been telling you this for 20 years. What can I do if you're not listening, I guess it's my fault.

S. You're not guilty.

R. In short whatever you heard you heard. That’s it. Listen to it again and maybe you'll understand more.