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29 agosto - 15 diciembre 2020

Lección 9 de dic. de 2020

Lección sobre "El trabajo con fe por encima de la razón"

9 de dic. de 2020

Morning Lesson December 9, 2020 Transcription is made from simultaneous translation which leaves possibility for errors 

Excerpts from the sources: “Work with Faith Above Reason”, #43  

Rav’s Introduction:

1.The wisdom of Kabbalah teaches us and prepares us for a state where we would be able to feel in which force we exist in one upper force called the Creator, the general force of nature. Elokim God in Gematria is the same as nature and how we will feel this nature and accordingly we will start to behave correctly. Until then, at least we need to go through a degree which is called concealment so that we will want to be like the Creator, to attain Him which is considered to be according to the equivalence of form. As much as we are capable of understanding this from the writing of the Kabbalists, from what we are being taught, therefore if the Creator is not being revealed, that He sends us what we call teachers, guides that tell us that we should do, this and that, write to us from one generation to another generation all kinds of text so that we will keep them somehow as much as we're capable of gradually and then we will be able to reach a state where the Creator will begin to be revealed according to the changes in us. Therefore, the whole difference between those who call themselves believers, all kinds of religious people and Kabbalists is a Kabbalists always wants to change to get better, to adapt himself to the Creator in order to discover Him, to reach his revelation and also to continue more and more to adapt himself to the Creator, to match himself to the Creator. 

The whole wisdom of Kabbalah is intended, aimed for a person who wants to match himself to the Creator. It recommends what we need to do, telling us that we have to try to connect between us and then by that, as we adapt ourselves to the ten, then each one of us will become closer to the quality of the Creator. They explain to us how different we are to each other, specifically through the differences between us, from the side of nature and the connection above our corporeal nature we reach a state where that is called close to the nature of the Creator. He unites everyone. He is the One Then, also seemingly, from the differences between us when we try to be united, connected as one, by this we come closer to His nature. This is why the Creator created us first of all like Him and then he broke the connection between us and now we need to yearn for that connection so that we had our connection, our inclination, our desire, all of these exercises that we do in order to be connected as one, by that we build Him. This is why it says, you have made me.


Between us we establish the image of the Creator by wanting to connect and then according to the equivalence of form between us, what we build as our vessel and what the Creator is, who is hidden, we reach a state where we become revealed according to the equivalence of form. He has the upper light and forms the vessel. When we connect ourselves in such a way that according to the nature of our connection and His quality, we begin to be similar to each other, become one. This is how, even though we are all very different, we should be drawn to be as one because specifically only, by that, we bring ourselves closer to the image of the Creator, we become like Him and we can discover Him. This is why each and every day and even a few times a day as it says, they shall be as new in your eyes. We begin from zero and even worse than because yesterday, let's say I attained something, I was engaged in something, I had something. Today, I get up or maybe in the middle of the day, suddenly I disconnect, maybe. I discover, myself.

Once again that I am. Who am I. Where am I. And  how do I even belong to this whole process of correction, of coming closer to the Creator? There's nothing and then once again I need to start my work seemingly anew and as it says, they shall be as new in your eyes. We begin each and every degree from zero because it is a new degree and it has its own zero and its own final connection and then again and again in this way, each and every time we begin each and every day as it says, day to day shall utter speech. This is how we measure ourselves and bring ourselves closer to resemble Him. This is why we should already get used to it even though it's not simple but each day we begin from zero and each time we build ten Sefirot, new ten Sefirot between us until we reach through these exercises more and more a state where the connection between us reaches such an intensity, such a unity.  

The intensity is according to the coarseness and the quality is according to the refinement but by this we have built the Partzuf. It has Aviut, coarseness and restriction, that nobody wants to use his own ego but only use all of our forces in order to connect. This is the refinement meaning restriction, screen and reflected light one towards the other that we would want to connect ourselves together and then in that connection together we begin to discover this essence which is called a spiritual Partzuf or soul and by that we already match ourselves, resemble ourselves to the Creator, one unique and unified.  Even though each time we might feel ourselves as more distant from each other and truly from one day to the next maybe it is becoming more difficult for us to awaken towards the connection between us. Well we had already yesterday and the day before, what will it be like today? In all aspects, we despair, we move away from each other, we see that seemingly it's all the same. Where are the innovations, the changes? 

