04 - 06 יוני 2021

Lección 6 "Conectandonos en una sola decena"

Lección 6 "Conectandonos en una sola decena"

Parte 6|6 יוני 2021

Congress Lesson 6 June 6, 2021 Transcription

Transcription is made from simultaneous translation which leaves a possibility for differences from audio

Lesson No. 6: Connecting into a Single 10

1. Rav’s Introduction: Yes, we need to be all connected, all of us, all of us. As many created beings as there are millions, billions it’s still that we will be called a 10 because the spiritual laws begin and exist only in 10. That is also the way our studies are called, the Study of the 10 Sefirot. And in every 10, as the Zohar writes, ‘the Shechina dwells.’ That is why the 10 is actually or it should be a structure. Our purpose is that we will resurrect it, and each one will be able to depict before him that this is the body where everything is revealed, with the spiritual laws, and eventually this term called Creator is revealed in there. I really hope we are going to aim ourselves correctly to reveal that structure and its inner essence which is the Creator in the HaVaya, in the 10 sefirot, and in this way, we will start feeling how we are identifying with them, revealing them, connecting them. And how they are actually in the connections between us in a way that we start in connection between people, as if regular, what we’re used to in our egoistic life. Gradually, we let our forces, our connections, our efforts to give them a bigger effort, a bigger value, a spiritual value in order to bestow above reason and according to that, we will reach a state of 10 sefirot, and that we hold them, we establish them. And the Creator which exists in those 10 sefirot is holding and filling them, and this way we connect to Him. And from this, let’s go on to our final lesson in this Congress. This should actually be our goal: to discover 10 sefirot and the Creator inside them. We are holding those 10 sefirot, it’s us.

Excerpt 1 (03:38 - 04:20) Twice

R. (04:24) That is why if we want from a shattered vessel to discover the Creator, which we don’t have anything else to do in our life, only to discover the upper force, our source. So we need as much as possible to bring ourselves back into that connection, into bestowal with love and be as close as we can to one another into one goal that the Creator will dwell between us and this way we can reach the implementation of all of our life.

2. S. (04:57) We are together with the friends, we’ve gathered in our 10. What does it mean that from this unity we will discover the 10 sefirot?

R. This is something you will feel to the extent that you want to incorporate and connect together to one state. That you have desires, thoughts, intentions as much as you can but all connected as one upper force that dwells above you. If in such a way you keep pressing on your development, on your whole path you are going through, you will discover that you are in one system and one force is dwelling there. In this way you will discover the system of Adam HaRishon and the Creator in it.

S. But we say that it depends on me, on the one hand, this unity. I have to pressure, ask the friends, somehow support them. On the other hand, you say we will discover it. How does it happen?

R. We need to demand, to ask to reveal this deficiency, to pray and the Creator will finish that work for us. He will connect us, He will organize and fill our connections with His presence. All-in all, that’s what we discover. We discovered the presence of the Creator which is revealed in the correct connection between us because He is the general force of bestowal and we want to establish connections between us of different kinds of forces of bestowal in each 10 and between all the 10s. And all together with all of humanity. That is what we constantly need to be drawn towards and that is how it is going to happen. It is already happening. We are already advancing. We are already starting to come close to the beginning of the revelation with the Creator and the correct connections between the created beings.

S. When we connect together with the friends, we feel something general, something shared, common between us, but what does it mean that there are also certainly sefirot or parts, there. How do we divide all of this?

R. When you start revealing it, you will understand how you need to divide and build and receive. It will all come from your state of connection with man who will help his friend in mutual bestowal.

3. S. (08:04) I thought about a certain state that is happening now. It is not only the Creator who is hiding from us but, also, we with our nature, we can reveal Him. Through this process that you're inviting us to, consider to the extent that we correct a part of ourselves, the Creator removes this concealment and this allows the entire world Kli to aim itself to a certain state where we can see before us a certain horizon, something to give us hope. How does the 10 sefirot relate to this process that is unfolding now?

R. We will discover that, we don't have to get confused with the 10 sefirot, now. We have to be dwelled in the correct connection, as much as possible, to bestow and love one another and in such a work, connect. That's it. Then the Creator will shine and we from the connections we built in bestowal - corporeal and mutual bestowal - we will start sorting them out and seeing where there are connections, here, called 10 sefirot.

Excerpt 2 (09:42 - 10:48)

4. R. (10:50) That means there must be, as close as we can to come to the number 10. It doesn’t have to be exactly 10 but in spirituality we will see that this is how, even if we say 7 or 8 it doesn’t matter how many, in the 10 we’ll see how we are still divided into 10 parts. That it has nothing to do with our body. And this is how we’ll beagle to discover the Creator within them clothing in those 10 discernments. 10 discernments of our desires. And in such a way, He is revealed towards us. Our general will to receive is always divided into 10, from Keter to Malchut, and it can be no more and no less. And also, we’ll see from that our corporeal branches are also divided and are in the same kinds of connections. But the main thing for and between us is to reach connections. And the upper light that will come and shine on our connections will organize us as 10 parts and 10 sefirot.

