Lección Diaria12 de sep. de 2021(Mañana)

Parte 2 Lección sobre "Conmemoración del aniversario del fallecimiento de Rabash"

Lección sobre "Conmemoración del aniversario del fallecimiento de Rabash"

12 de sep. de 2021

Part 2

Morning Lesson September 12, 2021, Transcription

Transcription is made from simultaneous translation which leaves a possibility for differences from audio

Selected Excerpts for Rabash Memorial Day (Yahrzeit)


1. R. (00:10) We are commemorating the departure day of Rabash, and we will have a special meal for this, and in the meantime, we will read the excerpts we selected to commemorate that date. In a sense, what happened before us, there were many people, thousands, millions of people who wanted to become kabbalists, and all of this it's now on us and we need to try to bring ourselves to the form of the last generation which is the form of many people, hundreds and thousands and there may be more, but I don't believe that there will be much more because after all this path is not for everyone. We are as a small group of people who yearn for it and after us there will be many others but it's not like they need the same actions as us, so don't make any calculations that we need to have greater and greater numbers, no. Maybe another thousand or two thousand or a few thousand more, but I don't think it will be more than that. The more special is the work, the fewer the people who can actually engage in it. Let alone that the wisdom of Kabbalah truly depends on the point in the heart, as no one here came by himself. Rather he felt an urge from within and accordingly he suddenly found by chance some contact with us. He came and connected and according to the reforming light that will influence us, it turns out that we are going through a variety of personal and general processes. There are those here who are already several dozens of years in the process. We are finally starting to enter the first spiritual degree. They're all called faith above reason but for us this is the first degree, our first acquaintance with the quality of bestowal, with all the forces and all the possibilities that we are in. It is a new thing for us, and also for humanity. Accordingly, our state is very new because all of us are part of the last generation and we're starting to feel ourselves interdependent both in the good and in the bad through terror and warmongering groups and also in our desire for connection. So, it turns out that in general, we are all part of one humanity. It is becoming increasingly clear to us that we are interconnected for the time being through unpleasant acts and unpleasant phenomena like this pandemic and so on, that’s on the one hand. On the other hand, we are advancing because we see the connection between us is coming from above. The necessary connection it is pushing us forward. These two great Kabbalists father and son, Baal HaSulam and Rabash, his eldest son, really organized for us the method of the last generation. This is why we are very grateful to them and to the Creator who arranged such teachers for us. Let's see what they wrote about both Rabash and Baal HaSulam on these times, and the actions that they took.

Excerpt 1 (07:00)

2. R. (09:03) This is a personal letter from Baal HaSulam to Rabash when he received Semicha, his ordination to be a teacher.

Excerpt 2 (09:30)

3. R. (10:24) This is what Rabash is writing, that if such people gather and they have one common goal, and they understand that attaining the goal is the most important thing compared to all the calculations that exists between them, and they annul to these calculations for the sake of connection to attain the goal, this is the correct group of people who together can attain this exalted goal.

4. S. (11:05) The matter of annulment to the teacher is very strong in our path and here we understand that Rabash had a kind of work which is unclear how it can be done, which is annulment to his father. So how do you come to such a level of devotion where you can relate to a father like a teacher as well in complete annulment?

R. The Creator arranges each and every one according to special relationships between him and his friends, and him and his teachers, and him and himself even. So that a person if he listens, if he accepts what the teacher is sending him, what the Creator is sending him, then he can accept them and take them correctly and protect himself and relate to it with respect and love and the correct connection to the friends and to the Creator.

S. When we read in the book about Rabash there is this appreciation that is beyond any imagination and it always feels like we are lacking something of the appreciation to the teacher like you had a Rabash or Rabash to Baal HaSulam. How can we come closer to that?

R. I don't know what to say. This has to do with getting to know the importance, the feeling that sometimes a person is thrown out back into his ego and other times he gets to feel the special state he is in, with which opportunities he has that are so unique. You cannot convey how to pass this from one to another. As much as one understands what was given to him, he needs to use it. To invest in his preparation to the friends and the teacher and the Creator as this will always help him to reach spirituality.