So that we can truly attain it, attain something as our own unique attainment. In spite of that we need to understand that every degree starts a new from zero and from a state that is even worse than before because every new degree is a greater Aviut, coarseness than the previous degree.  Until upon all of the coarseness that the Creator is giving to us according to the root of the soul of each one and also to the root of every ten then we reach such a connection that it, in this connection according to the coarseness and the refinement he can already be revealed. The connection between the light and the dark, of the status between the light and the dark, between the coarseness that comes to us as a feeling of separation, distance and lack of taste and the feeling of connection that we sometimes achieve and that we feel and that were inspired by, the difference between the two should be such that this contrast, this difference between the coarseness and the refinement which we achieve, attain inside of our vessels, it already begins to be sufficient so that darkness will shine as light. At least the light of Nefesh begins to be revealed and this is how we already enter the path of the light. This already exists in us but still it comes here and there in a few groups. It doesn't yet reach or it may reach the intensity where we can already identify that, yes indeed, in the connection between us and between the rejection and the inclination towards connection we have this gap, this tension that's reaching such a state.  This volume reaches such a state where already it's like a lamp can turn on only on the condition that let's say it has 220 volts there, so it has to be a sufficient voltage or attention according to the intensity of the connection between them and according to the intensity of the resistance, the opposition between them, then darkness shall shine as light because the intensity of the connection comes from the intensity of the disconnection that we have between us. 

The more we overcome accordingly we reach discovering the Creator. Out of the darkness in our vessels we invite Him, we draw Him into the connection between us. Therefore it's very important for us not to forget as it says would you when you lie down and when you get up that when we wake up also from the side of the darkness immediately we should wake up towards the light as quickly as possible but we need to respect the darkness because the advantage of light is out of darkness.  Then the more we have darkness, we talk about it that when we get up in the morning let's say as much as we have no desire, no mind, no right thoughts or anything but I already respect I get used to respecting these dark states.  Specifically those states when I bring them to the connection between us, by that, I turn on the light in my dark soul. That is, the Creator is revealed more and more. Well, we can talk a lot about it but well you know what, let us read from all of these excerpts that we have here before us in our work above reason, selected excerpts from the sources, let us even read the very first one even though we reached 40-something but let's read the very first one. The first excerpt from there it is actually, it's one that I'm very much fond of. 

It says the following approximately, except one before what is fit to attain to the truth meaning that the Creator fills up the whole of reality. This is called Truth. Emet. Aleph Mem Tav. the Hebrew letters. These are the three forces we have in creation. Emet, Truth, the word Emet in Hebrew is composed of these three forces, Aleph, Mem and Tav.  Aleph is the first letter in the Hebrew Aleph Bet, Tav is the last letter in the Hebrew Aleph Bet and Mem is in the middle, that  is Bina. Malchut, Keter is Aleph, the Aluph the champion of the world, Mem is Bina linking Keter with Malchut and Tav is the last letter in the Aleph Bet.

This is how we advance as it says. Before one is fit to attain the truth he must believe that the truth is not as he knows or feel, as it says, they have eyes but see not, they have ears but hear not. That we don't feel where we are, we don't have eyes, we don't have ears, it's all blocked, we can't feel the world of truth, we are walking in darkness like that. This is because of the correction, it was done this way by the Creator. Why did he place a concealment over us? In order for man to achieve his wholeness specifically through concealment we reach the revelation from reason to faith above reason, from Malchut to Binah, from reception to bestowal. For he feels only himself and not another reality. This is how we are enclosed, blocked, I don't feel anything outside of me, it seems to me that I feel things that are outside of me but we learn together from the perception of reality that what is it that we feel? We feel ourselves. The whole reality that Kabbalists write is taking place inside of us.