5. S. (12:18) So I understand, there are 10 who wish to become one, and the upper light comes, what happens then? He turns everyone into one?

R. First of all He connects between us. To the extent that He comes and shines with His upper light towards us, we start understanding what the essence of the 10 is, the 10 sefirot. We already don't divide each other into sefirot, “you’re Netzach, Keter, Yesod,” and so on. But the upper light divides in our connection, in our general connection, that we want to see Him as one and so the upper light that shines upon him, it divides that connection into 10 parts. And we, from this, start learning in what way He connects us, and what is it called that it appears in us in all those ways, from Keter to Malchut.

S. So there’s always a feeling of a 10?

R. Yes, it is not the number of people. We want, supposedly in corporeality, to be close to it but it’s not a must. With Rabash, I was in a group that there were 6 people there. And when I asked him, even a few times I asked him, he’d say ‘it doesn't matter, it is okay.’

S. There is a reality that becomes one when we feel one without feeling the details, individuals, the one or there is always one who feels one?

R. As one. To feel one, you can’t, because by this you are annulling the Kli. You cannot recognize the force of the Creator, the upper light. The upper light is revealed that it is comprised of 10 as one.

S. We are all looking forward, towards feeling 10 as one.

R. It’s like in resolution -- times 10, times 100 -- but it’s the same connection only you are making it precise in the connection. It’ll come and we will understand.

6. S. (14:52) Can we say that the 10 in me are the 5 desires?

R. It’s not a 10, it’s your egoistic desire that is in you. The 1o is you connected to your friends which is a connection between individuals that find a way to connect in order for the Creator to be revealed from the distance between them towards the connection between them. That the distance shows the coarseness of the degree and the closeness shows the purity of the degree, and in this way, you build the spiritual vessel.

S. And it doesn't depend on the number of people.

R. I already said, I don’t understand why you’re asking. Were you in the lesson? Obviously it doesn’t depend on the number of people.

Excerpt 3 (16:09 - 16:58)

7. R. (17:00) That means that, here, we actually see some kind of resemblance between corporeality and spirituality. That, in some way, we need to try that it will be but it’s not a must that it will be exactly 10. But still there should be a number of people that want to connect. And their connection needs to bring inside the mutual connection of bestowal called Kedusha, Holiness. And when they pray from that connection that they want to sanctify themselves, meaning to bring themselves to resemble the Creator. Then, from that, the Creator according to equivalence of form somehow shines in the connection between them. That’s why it’s written in the Zohar, ‘the Shechina dwells in every 10. The presence of the Creator is revealed in the connection between people, friends. That in the place where they want to connect above their ego that is where the Creator is revealed. That is where we have a place for the dwelling of the Shechina, meaning revelation of the Creator.

8. S. (18:20) What does it mean to make a Kedusha through the words.

R. The fact that we connect to the upper force, the good who does good, that it is in complete bestowal towards everybody, if we can in the 10 perform such an action, by this, for now we identify with that upper force, with the Creator and He shines on us. That is called that we receive holiness. The holiness means the force of bestowal according to equivalence of form, according to resembling Him, and then He shines on us. That is something we can do only if we are many people, close to the Minyan, the 10 more or less, and the connections between us are such that we are in mutual bestowal. Then the Creator is revealed. That’s called ‘praying in a Minyan’, praying in a 10.

9. S. (19:36) What does it mean what Rabash writes, “after the connection when they appoint a head of the audience”?

R. We have to do this every time in our 10. That we have the head of the congregation, the head of the 10. That he will, let’s say that same day or that week, he will be in charge of the correct connection between us and so on.

10. S. (20:09) This calculation of the Minyan, the quorum, does it depend on the entirety of the composition of the group? Is that an academic calculation or is it a spiritual attainment in itself. When we try to discuss within ourselves, what is a quorum, a Minyan within the group?

R. If we learn what the 10 sefirot means, we see that from the desire to bestow called Keter until the will to receive which is disconnected from the will to bestow, completely, called Malchut, there have to be 10 stages. They are called the 10 sefirot.

Excerpt 4 (21:15 - 22:56) Twice

11. S. (23:00) What does it mean to, after the incorporation, raise everything to the Shechina?

R. To pray, to ask or thank. But the same source who created us, who organizes us, broke us and now is connecting us to Him, to that same source of all that is where we need to raise our relationships, our corrected ones.

12. S. (23:36) “To take only what is needed.” What does this mean?

R. In order to exist and perform the correction not to leave anything for oneself just to exist and make corrections.

13. S. (24:01) How do you put some order into the incorporation? A person, first, incorporates in his 10 and collects them into one, and then what? How do we grow that sense of incorporation?

