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11 - 14 enero 2021

Lección 11 de ene. de 2021

Lección sobre "Ibur (Gestación) y preparación para el nacimiento"

11 de ene. de 2021
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Morning Lesson January 11, 2021 Transcription is made from simultaneous translation which leaves possibility for error

Ibur [conception] and birth  - Selected Excerpts from the Sources

1. Rav’s Introduction:

Conception and birth, Ibur vLdah, are the primary topic also in our life in the development of each and everything these processes besides the first point of creation all the rest goes over the matter of creation over the still, vegetative, animate, and of course people. This is why this is very important for us, in this process until this very day we have in corporeality, we have many things that we don't understand, we don't feel and we have no control over them. It happens some form always in some way that is concealed, we feel that it is happening here which is unknown as much as we enter the issue of conception and birth. These things are opening up to us as even higher and including within them many discernments that we are as yet having a hard time understanding. even to superficially learn how it works, how it transpires, it is difficult for us even more so to control it and understand the inner engine that is working in it. Of course, it pertains to the force of the Creator and here we will try to start to begin, to start to speak about how this is happening to us. 

How we entered, not in the still, vegetative, and animate, where people in this world belong to the animal world but how this relates to the level of the speaking. Therefore, the level of the speaking gives birth to spirituality this relates to a person in a state like us now and bit by bit with certain effort by him and processes that come from above, from the Creator, how in this person begins to be born an upper Force an upper system so that he will be called Adam according to the system that develops in him, Adam who is similar to the Creator that is. As we in our world realize that there is some secret here in the conception, when a cell begins to develop there is some unknown Force here that gives the cell a drive, a yearning and it starts to develop. Also, in our lives we feel it this way and therefore, there is such a thing for us as some kind of a miracle and all the more so in spirituality. This is why in the excerpts that we have collected the first excerpt says the following, the focal point in the work of the Creator is the first footing, the first grip. 

Meaning, that a person enters the feeling of the spiritual forces that are operating on him by that he begins to feel something of his soul which starts to develop as a point but already he feels it. It is starting to develop that by that he gets some connection, it gets to be connected to the forces that are operating on it and there is an interaction here on his side, from the side of the person. Somehow within these forces and the way these forces are operating on that point. This is the beginning of the Soul when it feels itself like that it cannot feel itself if it does not feel it detects the forces that are operating but only itself. Also, it cannot detect the forces but only when it's drop is ready to be in an interaction with these forces that therefore it is called the first footing, first spiritual grip.

1A. R. We know this ourselves how much we want to enter that first grip on spirituality, some spiritual connection we don't have a lot of time for it, for many years we don't have access to it. We don't quite know what we're missing, we read, we speak and seemingly the words are correct and everything but there is no grip, there is still no revelation of the connection between the upper Force and our own forces. That first grip is precisely when there is an emotional contact and of course this is relating to us, when there is a connection between us and the upper force, the Creator. Usually, that point when it is revealed greatly changes a person, a person begins to see differently himself and the Creator in the form of a partnership that he did not imagine before. He starts to realize that the complete concession that he is willing at this moment already to start to sustain himself, to keep himself in a new life. He begins this way to arrange himself towards the Creator and this is why a lot changes in him. Mostly, it is such inner emotions in relation to life, to himself and to the Creator that earlier they were all arranged out of his natural egoistic desire.  

But now he starts to feel that he is willing to disconnect from his ego, that he has preparations for it, the understanding, the forces so that he is willing to depict himself as existing outside of the point of his ego. To specifically operate in order to bestow, that is to truly feel that he is doing it for the benefit of the Creator and that as for himself right now for the time being, he has no interest that he's actually capable of performing actions, movements, investing forces so it will truly be to benefit others, to benefit the Creator. Disconnection from his will to receive, that he feels it is already one of the components of the process, Ibur, conception and later birth. We will go through these passages and slowly we will try to state in us. 

However, I want you to understand that everything we have studied so far is a preparation for the state of conception and birth. These are very special processes, we study them in the advanced of TES Part 9, 10, 11, 12, these are very special parts that explain things according to the forces, according to the states but already in a spiritual form. It's hard for us to understand it because we yet don't have a grip on it, a grasp for all of these forces as they are lights, vessels and actions. We will study it however you try to develop within us to discover within us these forces of conception and later on from it we will have the birth.

2. S. (11:33) We heard that the first point of action is disconnection from the will to receive and we talked about it a lot, how can we, as a ten, approach that disconnection?

R. Disconnection from the will to receive I said that in an incomplete way we do not disconnect from the will to receive ever otherwise we stopped being created beings there is no such thing as disconnection from the will to receive, there is only a will to receive and a will to bestow. The will to bestow is the Creator who exists before us and he created the will to receive, our whole nature. However, that will to receive when through the force of the Creator, the will to bestow that affects it, when it is under its control it feels that it is restricting the will to receive and it will become capable of using its will to receive above it, not for itself. From that it starts to develop. that is the more the will to receive grows inside of it and at the same time he can grow above the will to receive and use it such that they will receive is not controlling him but rather he is operating above the will to receive as though it does not exist in him. That is the quality Bina, of above reception and later on he can also start working in the second stage which is to receive in order to bestow that is when his will to receive is so much under the control of the will to bestow that he uses it in order to bestow, this is actually our development.

S. Any special attention we need to pay attention to that state of restriction, how it is expressed?

R. All of these actions a person can perform only that he exists in a group and through it through the 10 he receives forces from above, from the Creator. The Creator resides in the group and to the extent that a person is willing to devote himself to the group to that extent he receives the force of bestowal and then he is ready to participate in his construction as Adam. Otherwise, he remains as a drop of semen, still dead it doesn't start to come alive or develop. All the forces of development come through the group and if we will feel them then it is also the fact that every day or almost a year, we talked about the forces that we get through the 10. How can we put the ten together, how to crystallize it, how to connect in the ten and only after that we are there approaching today the matter of conception and birth.

3. S. (15:20) When we learn, we study according to this structure the spiritual formation of the Partzufim, it seems like this contact between lights and will has to start in the Sefirot of Keter, crown, what is Keter in the ten?

R. We're not studying in such a way and we will see, you are correct in something that we start from the smallest Aviut, that's what you want to say and from the smallest force of bestowal and only later we mix it up with the will to receive that force of bestowal, however will study force of the Keter, crown, is a representative of the Creator inside of the created being, for the time being this is the way to say it.

S. That's the influence of the upper one during this process does he influence us through our consciousness or are there other ways?

R. No, we begin to feel how this changes within us the desires qualities, intentions, understandings, discernments in our whole inner world we begin to feel a change that in general you might say the following for the first time in my life I begin to feel myself that I can disconnect from my interest and carry out someone else's interest. Disconnect from myself into what the Creator wants. What the entire vessel humanity needs I feel in myself such willingness that is already the beginning of Ibur, conception. The conception we need to understand, that we are passing from the control of the ego to the altruistic where I feel myself in the Creator’s world and accordingly truly under the control of the group and I want it. It's not that I answer exile or captivity I want it, I already feel in it, that I am getting rid of the chains, handcuffs, locks of my ego and I can perform an action according to my mind and also to my emotion which is entirely for the benefit of others. I cannot yet perform this action but I need to feel that this thing can't even exist in reality that I will shift from the control of the ego to the control of the Creator.

