06 - 09 enero 2022

Lección 7 "Le pedimos al Creador que llene el lugar entre nosotros"

Lección 7 "Le pedimos al Creador que llene el lugar entre nosotros"

Parte 14|9 de ene. de 2022

Congress Lesson 7 January 9, 2022 Transcription

Transcription is made from simultaneous translation which leaves a possibility for differences in the audio

Lesson 7: Asking the Creator to Fill the Place between Us - UPDATED


1. Rav’s Introduction: (01:13) Yes I'm very delighted to be in this next lesson of ours. I see that the virtual lessons influence us not worse, but certainly better than the physical ones. They help us sense that we can indeed be close together despite all the physical distances. We can feel just how much we draw near spiritually, and the physical distance we simply did not take into account. But on the other hand we need to reach a point where we would connect together, glue together, what is called to be in Dvekut, in adhesion between each other. So the distance between us we constantly have to measure, and always try to fill it, not simply annul it, but fill it. So precisely that drawing, that attraction of our friends, the need to attract the friends to self; so that we constantly feel more and more apparent the hollow spaces between us, and these hollow spaces will appear between us and we will always have to fill them. Most important is, as result of our development as this distance between us, all the way to the point of an abyss, and understanding with what to fill it in such a way that this abyss would not separate us; but would rather connect us, unite us precisely because we feel the distance between us. That's all transgressions will be covered with love. We evoke the sensation of attraction between us, and this is the greatest benefit, advantage, result of all of our efforts. That we would find between ourselves the distance, the difference and fill it with love. As a matter of fact, they would be quite big these differences, we would see these differences between us all the time; Just how opposite we are. Unlike kids who simply do not have much of a difference between themselves, but as they grow, each one of them has their own temper, natural inclinations and we see in each one of them maybe even some of our older relatives, not just parents. But we have to reveal all of it and unite above it, we are creating that perfect vessel within which we would all be united in spite all the differences between us; in a good, kind connection, in spite the fact that we have rejection between us initially and we would feel ourselves simply glued, stuck together. So much so, that if I do not feel at any given moment an inner drawing, connection, adhesion, gluing with my friends, then in that case I get lost. I fall from the spiritual degree to the corporeal one, and of course it’s a catastrophe; that is an absolute catastrophe. So all of our work consists of asking the Creator to fill that space between us. And in conjunction with that we will be sensing ourselves as those who draw near; just how the distance shrinks and contracts between us and the sensation of drawing near will be called “movement within the spiritual world.”

Rav reads excerpt #1 “We asked the Creator to give us the strength so that we can perform all our actions for you, meaning for the sake of the creator. Otherwise, meaning if you do not help us; all over our actions will be only for our own benefit.”

2. R. (07:04) Meaning our attitude towards the future depends on whether it'll be for our sake or for the sake of the Creator will depend only on the Creator Himself. If He will not help us we will automatically do everything from within our egoistic nature and will think of ourselves in such a way; that we can’t even know that we can escape beyond that situation. This is the lowest, the worst possible of all states in nature. And conversely, if the Creator will illuminate us with His light, He assists us to connect and we will start to feel between us that space, that hollow of the rejection, of distancing; will then we start to sense each other precisely in such a way that we will create His presence between us. We can say that it is similar to pieces of bread or vegetables in the soup. Soup is the light of the Creator which needs to fill all the spaces between us, and we will dwell in it and that is called: to create the Shechina, Divinity, the Creator's presence that will fill everything, everything between us. In conjunction with that we change, the attitude between us changes, and all that we have left is the fact that we inside of ourselves are egoists, we reject each other, we are opposite to each other; however we regard each other in accordance with correction; with the influence of the light upon us. Being egoists within and assuming upon ourselves a restriction, screen, to convert that ego into love and connection; we receive a multiplied attraction nearing between us by 620 times. It turns out that all of our actions become not for ourselves anymore but for the sake of our connection between us and the Creator. But if we will not be able to convince Him to help us with this power, to correct the intention of each from reception to bestowal meaning, from distancing to nearing then nothing else will help us. We will not be able to make a single correct step towards each other, no way. Only if the Creator helps us. This is how I would put it, what our main task is.

3. S. (11:08) How do we attract the light of the Creator into our connections so this light will work in the right way?

R. How can we correctly draw? We learn this all the time, only together. Just make an act between yourself that you will ask only the Creator. What else is unclear here?

S. How does He influence us, how can we feel Him, how does He reveal in us, so we will know how He acts upon us?

R. You will be able to feel it based on the change in the attitude towards the world, the friends, to yourself. The influence of the Creator will have to change the direction, the vector of your desire; from the fact that you reject others to the fact that you will draw them towards yourself. You will see your view of the world will change from egoistic to altruistic. This is the only thing that must change, the rest will just be the result of your inner changes.