R. He needs to connect to all his friends in such a way that he doesn’t feel any difference between them, that he wants them all to be connected as one man with one heart, and that there’ll be a mutual feeling between them concern, mutual concern and that they will all feel as if they are a body, just like one body. You have a difference between your leg and your hand, and your head and your stomach. Of course, this is more, that’s less but still, it belongs to one body. If something’s broken, it’s everyone who suffers.

S. When a 10 goes out, is it everyone collecting?

R. We are not talking about the 10 that goes out. For now, let us keep the 10 inside.

14. S. (25:14) What is the connection of the Shechina in the work of the 10 that we do daily?

R. That is the connection between us. What do you mean connecting the Shechina? We are the shattered parts of that same field that the Creator blessed. And if we connect back what we resurrect is called the Shechina. Why? Because we are making a place where the Creator can be revealed. The Creator is called ‘the Dweller’, He is there descending into this place and filling it. That is why whoever fills the connection between us correctly is called the Dweller or the Creator, and the place that we are resurrecting for the revelation of the Creator is called the Shechina.

15. S. (26:33) Why in the excerpt does he highlight the idea that ‘all the people and all the created beings.’ What is the difference, there?

R. There are a lot of names for the different creative beings that the Creator created. Those who were made and those who were created, and those who emanated according to the different degrees. We don't understand it yet but later on we will know. Just like in our world you call: this is a man, this is a woman, this is a child, this is an adult, this is an elder, this is a baby. So in spirituality it is also like that. We will enter there and it will be clear. Otherwise we will just become confused.

16. S. (27:33) When we say do everything within your power which we just read, is it talking about equivalence of form when the person rises through all the systems until one, then a person becomes purer, finer as an example for others and he gives an the example like the group gives an example.

R. Yes.

Excerpt 5 (28:15 - 29:30)

Excerpt 6 (29:35 - 30:46)

17. R. Meaning the main thing is to be as close as we can to resemble one because that is like the Creator, clear? And it's written in Likutei Halachot meaning how can we be corrected? In those assorted rules that belong to the synagogue meaning to the place where we connect that is called Bet Kenest, the synagogue.

18. S. (31:25) So if now during the day I went to pray and it is written that the main prayer is in the public and not in the individual, what should I do and what should I imagine?

R. You need to look for how you're connected in the 10 with the 10 and try to play for them. How to raise the deficiencies, their longing for connection and how all of your questions, all of your desires are added to this in order to raise them to the Creator. Then it will truly be a prayer of many, a prayer, of the synagogue. The place that assembles, collects all the questions and aims them at the upper force.

S. What is the state that he is explaining here? They will connect all the souls of Israel? That's the action.

R. Shalom, Peace is from the word Shalmut, wholeness or completeness, tranquility. Just understand how far in our, in all of our lives we are from this.

19. S. (32:48) Is it a group action to make room for the Creator? What does the dwelling of the Creator among us mean?

R. In our group action we need to connect in such a way that you will be the sum total of our desires, our yearnings, intentions, something one that between them the Creator will be revealed there will be a place for Him to be revealed. That place is called a house, a vessel that wants to reveal the Creator between us. That's why it's called Bet ha Knesset, the House of Assembly or the House of the Congregation. The place from where we raise the prayer, and the place where we receive the revelation.

20. S. (33:49) How do we include our10 into all of creation?

R. All of creation you include it in your 10. Not that you spread yourself into all of creation rather all of creation exists in your 10, that's how it needs to be. We will talk about it, about going out and coming back in, but right now we are building the 10. My 10, how I need to assemble them and collect them and see them and to care for them, that I worry about them and I care for them and I pray to the Creator for them that's done by each one in the 10.

21. S. (34:54) Could you please clarify why and how it is that the prayer is the soul?

R. The soul, Neshama means deficiency where the Creator is revealed and when we raise this deficiency up in the Creator can be revealed in this deficiency then this is called a prayer and a soul Neshamot and a place for the revelation of the Creator it is all one. Malchut is called the prayer.

22. S. (35:48) How can we prepare correctly to prepare that place where the answer of the prayer will come?

R. We have to be between us or deficiencies to the Creator and the Creator will arrange us in such a way and arrange a place for Him to be revealed in.

23. S. (36:17) They say we must be as one, why as one and not just one?

R. We can't be one because there are many desires but all those desires will be aimed above them in a single intention to the one Creator that will be as one?

S. From excerpt number six, it says that prior to the prayer we must perform the Mitzvah is love your neighbor as yourself so what does it mean that prior to the prayer you must perform the Mitzvah love your neighbor as yourself?

R. Otherwise we cannot turn to the Creator unless we connect between us. That's how it is.

24. S. (37:55) What does it mean that we don't need anything except for what we need for connecting the Shechina? That it says only leave what you need for connecting the Shechina in Excerpt 4.

R. What do we need other than connecting what we need for the Shechina. That it says only leave what you need except for all of our desires to one desire where the one Creator will be revealed in that is the only thing we need.

25. S. (38:21) We meet every day at 10 and we start with a prayer to connect, we study and we all aim for connection. What is more to do?