S. This happens in a very clear way, this approach meaning a person disconnects from the ego in the clear way or does the process?

R. This happens from an emotional process I'm saying this as to a scientist in an internal, emotional process where I feel that we're as earlier egoistic desire was holding me, now I actually feel its control that very clearly earlier it wasn't even clear that it was, now I feel that it was in control and now I can already be under the under other control which is that the force of bestowal is controlling and I can shift from one host to the other host. One boss to the other boss this is how I feel it.

4. S. (20:22) What is the secret in this boss?

R. We will study secrets, the secret means something and I do not understand and I do not feel but yet, I guess to some extent but it is closed to some manner but this is how I can say it is a secret here. Otherwise, it wouldn't even say that there is a secret here. A secret means that I have some partial attainment of something. Then I call it a secret.

5. S. (21:16) When we spoke at the beginning of the soul and we spoke of the first imprint, this brought me excitement I felt almost scared about these words so I'm asking you what are related these words here, let's say to the exit of our egoism are utilizing our egoism to the right way so the first time will put in step in another world, what it does this mean?

R. The new world it's the Creator's control, the force of bestowal when I enter under this authority. It's as though I switch from one room to another room, where in that room my ego was in control, it's also not mine. It's simply that the Creator dropped on me that will to receive and I was a slave, I had to do everything that the will to receive demanded of me. Now I moved to another room and there the will to bestow controls and I feel this transition the way I'm moving from one to the other. 

This issue it's called conception, Ibur where bit by bit instead of my will to receive, enters into me in parts, the will to bestow and I accordingly change my thinking, my desire, my intentions, my actions. I begin to see that it is important for me to carry out what the will to bestow is now filling me up with more and more. Sometimes it goes away meaning it leaves me and sometimes it comes back. I want to forcefully draw it back to me so that won't leave me sometimes I feel like playing with it a little of will to receive a little more of this, less of that, I want to have a transition between the states. That way we begin to enter the conception therefore the matter of conception is not simple, it takes time, the entire nine months until a person is born and that's the whole matter of the pregnancy. 

This entire process as we know from our life it ends with the birth and all of these things that happen in the person in this transition from the beginning of the pregnancy when the Creator starts to fill him up with the force of bestowal and until he can already is in control of it of the force of bestowal to some extent and he can advance with it in a way that he can come out of the Creator, come out of the womb. We will study this whole process how it happens in spirituality then he begins to act by himself, but of course he does, he depends on the Creator but externally he then begins the years of Yenika, suckling. More and more what we're familiar with in our lives, it will come, they are very interesting, very important. Because finally we are reaching the transition from this corporeal world to the spiritual world and these things when they awaken through many groups where each and every 10 wants to realize it, implement it through its force when they connect more and more and they want to establish these states inside within the 10. This actually is a truly great act, it is a birth of the Soul, a spiritual birth. 

Later on we have the Katnut, infancy, Gadlut, maturity and more and more until the end of correction but just like in our life we see that birth is the most important, still enter the pregnancy to maintain the pregnancy, that there will be no abortion and to give birth. This is a very important process and indeed there are many things that we don't understand in the corporeal world even how it is happening and how many mishaps can occur there are not so many in the animate world but in the world of the speaking, this world, people have many delays in that many mishaps. When we go through that and a person is actually born there are many additional corrections that you will have to go through. It is the beginning as he says here that the focal point in the work of the Creator's the first footing to reach that we are holding it between us are holding it and we are depicting that we are gripping the spiritual point which is one for the entire 10. We already, it's filling us up more and more and more and that way we begin to develop. I'm not in a hurry with this topic because you realize that now we are coming to a new world, so let's continue.

5A. S.  (28:28) The state of conception that we're entering will we enter it once and remain there for 9 months or is it exits and entrances, ascents and descents?

R. Each state of ours includes ascents and descents in respect to the quality of bestowal and reception one time this way and one time that way, because we cannot receive the force of bestowal unless we have a deficiency. In order to have a deficiency we need to be in the descent under the force of reception to feel it, to understand it, that it is not good in the state that we received it, only in the force of reception. We have to take care of it through the force of bestowal and then that way we have such incursions or you might call it, it's like all of the materials that flow within the body of the newborn. This is already the work of the force of bestowal on our natural force of reception to the extent that we did prepare ourselves and we want to be under the control under the force of bestowal from that begins the first footing. 

Are you listening, from us wanting to annul ourselves in our 10 and so that the upper force, we who are now annulled to the upper force, will influence us and take care of us whatever it wants. We are willing to be entirely annulled from our will to receive. Let him do whatever he wants from that spiritual development in the ten and of the person in the ten, meaning his soul. We are relatively ready for it from sure most of us will go through these things and bit by bit we will incorporate in it you will surely feel in it how the wisdom of Kabbalah is working on you, the message, the process, this whole Torah how it is working on you, sculpting you arranging you so as to become similar to the Creator.

S. I'm asking about what you described when you're under the control of the power of bestowal so it happens but when a person falls from it?

R. We don't want to fall from this, a person by himself maybe you tried such things and you fell because you were by yourself this will happen because it is called an accident in the pregnancy or an abortion. But if you hold on to the friends like you should you will not fall because everyone specifically when you're all connected between you and me to towards one purpose one upper force, mutual bestowal, each shall help his friend, fall of these things that we learned thus far if use it then we start to develop correctly. Only in the moment when you disconnect from the others just like in the body just some organ is cut off from the body then certain of course it is already a mishap because its spirituality as opposed to corporeality there cannot be a part, in spirituality something that is and therefore when something leaves, someone leaves he by this causes a mishap, a malfunction to everyone so we have to very much guard our connection between us and the Creator according to how much each one annuls oneself for the others and how we all annul ourselves before the Creator by that we are giving him the opportunity to take care of us just like a drop that is under the control of the mother's body.

6. S. (33:17) You mentioned that there is a Creator which exists inside the created beings can you explain this?

R. The Creator exists outside of us, within us and he exists everywhere in each and every force that he establishes and he establishes through two forces, the force of reception within us and also comes from him and the force of bestowal which is seemingly coming from the outside. These two forces must develop us and that way we will become his partners more and more, that is our whole spiritual development is according to our partnership with the Creator as much we want to assist him to build a system called Adam which is in order to bestow contentment to him. He greatly enjoys it when we grow and we want to grow in order to delight in.