4. S. (12:53) I do know if I understand correctly, you said something very nice: that we are controlled by our desire because our intention is wrong, and at the same rate that the desire controls us and constricts us, can we derive the opposite result from here and to yearn for the quality of bestowal. Do we understand that correctly?

R. To yearn for the quality of bestowal I cannot do naturally because it is opposite of my nature. But if I'm in the group and I try to change myself then I will start to receive assistance from the group and assistance from the Creator, in order to succeed in this transformation of mine then I will be able to. All that we have here is a request, a prayer; this is the most important thing, this is what we need to arrive at. And we will always try to develop it so that it will be more encompassing, stronger, uniquely acted, so that He will recognize all of it. Just like Baal HaSulam says and other books of the sages, everything is accomplished through the prayer to the Creator, because it is only Him; the way He created the ego, He can also correct it and correctly direct it.

S. I mean if we act in the way you say, will we be able to come to this condition when I feel an attraction to the will to receive as I feel now, but will I feel an attraction towards the will to bestow? This is my question.

R. Of course, this is exactly how naturally right now you have this attraction towards reception, towards understanding, to the fact that you want to be superior to others. These are natural egoistic inclinations. Now with the influence of the light you will feel opposite attributes within you. That you want to lower yourself before the others, to be tied to others and through them to the Creator. All of our altruistic attributes will suddenly start revealing in us. You will not be able to do anything about it. At that point gradually, little by little they will start to reveal themselves and you will conduct yourself in accordance with them.

5. S. (16:36) How do I come to a state when all the friends will be drawn to connection and how can we strengthen this yearning in all of humanity?

R. At the very least start doing it within the group and only then, we can connect the rest of the world. But at the very least from within the group we can talk about it and understand that without obtaining unity between us, we will not have no means, no tools with which to discover the Creator, where will He be discovered? We need to be in front of Him as one man with one heart. If we cannot achieve that, the Creator will not be discovered. He will not be revealed. That is the law. There was one whole vessel and it got shattered, if we want to reveal what was within this vessel you need to put it back together. In the minimal part, in the smallest part even, you have to bring it and put it back together, from your own group. In other words just a tiny little cup; to the degree of your gathering, of your connection, and the more you grow the more you widen and broaden this cup. With more and more of your attributes you will be able to discover Him.

6. S. (19:01) Is this prayer to the Creator the basis, and do we build the relationship with the friends on top of this prayer?

R. Prayer is the most important act there is. Because ego can only correct to the measure that it asks for correction. It is said that there is no coercion in spirituality, so only to the degree of our desire we can receive help from above, and that help will correct us, that upper light so we are nowhere without this help. We will remain these little egoistic animals without it; those that exist in our body and all around us are pretty much the same, we are no different from any of the other animals in nature, aside from the opportunity to rise to the next degree. But this opportunity depends on how much we can connect between us and in that connection then request from the Creator to pull us up. Pull us up towards connection, unity, and then we will decipher the next degree of perception. This Congress is very good. We work through all of these different points of our advancement. We will try of course to arrive at a new degree. This new degree is practically between us already, and it is just that it needs to be revealed, clarified between us. This is what we are lacking so far.

7. S. (21:48) A prayer for the connection between us so the Creator will fill the empty spaces between us. Is this related also to family members, should we also pass on this prayer through the group, or is it only a request as a mother for her children?

R. We normally do not include prayer for family members into the group prayer. We cannot get rid of our egoistic corporeal aspirations, inclination; for this reason this prayer cannot be truly spiritual. So please do not come with your family issues into the group.

8. S. (22:46) How to understand that we are in a request for the Creator and not for ourselves?

R. Are you able to weigh it somehow or sense it somehow? There is no way. We simply need to yearn to be in the same desire, in the same intention toward one same upper attribute of love, of the Creator. And only in this matter will we gradually be able to increase our request, to constantly raise it, inspect it; to make it so diverse that it would indeed turn into a serious proposition.

9. S. (23:58) When we talk about the heart of the Creator. If the whole world is filled with His presence, why do we need to pray for Him? As He has given us all we need. What do we need to give back to Him?

R. The Creator gives us everything in order to correct us in accordance with our desires. If we will be able to convince Him that means that we are ready to change. In accordance with that He shines and illuminates to us with His light of love and bestowal and changes us. The only thing we can give to the Creator is this raising of the MAN, raising our desire to be more and more similar to Him. The way he bestows, we bestow.

10. S. (25:40) In the morning lesson you said that we cannot ask for ourselves from the Creator but I constantly have a desire to thank the Creator for myself. Can I do this for myself on behalf of myself to be thankful to the Creator?

R. Of course you can, it is most certainly not forbidden but is there anything else you want to don't besides gratitude?

S. Only to be grateful not to ask anything.

R. In that case why not ask Him to bring Him closer, to make you the way He is and give you the quality of bestowal.

S. I want to ask for the friends.

R. No problem, just ask for the friends but as much as you can as clearly as possible. You will see that you will find more questions and desires related to The Creator.