R. To pray that the Creator will arrange this connection for us. That is the main thing we are missing here.

Excerpt 7 (38:54 - 40:18) Twice

26. S. (40:21) I have a desire to annul myself before the 10, but I don't feel it happening. Is it because I don't pray enough?

R. There has to be a general prayer, it's not only you. I know you, and I know you want it, you are drawn to the goal and you have enough people around you that like you, want it and think about it. You have to crystallize together a bit more and then it will work out.

27. S. (41:50) Can we depict it in a way that my 10 is Rosh above all creations as the Keter? On my behalf, I am only the one asking from the Keter through all of humanity down to me?

R. Right, that's it. I am not capable of listening to and answering such questions at all.

Excerpt 8 (42:27 - 43:33) Twice

28. S. When I pray for the 10, first I see one friend and another friend, is that confusion or is that how it's supposed to be and if it is gradual, does it means that one friend towards me, if I pray from Malchut, so he is in Zeir Anpin?

R. I'm not talking about it, its nonsense what you are saying right now. I only know one thing, I need to pray for the entire 10 so all of us will be connected together, nothing besides that. And at the end of the day from all of our longing and our prayers we will receive the revelation of the Creator that will connect us and arrange everything. That is what we need.

29. S. (44:51) What relationships is there between the Temple of Israel and our prayer in the 10?

R. I don't know, we didn't learn it. Where are you taking such questions from? I don't know. I would be happier if you would ask questions about what we are learning and not about what comes to your head which is completely unrealistic. What you are asking, you should walk with us and you'll see this is the right way to study.

30. S. (45:54) In the human body there's different organs that do different functions. How can a 10 check what their functions are?

R. We have to care about only that we become a complete body.

Excerpt 9 (46:18 - 47:09) Twice

31. R. He's saying that if all of us, if we're going to ask together we will surely receive an answer from the Creator and He will clothe in us and teach us how to be connected correctly and everything will fall into place. It all depends on our prayer as we learned in the past lessons we lack nothing only to want for it to happen.

32. S. (47:41) What are the sparks of holiness and how do you attain them?

R. We will have such desires of bestowal from above and they will clothe in us if we want it to happen.

S. How can I see them?

R. You'll want to see it, if you want to see your friends in the correct way you will see that they are all perfect, good, true, righteous people engaged only in bestowal. You will see it because it is truly so because each one judges according to his own flaws and the fact that you see them like this and like that, you see in each one of them your own flaws.

33. S. (48:58) What are we lacking in order to ask the Creator to complete our right perception?

R. What we lack is to ask in any way possible constantly ask, ask, ask.

34. S. (49:22) Why is the level of sanctity considered above the light of life, isn't the light of life what makes a person sacred?

R. Yes, of course the light that comes to us and sanctifies us, meaning it raises us from the degree of reception to the degree of bestowal, is called a holy light or sacred light, and after it is done its work we become sacred holy bestowers, that is what is happening. You should relate to those names very practically, according to the actions.

35. S. (50:21) The light of life that each friend brings is their spiritual character? Is that what is necessary to connect the group, can the Creator add those sparks to the group if we don't have enough of that power within us or how is that done? Do we have enough to form the connection between us?

R. Repeat please.

(30a.) The sparks of Holiness in each friend that consists in each group, is that enough to form the connection in us and to form the whole body, as friends come and go, is the Creator manipulating these sparks, this form, this connection between us?

R. Yes, the Creator is managing everything, but what appears in us we must correct it and then by that you become partners with the Creator in the correction of creation.

36. S. (51:55) In the connection, if the connection depends on the entire 10, does the connection depend on the 10 because we always say that to see everybody connected depends on me?

R. Yes, it depends on every person and on each 10, but the main thing is for a person to worry about how in his 10 in his eyes will be in Holiness in corrections in bestowal and if he cares about that he will see that what he sees actually corrects all of reality. Truly so. Then I will see correctly what my friends are and what is humanity and all the vessels in all the worlds and I'll be able to understand these parts, these components of creation in the right way. Where in truth, only I am the created being and all the rest is the vessel that is outside of me which requires no correction whatsoever.

37. S. (53:35) What is my role for connecting my 10 into one?

R. Your job is to make sure that they are connected between them into one. That is your job, your role in the 10.

S. How can I be in the condition of a healing inside the 10, to pray for them, to carry them on my shoulders?

R. It will appear and then you will understand that this is how it is. That everything is referring to you as relating to you and all the rest that you imagine that exists next to you, are simply the components of your own vessel. Right now in our mind which is not integral, we are not able to grasp it.

38. S. (54:41) It says if at this moment there's a strong rejection in the world kli to unite into one vessel, one soul. Yet, are we far from this state or is this the resistance right now?

R. The resistance is always correct whatever we receive is always correct and we have to respond to it in the most correct way possible.

39. S. (55:18) What kind of synergy should be in the 10 that we can direct to the upper light? What are the opposite poles between us?