7. S. (34:48) How can I get to a state of awareness and love for the whole Kli?

R. Obviously we need to talk about it in the 10 we need to talk about each one with everyone and all of us together accordingly to gather we need to find such articles by Rabash and also by Baal HaSulam, you're writing this down find such articles and give to people to read in their free time so that they can find time to read about the conception most important is the conception. This is how we will advance, don't worry, this is the topic with which we will be on the path on them in the next stage. Let's put it this way, there was a stage when we were talking about the whole of spirituality, history, geography and all of the particular forces that exist in each one and you're all of us and the ten, the laws for 10 all kinds of elements of the system. 

Now we are entering from the stage of preparation to the stage of conception, impregnation when we already want to enter into the Creator, we are as an embryo inside of the Creator. In an interaction within we need to be in an interaction with him with the Creator “I to my beloved and my beloved to me” even though this inner connection is still an inner correction that we don't quite understand or feel or take part completely because we don't have the forces for it and also the understanding. Nevertheless, we want by ourselves just like an embryo inside of its mother, the mother controls it not even the mother but the Nature, God, the upper Force. But we by ourselves need to annul ourselves so that when we connect between us in the 10 this is considered the single cell and when we annul ourselves in that single cell by that we are allowing all of the forces of the Creator, the forces of the mother to start taking care of us and then we are already in the womb. This is the degree of Bina, the upper one and we equalize with this Bina, by annulling ourselves and then the upper one starts to bestow on us, to influence, develop us, a cell that has entered into it, into a place from where we can connect with that cell with our 10. 

So we made out of ourselves a zero and the upper one is willing to start relating to this zero, because this is precisely in its womb, in his correct state and then we develop. More and more we annul ourselves one towards the other because we practically understand how we can do it because, this is in the group and if in the group all the friends are willing to annul themselves in order for all of us to resemble the Creator the force of your pure bestowal, then accordingly we let him start to influence us where we are all together as a single point as the first single cell, as the first cell in his womb. Because Bina is already the Creator quality of bestowal, the upper one and we match that quality of bestowal as the single point then that single point starts to receive us. It's like when you open up the Conch shell, we open it and we even with a piece of thread, a piece of sand and around it the Pearl starts to grow. 

So this is how it is with us, we need to get in there even though this is a disturbance on our side, this is the state of the upper upper womb, even though it's ready to tolerate us even though we are not quite ready to annul, teach time we try to annul ourselves we get a new desire and then we annul it and this is while we are in the womb so that it helps us to annul ourselves and to connect and in this way we keep growing from the level of the ego until the level of annulment so the level of the ego, annulment and connection again and it is all already in the upper one, this is how we grow.

8. S. (41:42) What does it mean that he clothes in me but is not revealed?

R. Because these vessels with which we identify, detect the upper one they grow in us, there, gradually, can't you see this in our life?  The baby that's inside of the mother, does it understand, does it feel where it is, when it is born does it know in whose hands it is, who's taking care of it.  It's just a lump of flesh it does nothing but it already exists and everything depends on the care of the upper one, but naturally it is built in such a way that it is annulled to the upper one. We by our own forces must annul ourselves so as to resemble that cell in the womb and later on the embryo in the womb and later on the newborn baby that has no possibility of doing anything for itself. We all want to do anything by ourselves, we want to be devoted to the upper force to be under his control that he will take care of us always until we reach states where we will become partners. It's not that the Creator is dictating to us all kinds of different states that we have to go through but we can even, we even want to grow and be ahead of him. This is the contentment that we can give him when we are truly partners, grown ups. This is how we will grow but look at the stages by which the embryo grows and try to shift that towards our spiritual work.

9. S. (44:04) Which forces might cause a spiritual abortion?

R. Only the power of the ego where we don't want to connect together in order to become an embryo. We are an embryo on the condition that all annul ourselves before each other in order to be one man as one heart as one in the 10, before that we're not a ten.  A 10 is already in contact with the Creator and according to the coarseness that they overcome the measure of it and the force of purity that they attain the force of connection, according to that they are in contact with the Creator so they receive sustenance from him powers to develop to grow and so they grow.

10. S. (45:17) If I understood your words correctly there are two wombs, one is our corporeal work by ego and the other one spiritual world our spiritual works, how do we feel first in the corporeal womb?

R. It means that we come out of the governance of my own will to receive to the control, the power of the group, that's it. Only that. Try to envision these things, to place these things here like this here I'm in charge here, the group is in charge, I'm controlling myself with my ego or the group controls me with its will to bestow and if it seems to me that it's not in the will to bestow it's because I'm in my will to receive anyone who finds flaws in others is seeing his own flaws. So until I see that the group is in pure absolute bestowal, I'm under my ego and to that extent then if I see it I can connect with the group and later on with the world until I come to see that the world was already corrected but I constantly disqualify this through my ego.

11. S. (47:30) What is more correct, if I pray that I can enter the womb of the upper one if I can disappear in the 10 or if I pray that the friends the ten can disappear in the Creator?

R. No, I need to pray to enter the 10 in order to annul myself in order to help them become more connected, more united and to that extent if we feel ourselves to be connected, we begin to feel that we have some contact with the upper Force, that he's ready to govern us and we want to come under his power under his government that's the process.

12. S. (48:44)) When there is already a scrutiny, a certain scrutiny that's a spiritual world is a world of bestowing to the Creator then starts this important struggle or do I do it by myself or with the Creator or together with the ten throughout the Ibur, the conception, what is the main struggle?

R. That's exactly the point around which the struggle revolves that I always start my thought by bestowing to the Creator and so I understand the bestowing to the Creator is possible only through the 10 to the extent that I connect the 10 together, That's why we say that the Creator brings a person to the great fate and he says take this for yourself and then that person builds the Arvut, mutual responsibility and if he does not connect to the 10 building mutual responsibility in it towards the Creator than reforming these actions correctly and he remains in his ego.

13. S. (50:14) My ego is always with me in what form should I take on so that I will be able to enter the state of conception?

R. You need to reach a state with the friends where you see that they are performing the spiritual actions correctly and you are always lagging behind and from that you want to stick to them, to attach to them and by performing such actions with the desire to attach to them then you also begin to feel that you want to attach to the Creator. That's the order, first you have envied your envious of the friends who are at a higher degree, who are more connected. You want to connect to them, you asked the Creator to help you with that and when he helps you with that to come closer to them and with this shared feeling that you have with them then feel that with everyone, you want to adhere to the Creator and then you're ready for the conception.

14. S. (51:50) If a friend leaves the 10 for a few days and then he comes back and then he leaves and comes back again constantly, constant entry and exits, can this slow down the ten in spiritual birth?

R. Of course this is certainly a disruption but sometimes we have to agree with that states as well because that's life, what can you do? The Creator arranges for us all sorts of disruptions in which we have to help each other as much as possible so that we're all always engaged in actions of connection. What does it mean that he leaves, when he leaves, he can be in contact by phone or something, we need to help each other one everyone not to disconnect. Perhaps you had someone closer to him who should call and help him keep his connection to the group don't let him be disconnected in those days where he disappears.