11. S. (26:55) How do we feel in the gaps between us and with the Creator?

R. Very simply we yearn to give to each other and to help each other, connect to each other. Thus we find out that the Creator dwells between us, he never left anywhere he never hid. It is we with our ego, with our mutual rejection, conceal Him. Now we are trying to come together and thus with this aspiration to come closer to help each other to bestow to each other through this we discovered the Creator who has been dwelling between us all this time. Except that His dwelling was in concealment, in exile. And now we are in this exile and we are asking for Him to return, to reveal Himself. Is that clear?

12. S. (28:23) Every time we invest in a different form, every day, every moment: how does the light react to our investment in exertion, and how later does this reflect or influence the entire Bnei Baruch?

R. We will have to see, I cannot even tell you, we will simply have to feel it. It's like talking about a taste, I cannot explain to you what something tastes like if you have never tasted before. I can just tell you that it is similar to this or to that. That is what we say about it “Vehachech Itaam” [and the palate will taste].

13. S. (29:26) When we are talking about the shattering of the vessels, what is a vessel, how is it shattered, and how can we bring those shattered pieces in ten? I have three questions.

R. Have you ever had good relations with someone and then they broke? Let's say you distanced between you, you cannot come together anymore to where you used to be. This is the example of what it used to be and what it is now. Now from here, try to check yourself how you can establish these relationships together with the fact that between you this hatred that is revealed, exists. How can you rise above that hatred to re-establish those ties of love between. How are you going to do it, tell me? This is how it works. The Creator purposefully separated us, distances us from each other so that we will try and overcome this distancing, this oppositeness and thus would return to this state of unity but 620 times more intense; and in that case, the smallest of the light that we had has been multiplied by 5 and by 5, and by 5, 125 degrees greater. It will become from the smallest illumination that simply supports our existence, it will turn in the light of Yechida, that will gather us and connect us; all of these steps we have to pass through. It is not so, so scary, it's just a matter of principle, first and foremost the first step, that’s the most important thing; and then things will go as they should. There are different tastes, different styles but there we will already know we will see how to do it.

S. So where exactly do we feel the existence of the Creator, the hand of the Creator? At which point do we feel the light of Nefesh?

R. It is felt in the heart of a person who wants to heartily connect with his friend with his group, he feels this in his heart.

14. S. (33:04) In general, the work is not hard, it is simple, it’s just the realization between us that’s hard. So how can we do it between such a template of relationships, so the speak, which will compel us to ask so that it won’t be artificial but real, so that the things that we speak will not cause any contradictions but the thing that is hard is to agree on something.

R. Talk between yourselves more, communicate between yourselves more, you can even write it down what you speak of. Then, gradually, you will develop this mutual tongue between you, you will be able to understand each other better and thus would approach each other more spiritually, more spiritually and within there, you would sense the Creator, you simply need to work on it.

S. How can we predict this?

R. You can make a pact between you, it is called a pact of mutual responsibility. Then keep it up and constantly make this pact more and more progressive, of course go ahead and correct it. The most important thing is that you are adults, you need to understand what state you are in and what state you want to arrive at. Gradually build yourself in accordance with the correct state that you want to reach, this is a serious work both for men and women. And the Creator assists us in distancing us, in separating us; and conversely helps us to connect and draw near, both in one direction and the other, a little bit of a plus and then the minus, more than before and less than before. Plus more than minus before and minus more than plus before. We constantly go forward with greater and greater amplitude.

15. S. (36:07) What prayer should we now raise to the Creator in order to remain in this state of impression and unity of the world Kli that we reached? How to pass on this big impression also for tomorrow?

R. Well you need to decide this between yourselves, I do not want to recommend anything for you. You didn’t ask me one question, you asked several so write them all correctly, consult with your group, figure out the precise formulation of the request of the Creator and start to push it through. This question of yours. Raise it to Him, demand it, ask for it. So only thus will you be able to figure out this request. Don't talk to me but the Creator.

S. Prayer, yes?

R. Yes, to request is the prayer, what difference does it make what we call it?

16. S. (37:46) How can I understand if my actions are on behalf of the Creator or for myself?

R. If the group agrees with you and you raise this question up to the Creator together, then this act is to your benefit, that’s it.

17. S. (38:46) In the morning lesson, you said that the spiritual does not need to touch the corporeal. How to reach that?

R. When I said that spirituality should not be touching corporeality, it means that you should not be asking for your relatives, for the family members, but only be in the concern within your circle within your group.

18. S. (39:30) The more we create inside us an empty space, the more the Creator is ready to fill in the void that was created between us. Is that created because He is drawn to the happiness of our desire, and He wants to help us to rise to go up the ladder? Is that how we become His partners?

R. We still need to add to this that the hollow space, it is not we who created but He creates it and He fills it, and He does everything that we need to do for us to recognize the character of this hollow space. What we need to do coming from the cessation of the space between us, the Creator creates and arranges all of it between us and not just ask toward this understanding of the distance and how it needs to be corrected.