 As Baal HaSulam says in the Preface to the Book of Zohar it seems to us as though it is happening on the outside but the entire universe, all of the galaxies, all of the stars, all of the planets and on planet Earth with everything that is on it, it is all me. However in order for me to develop, I have a feeling which is as if it is all outside of me. It's like a person who is unconscious or sometimes how it seems to us coming out of a dream, that's why it says we were as dreamers, that we imagine to ourselves as if it is happening like in a mirror. I am travelling, I am doing something as if.  Later on I wake up and I feel that the true reality is not the way that I was dreaming. The same thing is happening to us with the revelation of spirituality, it is also that we were as dreamers. That's what it says. This is why, well in the meantime, we see reality as if it is outside of us but it is all inside of us. When we wake up, we will feel that it all just seems to us in a dream and then we will wake up from that dream and we will start to feel the true reality. 

Hence, if one returns his heart to trying to walk in faith above the intellect. What does it mean faith above the intellect? That is not the way that I now see it that this is reality but rather reality is different. I imagine it you might say so for the time being, that I exist in the Creator, in the upper force. He is entirely bestowing upon me and what seems to me that there is a great world, it all exists inside of me and I need to receive the upper force, the Creator inside of me that he fills up everything and he arranges everything and what does it tell us next? Rather to try to walk again in faith above the intellect, by this he qualifies it and establishes it so as to achieve the revelation of the face. Then I gradually come closer to a state where indeed with all of my efforts I start to detect that it is the Creator who is inside of me and outside of me and in short filling up the whole of reality. 

This is how I will start his revelation as it is said in the Zohar, yes, that the Holy Shechina said to Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai there is no place to hide from you, meaning that a person should try so much to detect the Creator who exists and it's filling up the whole of reality and he is trying to do it of course through the ten. Otherwise he has no possibility to discover it, to come closer to it, to begin to have a grip on it in a way. So as much as he connects with the friends, as much as he wants to be inside of them, connected to them, he sees the ten that he has to be included in it come and mingled in it, that he simply needs to disappear there right? To bring himself to a state where seemingly he does not exist, he only exists in them, in the friends. This is actually the example that the Creator is giving us to each one he gives his ten, his friends so that if we in heart and soul want to do it this way that there is no me but only how I can diffuse myself through truly how can I say this, what is the word? To dissolve maybe, what else, be absorbed, that's better, to be absorbed inside of the friends in such a way I feel that there, behind all of the friends, I will attain the Creator. That He is standing and waiting for me to perform this action and well this is how we advance. Then what I start to feel is the light of faith, the light of faith is the feeling of the Creator, the feeling of the Creator and this is how we advance and this is called faith above reason. The reason is what I had before, this is how I felt reality, the way I saw it with my own eyes and heard it with my own ears but now I start to feel the reality which is behind all of my eyes and ears to the friends, I reach the point where I discover the Creator. The Creator that is the upper light starts to fill up my vessels since I connected with the friends in the ten, the Creator then fills the vessel, these ten Sefirot, they are already called Sefirot, not connections and desires because Sefira, means it shines, ten manners in which they shine in me and this whole connection is called my soul and this is how I reach the first revelation and then I begin to advance more and more. This is called reaching faith above reason. 

This is the topic of our first lesson, to feel, to reach a feeling of bestowal towards the friends and there, to be with the host in mutual bestowal the Creator to me and I to him through the ten. This is how I arrange my contact with him and this is how we begin our revelation in each and every day even a few times a day as Rabbi Zusha says, or Baal ShemTov already 400 times I already was in disconnection from the revelation of the Creator and connection, the cessation and connection, because specifically through this frequency the more reach it.  Even in our technology in this world the higher the frequency it is considered that we are advancing in our connection in our ability to, the ability of our connection, communication to include a lot of information or sensation.  It's the same with us the more we disconnect and reconnect, from that as it says from Zion the Torah emerges. From Zion from the exits new vessels will emerge that will help us discover the light. So this is actually our work in faith above reason to achieve the force of bestowal, the force of connection with the Creator and that way to discover him according to our equivalence of “I to my beloved and my beloved to me” and this is how we will advance. Well let's answer a few questions and then we will continue with our excerpts so let's start…

2. S. (24:08) In my corporeal life I constantly want fulfilment and when I'm with the friends there I want to bestow for the benefit of the friends. It's the same life so why is it that way? Where is the confusion within me? In my corporeal life or my spiritual life?