15. S. (53:16) Where comes the desire to annul myself and what specific desire do I restrict?

R. Social articles Rabash writes about this in The Social Articles and if we actualize what he writes, we reach a state where each one is ready to annul himself before the 10 and of course is comes with ups and downs, wanting not wanting, a little bit more, wanting a little bit less and this is all normal and proper because through all that we perform on ourselves scrutinys.

16. S. (54:07) I cannot distinguish the 10 is the womb and I am the embryo or the whole ten is the embryo and the connection between what's the 10 here, what's its role?

R. The 10 is in the conception with in the process of conception within the quality of Bina which is the womb if we annul ourselves then to the extent that we annul ourselves then to the degree of Bina where each one performs a restriction over himself and all of us together, through that we can exist within the womb, within the degree of Bina even though we are all parts of the Malchut grow in that matter more and more, despite the fact that we are the forces of the Malchut we are in the quality of Bina then we say that the Malchut rises to Bina and according to the force of will in each one and according to the restriction of the will, not wanting to use it in order to receive according to our willingness to annul ourselves to the degree of Bina, according to that we come to spiritual development.

S. Here again I listen to your answer again because you're talking about a single person but it's not really that way.

R. Be an individual towards a 10 in the 10 is a whole towards the Creator the Creator is the force of Bina that works on us the Creator, Bina is the womb in which we need to grow its the adapter between Keter and the Malchut and there we grow in the waters of Bina in the light of Hassadim, the light of mercy of Bina which is called water in the womb, in that water we grow that's where we exist.

17. S. (56:29) Where should I annul myself in the ten or in the group, yesterday there was a meeting of the ten in the Moscow group?

R. I annul myself only towards my 10 and only from my ten am I ready to meet with the rest of the tens for a while all of that is only in my 10.I don't want any more questions about that I talked about it a thousand times the fact that you need over there a hundred people, that's not important to me what's important to me is that within the ten you reach a state where you can bestow to each other and annul before each other. listen to this a thousand times that you won't ask anymore.

18. S. (57:48) In the process of conception we become a spiritual cell and we annul but the woman who is giving birth on the outside she has internal symptoms, indications that say if it's a good pregnancy or not, what indications do we have in the 10 for a friend who is annulling towards conception indicating we are on the right path, do we have such an indication? 

R. The signs are that we can annul ourselves more and more towards the upper Force it's not what you're taught as a child, if we were taught to perform all sorts of actions people call commandments, it's all about to the extent we can annul our egos in order to connect with in our hearts in our common heart that we build, the Creator can influence it with the power of the light, the upper Force and that shared will can become the desire to bestow.

S. What needs to happen for one part to annul himself?

R. One towards his friends so we can perform all the actions that we learned so far so for the upper light to bestow upon us and perform the action, why are you asking these questions.

S. How is the annulment manifested?

R. When you're willing to forget about yourself and to be in the friends, just listen afterwards, to what you asked and for a year that you've been studying, and you've been studying many years and you're still asking such questions. check is there room for such a question?

19. S. (01:00:07) What does it depend on that the pregnancy will be good, will be correct in spirituality, the birth?

R. The extent to which the whole ten receives power of bestowal from the Creator, from the mother, from the upper mother in a full way and then it acquires upon its will to receive the power of bestowal and then it is born from the coarseness of Shoresh to the coarseness of Aleph, one.  Then it grows from the outside, on the levels 2 3 4, these are degrees but they're all on the will to receive which hinders the connection but we nevertheless struggle to keep a connection between us.

20. S. (01:01:13) Why does annulment only happen inside of my ten but also the revelation of the Creator and why not outside of the ten?

R. The main thing for us is to build a cell, a living cell within the upper womb. If I build myself along with my friends such a way where we are all connected and prepared each one to annul himself before the others and we are all connected together in such a way, then we become worthy of receiving care from the Creator, from above from the mother, as we say from Bina and then she works on us and she works to develop us as the cell which is not a hindrance which is within her according to equivalence of our annulment. Then she begins to grow us through the power of bestowal and she pumps into us more and more and this process is also a process of the ascents and descents because at one time she awakens the higher will to receive in us and we all grow and multiplies to cells, multiply in the womb as we say. At another time she gives us the power of light, power of connection so that we are connected together according to our measure of annulment and so that's how we grow according to her care, her attending. The more she grows our will to receive the more we ask to be connected in the will to bestow, we don't cancel the will to receive, we only cancel its usage in the intention to receive and we ask her for the intention to bestow, the intention to connect together. 

That's how we grow so she adds matter, the power on the will to receive and we always ask for the power of the screens, the will to bestow until we grow more and more until we get to a degree, you have different terms, three months times three, until we're ready to exist not within the womb but outside of the womb outside of the upper force to be outside of it to an extent and then there's a process of birth which is also not simple. Where we annul our mind, everything we turn around with our heads downward and we come out of the womb and we are ready to grow outside of it by suckling milk from the tit of the mother. She elevates us from the degree, her degree of NHY where we were born to her degree of Chazeh, to the breast and then we begin to suckle from outside, not through the blood, we used to receive sustenance from the mother through the blood but now it's through milk, the light of Hassadim the light of mercy and we also through this breastfeeding, we participate, we want, we don't want, we're ready or not ready willing. We begin to digest the lights which come from the mother, which are the milk, the lights of mercy and so we have two years a period of 2 years which we call the period of breastfeeding and nursing and so on and there's much until we reach the end of correction but now we're in the first stage the very, very important stage, from which Adam comes out the person.

21. S. (01:06:08) in the corporeal embryo we are in the womb in the detaining force for 9 months and in our work we constantly disconnect, is that because we lack this force?

R. We will enter conception that process of conception, we will enter it let's not skip ahead too much

22. S. (01:06:47) What should a person do in order to feel reality only through the heart are there any actions that will make this happen?

R. We need to do what we are studying now to annul each time each one allows himself towards the 10 by that we build a perfect 10 so that in our connection into 10 we will come to feel that the Creator is holding us caring for us, elevating us and through the connection between us we can bestow upon him and can demand that he takes care of us more.

S. In every 10 we have friends that are more purposeful or less does this influence us, does this  affect us towards the revelation, is it enough that just a part of the Creator is going forward or the total 10 should be committed?

R. It's not terrible just so long that they don't interrupt things but if they participate in a more passive manner that's also the Creator takes that into account, of course we need to awaken everyone but to the extent that each and every one is able.

23. S. (01:08:20) Some cases a person is moved from one ten to another 10, one womb to another womb, how should you relate to the previous ten?

R. I operate in the ten in which I am, there are all sorts of situations where a person moves from one ten to another, administrative actions ,we need to try that to see that it happens as less as possible of course, it delays the spiritual development.

24. S. ( 01:09:05) Is birth only once or is it repeated in the process?

R. The conception is the conception and the birth is the birth and then you have Katnut and Gadlut, smallest and greatest, a big adult and so on.

25. S. (01:09:50) In our world the embryo is completely unaware of the plan that is working on him, we say that in spirituality our actions are annulments and it is conscious action that annulment is not yet about the shape of the Creator. So what is our conscious act as a 10 in this direction of conception where does the consciousness, the awareness come?