S. This matter that you can't communicate from one to the other is also something you can see as some friends have the greatness of the path and the teacher, and you try to cling to them, but it seems that it's never enough as not enough passes from this resource called the greatness of the teacher, so what is the advice here?

R. As it is written that we have to talk about the greatness of the friends and the teacher and the greatness of the Creator, by sitting and talking and scrutinizing these things, because without increasing the importance of these means you can't achieve the first spiritual degree much less climbing later. In each degree we have to attain the relation of respect and appreciation of the friends, of the teacher and the Creator more and more. Without it there's no power to advance. Without it a person doesn't understand that he only wants to promote his self. Spiritual progress is to the extent he promotes them and leaves himself lower down. This is spiritual advancement. Otherwise, he will be promoting himself egotistically opposite from the truth. We will speak about it. This is not so simple as it depends on a person’s subtlety of the Soul.

5. S. (15:56) What in the current state of humanity brings us to the new degree?

R. To the extent that the group is great and the teacher and the Creator in the eyes of the person, to that extent he comes closer to the power of bestowal and enters faith.

S. The entrance into faith depends on the state of humanity or the greatness of the teacher and Society in our eyes?

R. Of course the most important is the greatness of the group and the teacher and the Creator. And Humanity for now, we don't really relate ourselves to them, it will come. First, we have to feel ourselves established correctly in relation to them, positioned correctly in relation to them.

6. S. (17:20) He is describing a state of those walking the path of the creator that are brave and determined and they won't move back. Those qualities are qualities that the light develops in us as a result of efforts to the friends or do we develop this on our own?

R. Here there are seemingly many sources of influence on a person. You are asking where one principle is there here, that if I take care of that everything else will fall into place. The principle is, follow the principle that Israel, Torah and the Creator are one; when a person tries to incorporate in the 10 and he arranges the 10 so it will be a support for the Divinity, for the revelation of the Creator in it.

Excerpt 3 (18:30)

7. S. (19:25) The fact that Rabash has a passage between Baal HaSalum and you is for certain not a coincidence, and the word higher from the place that I came through means a teacher, and in Hebrew I heard that it means an ascent, so when you connect teacher and assent it seems like your character, because you with great patience answer the endless questions, you do so many shows and disseminations. So, I wanted to thank you and the Creator for bringing you to Rabash.

R. Thank you very much, but it's not really not me, it's how I'm directed from above, everything that is good, say thank you to the Creator, and everything that is bad you can tell me.

8. S. (10:46) What does it mean that a man is the angel of the Creator?

R. Basically in this world we need to work as messengers of the Creator, messengers. We continue that same desire from above which the Creator wants to bring to humanity. We have to extend it, continue that way, that intention and that desire and bring it to humanity, because there is no connection between humanity and the Creator in such a way that humanity can feel Him. Rather we have to create that relation so that we will be in both the spiritual degree in faith above reason, and in the degree of reason, knowledge, because we are the conduit between the Creator, the force of Bina, we’re like ZA connected to Malchut, to all of humanity. In this way we can convey all of the forces and discernments to all of humanity, and accordingly humanity will get closer and connect to us and will also rise along with us as a supporting part, as the AHP of the spiritual degree, and this is how we will advance. Our part is called Israel, straight to the Creator, a small part, a weak part, because all the will to receive is in Malchut and we are in a part that belongs to Bina, and therefore we have no power. All of our powers are through humanity that connects to us and along with it we find the strength to rise higher up. All we have is the direction to constantly locate it and try as much as possible to direct our steps toward the Creator. But the power to do this we get when we connect to humanity. On one hand this will be heaviness, but to ask for the strength for it, to raise this heaviness up, we will have to ask for them from the Creator. Then we become as a medium between humanity and the Creator. In this way we and humanity together as GE and AHP will unite.

S. There is a feeling that these moments that we are with you are the most important moments, the most determining moments in our life. That you have a special calculation towards us in the group on behalf of the Creator. How can we use this time to really realize...

R. That's what we're reading about, we have to connect in the 10, and according to the equivalence of form we’ll be close to the Creator. And then the Creator will dress in us and lead us to the purpose of correction. That is the way, there is none other.