19. S. (41:05) We are talking about asking for the friend but Rabash says that we can only fix ourselves, correct ourselves and we're missing the balance. I understand that my friend is not corrected. I begin to tell him, you're not saying the right, you're not saying. You’re not asking right”, but I'm unable to understand?

R. Who taught you to speak to your friends this way, that they do this and that wrong?

S. But this is how I felt yesterday when one of the friends told me, your ten is weak, it's not like it should be and we were thinking why don’t we see the disadvantage is inside us?

R. If the Creator has not been revealed between you yet, then obviously each one of you has not been corrected yet. So the question is: what do we do to pull ourselves out of this ego in which we will constantly be drowning, what do we do? We need to take course towards nearing, drawing near between us. And don't look at them, don't tell them anything, don't worry about them. I have no business with them at al. Now I need to find the Creator, reveal Him in my ten, this is the most important thing for me. Without that I simply do not exist in spirituality.

S. How can I even think about the light reaching my friend and at the same time, think about them being corrected and I'm the only one that's not correct?

R. Precisely like that, think of it just like that. The whole problem, the only problem you see, you see within your ego but in addition your ego is not correctly attuned, you need to direct it toward correcting yourself, Rabash writes about it in every single article.

20. S. (43:33) Why the more the spiritual ego is growing, the more our corporeal desires get smaller?

R. Do they reduce the corporeal ambitions?

S. There's no desire for anything.

R. It is only for the time being, you’ll continue developing spiritually; in addition, based just on how much your corporeal demands increase, you will see how much of everything you will want. But at this point, there's no point in crying that you do not want anything, it allows you now at least to take some several first steps in the right direction.

21. S. (44:45) How can we always remember that we are addressing the Creator, and that we are starting from an address towards unity?

R. The group needs to think about this and everyone together, think about it that no one is able to escape this thought. This is already Arvut.

22. S. (45:31) How is a perfect prayer for the revelation of the Creator born?

R. To the measure that we aspire, yearn for connection with the upper light that escaped, that drew away from us and starts to come back and influence us. We start to sense how we can feel each other, how can we be together, to what extent are we able to see the inner qualities of each other and not the external earthly attributes but this time inner ones. We start to feel our participation in the mutual desire and this desire is spiritual now, meaning in intention. Then we have a new whole motivation with which we start to learn how we can draw near with each other. We need to act in this matter and everything will work out.

23. S. (47:52) How to learn to be in Arvut with joy? Every time I even try to think about it, the body starts to find excuses, anything but mutual, the ego is yelling.

R. What can I say, your body is correct, it doesn't want it. What do you need to do? We always learn about this, you need to be concerned with it, burdened with it, seriously. Be concerned about it from day to night in your intention, in your yearning for the friends, constantly demand it, request about this. In your closeness with them, you will reveal the Creator, otherwise you will stay a small animal. I apologize, of course, but this is precisely how it is.

24. S. (49:17) How do we ask the things that the Creator wants to give to us and not to give Him conditions?

R. If you ask for connection so that from this connection, you will be able to appeal to the Creator and ask Him to connect you and to fill you. This is the most beautiful request that He could possibly expect, that’s clear, right?

25. S. (50:31) This soup that needs to be filled between us and every time the recipe is different, should we also ask for something different from the Creator or is it always the same?

R. We basically have just one request but because it appears from within new conditions as our desires and intentions change it leaves us with an impression that we are constantly in different circumstances. However this is not true because the desires change but the request remains the same toward unity and the result must always be the same too. In reality the wisdom of Kabbalah is very simple, there is not much in it. There is the Creator and the creature and the method of nearing between them, but because we participate in it with our sensations and our intentions we have all kinds of tragedies playing out before us as a result. It will not be simple and it will not be calm but that is the beauty of spiritual development.

S. Do we always have to be in this connection?

R. Constantly, my dear. I'm surprised that you can even ask about this. We always talked about it, about acting upon it, and yet you still ask.

S. When friends get disconnected and fall out of the connection?

R. You need to be concerned that they will not fall out. Hold them to be concerned, to be curious. Always start with the roll call who is here and who is not, and on this depends your spiritual future.

S. Is this a perfect prayer even without them?

R. Without them you will not succeed in anything so even egotistically you need to be concerned with their participation and movement forward.

26. S. (53:22) When we do a workshop in the ten if there's no practical goal apart from unity, here we apply this rule. That I'm the only one that is not corrected and we work with ourselves but when we are discussing our work, how we have to be organized, where we have to be in the lesson, should we be in the lesson, should we gather or not gather, should we understand the method in such a way or another. Here our ego finds such a path that we don’t have to apply this rule that I am not corrected and how it works, and here this is where we get all kinds of conflicts and begin to suppress others. Are we able to deal with this, or maybe this is something we are not ready for and we should just unite and not bother with these things?