R. The fact that we connect together so as to come as close as possible to the Creator by annulling our ego because in the Creator there is no will to receive and we make of ourselves a kind of as if there is no will to receive, yes that's a conscious action already. That's how we advance each time all of our actions especially from the beginning of the conception they're all conscious actions, planned with understanding where we want to come to resemble the Creator more and more. Either we bestow upon him or we on annul our will to receive, connect together in order for each one to annul his self so it's all his individuality and all is done consciously.

S. So that plan that we need to study and to develop through as an embryo we start to take a part in it?

R. Now also we want as much as possible to participate in our process of spiritual development with our minds and hearts with our eyes open and if we say that we want to go forward with our eyes shut it means that we don't take into account what our ego wants to tell us. For that we also need to walk forward with our eyes open just a shut our egoistic eyes as it is written you will not follow after your love your heart, that's how it needs to be.

26. S. (01:12:38) What does the Creator enjoy more when he connects us or when he breaks us?

R. The Creator enjoys every thing related to our closeness to him and if us coming close to him requires the breaking of the will to receive then he does that and of course through this shattering, there is a kind of frustration and suffering but the purpose is to make us resemble him on the highest degree that exists in reality, the reality of all the world so he enjoys that as well. This is the meaning of us kissing the rod because it's impossible to restrain the will to receive and fix it to correct it without beating it in a way. 

27. S. (01:13:46) Can a person come individually to a stage of birth?

R. Individually never I don't want to hear such question, the individual doesn't exist in spirituality, it only exists as a small egoistic desire, not spiritual desire. So one who thinks he can come to resemble the Creator individually, how will it come to that, how will he annul his ego, how will he connect with the others in order to build the minimal vessel for the soul which is 10 not 9, nor 11. He must have a group and only in the group can he build a miniature system of Adam.

28. S. (01:15:01) What is the boundary of clear limits for the 10 to enter the limits of conception?

R. The boundaries of the 10 are the boundaries of the will to bestow which exists within those people, between those parts, those are the boundaries of the 10. It is the extent to which we can bestow from our will to receive which pushes us in a centrifugal way where we want to drift apart from each other and we want to bring each other closer together so we can be as one man with one heart and that is how we set the boundaries of the 10.

Excerpt 2 Reader (01:16:06 - 01:17:23) 

29. R. Towards the upper one towards the Creator the power of bestowal.

Excerpt 2 reads again (01:17:29 - 01:18:48)

30. R. What is conception, canceling oneself completely through the 10 towards the Creator in that way one begins to grow certainly here we can understand that if we do not assist each other in the 10 we won't be able to accomplish this alone. I cannot stand before the Creator and become an embryo but it is only to the extent that I can annul myself towards the friends, towards a common goal. That's a goal is more important to me than anything that I have in my corporeal world where I am ready to connect with them whoever they may be, the important thing is that with them I can attain that form that allows the upper force to bestow upon us and make of us and embryo and in that way we enter the spiritual world.

31. S. (01:20:02) The impregnation and conception and the yearning, they exist together?

R. No, it is from my yearning to come to the conception, I connect with the friends, I cancel myself towards them and then I enter a state where to the extent that I enter into them and cancel myself towards them, to that extent I enter the conception.

32. S. (01:21:11) I remember a lesson from 10 years ago when you explained after the nine months of pregnancy we reach a birth and he asks, what should we finish in those nine months of pregnancy and you said we need to finish a cancellation, to finish the quota of the annulment. What does it mean to conclude the annulment?

R. On the same degree of coarseness, the same will to receive, the same rejection that appears between us we need to annul it, to overcome it, to remain connected together and then through that we are born. We will talk about it, it is still early but this is how it happens.

33. S. (01:22:15) In the ten what is the teaching of your mother and the instruction of your father?

R. It is the force of bestowal of the light of Hassadim and the power of the bestowal of the light of Hochma that work upon us, we will scrutinize them later in action to see how it works.

34. S. (01:23:00) Can I accept the blows that they are like the blood that comes from the umbilical cord from the mother?

R. if you cancel yourself towards this ten you will feel how the upper one is working on you and you will feel and begin to differentiate, to understand what the umbilical is spiritually, discerned in spirituality before that it will just be imaginations that will confuse you, it's not worth while to engage in that. It is something completely different than anything in this world, do not tie together corporeality and spirituality. The corporeal body parts and the parts of the spiritual Partzuf, do not tie these things together as we are speaking only about the will, the intention in the spiritual Partzuf it is all about intention nothing to do with our body parts which are unchanging. So try to accomplish everything within your connection in the group. Within your connection with the group is where you will find your true state, your spiritual body and all of the actions that you need to perform with that body and it is completely different to this world.

35. S. (01:24:49) You said we need to understand if we won't help each other in the 10 we won't be able to carry this out, how can we focus on this help?

R. Help them understand that without connection we will achieve nothing, do you have a goal, is the goal important and according to the importance of the goal let's cancel ourselves to attain that goal. We must attain our ego not to erase it, not to throw it away but rather to stop using it in the 10. Then between us through the cancellation of our ego, through the restriction we will begin to feel that the upper Force, the upper light is acting upon us bringing us the will to bestow. That fills us with a higher spiritual air and that is how we will begin to fill ourselves up.

 36. S. (01:26:13)  The conception and the first connection in the ten is that the same state?

R. Conception and the first connection of the 10 is the same state yes, it means that we enter the womb, the higher degree where we elevate ourselves to the first spiritual degree by each one canceling himself in connection with the others. By that we begin to feel that we are under the control of the upper one because we cancel our own governance, each one individually and all of us together and here we need to perform all kinds of exercises. When we feel that each one is an old towards the others and is willing to annul himself towards the others then from that general annulment, the collective annulment, we begin to feel that we are under the control of the upper one because we lose the feeling of where we are under the annulments. Then we begin to feel the upper Force dwelling in us, fulfilling us, controlling us.

S. What is the first grip, the first footing?

R. The first grip is where we feel like canceling ourselves towards the others by that we begin to come into contact with the upper one, I don't want to use the word grip exactly because it's like we grip him or something, no not yet, you have three days for the seeds to be absorbed, there are other processes here and I am very careful about just combining all of these things together.

37. S. (01:28:25) Our personal ego is something that we will be able to organize or organize with goals or it is a strength and a power that we need to cover within the 10 or we can't control this force ?

R. We need to accept our ego to be the substance from which we build the form of Adam, resembling the Creator so all of our work until the end of creation is only in our ego but it is all about how to divide and shape it correctly. First you need to make it one lump of clay that is the force with the clay and water to make it pliable, that it is ready to be worked and gradually we begin to sculpt it, to shape it into the form of Adam, man, gradually. We need with the force of reception which is the clay, the Earth, we need to activate the force of the water. To Malchut we need to add the quality of Bina and from that to bring everything to material from which we can form shapes. We will do it as we go but we need to understand that our work with the ego, here we learn from the work with the conception to work with our ego in a goal-oriented way as we need to build the form of Adam from our ego where we can see only the intention to receive which rides on top of my will and instead I bring the desire to bestow, the form of the Creator and I clothe on my ego and then we have Adam which is Domeh, similar to the Creator and this is what we need to do. The right approach to the will to receive in the work that we do on it, in the right way, consistent way that is our spiritual work.