R. We are learning about it. Each shall help his friend to feel that everyone depends on one another, everyone has to hold one another to show him the greatness of the goal, the greatness of the Creator, the greatness of the group and so on and so forth. That's the kind of synergy it needs to exist and grow as we connect more and more between us.

Excerpt 10 (56:20 - 57:33) Twice

40. R. Friends, with that we conclude our short lesson, our summary of everything we got from our congress. I think the Congress was extremely successful, much more successful than all other congresses and that's how we are going to advance. Step-by-step from congress to congress. I hope that you will go over the congress lessons again and you will have questions and you will write down those questions and send them to our management and maybe we will set up lessons accordingly, to further explain some things that we weren't able to explain during this relatively limited framework. I'll be very happy to continue to scrutinize this topic that we went over in this Congress because it's extremely important. It is a central topic and we will continue to move closer to it. The important thing is that before us is a greater connection and the Creator that will be revealed.

41. S. (58:53) In what way was this Congress successful?

R. Well first of all, we went through such lessons that are truly milestones that is things that are very principled that's one thing. Secondly, I see that we are already getting used to being together, getting to know each other and we are beginning to incorporate in the spiritual concepts and certainly we have here, much to be proud of. We are studying such things that in the world they have no idea what we are dealing with here. You grew a lot within the last year and I am very happy and I am proud of you. However, what I am asking is don't scatter in all kinds of different directions, but go more and more towards scrutinizing, even more what we are discovering as the necessary topics in our lessons.

S. (01:00:29) The content crew is sending a message happily that more than five thousand men and women are with us now, at this moment. It is the most we have ever had with us live, truly from all around the world.

R. That's how much we know.

S. Right, that's how much we have reported. I'm sure there's thousands more connected to us quietly as we have love and gratitude to all of those with us.

R. I'm very grateful to you and for all the participants. You are not my students, you are my friends who are truly parts of my heart, because thanks to you I can explain the wisdom of Kabbalah to the whole world and that everyone is hearing it and everyone is incorporated in it and the Creator is happy with us and I am truly bowing before you. I don't know with such words I can tell you how grateful I am to you. I wish you good health, joy, success in your work and with your family and especially in the connection between us and between us and the Creator. Thank you very much.


42. R. (01:07:46) I have and I am happy that I have a meeting with you once again and I also spoke to the management that maybe we will organize even more meetings between us, that is me and the women from our world Kli, whenever you want as much as you want. I feel that I must give attention and an attitude increasingly more to show the importance that I have to the women's group. Let's hope that you will feel it and you will respond accordingly and maybe we will schedule additional lessons and meetings, why not and let it be this way.

43. S. (01:10:01) In the last lesson you had mentioned we don't divide the desires of our friends into the Sefirot that the light divides the connection into 10 parts and we need to learn how He connects us and how we feel as 1 10, can you elaborate on that?

R. Based on what can you divide, how do you have the knowledge to divide them? There is no such thing we just need to ask and from above comes the upper light and it's all connecting us, arranging us divides us, it does everything. However let it work, you need to discover that you need His work, all that you are engaging in is that we are engaging in a method called the work of the Lord, this is the work of the Creator and let Him work don't do instead of Him all kinds of things that you are dividing on connecting these and those, all kinds of things that it is incorrect. The Creator just wanted you to ask and He will do it. As simply as we understand and don't do anything just simply that He is the Creator and do it like that.

44. S. (01:12:08) If part of the 10 doesn't feel the desire to ask and support the desire of the friend?

R. We need to accept everyone and see in each and everyone some form of participation besides those who are truly against the 10 and don't want to be connected, those who perform actions to break the connections between us, to violate it. Such friends are unwanted and actually even in the most passive manner if some friend is there she has to be in our connection.

45. S. (01:13:30) How do we pray through the 10, when we are praying by ourselves?

R. I don't know how to tell you, just like you are praying for something that is dear to you. You are asking for salvation, corrections, health, connection. This is how you should also ask for the friends. Don't you know what they want? They want peace, health, peace in the family, good health for the children, that everyone will be connected and that they will turn to the Creator correctly and that the Creator will respond to us directly, connecting between us to be revealed between us. That is all there is. Everything here comes into your requests.

46. S. (01:14:58) From 10 to 1, in this path in order to build the prayer, must I add my deficiency or do I have to cancel my deficiency to reach one mutual deficiency of the 10?

R. Yes, I have to think that I want to cancel my deficiency and incorporate in the collective deficiency of the 10.

47. S. (01:15:46) When we pray together from the center of the 10 we are raising to holiness with the general soul. Do we receive an answer from the Creator at this point and how do we know it is an answer from the Creator?

R. We don't understand this as of now but keep doing it.

S. How can we decide that the 10 is receiving light from the Creator?

R. When you will be ready you will get it.

48. S. (01:16:34) In one of the lessons we heard a sentence that the 10 is giving its tools and the friend has to hold them. Can there be a situation that I am in adhesion to the greatest?