9. S. (25:02) What do we need to do to find the Torah from the mouth of the teacher?
R. For this we need to carry out what is written to us. We don't know what is written, like children. How do they know exactly what their parents mean when they tell them to do this or that? But if we do exactly what is written, as much as we can, we will understand the intention of those great Kabbalists, what they write for us, and we will know them through us.

10. S. (26:11) From this excerpt what is the difference between the messenger and the Creator and the worker of the Creator?

R. These are two degrees. One degree is a servant or slave and the other is to be a messenger of the Creator. There are many states of a person toward the Creator. Those two states are very important, and we have to try to be in both. It is written about Moses that he was a servant of the Creator and besides that he was certainly a messenger of the Creator.

Excerpt 4 (27:00)

11. R. (27:28) That is exactly what we need to understand. I remember the situation when Rabash and I were taking a walk in the park, and I asked what I should tell the people who are gathering, because I brought them from different places, from the center. So, he said I’ll write it down for you. I gave him this piece of paper from a cigarette packet because I had no other paper and he wrote it. We have gathered here to establish a society where all who wish to follow the path of BHS, which is the way by which to climb up the degrees of man and not remain as a beast, on the level of a beast. Rising from the level of a beast to the level of the man is only possible through a special method, and this is what we are receiving, especially now as we are learning about faith above reason, which is really the entry into the ascent, the ascent itself. This is why there are those for whom it is very far and those for whom it is somehow clear, but it doesn't matter as it comes and goes throughout the degrees. It is written about it, a thousand times shall a righteous fall and rise, and this is how we advance. The most important thing is not to quit but to continue methodically. And the Creator arranges for us the environment, the world, humanity, everything around us so that we will have no choice, and we will have to constantly think about the spiritual advancement and how to drag along all of humanity.

S. What is the method of Baal HaSulam that Rabash means?

R. I would say the most important principle is faith above reason, to learn from mouth to ear until it is from mouth to mouth. We're still not talking about it as it is still ahead of us.

S. This is something that Baal HaSulam developed?

R. Look, there is nothing new Under the Sun that is clear, as these are not such revelations but it wasn't that known detailed or clear to the Kabbalists before then. They understood it and felt it in more of a detailed way, clearer, to bring it to popular usage. And before them it wasn't like that.

S. So Rabash took Baal HaSulam’s method and expanded it?

R. Yes, he elaborated on it, he took all of his articles, he basically took the whole spiritual path that a person undergoes and interpreted it, wrote about it. It's like one long novel that talks about men's development from a state as he writes here in this sentence, to not to remain as a beast, and how to rise to the degrees of man. And this is what he creates for us and explains to us in all his articles. He really felt that he was committed, obligated to do it

S. Is there an addition that Rabash put in the articles or he just took what he got from Baal HaSulam?

R. Of course he added a lot of his own. There are articles of Rabash and Baal HaSulam. The way he wrote about each of them is the way he attained them himself, but there is still a difference between the father and the son. Rabash attained it in a more elaborated manner because he already had many students in front of him. The students I brought him were very different from people who were completely disconnected from spirituality, that they didn't know what it was like or what it was. They had no respect for it, they were contemptuous towards it openly. When they started learning and returning to this matter more and more, it is not that he learned from them but he still absorbed from them much of the contemporary perspective on religion and the wisdom of Kabbalah which he didn't know that well before. He wrote his articles based on that. This is why on the one hand he is so accessible to everyone, and on the other hand they are very deep, very deep. We don't understand what he concealed in his writing. The more we rise on the ladder of degrees until the end of correction, we will see what that person did for us, and how he wrote about the whole path in a very special way in all his articles. Such states that basically he wrote about the super top degrees.

Excerpt 5 (34:38)

12. R. (36:18) From here we see how he was incorporated in all of humanity and how much he wanted to alleviate their suffering, on one hand; on the other hand, there was no choice but to go through these things. It is clear to those who look at them, it is like a family: if a baby is sick the parents suffer much more than the baby, so the same goes for us. This is how he relates to humanity; he looks at this one dot called love of others, and through it he discovers all of the human suffering. He just shows the perspective of the Kabbalist in everything that happens.