R. Certainly you are not ready for anything and nothing will come of you unless you ask of the Creator. There is no doubt that this small group, this small gang of egoistic women, extreme egoists, have gathered that now need to rise above their ego and connect with each other. They are even afraid to touch each other, they reject each other and here all of a sudden they need to embrace, to embrace in such a style and manner that between them the force of the Creator would transpire, of love and bestowal. Can you believe this or not? Try and imagine this every day, day in and day out, train yourself in it, otherwise it will not work out.

S. Do I understand correctly that we should try to imagine this while solving all kinds of organizational questions?

R. Organizational questions have nothing to do with this. You have only one question to resolve: how can we unite our hearts? Organizational questions are nonsense.

S. It feels like, while we don’t build our work in the right way?

R. You have the wrong impression. I am telling you again to not do anything that will harm the connection between you at least some semblance of connection between you. Don't get into organization in this, you will only find an excuse to conflict with each other there, but it's your business whether you continue this. In no circumstance should you engage in that which can separate us, distance us but only with what will draw us closer. That is clear.

27. S. (56:57) Everything we've been talking about in the lesson draws me to the conclusion that we always have to be in the prayer of the ten and the person has to be in this state. What do we do if we are late with the prayer, and if there are some times when we are too slow, how do we remove this?

R. Display to each other the example even when you do not want it but if you show each other that there is something to appeal to the Creator with and there is a way to do it although on your part it will be a play, you will be playing, pretending but they will believe you.

28. S. (58:13) You said we only unite in the ten and when we watch programs where the question comes up about hating one’s boss and you responded that we should love him. How do we treat these programs? Are they for our friends or people who don't study? If we engage in unity and then someone abuses me, do I have to disconnect from this?

R. Only towards the friends. Don't confuse what I say in other channels, but right now we only speak about what we need in the group.

S. By this we will correct everything?

R. Absolutely, yes. That is correct.

29. S. (59:30) The general prayer becomes for the whole society, should we pray for preparation or should we recommend a prayer that would help the women's part?

R. In general, in everything in life you rely on men, correct?

S. Yes, but we are hoping that our ten will be able to do it.

R. Each ten whether men’s or women’s acts on its own as a completely autonomous spiritual gathering.

30. S. (01:00:52) What does it mean that the material of my friend is my spirituality?

R. If you take their desires and want to realize them, then these desires already become a structure of your spiritual Kli. That's how it works.

31. S. (01:01:32) We have noticed…the sound is very bad.

R. I don’t hear, I don’t understand a single thing that you're saying. Very unclear.

S. The Creator has two favorite games. He will catch me if He can. How do we play this game? How do we use these games to the benefit of the group?

R. So play these games, sure. And you in accordance with that act, learn from Him how He works, and thus act yourselves.

32. S. (01:02:52) This congress is unique. Many groups gathered physically and almost everyone is in the Congress, and today we have the last lesson of the Congress. And nobody is asking how do we overcome the descent after the Congress? Maybe we will reach the state that we won't have descents, we’ll just have ascents?

R. Under no circumstances will it be. The descent is necessary, otherwise there won’t be any ascents, and they need to alternate, descents and ascents. No need to fear either of them. To the contrary, through the descents we come to the ascents and we earn our new spiritual degree.

33. S. (01:04:02) Yesterday you said to fill up the empty space in the ten with ourselves. Fifteen minutes ago I heard that this place is filled by Him. Who am I and what is my role between them?

R. Our role is comprised of determining what hollow space exists between us that I’m unable to reach my friend, I’m unable to come near him. My ego doesn’t permit me. So I ask the Creator so that He through himself would connect us. He ties us with His whole self. We need to feel this and we need to request that of Him.

34. S. (01:05:12) What is the main element in the spiritual work?

R. The most important moment in our spiritual work is when we determine just how far we are from each other. That we have the opportunity to draw near through the Creator, meaning when we ask, when we demand, when we implore Him to connect us, to unite us. This is the most responsible and necessary point in our advancement because precisely it corrects us, unites and brings back together a broken Kli.

35. S. (01:06:18) How much did we fill up the space between us in this Congress?

R. At this Congress we have achieved not such a bad state. I'm not sure how much of it will stay with you but if you will listen to it on repeat over and over and then the Congress will enter you more deeply and you will be able to start to realize it correctly. You will start feeling yourself as a participant of this movement when you find that space between you and the wish to fill it with His light, then he will help us to shorten this distance, to fill it between us. The ego is the distance and the Creator helps us to mitigate it and will turn it from something that separates into something that connects and ties and each time you re-listen to the lesson you'll hear it more and more. In particular, listening to lessons five and six, Going with Faith Above Reason and Working in Mutual Responsibility, but in general all of the lessons I'll just recommend that you listen to them over and over, piece by piece.