38. S. (01:31:26) What exercise do you think we should do in order to keep the nullification after every meeting of the 10?

R. I suggest after the meeting of the 10 to try to stay in the feeling that I am always in this meeting.

39. S. (01:31:13) Can we say that every stage of conception and suckling, Mochin,  but they can internally also have the same three states that there is a law of private and general are equal, that is common?

R. Yes, but I recommend to work more with your emotions rather than this scheme, even though the schematic approach helps you in the beginning later you should try to reach an emotional form of work.

40. S. (01:33:09) He writes now we want to adhere to him as prior to the descent, this is called Ibur, why is it referring to ibur as a descent?

R. An additional will to receive when a person gets it, when he enters conception and upon feeling the upper force dwelling on the will to receive, working on it and giving him importance of bestowal, all of that is what a person feels when he enters conception we will learn in the future what conception means. It is not a simple process how a person starts being connected to the upper world this is called three days of conception of the entrance of the seed. When the drop of the will to receive is willing to let go of the will to receive in order to connect to the force of Bina, the force of bestowal has to go through three spiritual days meaning it works on him and then it is considered that he adheres to the upper world and starts developing in it.

41. S. (01:35:04) What is the advice if we say the main part of the work is cancellation in the 10 and our corporeal desires that are drawing my attention should I leave them alone should I only engage in the 10 what do I do with them?

R. If you come out of the control of your 10 then you are out of spirituality already it doesn't matter what you do, do whatever you want. This means the framework of your mental framework, intellectually is your 10 and emotionally when you are in it, in your heart and in your brain well then you are in some spiritual actions, more or less correct. But if you come out of it you are no longer in spirituality you are just like any other beasts, there is no calculation, no count done about you.

S. So the moment this desire is not connected to the 10 I need to put myself by force into the framework of the 10, to nullify myself how do I do this?

R. So whatever you want just don't go out, there is a verse, everything except for exit, going out of spirituality is going out of the account of the 10 out of the thought of the 10.  You have to understand and determine, enough talking about it if anyone is doing his own calculations he is not in our process at all. In our process only tens exist it is very simple there is no other way otherwise you're not advancing towards spirituality. Are you all organized by tens? Go ahead and start advancing increasingly more and from within the 10, if this is not what you're doing you have to understand that you have nothing to expect.

Excerpt 3 Reader (01:37:37 - 01:49:04) reads three times

42. S. This means we have the corporeal world in which we exist and there is a transition to the spiritual world that we have to go through here, conception, a process of conception that is within the upper Force within the mother and then birth. Birth is not a simple process and itself and later the months of pregnancy, growing up until you become first small and then you grow up and become big and then that enters. That means that you enter the spiritual world, suppose like in our world you have consumption birth and then 20 years you grow until you become a human being, so this process is the transition between the corporeal world to the spiritual one. Of course it is not like in our world not according to the same schedule, the same time table but these processes are to some extent are adapted to each other, they match each other.

43. S. (01:41:39 ) Conception and birth, what does he mean do we have hope?

R. It is like in our world until there is something new born out of a person, developing and ready for an ordinary life so you have to have Ibur, Yenika, Mochin.

S. It says that it is foreign to spirit meaning he has no connection to this, this is why I'm asking what does this whole story give to one?

R. What it gives him just like in our world this whole process gives the desire that used to exist in the parents to be carried out in this person that is alive, he exists and keeps going on this path.

S. So we were never born with this, we never had this and we want to reach it we have to go through this whole passage of suffering to turn back into be in conception, I still don't understand why I have to go through this process, I don't have it I've never had it and I don't know how to reach it?

R. Now you are learning how you're going to go through with these things, you never had it, now you will, the fact that you are not a human being we know that, the fact that you have to go into conception now you're being taught how to go into conception to the extent that you cancel yourself to your 10 along with them and all of us to you go to conception. After the stage we calls special annulment is called the months of pregnancy where are you connect more and receive lights and you are born when you can already be under some influence, some bestowal  like a baby and to grow in coarseness, Shoresh Aleph and Bet is called the days of infancy when you are a child or an adolescent then you become a grown-up which are coarseness levels 3 and 4 where you can bestow and help others.

S. This whole process the Creator is helping us and the Creator is doing everything?

R. In your 10 you express your ability, your willingness to cancel to the Creator.

44. S. (01:44:41) We need the courage to be born spiritually?

R. What do you think? As much as you have invested, you haven't invested anything yet, of course you need courage.

45. S. (01:44:57) In the ten everyone is notifying themselves we feel the connection conception from this point?

R. If you annul to each other in a complete manner and you reach Ibur, conception which means you cancel yourself to the upper ten as one and then the upper one can bestow upon the point of connection that you have when you become one. The upper one cannot bestow upon 10 or anything, he bestows upon the point of Keter, which is a Malchut which precedes all of the Sefirot in her as one.

S. What does it mean we nullify ourselves entirely?

R. You don't have to leave all of your thoughts and desires you have to rise above them and to prefer connection and adhesion to the force of bestow upon them.

S. So that is the question, what does that mean to nullify myself entirely?

R. More and more until you reach a state which is suitable for spiritual annulment, this is the way it is.

S. We need a critical mass of nullification?

R. No you don't have to nullify your life it's not about your work or your family you only have to organize your values, what is the most important thing in your life and do you have to have a family, you have a workplace, everything you are, along with that above that which is your inner work you have to prefer bestowal, connection to the Creator above all and no one except for your attention see anything about you changing your life.

46. S. (01:47:30) How do we imitate the upper Force how do we become like light?

R. When you annul yourself to the 10 it is a sign that you are capable of receiving bestowal from the Creator and then according to the degree of annulment in the 10 he can every time bestow more upon you from his goodness, from his quality of bestowal and then he injects into you into your annulment he injects the quality of bestowal and you receive this quality and begin to integrate with it and to act according to the quality of bestowal. This is a spiritual development that happens in the 10.

 47. S. (01:48:41) We are turning into Adam when we enter the spiritual world or at the end of correction?

R. To the extent we cancel ourselves even in the first cell then it is considered that we start building Adam according to our intention.

48. S. (01:49:22) How can I cause the Creator to protect my 10 to be healthy?

R. I can pray to the Creator for my friends to protect us, to give us strength, to cope with the force of the Klipa, our big egoistic desire to receive that separates us that stand in our way that we can understand that these forces must grow within us and that the Creator himself is the one who brings this evil force between us so we may organize it according to the good force. But the good force will always control upon the evil force, that is how it will advance. It all depends on our work and prayer to the Creator to give us the good forces to overcome the evil forces. Both the evil force and the good force is sent to us from the Creator, the good force is something we ask for the Creator to send us and these two forces when they're arranged in the proper interaction between us they build the system we call the human body. It is a system made up of the force of bestowal and the force of reception and this is how we exist.