13. S. (36:35) We hear what Rabash wrote and your commentary about his experience of going through this process and truly doing this for the nation. How can we maintain such states because if he wrote it and went through these states, these are really things that he went through with his flesh and his desire, yet he came to the thought as a given afterwards. How do we maintain this relationship with the other so much struggle between the states?

R. The more we rise on the ladder and incorporated within us both the power Bina and Malchut we can be in between the two incorporated and including the qualities of the Creator and the created being, and accordingly we are capable of including within us -- not like little kids who either laugh or cry, they have these jumps -- here it is the opposite, we can absorb these things and tolerate them and suffer; and, at the same time justified by the Creator about everything that happens.

Excerpt 6 (38:27)

14. R. (40:01) Well, these words are well-known. That is the main thing that he writes to his group; this is what he felt.

S. You tell us that there were like six friends with him that were all very old, and here it sounds like they're hugging and dancing. How does he reach these feelings with that group?

R. That is how he felt.

S. What does he do that he reaches such feelings that he writes in his articles?

R. When he opens his heart that's why he feels this way.

S. He does it differently than what we do with the Yeshiva Haverim and the workshops between us? What’s the difference?

R. Well look, it depends on the subtlety of the soul; depends on how much he attains forces of reception and bestowing, one opposite the other. So, in the gambit between bestowing and reception, he has the possibility to feel every person in all of Creation in general. He expands his tools of perception, he calibrates himself to the range between perception and bestowal, between reason and faith above reason, and this is what allows him to feel so expansively.

S. So you really need to make efforts to live in that connection to reach these discernment

R. Yes you have to exert, to feel the connection and the differences between the discernment. Basically, according to this we measured a person. Not like children -- he cries and then he laughs, he cries and then he laughs, for the child there's a short distance between the two -- a great person has great vessels.

S. When Rabash started studying with Baal HaSulam, he didn't have that group that you came to, so how did he get all this knowledge from Baal HaSulam and the spiritual feelings? How did it work between them?

R. First of all, he learned with Baal HaSulam even though Baal HaSulam didn't want him to learn, because Baal HaSulam kept everyone away until they were married. He wouldn't let them study until they were married because according to the root and branch, a bachelor is forbidden to study, an unmarried person. Afterwards, we went into the last generation and then everyone is obligated to learn, so anyone who wants to, of course not by force or coercion. But Baal HaSulam wouldn't let Rabash come into the lessons until he was married, until he was eighteen. He wouldn't let him sit in the lesson, although Rabash said “of course, I would give him a coffee or do something so I was around him all the time, but I wasn't sitting and studying and asking questions like a student”. After he got married, the next day, he was permitted to come into Baal HaSulam’s lessons. Baal HaSulam would usually start learning at 1:00 a.m. He himself would get up at 12:00 midnight and that's when he began his day, at midnight, half of the night, he would come to study after that, all the time. For us today, it's not important as today we're in a different time and situation, and we shouldn't take examples from there. Today is the last generation when everyone has to study men, women, children, grownups, it is for everyone.

15. S. (45:13) You said that in Rabash’s text, there is a great depth in there. Is there a certain degree to each article or is it part of one whole? Why do we need so many excerpts if all of the stages can be in one letter?

R. Look, what we are learning according to our lessons, it is not like it was written somewhere but rather that we learned with Rabash, say half the lesson, an article that he wrote at that same week, and during the other half, Study of the Ten Sefirot, that is how the lessons were divided, and we would study the article the way he wrote it. Today, if we study an article in this way, I think everyone will fall asleep after half an hour, not after an hour and a half when we finish it. So, we have no choice as I'm afraid, I think that people will not feel substantial changes in every lesson, that they're making some advancements, because we are spoiled and our patience is not great. Therefore, we study from excerpts but in these excerpts, there is the extract, the essence of these great essays of Rabash and Baal HaSulam. This is why I established this method in this way. Do you want to learn according to articles? We will get to them soon but there is a lot of material that we need to study first. We have to build ourselves as the material that we are building now, is according to our situation, just know that it wasn't like this before. Until Rabash, no one learned by articles as there weren't any articles. They would just sit and study. How did they study? They read the Zohar or even heavier or more serious books. What did they do? They would wait patiently until the light reformed them, that’s it. Until what they learned influenced them and they received some changes, and this is how they learn for generations, centuries. But we are not in that state: we’re like, ‘either you give it to me or I'll quit’, and I'm afraid you'll quit. This is why I tried to give you each day some sweets, something to keep it interesting because this is how people are built, today, with their egos. This is our problem; we have to take it into consideration.