R. No, that's completely incorrect. What you're saying, that's not how we study. Try to think for the entire 10 that you are also incorporated into 10 and you will see how much this helps. This should be your concern as we all want to connect together in a single request, a single deficiency and then for certain each one will get an answer from the Creator.

49. S. (01:17:39) You said we were very successful at this Congress, so what have we achieved and what will be required of us as one body at this new degree?

R. We will study it and see this is for the future for the time being we are in the Congress.

50. S. (01:18:50) How can we pray together when the correction is personal or private for each one?

R. Try to be as one man in one heart and accordingly you will succeed in awakening the Creator so He will connect between you and He will accept your prayer.

51. S. (01:19:42) In the last lesson in order to reach one 10 we have to feel like partners in the work. How can we do that?

R. We studied this from the articles, especially from Rabash’s articles of how to incorporate in the 10.

52. S. (01:20:24) It is written that the Creator created all of the parts together. Does this mean that my 10 existed in the spiritual world before we connected into one 10?

R. Yes.

53. S. (01:21:03) What does it mean to cancel yourself in the 10, what exactly am I canceling, I am just stepping on my ego and canceling my opinion?

R. To cancel yourself before the 10 means that I cancel my desires, my thoughts besides my power with which I come to the 10 and whatever they want I do this with my ability to be a machine to carry out whatever they want. This is how it is with each and every one towards the 10.

54. S. (01:22:13) After the Congress we are going to reach a new point, a new heart. Can you give us some advice for this new work?

R. A few tips for the new work is that you think what we studied in the Congress and actualize it, every lesson we learned in the Congress to try to realize this in the connection between us, that is it.

55. S. (01:23:08) You said we have to constantly make calculations in the heart and the mind. What does it mean to do these calculations?

R. To cancel ourselves and to try to get discernment from above, from the Creator and to incorporate in the others. I only want to be ready for self-annulment and all of the rest let the Creator arrange for me.

56. S. (01:24:10) Thank you for an amazing Congress, now in the lesson you said we don't need to spread the 10 all over the world but to include the world inside the 10. What is the difference?

R. We need to be enclosed only inside of the 10 not even between the tens, all the more so not to incorporate in the world. It is still premature, dissemination we can do of course as we have the materials and we need to spread them in any way possible but it is not that we become incorporated with the external audience in any shape or form.

57. S. (01:25:28) How can I check in the 10 if I am doing something for the friends?

R. You can consult with them, you cannot still check your actions whether they are correct or not towards the Creator, you haven't yet reached a stage where this will be revealed but with respect to the friends you can check it.

58. S. (01:26:19) Is it okay to force my physical body to be able to devote to our work, how do we determine the limits to not fall into the Klipot?

R. I recommend to you not to reject, not to push or do anything with your body but to rather simply yearn for the connection between the friends and with the Creator. That is it.

59. S. (01:27:15) How to reach a state of perfection which is called 10 in 1, when one is getting the control of the Creator for life, this degree is this for every step in the correction?

R. In each and every degree we have to once again commit and obligate to start from 0 to reach connection between us and with the Creator in a complete form in each and every step along the way.

60. S. (01:28:08) Where do I need to be a partner of the Creator in my correction or with creating a possibility before correcting the relations between us?

R. Most important for us is to determine the connections between us to establish the connections between us, constantly ask for the Creator to do this and for that I have to first of all establish the connections between us.

61. S. (01:29:00) When final correction will arrive, when all of humanity will learn Kabbalah or the connection between us is enough to correct all of humanity?

R. Actually the connection between us corrects all of humanity, if we were connected between us in our group that we have right now, let's say we have 5,000 connections and a few more that we cannot detect but are watching us from the outside. If we would be able to establish a beautiful strong connection between us and from us to the Creator we would reach the end of correction. We are that group of pioneers that is actually trailblazing the connection from our world and building it to the Creator nothing more is needed all the rest will already exist inside this connection.

62. S. (01:30:33) About the soul devotion you said that if we turn to previous connections it is a Klipa. How do we build a new degree with a connection with the friends I am addressing from the connection that was successful but it turns out to be Klipa?

R. If you are concerned about scrutinizing new deficiencies between you and the others this is enough for you to ask out of that enough to ask for scrutinies and connections and corrections of the connections. But I am happy to see that you have an analytical mind and that you are serious, that is good, you will be rewarded with a great correction.

63. S. (01:32:06) Is it correct to ask for filling my individual mission in the 10?

R. What kind of individual mission do you have, in spirituality if we don't have individual missions, my individual mission is the connection of my vessel. This is how it is with each and every one as I have no other problems besides trying to connect all of my friends into a single group and only with that do I come to the 10 with spirituality otherwise I will be a Klipa.

64. S. (01:33:30) What does it mean the words of the prayer that one cannot say the words of the prayer? Can you explain that to us?