49. S. (01:51:19) What are the most …. states in spirituality?

R. We will talk about it, it is in order for us to reach the first-degree we call Adam, the first degree of Adam that w e need the inner developments within Bina which is called the 9 months of pregnancy and how to grow there, that is something that we will learn. Maybe there are 300 pages about it in the study of TES to do this process, don't worry everything will come.

50. S. (01:52:07) How can we feel that we need to determine the state of spiritual birth, like here in our ordinary world how do we feel this?

R. That doesn't depend upon us, all we have to do is work on the connection between us to the extent that we connect, we cancel our ego and bring ourselves closer to the Creator’s bestowal upon us. Then according to the size and the intensity of the bestowal of the Creator upon us this is how we grow. Then it turns out that we go through development, resembling the Creator in the way that we are expressing yourself to him, this is called the 9 months of pregnancy. When everything is done through the system of adapting the 10 to the Creator, this is called the womb. There is one more system that works this way, working upon us and supplying us a 10 with all that we need, both in bringing in all of the food for us and also in secreting all of the waste from us, that is how it is called and organized by the upper system, the system called womb. This is a connector, the adapter between the effort force and us, our 10, the embryo. 

Once we receive through the system this adapter between the Creator and the 10 everything we need then this system is canceled already. then the connection we call it through the umbilical cord, for us when we have received all of the nourishment from the Creator through the system to us in through the 10 and into the blood, blood yes, it's a form of the still level, we have grown by our annulment silently ... with respect to the upper light and then we go through birth. After birth when we go upside down instead of being with the head up, we are with the head down when we go through the cervix of the womb, these are very difficult, hard labor pains that we will learn how to go through that. 

Then we go into a new state with our head up where we start receiving new discernment, Mochin, then we start suckling not from the blood through the umbilical cord but through the milk, from the breast of the mother through the mouth. Meaning of our umbilical is closed and our mouth is open and we start suckling through the mouth. All of that is about the group when commonly between them it brings this whole body that we call a baby where everyone takes part in our connection that the attainment and spiritual understanding and attainment with our interaction is done through this baby being born. What we have made of us, all of us and then by that we start developing until this figure when we connect between us becomes a grown up, a person that resembles a Creator, has the forces of the Creator 100%, that is the final correction. 

There are many stages here we can't yet talk about because there are many details but that is what happens. We will learn all of these things as we are entering it now and many more details will be revealed and we will have to clean them from the past, whoever doesn't understand. But I warn you again if you are not in the 10 you have nothing to do here, 10 is considered starting with five or six up to 10.

51. S. (01:58:13) To nullify oneself is this to reach a state that you lose your mind, lack of thought, I'm looking for what to grasp onto?

R. We are saying when I nullify myself, I nullify my egoistic will to receive that is completely aimed into feeling myself, my ego. So if I nullify myself to fill myself however I feel myself along with my 10, it cannot be any other way it's either me or the 10 as one. It's not that I nullify my mind, what I nullify is my ego alone and I think about the 10 rather than myself.

52. S. (01:59:23) You said in order to cancel ourselves we have to go above our desires so the desire remains but we have to be above it, what do we do with the desires that we can't exit?

R. You lack mutual support.

53. S. (02:00:13) Birth and conception do they happen once in the whole time of creation or every time anew?

R. Each and every time.

54. S. (02:00:30) You said we have to organize our values, that our work will become the most important thing, so it turns out that this work of nullifying yourself is an essential component to understand the friends of the ten so it will become easier to nullify when it is important?

R. The ten must be the most important thing because within it I develop that is my soul, my beastiality in this life will sometime end soon, my spirituality I attain within my 10 and the 10 for me is the most important thing in my life.

55. S. (02:01:36) In the first point of attachment do the friends feel something in their five corporeal senses?

R. We need to reach the first spiritual grasp and then we will be smarter, I don't want to talk about things that are still not in you, they are just words, I don't like such questions, I like things that help us make steps that are ahead of us.

56. S. (02:02:16) Ibur, What is this sorrow that we are supposed to feel in the 10, what are judgements and what are troubles to advance in order to come out to a different world?

R. In conception we feel Tzaraot, troubles, Tzar. narrow comes from the word trouble from the word Hassadim, so we must make the effort to draw upon us as much aid as possible from the friends and to the extent that we connect together we can also draw the light of Hassadim to go through all of these stages in a quick and comfortable manner. 

57. S. (02:03:23) You said the 10 is between 8 and 10 people we are 13 and more so what should we do with that?

R. What can you do, that is okay, 13 plus sometimes it's more sometimes less, stay like this in the meantime. There are those that have only two or three not immediately now but they need to have more, at least five or six that is a number like what we had with Rabash. I had a 10 with Rabash, I asked him and he said it's okay that you have only six people.

Excerpt 4 Reader (02:04:30 - 02:07:06) reads twice

58. R. We must make an effort a few times a day to go over at least these four passages, maybe another one or two, I don't know how much we'll have time for it today, but to go over them and to try and see how we are carrying them out. Such that certainly we will get to know these passages by heart, to feel where they are in the connection between us in the 10 otherwise we will not enter conception.

59. S. (02:07:55) What is the meaning of this food of mother's milk in the work?

R. Light of Hassadim.

60. S. (02:08:13) Self annulment is the advancement, our spiritual the movement?

R. Yes, notification is the first spiritual action.

61. S. (02:08:41) From the beginning of the coronavirus many friends have advanced on the path starting from zero lessons and now they come every day to the lesson and it has been this way for a year already but they are still in tens that don't have a core of six friends that come every morning, the same six friends. The question is can these friends enter conception without having this core?

R. Yes, it is desirable that we join them all to our tens it's not that there be 6 or 12, we need them all in tens otherwise they can't advance to build the correct mechanism, it is not just a number of people but rather the connection between them, that there will be a network of connection between them. That they are all in mutual spiritual actions between them of bestowal and this is what we need. Other than this they have no chance to reach spirituality is in need to build a place where spirituality can be revealed and this place specifically is the will to receive that receives the form of bestowal.

62. S. (02:10:08) In the last excerpt number for the last sentence it is written, private providence what does it mean private providence?

R. Private providence is that we feel how much the Creator operates upon us in a directed manner precisely according to the state of the 10.

63. S. (02:10:53) How can we know if we are advancing or if we are just stuck on the way?

R. It is all according to what we feel and what occurs between us, are we building a network of connection for the revelation of the Creator actively between us or not? This is our state, our work, our direction from moment to moment. Are we forming ourselves more correctly in the connections between us such that the Creator will be revealed? How will we know? When we begin to feel that spirituality, the connection between us is taking all of our importance, beyond of course the corporeality that we need to exist, but then we will feel that we are entering a spiritual world that the force of connection bestowal will be more important for us then the force of reception. As much as possible to advance towards this and the connection between us in the 10, this actually is the indication, the measurement, we need to reach this. This is what we're talking about.