16. S. (49:18) Rabash writes that he doesn't have anything to give to humanity except prayer. Is he hinting at something or does he mean something deeper than prayer or how to pray correctly for humanity?

R. You can't teach prayer, it has to come from the heart as the prayer is the work of the heart, and therefore we can only explain it. But in truth, according to the direction of our hearts, when we want to connect and we want to direct ourselves to the Creator, to approach Him, to be incorporated in Him, according to all those inclinations, tendencies, basically we are in a prayer. A prayer is not what we say with our lips, a prayer is what we feel in our desire, in our hearts, and therefore this is the main thing.

S. Basically he wanted to convey the message to all of humanity?

R. No, it is written, “raise the boy in his own way.” Meaning you can't take the same method and go to everybody, with it to everybody. There are people without points in the heart, that the point in the heart is not speaking through them. You can't come up to them with ‘faith above reason’, they won't understand what you're talking about, they won't understand. Or it’s people who are ready for spirituality in the future but right now, their ego is so big that it won't let them see that there is such a thing as bestowal, you know? I remember, myself, that also ‘faith above reason, what is he trying to say? I don't know what is studying, “mouth-to-mouth”? I don't know, these are things that you're able to hear about after many years, and also, we need to take that into consideration towards others.

17. S. (52:08) In the last article, I think there's a lot of secrets and you can't reach spirituality without certain types of emotions and here in these pieces we just read, there is a hint of how to achieve that all the reality is through the friends. But I miss something to connect all the dots to achieve what Rabash is so gently describing, here, so how to get to the point where I say in my state there's no other reality than the friends exactly like Rabash said?

R. We are trying to do it, we’re trying. Scrutinize between you and again through the questions, through efforts, we will solve it, we’ll get there. Still, we’re advancing and today we feel a lot more than we felt a few months ago.

18. S. (53:28) You said before that Rabash wouldn’t let students come into the lesson who weren’t married. What is the meaning of ‘a wife’ on the path?

R. In our times, it is also to explain to them as much as we can, too. Our lessons are open, and for questions and answers, we do this once a week. There really isn't much to ask, truly. When you ask it, also, covers the possibility of questions that they would have asked.

19. S. (54:19) In the aspects concerning the departure of Rabash, there is no question about his contribution to our spiritual path. My question is different, on the path we're going through with your guidance, who was his personal disciple, does this remembering, commemorating help us build the soul of Adam HaRishon because we're incorporated with his writings and guidance through you?

R. Of course it is because, by this, we connect more and more to the method, another part and another part in advancement towards connection. That’s why it is worth it to mention him and his method because from him we are drinking, we are receiving all of the spiritual forces. Whatever you do, we are connected to the Creator through all the Kabbalists that came before you and pave the path for you, even though you don't know them. But for certain, that is how you are connecting to the Creator and it can't be otherwise.

S. In a special situation as his disciple and our teacher, you are in fact the only one who can, beyond the structure of the soul of Adam HaRishon, the personal relation through a personal acquaintance, how do you feel towards his departure? Are you sorry, are you happy that he gave us the special abilities through you that he gave you from the Creator? How do you relate to the departure of Rabash?