R. Your material life, leave it aside, there it has nothing to do with spirituality for the time being. Don't tie one with the other. Later on in the future we will learn how to tie corporeality and spirituality together. It's not simple. It will take us a long time yet until we will start to discover what connection exists between one and the other between the world.  First we need to discover in the upper world ourselves in the world of bestowal and this is why I don't quite understand the problems that you are describing to me.  If you have a group and you do have a group, a good strong group, I respect it very much, I love it, I still remember how you received us nicely and then you had a nice Congress in Bulgaria, we all remember it so what's the problem? You have everything in order for you to discover the connection between them and in this connection you will discover the Creator, as Rabash writes but behind each friend I need to identify the Creator. The connection between us should be only in order to build it so it is similar to The Creator, those connections between us. Every friend who is revealed, I accept him that seemingly this is the Creator who is telling me something, conveying something to me so then I accept what the friend says.  In this way I advance more and more. I absorb all of the counsels of the friends, all of the influence of the group so that by this I'm coming closer to our connection and I would like everyone to be in this connection. I think about them. How can I bestow to them? In return, each one according to how much he is capable of, as much as he has in his character and in his desire, his power, his situation today right now and this is how we advance. I don't quite understand the difficulty. If you have a group and I wish everyone would have a group like the one you have, there is no problem when you are in such a group that you cannot reach a connection in which the Creator will be revealed. Of course all the friends are very different and the more we will grow, the more they will be more and more different from each other and what will be felt in me more and more is very much scattered in all kinds of different directions but I need to try specifically to connect them more and more. By this, out of this resistance, I bring it to connection and then the gap between the shattering that I discover each time between us in all kinds of different manners and the connection between us this is what makes the Kli, the coarseness and the refinement, the coarseness and refinement. In this way each and every time until the Creator is revealed and he starts to be revealed in actuality. This is what we have to do with the intention of discovering the Creator in order to bring him contentment. You must not complain. 

Most of the groups are in a state where they have an opportunity, a possibility, the ability to reach such a connection in which the Creator will be revealed, truly so. Rather, however, there are those who do not yet understand that they don't yet feel it.  There are those who maybe forget about it, there are those who forget. They want to discover the Creator but they don't yet relate to the revelation of the Creator with connection in the group that the Creator can be revealed specifically there. They don't tie themselves to that each one has his own reason and we have to reach a connection between them called faith, the mutual force of bestowal it is called faith so then faith that they want to build on top of the reason of each one, above reason.  This actually it's the power of the vessel that they build that according to this intensity, to this power between the separation and the connections the Creator is revealed. This is the tension that has to be there, so or the voltage so that the lamp will turn on. Okay? This way of course the Creator will be revealed in a new form, a new NRNHY in all of our diverse vessels.

3. S. (30:19) You talked about something very beautiful. You said that when we wake up we feel that we're in a dream but this is so far from our nature, so the question is what is the feeling that we need to believe in, in order to get this sensation that we've woken up?

R. It has to be a simple feeling that if we make an effort together, to discover the connection between us in order to discover the Creator in it, even an egoistic connection.  That we want to discover the Creator, that we want to discover and not that we want to discover it in order to bestow to him and even before that that we want to discover it, as we say from Lo Lishma, we nevertheless awaken the Creator the upper force, the upper light that fills up the whole of reality, we awaken it so that it will connect between us correctly in order to be revealed.  This is to be considered that we need to begin the work even though our intention is incorrect, our inclination towards it as egoistic perhaps it doesn't matter. This is called the Creator will finish the work for me, the Creator will take care of it. But even egotistically, that we want to connect in order to discover the Creator, we want him right? 