64. S. (02:12:38) Why temporarily and not definitely believe ourselves? 

R. On a steady basis I am certain he cannot and it says don't believe yourself to the day you die because you don't know what will happen to you so rather according to the states, the vessels that are revealed now, the states that you need to bring yourself to which is spirituality, the force of bestowal, the connection in the 10 that will be more important for you than all of the corporeality that is revealed. Rather in the next moment you're not the host or the boss here and you don't know.

65. S. (02:13:41) You describe two forces, the good force and the evil force, will this ego also become a good force?

R. The ego forms a very devoted cause it brings you to need the Creator so give it its respect don't give it space but give it respect that it bothers you and you need the Creator and you have no choice to enter into him to ask of him. Without the revelation of pharaoh we can't reveal the Creator, without entering Egypt, the evil inclination we can't desire to exit it and to reach the reception of Torah and the end of correction. So the ego is a necessary matter to be revealed in us.

66. S. (02:14:48) You mentioned about strong advancement, we had a meeting with all of the North America tens and we are struggling to scrutinize what makes a strong 10 and a strong core, can you elaborate what makes a strong core in the 10?

R. A strong core in the 10, meaning each and every 10 that there are two or three friends who are more connected than all the rest this is called the core and then they want to hold the 10 all the time, they are inviting an awakening others to connection, to read and talk about something that has to do about spirituality this is called the spiritual core of the 10. Each and every 10 we have such more or less and we need to respect them and truly love them. They allow us to advance.

Excerpt 5 Reader (02:16:07 - 02:17:32)

67. R. You want to feel yourself in conception? Try to feel that you are nullified toward the upper one and all that the upper one wants that he can do with you, just like the embryo in his mother's womb that whatever the mother's body does with him whatever it wants and this is how we want to be in the control of the Creator. So we connect between us and we feel this connection, we bring this connection to him to do all the stages of Gadlut, greatness but we are ready for everything and wherever we are not ready we are praying to give us the force of devotion of connection to put up with the stages of development. We want to go through these stages from the entrance of our world, the corporeal world, the intention to receive into the spiritual World which is the intention to bestow.

68. S. (02:18:47) How do the Reshimot work in the state of conception?

R. They bring us the new states, everything that I see that I feel here and think these are all Reshimot.

69. S. (02:19:17) When you are connected to your friends in annulment you feel that you are strong, that nothing moves you or concerns you and everything seems to be good but if the Creator wants to disconnect me, how do I agree with that?

R. You prepare yourself ahead of time that even the Creator will do what he does and you accept it as the best possible thing because there is nobody cruel in the Creator's world the Creator is in control and you prepare yourself for every state that maybe by the group you build yourself and network, a security network of such that it doesn't matter where I am or where I will be I can be without heart and mind or one that is opposite to spirituality, I am building still around me I group that will control me and obligate me to think and feel correctly. That's how it is.

70. S. (02:20:29) How can we in our 10 prepare ourselves for that state of conception and birth?

R. First connect between you and talk about it among you, what is it called conception? First talk about it among you in the 10 and then begin to discuss how you get close to it, how you enter it in force, that you are inviting it requesting the Creator to do it to you and then you will see that it is very close and according to your request, the Creator will carry it out.

71. S. (02:21:29) How is it possible to detach your mind while thinking of the friends in the lesson with the purpose of reaching conception?

R. Only to disconnect your mind you need to direct your mind to it.

72. S. (02:21:55) Why is the state of conception called anger and judgments?

R. Because that is how it truly is that we go through the difficult states and we make an effort to pass through them without feeling and understanding so much but rather that only in tendency towards connection between us, with judgements where the will to receive always wants to control we need to overcome it and this is called Ever, anger and Dinim, judgments and we still don't have a force of bestowal, so nullifying times three, towards the effort one with the eyes wide shut.

73. S. (02:22:46) We just read what Rabash writes that it is very difficult to nullify towards the Creator and we are in so much need as we are dead without the request to him so where is this difficulty expressed?

R. With respect to the tens, I must connect with them as one man with one heart for the first time we are thinking about the same goal, the connection between us that we truly feel ourselves for the first time that we are connected together, assembled together truly in connection between us such that we are obligating ourselves each one with respect to the others and all of us together, only in this are we advancing. This is why the anger and judgment is the revelation of the forces against connection that to us appears that it is impossible to do it. The entrance to conception is a very difficult one, we can carry them out quickly or we can stretch them out over time. We will need to give the entire load of effort and then we can enter the state of conception.

S. So the difficulty to annul to the Creator is basically towards the friends, that is the direction?

R. Yes of course, otherwise you are not building nullification towards the Creator, the Creator is in your friends and the extent to which you nullify towards them it is called you nullify towards him, you begin to feel that you are nullifying towards him. Try to do this a few weeks and for certain you will begin to feel that you have towards the Creator the same extent of nullification as towards the friends. There is none else, it really happens.

74. S. (02:25:08) To continue the discussion about the core of the 10 if in our group we have a 10 of 12 or 13 friends that only one or two have a complete framework do you have some advice, how to reorganize?

R. As many friends as you have, out of those you can build at least 6 static?

S. Just means that you need to reorganize all the tens in the group?

R. How many tens do you have?

S. There's one 10 with a group of six or seven and another with 5?

R. Are you talking about you're 10?

S. In my 10 there are five friends who come everyday.

R. Okay so why are you talking about other tens?

S. In the name of the social committee for the groups, in one of the tens there's only two friends to come everyday?

R. That you need to do on your own don't ask me do what you will advance don't do it you won't advance. Either you enter spiritual work or go to the market. I have nothing to recommend here, everything is before you and you must carry it out.

75. S. (02:26:54) He says that a person has to work above reason with his eyes shut, the body resists this work so tell me please what draws us to walk in spirituality, you don't feel anything in the body resists this so what draws us?

R. There is nothing in it other than one thing, soon you will nullify yourself entirely and you will be like a slave towards all of humanity, towards everyone and that you will feel yourself as happy as possible. That you have nothing beyond worry for the others.

S. What is this happy that you're talking about, what is spirituality?

R. Spirituality is called worry for the others.

S. That's all and I enjoy that caring about others?

R. You enjoy that you worry for the others not that you worry to enjoy.

S. Meaning?

R. Worried for the others.

S. This gives you pleasure caring for others?

R. Pleasure doesn't matter even if there will be suffering, that's how it is.

Excerpt 6 Reader (02:28:23 - 02:30:03) reads twice

76. R. WSQ: What do we understand about Ibur, conception that we need to enter? Let us everybody talk quickly as much as possible, clarifying as much as possible how are we advancing towards this? What is this Ibur and how to advance to order?  Let’s do it.