R. My attitude towards it, is that I, as all Kabbalists in all generations, have to keep the path going, to teach the students, and as much as I can make of them, good teachers faithful to the advancement of all of humanity, that is it. And the more I can pass to them the essential and important points in man's development, that they don't deviate into all kinds of directions that usually the will to receive wants us to make mistakes in. And that we will keep going neither to the right or to the left and all kinds of methods but we have to stay on the way that is on a middle line. That all of humanity, no matter what states they are going through, no matter what methods that they are in, religions, faiths, doesn't matter, they will be able, along with it, to keep going with the wisdom of Kabbalah without any problem, and advance in that way. I can't speak about it much but you will understand more and more how the wisdom of Kabbalah doesn't belong to any religion, any faith, any nation, nothing. It is completely a method in its own right that's why it is open for everybody and can live along with any other thing a person does in this world. Let him do his corporeal business, faiths, prayers, anything Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, anything, there is no problem, please let him do it. We are speaking about the connection with the upper force that the wisdom of Kabbalah is developing in a person, that is equal to everybody.

20. S. (59:19) Why when we read Rabash’s articles, they are pulling us in, they’re close to us and we read Baal HaSulam's articles, it seems as if a person is speaking to you from outer space? Why is there such a difference?

R. You could be right, a bit. It’s because Baal HaSulam was in a period that even though he wanted but they're still wasn't a real ability to, in practice, turn to the public abroad, the public of students; as Rabash, that's why what he wrote, he wrote in an upper manner, more scientific, more spiritual, and Rabash already was in a state that the wisdom of Kabbalah was in a descent towards people -- it came closer, not a descent -- that it came closer to humans, to people, that’s why he wrote it in that way. There were students in front of him that I brought to him from Tel Aviv, meaning guys all free from anything, weren't dependent on anything, on nothing. This is why it was easier for him to speak to them.

21. S. (01:01:05) Last week I watched a clip from the archive which your friend came to the group and made a speech to the friends. And I remember he mentioned that “Rabash kept Michael closer to himself than me, even though I was with him longer years, but he kept Michael close even when he gave his personal notes about spirituality to him.” So, my question is what did Rabash see inside of you, why did he keep you so close to him?

R. Look, the moment that I found that place where you can study the wisdom of Kabbalah and I knew a bit of it, whatever I could know before for a beginner, When I learned for half a year, I decided that I am going to the Rabash and only studying, this is how I organized my life. I had a big house in Rehoboth, I had a penthouse, and I moved to Bnei Baruch, and I changed everything. I don't know exactly, you would have to ask Rabash about what he gave and what he did. I am discovering, today, all kinds of things that he implanted in me. And in that whole group we had, it keeps going, it’s not like it happened then and now it isn’t, it keeps going and going in this work. He is the connector between us and Baal HaSulam’s path to the Creator. So, it is all there and each one can come and connect through the entire system, and this is what we are doing to the Creator and receive guidance from Him. Eventually everybody gets guidance from the Creator, himself.

S. When I see your devotion and when I read your journey to Rabash and what you did, your service to him, I feel like I’m doing nothing. I am just sitting in front of the computer clicking and joining the morning lesson, dissemination. But when I look at the effort and devotion that you gave to your teacher, I'm nothing and I feel jealousy toward you.

R. I'm happy that that's how you appreciate me but truly each one of you is doing great things, and if you take into consideration the state of the generation-- so when I was with Rabash that was 45 years ago -- the difference is clear, it’s obvious how the world has changed. So, every generation and its people, we have to work in this generation. I am teaching you and you are learning and organizing in the 10s, this is the main thing, and through the 10s bestowing to humanity. That is the next stage we are going to get to and from now let's just adopt what is coming to us from Rabash.

Excerpt 7 (01:05:53)