Song (01:08:40)

Rav reads excerpt (01:11:40) Excerpt #2 - Baal HaSulam Letter No.57

“Everything, small or great, [meaning everything that we can accomplish in spirituality] is obtained only by the power of prayer. All the labor and work to which we are obliged are only to discover our lack of strength and our lowliness that we are unfit for anything by our own strength for then we can pour out a wholehearted prayer.” [Meaning that the fact that we discover that we have no strength, no intention, and that we are incapable of anything, understanding anything, and unable to memorize anything, and that we are stupid, little egoists. This is true and it is good. We just need to correctly perceive it but when we start to correctly connect in the absence of the true desire within each, when we start to sense that nothing else can help us except a cry like an infant. What does an infant have? An infant has only the cry, and that is the only thing that saves them, that's how they survive and grow. On the other hand, there is the mother that constantly worries and cares about them which is the same with us. We need to cry and demand for the Creator to start to deal with us and He always deals with us but only up to the point that we would actually feel his work and concern for us. This is what Baal HaSulam writes.

Read excerpt #2 again - Baal HaSulam Letter No.57

36. Rav: This means to the extent and measure to which we apply our full strength we will find ourselves to be losers with lack of success, and this is only in order to reach a whole hearted prayer from a complete zero, from an absolute absence of an inability to do anything on our own besides crying, like an infant, he has nothing only crying so he cries non-stop and this is what we need to do.

37. S. (01:14:57) You said we need to ask for the friends as clearly as possible. Does this mean to invite the Creator to work through my heart, mind, and body to draw the friend closer?

R. I want for the Creator to act within my heart, and within my mind, in my head, so that He will act all over my body directing my movements, my thoughts, my heart in every possible way for the Creator to be within me and organize all of it. He already does it but we need to reveal it and we can reveal Him precisely in this way. This is what I want, to feel that He is in every possible place within me, in the mind and in the heart, and directs and determines all of it. This is what I want to feel and advance in accordance with what the Creator wants to perform within me and I only offer myself to Him. I restrict my ego and wish for the Creator to do whatever He wishes with me, that's it and nothing else.

38. S. (01:17:17) In our daily prayer every friend says one thing and we create a prayer but it's a little bit mechanical but you say that we have to do it out of the depths of the heart, so how can we create this cry to the Creator so it will be less mechanical?

R. I'm not telling you how to do it, that is not correct. You can't just mechanically take from each person a sentence and compose the text of your prayer. You're only hurting each other by doing this. You need to collect and analyze your desires, aspirations, your goals, then make one singular whole out of all of them. This is what is called one prayer. There’s no other way.

39. S. (01:18:43) What, in essence, is a prayer, and how does a ten extract a general prayer?

R. A prayer is called a request from within the heart, when I raise my true plea to the Creator. Just like when a child cries he appeals to the mother, he doesn't even know how to appeal but he appeals to her. He came out of her, he is tied to her, and when he cries she hears him. This is the same thing with prayer, where we need to appeal to the Creator because we were born out of Him, precisely from Bina, we came from the quality of Bina, which is the quality Malchut, and precisely this raising will need to come out of this ascent where we need to raise the quality of Bina, gradually, little by little. This is what we need to do and for that we need to raise a request to Him.

Rav Reads Excerpt #3 (01:20:57) - Baal HaSulam, Shamati, Article No. 5, "Lishma Is an Awakening from Above, and Why Do We Need an Awakening from Below?"

40. RAV: Meaning a prayer can be a true prayer only if it reaches the Creator. To reach the Creator it is possible only if it comes from deep within the heart, from the most important inner desire. When one is 100% sure that he is incapable of reaching what he wants, then the Creator will literally just do it for him. There is however, one important condition which is that the Creator only responds to a collective request. You can scream and cry to Him as much as you want but He won't be able to listen to you. This is because you need to pass through the mutual Kli [vessel] to Him. As the way you were born and descended, fell from the spiritual degree into the corporeal one, having torn away from everyone else in an egotistical way and in the same way but anti-egotistically you can now bring yourself back up to him. The request must be from the collective so under no circumstance will it help you to sit and cry, weep, and plea unless there is at least two people that together in spite of being egoistic they connect somehow between each other in order to raise their request to the Creator and only in this manner will it be helpful.

41. S. (01:23:11) Is it right to pray for the friends correction if I know that I have to correct myself first?

R. In order to pray for the friend there is no need for personal correction. Prayer for a friend is itself, in itself, my correction.

42. S. (01:24:32) It is said that everything is achieved through the power of the prayer, what does it mean the power of the prayer, how is this expressed?

R. This is the force of the desire to correct to become similar, to rise.

43. S. (01:25:06) How can I transfer this desire that everyone is in the morning lesson like that because this is the only place where we can create a prayer, so what do I have to do to support the friends that constantly, we have this congress every day?