That too for the time being is correct just like with little children when they grow up, it's not too bad if you broke something or if he falls or that he behaves this way or that he dirties things, it's not too bad. It all has to be this way in the stages of our development, right? This is called that the mother will come and wipe, clean her child. The force of Bina will clean us up from all of our ego and will bring us to the right connection, however or the effort is something that we need to do out of ourselves. We already in our time went through a stage where the Creator was arranging for us everything just like an embryo who grows inside of his mother, it's all at the expense of their mother but later on when he's born he needs to make his own efforts. Also at least a little bit to swallow up the food and this is why, this is how we need to see ourselves. Nevertheless we should make greater and greater effort for connection between us and it doesn't matter for the time being if it's clean or not so clean, this connection, egoistic or not nevertheless, most important is that we are pulling ourselves towards connection.

4. S. (33:53) I heard that the darkness should shine like the light. What work do we need to do in the ten in order to achieve that?

R. Feel the darkness, the rejection between us is an invitation for connection between us and then the darkness would become light.

5. S. (34:33) The connection with my friends on the path to the revelation of my soul, is the revelation of the soul felt within reason or only in faith above reason?

R. Neshama, soul is the force of a bestowal that is revealed in the will to receive where upon it there is connection with the others, Tzimtzum, Masach, Ohr Hozer and then the upper light can be revealed in such a desire and this is called the light of the soul. .

6. S. (36:10) What kind of faith should we reach in the ten so that we reveal the power between us?

R. We don't know what kind of connection, we cannot measure it for the time being but later on we will know on which degree of coarseness we are, upon which the coarseness we are invited to connect to. For the time being whatever you're capable of doing, do that. This is what it says. What degree, whatever is possible between you, to connect in one heart, whatever is revealed now between you is the ego, don't cancel this ego but rather connect together with it above it. This is clear.

7. S. (37:18) In the group there's great fear before this Congress, so how can we adhere to you so that you lead us on the path?

R. I think that right now we are making preparation for this Congress. The topic of the lesson and what we are talking about and the exercises that we are doing now, checking ourselves, it's all the preparation for the Congress. I think that we went through a very good path in what we had before and today we're talking about spiritual actions we have ahead of us in a way that's already ….we still have to realize them but it is already clear to us more or less what is it that we have to do. So be it together with us and you will succeed.

8. S. (38:28) What is the difference in the internality of the ten between having a yearning to connect, the desire to connect or the intention to connect?

R. If you have a desire, and intention a yearning to connect to the ten, use it without calculations. This is what I recommend to you. If you should start calculating, you will spoil your whole inclination towards connection.

9. S. (39:32) A moment ago you said that the Creator is ready to be revealed so what do we lack in our ten for the Creator to be revealed?

R. Connection, besides connection you lack nothing. We need to feel ourselves inside each and everyone needs to feel himself inside that he is connected in his heart with the ten and he only wants to live inside of that connection with them. Live in the connection with the friends, inside of the friends, enter into them and be that way. Okay? Good. 

10. S. (40:26) If I understand correctly, for the lamp to be lit, the Creator's light to be lit between us and the ten, we need two things, we need tension between the rejection and the connection and also we need frequency, is that right?

R. The frequency, the entries and exits to connection and from connection, that we do not determine. This comes from above and this is already a parameter that is not so important. Rather, what's most important is that we're constantly drawn towards connection, towards being in connection. Later on, we will be concerned with the frequency rather for us now what is important is for now to keep ourselves all the time in connection only. We disconnect. we connect. It's with the way they disconnect us from above, we reconnect by ourselves. This is the mutual work between us and the Creator. The Creator disconnects us, we reconnect, you disconnect between us, we reconnect again. 

This is the mutual work and we need to understand in this that our connection to the Creator that takes place in such a way later on we will start to understand that in these disconnections that he is making to us and those connections that we want to make between us and that way to connect with him, and all of these things we will start to see that in each, like a morse code, this kind of communication.  In the ocean let's say or in the air, they use that sometimes. So, we would start to understand in which form he's disconnecting us and we reconnect he's disconnecting us and we reconnect and then it turns out that in our connection we demand him, that he will connect between us. The disconnection he does that by himself, but in all of these actions that we are in we start to feel him and to understand, to understand what is it that he wants to tell us, truly like with this Morse code right? This is how we begin to feel how the Creator with the entries and exits of the light according to our Kli, how he is speaking to us.