22. S. (01:08:24) How did you manage to understand that Rabash and the path of Baal HaSulam are the way toward the truth?
R. It took a long time, a long time. Look, we have people who are here a few months with us and look what they’re hearing, look how out in the open and how simple the explanations are, as much as possible obviously, because everything goes next to the ear but something goes into the brain, into the heart. In my time, we didn't even talk about this, you hear an article and until he even started writing. You read TES, you have no idea what it’s even talking about. You are studying the mechanics of the actions that take place, who knows where with some principles you hear, a screen, restriction, direct light, you have no feelings in it no belonging to it, it was difficult. Until you start, more and more to enter what we call faith above reason, that you start feeling that it is all in the force of faith, the force of Bina, it takes time and you can't bring these things quickly to a beginner. Also, you know that there are people here for many years, and then they can come up to me with a complaint, “why are we studying for 20 years and we didn't get this in the beginning of our studies, and now people are coming now and they get it. They came a month or two ago or a year or two ago and they are already hearing about this whole mechanism, that by this we go from degree to degree that there is nothing I can say. Time is allowing it, permitting us and we see this also from the excerpts that are written. There were generations that the Kabbalists didn't tell their students or reveal anything as much as the student was maybe, able to understand, let him understand because everything depends on the vessels. Now in the last generation where everyone can study and everyone can hear and listen, this is why we are speaking in such a revealed manner to everybody and it doesn't matter who. Where are you from and what nation and what time and place our language, anything you want to hear, please sit and listen and we will try to give it to you in a clear language with as much as we can to bring it close to you. We were never in times like these before, this is why this is the way it is happening so we need to understand how to respond to it correctly.

23. S. (01:12:33) The way that you went through we can see you had desire and you had a deficiency in you were willing to sacrifice, this yearning that you had is far from the usual as I remember you said the Creator created everything else besides the yearning, how do we get such a deficiency?

R. You already have this yearning.

S. But I want it for my friends as well.

R. It says that envy, lust and honor take a person out of this world, meaning help a person ascend from one degree to the next and take him out of this world into a higher world, into a higher degree, so it is good that you are envious and it is good that you want with the other has and this is how you advance, the envy of the author's brings wisdom. We have to help each other by being envious of one another and connecting all our vessels and from this we will truly get a big vessel. By great envy like the Rabbi Shimon students who reached such states that they wanted to kill each other, do you understand what this means? Could it be that envy would raise them up so high?

Excerpt 8 (01:14:35)

24. S. (01:16:19) There is a quality that is very obvious that passes on from Baal HaSulam to Rabash and on to you, which is innovation, being a trailblazer each in their own way, how do we continue this line to also be innovative and trailblazers?

R. You will feel it, no problem, life changes, the generation changes, the state changes and the method changes accordingly. You can't bring to the world today the same things that were there a hundred years ago or hundreds of years ago, it won't work on the people of today. You need to bring them and give them something in their hands and proof from science, from Psychology, from any other thing on one hand. On the other hand, it has to be more clear what the difference between religions and the wisdom of Kabbalah is, that here we are speaking about the will to receive and every person and it doesn't matter who or what he is, that the main thing is that he wants to discover the essence of life and the purpose of life and the development itself brings the necessity to speak in a new language. This is how we advance and this is why there is no problem as you will also feel that you have what to base your new attitude on, life itself will open like in science. The wisdom of Kabbalah is the science of the general system of reality, so like the small systems in our world that work in a limited manner of our world they are doing the same thing, they are opening more and more and according to that we are discovering modern science more and more. This is how it is, there is nothing special about it, what is special is that we are working in faith above reason, meaning our science is on the degree of Bina not on the degree of Malchut like all other wisdom and sciences.

25. S. (01:19:27) Thank you for giving us this wonderful opportunity with Rabash and Baal HaSulam, but don't you think it's high time to go full force into the world like Asia and Africa since this is all about the science of connection?

R. I really want it but it depends on you not me, you tell me what else I should do, look at the archive at how much material we have there that I have prepared for decades, 30 or 40 Prefaces, TES, all kinds of books, Baal HaSulam, we have read articles of Rabash, lectures on Shamati, conversations with all kinds of people, women, children, please start disseminating it to Africa, to Asia, please I'm very interested. Like Baal HaSulam writes that it's for everybody, red, white, black for yellow, for everybody, so please, but don't turn to me to do it as I can't. Really, I am old and also, I have a problem with languages, I hardly know two and the rest I am really closed. So do this as I really hope that people with the right approach awaken and they will disseminate to the whole earth the wisdom of Kabbalah and also on the internet and all other places that will reach each and every person in the language he knows and the style that he can understand and that is how we will do it. Let us hope, Rabash for sure would want it like they write, Baal HaSulam and Rabash. There is a meal this evening to commemorate Rabash.

26. R. (01:23:03) To prepare for the meal, read what is written in the document here and prepare a few songs by Rabash that he put together himself.