R. It is not so important for us to say words precisely, but rather I need to like a baby, the mother knows when he cries what is happening to him she doesn't need to hear the words from him or explanations as it is clear to her what it is. This is why we need to check our scrutinies, what are we missing so much, but rather that we want to care for the connection between us and from us to the Creator and constantly be in that.

65. S. (01:34:46) This is a question and not all of us are agreeing with it but can women ask during a congress according to the excerpts like the men, because we don't feel the same to ask now, rather than to ask during the lesson when we are already in the excerpt?

R. That is correct what you are saying but I don't imagine to myself how every lesson, how we could have such an extended time during the lesson because women have many questions without any limit. Not that I'm saying that, that's incorrect, or it shouldn't be that way but physically we are incapable. I won't be capable also to answer all of these questions. Simply my throat is already done, truly. We are thinking about this and you will receive a questionnaire from us on how we can do this, so that the female portion of Bnei Baruch will participate more in our congresses in a more active manner. I am still not yet certain how to do this. Let us know if you have ideas.

66. S. (01:37:02) In the lesson you said that it is not enough effort for the group, he needs to advance the group and later you said everyone needs to be connected besides me?

R. The problem of each and every one is how to correct himself in this, that he sees the others, that they like correction. First of all I need to reach a state where I look at others and see that they are complete.

67. S. (01:38:06) Our 10 wants to know your opinion of what is a corrected woman?

R. Your environment is entirely nice, beautiful and corrected. Come on, we need just a bit more connection with the Creator. This is the problem that remains.

68. S. (01:38:44) Is soul devotion that is working on the group in the 10 affecting the group also when we are disseminating or doing other roles in the group, how do we be much more determined to work in the group?

R. I think that the action in some total, that the best possible action is that we disseminate the wisdom of Kabbalah in all directions however possible and along with this pray that by this our group will be corrected, the group of each and every one.

69. S. (01:39:50) Before we raise the prayer for a friend, is it important to know if a deficiency is spiritual or corporeal?

R. A deficiency must be for a lack of connection that we want connection and in the connection that we hope to give room for the Creator to be revealed and in this that we will bestow contentment upon Him.

70. S. (01:40:40) The entire Congress, we have been through a process of giving birth to one prayer and we want with you to raise the prayer for connection to the Creator to ask to connect each heart to us if you will allow us?

R. Yes, why not.

S. Hear us Creator of the people, of Israel, Creator, our Creator bless His name, His kingdom forever and ever we are asking you to give us one heart alive so that we can love You with all of our hearts with all our soul with all of this all we are asking for unity of Israel in the Torah and commandments that they will be in our hearts that we will oblige ourselves to them. Bring us here, to not leave the path and not to work with other gods, teach us to love one another as you love us for your adhesion with you.

71. S. (01:42:23) What does it mean that the man is doing corrections for another one?

R. Because we are in one vessel that each one can pray for the others and in such a way we correct ourselves, I can't correct myself but rather others need to request for me and then I will receive correction and also I towards them, I cannot request correction upon myself or for someone that this is called each shall help their friends. This is how we correct ourselves only in such a way.

72. S. (01: 32:20) You said it was important for us to spread Kabbalah to the masses in our dissemination. Does this include integral education or just Kabbalah?

R. Only Kabbalah, integral education that is like an appendix, something additional to the wisdom of Kabbalah but the correction only pertains and belongs to the wisdom of Kabbalah.

73 S. (01:44:08) What does it mean to be good to others through the 10?

R. Through the 10 I can bestow to anyone, only through the 10, exiting myself outwards can only be through the 10, so let's learn that only in such a manner we reach corrections.

74. S. (01:44:54) How can we be connected in the 10 when every day is new?

R. Each day we renew the connection between us we have a new prayer, new problems, new connections, very good that is called life and that is how it is.

75. S. (01:45:32) A question from our 10 regarding the sentence in the second text that there is no light that does not have 10 Sefirot. How do I understand this sentence in context of our 10?

R. That we will get closer to connections between us that we will reveal that these 10 Sefirot are really found in the connection between us. It doesn't matter how much we are in number or what is happening, we will reveal the connection between us of Sefirot.

76. S. (01:47:03) Thank you for this amazing congress so many things happened in it we have a question in two parts: where is the thin border between soul devotion and an annulment or is it the same thing?

R. Nullification of the self and giving oneself are great things, two degrees. Giving oneself is much harder than nullification.

S. How should we decide upon questions which are different when everyone needs to annul himself?

R. Specifically with this you need to reach the correct place of each one try first and you will understand more. I will be very happy to solve this when you reach it by yourself.

77. S. (01:48:22) In Excerpt 9 it says all the sparks of holiness come into one place with love and friendship, you will certainly have a place of love for a while, why only for a while?

R. Each time it is renewed and that's why it's for a portion of time.

78. S. (01:49:22) Our question is are we going to rise above the genders in the future?

R. Our gender has nothing to do with spirituality male-female nothing to do with spirituality, meaning of biological gender. In the wisdom of Kabbalah the will to receive is female and the will to bestow is a male I recommend you to go onto the bestow and invite the male part.