S. What does the Creator project to us, broadcast to us?

R. The Creator is explaining to us in what more advanced forms we need to come closer to him he's teaching us only that by this he's teaching us only out we can come closer to him more and more and more.

11. S. (43:51) What is tension?

R. Voltage. It's the gap between darkness and light. Between darkness and light is the voltage and the current is the power of the intensity of the upper light that then goes into the Kli and turns on the vessel, the lamp. 

12. S. (44:33) If we, in the ten decide that, as you explained, we want to go out to an attack and kind of “kill” ourselves for a connection to truly for everyone to make efforts but you see that in the ten there is a situation to where we always have let's say a third of the friends are in a sense they are excited, they have forces, 1/3 are kind of indifferent and 1/3 are weak and need to be lifted, is there a state where the whole ten is in an ascent?

R. We need to make an effort and after our efforts, as much as we can, do, with soul devotion what we get after that we have to understand that we are always getting a state which is the best for us.

13. S. (45:28) When we reach such a state where darkness shines as light, so all the discernments disappear, the Klipot, the shells fall, this is the truth that you talked about before that we are all one body when we do it in the ten and later on we do it with the whole world, is that the state?

R. I won't tell you what the state is, what you have you have, you're asking me about the next state. I'm not talking to you all about the states, the state itself. I talk to you about the components of the state, the subjects of the state, what we need to do for it to be revealed, what will be revealed? That's what will be revealed according to your efforts.

S. I wanted to talk about this issue as darkness shines as light, the darkness is like light, we don't have discernments anymore?

R. I know what I mean, what you mean I don't know yet, ask in a clear way.

S. That final state is a state of complete unity the whole universe is like one body?

R. The end state, the absolute end, yes.

14. S. (47:02) I would like to turn to the Creator to demand connection from him, to ask of him but I have before me ten people who are so different and I constantly squint?

R. So I'll tell you without answering, without listening further, go to the Creator. It's called go to the craftsman who made me. He connected us, he made us into a group. We have zero orientation, we don't understand what's happening between us, each one is completely different, no one wants to look at the others, everyone hates each other, they are angry with each other. We need to turn to the Creator to connect us together period. I don't want to hear anymore. There can't be any other answer for this all of you turn to the Creator you want to reveal spirituality to reveal the truth, go ahead you have an opportunity specifically now when you feel how much you're incapable of this. The fact that you feel incapable of this that's his invitation for you to turn to him. If you were capable of doing it, then you would turn to a gang of criminals or an assembly of fools as we say. It would end there.

15. S. (48:35) Faith above reason for each friend, can we say that this is the center of the ten?

R. Yes of course, faith above reason is the light of Bina, the light of bestowal that needs to fill all the vessels and then in that light of bestowal it is revealed, the light that the group establishes above the ego, above the rejection, it's revealed later, the light of Hochma is revealed the Creator himself. You have to understand that the group starts with no one having any arguments against the others, then you begin to advance and you start discovering some arguments and problems with each other, that's an indication of progress, it's an indication of progress.  So if you're in a group where there's no problems between you, it's a sign that you haven't yet started the work of connection very simply. The more you advance, the problems of connection, the conflicts, the friction, will become greater and greater and so accordingly you will establish a connection and the more you strengthen the connection between you, you will have two lines in the Creator will be revealed between the two as the middle line. That's something we need to be working on, not to forget about it.

16. S. (50:41) How should we create...  in the imaginary world, the condition written in the Zohar so that…?

R. We are in the morning lesson. Later we have meetings with our friends in the tens, maybe also in the evening lesson, I prepare myself with the ten towards true Arvut in which the Creator is revealed. We prepare ourselves for the Congress in a few days that we're going to have in a few days. We have all sorts of options, opportunities to reach connection. Our goal is to reach connection and the means, all sorts of congress like that lessons, meetings throughout the day.