R. I don't think you will be able to accomplish this so easily. The thing is you have to pray, pray for the friends so that they would receive the desire that the Creator would give them, desire to systematically attend morning lessons. It means a lot to be in the morning lesson and without being in it, without attendance I can't imagine how one can advance forward. There’s but one condition, unless he is not free, meaning maybe at that moment he needs to be at work or needs to do something that he's incapable of doing at any other time, but no other way, so see for yourself. In general we can decide between yourselves when is the best time to do the lesson, conduct the lesson. I start the lesson at 2:30 a.m. I can do it at any other time, I can do it earlier or later. I go according to the same path that Rabash walked and I don't make any sudden turns. Look, everything depends on you but morning lessons are very important, especially when one exerts great efforts to be present at it. It's precisely those efforts that will propel him forward.

44. Rav reads: (01:28:28) We spoke about the fact that the prayer can be a complete prayer only from the bottom of the heart which means that one knows 100% that there is no one in the world who can help him but the Creator. And the Creator only responds to a collective request. Collective means at least two.

45. S. (01:28:58) With Mutual Guarantee you said that it equals the bestowal in the ten. Is this feeling the Hissaron of the friend?

R. That’s an early stage, let’s say.

S. How can we connect to this kli of bestowal, how can we connect to the Kli of bestowal of the ten?

R. Annul yourself.

46. S. (01:29:46) How can I feel the preparedness if There Is None Else Besides Him?

R. That there is no one but the Creator, well in that case everything is fine. Then all of the friends need to be included in The Creator which means that you have to treat them as though they are the Creator. That’s fantastic, beautiful then this correction has already been done, think about it. Regard the friends and the Creator is exactly equivalent, that is beautiful I congratulate you, that's quite a degree. Check yourself thoroughly.

S. How do I pray to the Creator in this way?

R. What spiritual we’ve already at this point, the friends and the Creator are one and the same so you need to check yourself and ascertain that you are not quite yet, or are already, on that degree. You still have a ways to go forward.

47. S. (01:31:32) How do we ask the Creator to fill the emptiness between us if that space is created by lack of interest in connection?

R. Develop this interest towards connection otherwise you will not accomplish anything. You need to always sense that you have this hollow space, emptiness and you have to overcome it every time until you find yourselves in one singular space where the Creator is revealed.

48. S. (01:32:23) You explained that collective prayer has to be at least with two and that we need to be in a constant dialog with the Creator. How do those two relate to each other?

R. We need to unite all of our requests and efforts more or less together to such a degree that we will be able to express them collectively to the Creator. And then we'll have some hope that He will respond and some would say as one man with one heart. If we gather to such a structure then we will become worthy of His answer.

49. S. (01:33:33) Is praying in order to see the spiritual greatness of my friends, is that the main prayer for the friends?
R. The most important prayer is for connection and unity and here you are asking about something supplemental and personal, but it's still good.

50. S. (01:34:10) Can I pray without leaving?

R. How would you pray, why, to whom, about what, if you are completely devoid of any connection with the Creator? In that case your prayer needs to be that you are asking for the Creator who is missing from your sensations, for you to start sensing Him. Then from that new sensation that awakens within you, you would constantly develop that connection with the Creator. That is how you need to do it all the time. Do not be afraid to ask, don't be afraid to talk to Him just like with the friends, with an acquaintance. Of all entities He certainly understands you. You need to maintain a dialog with Him where you tell Him everything and yearn to receive an answer from Him at all times.

51. S. (01:35:50) What can we do with the light that we attract to us?

R. This is what you ask for, for the light to be there, this light of correction. So you already understand what to do with it because you raised that request to Him. So act accordingly. According to what you asked you receive. As a rule we usually receive what we need. Maybe we don't often understand what we want, what we need, but we always receive and receive only from Him, There Is None Else Besides Him. We receive precisely what we need and we need to think how to correctly utilize it.

52. S. (01:36:55) I’m in the Kazakhstan group and there are three of us here. In the first days I was by myself and my prayer was for our unity of our connection to remain intact. Was my prayer heard by the Creator?

R. This you already have to ask Him to find out. But naturally each and every prayer of ours is heard by the Creator and He reacts instantaneously. It’s sufficient of our prayer for Him to hear His response and maintain a two-way connection.

53. S. (01:38:08) Is a request for unity according to the desire of the society or its benefit?

R. It's a request for the society to exist and to raise the Hissaron to the Creator, organize the connection between us to give Him contentment. Sorry I was speaking Hebrew. The request of the group needs to be such that we are raising our mutual Hissaron to the Creator. That He would tie us together and from this mutual desire and yearning we will learn how to relate to Him as coming from one singular whole.

54. S. (01:39:28) I feel more and more of a necessity to ask for the friends for love, for bestowal. If I don't ask then I am wrong?