S. We want to become more and we have more questions about it.

R. No, that's enough in the meantime start to bestow and feel yourself as males and then we'll talk onwards. It's nothing to do with your biological body at all, then on the spiritual degree we will see with male and female and each time, once a person can be female and male at the same time.

79. S. (01:51:04) Our question is in our virtual 10, how can we reach unity, greater unity in the 10 when we are far away from each other physically?

R. It has nothing to do with distance. It's unrelated, I have a relative in the other half of the world and I worry for him and he worries for me. Then we're in a constant connection, besides today with phones and different devices for connection so what is the problem? Where are you?

S Our 10 is divided between Mexico and Colombia.

R. You are over there and I'm in Israel. It doesn't bother us, what's the difference?

S. How do we? How will we succeed in the soul devotion in our 10?

R. How you succeed I don't know, if you want you will succeed, ask the Creator to explain it to you. I don't know, you have to try and you succeed it all depends on the Creator. You're not praying.

80. S. (01:53:27) Should we not ask from the Creator?

R. Would you speak more clearly?
S. We don't understand anything, someone is happy, someone is connected, someone is talking about Muslims, how are we supposed to advance on top of these situations?

R. Where you are I don't see any opportunity to move forward there is no option. I can't see any way that you can overcome this.

S. We don't understand something came to us and we're trying to direct the situation together

R. I don't know, I don't take care of such things, try to connect with some other groups and to balance yourself.

81. S. (01:54:58) How does it help the connection in the 10 for dissemination or is it on the contrary, how does the dissemination help us connect in the 10?

R. Dissemination helps us connect, dissemination helps us in many things because if we can then we can work on ourselves. If you work on others it will return back to us and help us. That's why it is very important especially for women who can't study like men on a daily basis.

82. S. (01:56:04) After this congress should we pray more?

R. You need after the congress to go over all the study material of the congress, take out from the mix summaries and then see if you can realize it inside your 10. That's what I recommend to you to do.

83. S. (01:56:47) The lesson is called to unite to one 10 and there was an excerpt to reach perfection one must or everyone has to connect and everyone will become one and then divinity will light in the big correction. My question is what is this big effort in this 10, so what is the difference between the tens?

R. Did you hear today how are you related to the connection between the tens?

S. Of course, I did participate in all the lessons.

R. What did I say?

S. I am just interested.
R. I want to talk about one thing and you are taking us somewhere else. I want to talk about the connection inside the 10 and you are taking us to connection between the tens. You don't imagine how much damage you do to yourself because the connection between the tens is a completely different degree. Don’t ask more questions.

84. S. (01:58:45) To accept the whole humanity inside of me with love is that a constant congress or just that I need to see this inside Bnei Baruch and not to see this outside the world?

R. This is only a congress of Bnei Baruch and only inside Bnei Baruch we can talk about it and inside your 10 is where you should talk about it and not outside of your 10 if you do that you might create confusion between the tens. We need to strengthen ourselves to them in the upper light to strengthen us upon each then that each then should turn into a unit, a cell of the body of first Adam. Then we didn't this body of first Adam within the tens will begin to connect between the tens in something and to the measure of the connection, within the 10 will begin to connect to the extent of the correct connection between the tens and in such way we will work it's like the correct evolution that must be in the development of a healthy body.

S. We have a question from a different 10.

R. A different 10? Why can't the different 10 ask?

S. They asked before and they want to ask.

R. Ask, ask again.

S. The Creator will hear us if we will pray in a mutual prayer?
R. What mutual prayer between tens you are forbidden from connecting with different tens otherwise you'll only create confusion. Please understand me. The 10 is a unit, it's a spiritual cell and if this cell has still not reached correction, how can it be connected with a different 10? It can't be done now. if you don't listen to what I say then we don't even talk about it.

85. S. (02:02:27) The friends are telling me that the name of the lesson is from 10 to 1 so maybe friends are being confused about the topic of the connection to a single 10 can you explain that a bit.

R. Yes, I understand where the mistake is coming from. We need to connect inside the 10 and from inside it we need to pray and think about all of you, humanity, so that the sum total of the 10 will be as 10 Sefirot.

86. R. (02:03:30) I just want to say that I'm very happy with the women's participation. There is a very nice good desire in here and a partnership. I'm sorry that there are some Tens that didn't get to ask questions. Once a week we will do a meeting between us and we will make an effort to ask all the questions. I am soaked up after this Congress. Thank you for participating with us. Thank you for being with us. I am so happy that we have such a big army of women. Just know that in spirituality whoever bestows is called a man, a male, it doesn't matter if you are biologically if they are a male or female so let's all succeed. So thank you all from the bottom of my heart. I wish you health, luck, happiness, peace at home and all over the world. All the best and I am hugging you all. Thank you

87. S. Also a huge thank you to our great Rav for this whole congress, a great thank you on behalf of all of us
R. The pleasure is all mine and morning lesson tomorrow as usual.