17. S. (52:03) If these problems are constantly surfacing between two or three friends, the same friends, what does it mean that only they are advancing?

R. You need to sit on their heads and to help them achieve connection. Everyone stands to profit by the mismatch between friends in the group because that's a sign that there is room for correction and it's being revealed. The worst is when no place for connection is revealed to you, it's a sign that you don't have any power and so from above you are not awakened towards it.

S. But what about this part of the group, in which everything is calm?

R. Just a moment I don't understand what you're saying, what nonsense. How can it be that they are quiet if there is a conflict between some of the friends? It belongs to everyone. Why does it matter if it's between me and you or between him and him? What's the difference? We're in the same ten and one ten. What nonsense.

S. I understood that this is actually passing in a more internal way, sorry

R. It's actually good you need to understand why the Creator is turning to you in this way so it enters the heart and mind.

18. S. (53:48) You talked about this Morse Code by which the Creator is talking to us with entries and exits, can you explain what this means?

R. It's the intention, the meaning of it is that in such a way through entrances and exits, that's how the Creator turns to us but if he's always turning to us but through disconnections and connections so as it says from Zion the Torah will come. When the Creator reveals the exit, the darkness it's for me to prepare that place for the revelation of the light of Torah.

S. But we always learned we shouldn't search for the reason why this is happening right now but to always focus on greater connection all the time.

R. No, we're talking about something beyond that we want from the types of connection and disconnection to discover how the Creator relates to us, that's the...

S. Can you explain this?

R. No, from Zion the Torah will come. You want to say this, you want to say tell me what kind of connection and this connection pertains to each letter of the Aleph Bet to each spiritual concept?

S. Know how to learn from the exits and entries to learn this path, how to learn the Creator's language?

R. That's our work how to look if we overcame correctly everything that he did to us the first of all, if we accepted that there's nothing else besides Him everything comes from him and in that state we only have to achieve connection, then we would be, we would decipher, discover the type of the connection, the character of the connection through the character of the disconnection.  To the disconnection we would bring the reforming light and then we would understand the vessel and then from the vessel we attain the Creator. We attain the light, never. We never feel or attain the light, rather the upper light when it arranges the relationships between us, it means that it arranges the relationships between desires, the wills, the intentions and the thoughts.  When we fill in the letters inside the words, so these feelings which are the lights, those lights to we mark as letters, as letters. We don't have indications, expressions of the light. The light of Hochma is Yud, the letter of Hassadim is Hey. These are vessels, the letters, not lights. Why are you bringing me a vessel? Because we don't have any possibility of explaining what light is. Light is what you feel inside of this particular vessel of the letter Yod, the letter Hey. This is called the light of Hochma, that is called the light of Bina and so on. What it is we will discover the Aleph Bet.

S. So this means that we have to constantly work on greater connection between us but specifically learn from the discernments in the contrast, the disconnections?

R. Truth is we learn more from spirituality from the darkness, from the darkness actually, when I feel the state of disconnection, helplessness, when I feel what kind of state I am in, from that I come to attain greater light, more and more I awaken until I attain opposite to the disconnection I felt at first, I feel the strength of the light that brought me that disconnection right?

19. S. (58:28) Is the faith above reason is ours and turns into a regular faith after the Creator is revealed?

R. I don't know what you mean by regular, common, you mean the way the world speaks of it? It's not faith. It's just me believing that America exists, you know? It's a view of people that I agree with, not an opinion.  The faith that we talk about is attainment within the power of bestowal that we develop, attainment. I reach such bestowal that within that bestowal I come to resemble the Creator and then, with that power of bestowal, I discover something of his nature, it's called the upper light. Meaning the sensation of the Creator within the created being is called light. Clear?

20. S. (1:00:06) Would it be correct to say that the dialogue with the Creator is actually through the changes, the discernments that I feel inside of me?

R. I cannot speak about such things which are still hidden from us, concealed from us. Yes, of course, the Creator speaks within the person.