R. I can hear you. This is the most correct decision, a way out of our Congress. From this point onwards I'm able to live with the desires of my friends and raise them to the Creator, that this is the optimal result of our Congress. And we need to check ourselves time and time again. My desire is not my desire, it's the desire of my friends whom I received from them and raised to the Creator. And I become this connector between the whole ten and the Creator; as well I will become the connection between the Creator and with the whole ten. And me on my own? I am a zero, I’m just a passing link in the chain, up, down, top to bottom and bottom to top. And this is my true role in this Kli, in this vessel of Adam.

55. S. (01:41:43) What should we do when the ego forces us to unite? When they say that when you unite you will win this world and the next world?

R. That’s beautiful, just go and connect and unite, that would be amazing. And then you will see to what an extent it will be against you and in opposition to you. The ego is the angel of the Creator. We call him an evil angel but he is still an angel because he pushes us towards our one mutual source so that we will find ourselves in it.

56. S. (01:42:38) How can we awaken this necessity and love towards the friends to stop thinking of self and only think of the friends? How can we do it?

R. How did you start to think about it now? You didn't have this thought before, and now you feel this awakening in you. How did it happen? Because you were connecting with your friends, you were listening to me, you connected to this mutual state of spirit that exists at this Congress, and that’s how it happened. So continue in the same vein and do not exit this state, I beg of you.

57. S. (01:43:50) I’d like to clarify something about the prayer, the correct prayer that the Creator will hear. Can this only happen after all of the friends are in my heart like Rabash writes in his articles, and this is the prayer of many? Is it that only with this feeling that we can address the Creator?

R. Certainly only within the great desire, aspiration, yearning, sorrow, request, appeal to the Creator; when we are directed toward Him and expect some sort of response from Him, we still need to formulate our desire to be as inner as possible, to be more essential, spiritual and then it will be effective. The Creator demands from us to be maximally pure and open with Him as much as possible.

58. S. (01:45:26) Is it the right prayer that will be for the Creator and the friends?

R. Yes, but he still needs to understand that this new heart needs to feel it. The words on their own in the prayer, they kill, they ruin everything. Just don’t say anything if you are just speaking words. You need to feel all of your words, sense them in an essential way, not to just read them from a book and utilize those words.

59. S. (01:46:16) The question is the following: We don't know exactly what we need to ask for. In this case should the request just be for unity and nothing else?

R. Ok, let it be just the prayer for unity for now and then we can also ask the Creator to teach us how to correctly ask, so that we would realize how to correctly appeal to Him, from the very simplest, elementary request.

60. S. (01:47:18) It is said that there is no strange questions. This state of a dialogue with the Creator, I used to talk to Him and used to get a response to each question I had. What was this?

R. You need to move forward. You need to try and find contact with the Creator the way the sages, Kabbalists write about it. Don’t make anything up of your own. Otherwise it will only confuse you and you will return to it many, many years and act accordingly and don't philosophize. Just do like a small child does. He performs according to what is told to him and comes close to the goal in correct development. This is what I would suggest to you. The rest is entirely your business.

61. S. (01:48:41) If we cry like babies to ask from the Creator then I'm asking myself, are we never going to be able to grow up or will we always stay babies?

R. We'll always of course will be a creature and not the Creator but we yearn to rise to the degree of the Creator himself. This is what all of our development is comprised of, we will try. And He wishes also that we will reach that degree.

62. S. (01:49:58) What can a person do when he agrees with his ego that tells him to do anything but except raising a prayer?

R. Well this is the game of The Creator with us. One needs to just close his eyes and advance forward, advance forward. There are several points in our path when we stop all of a sudden and are not willing to continue. We are ready to stop, maybe move back, retract, maybe drop everything, it’s all very sober without any influence of special circumstances. We need to know how to correctly overcome all this together with the group without minding anything else. Move, advance forward whatever happens, happens.

63. S. (01:52:11) There is a request to share your impressions and give some kind of direction for the world Kli in a short way.

R. I don't know how I sound in Russian although in Kabbalah my native tongue is Hebrew and for everyone it is a native tongue because it has conceived from within the spiritual world of those who were participating in it and entered the spiritual world. They were studying these forces and attributes in the form of those symbols which they wrote. From these symbols came the Hebrew alphabet, the Hebrew language. We read about it from the Ari's Tree of Life book, where he writes about a square and that’s four phases of direct light. There is a diagonal line within and that is the separation between Galgalta Enayim and AHP. All of this assumes within itself the realization through Kabbalistic symbols of spiritual attributes. This is what this language is all about, it’s never been a live language to use in regular life, rather some sort of recording code with which to appeal to The Creator. I'm not sure if I would speak better in Russian or in Hebrew. Maybe when I say sensual, emotional things then it comes out better in Russian because my Russian is very good. I don’t utilize it much in my life but at some point in the past, it was so simple, easy for me to write books and converse and of course easy for me to converse on a high level. In Hebrew it's all about Kabbalah. I will try to give you everything that I can through any means. Thank You. Thank You for your appeal to me, it is very, very touching.