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Clase 5 "Vamos con fe por encima de la razón"

Clase 5 "Vamos con fe por encima de la razón"

Parte 10|8 de ene. de 2022

Congress Lesson 5 January 8, 2022, Transcription

Transcription is made from simultaneous translation which leaves a possibility for differences in the audio

Lesson 5: Going with Faith above Reason

1.Rav’s Introduction: I congratulate everyone with our fifth lesson on this current Congress. The topic is going above reason with faith above reason. I'm very happy that in your connections, in your exchange of experience of words of sensations, this is the greatest means of advancement towards the goal, this indeed connects us. Indeed the connection is the realization of our correction and I'm very glad that it happens better and better each time. The Creator helps us by giving us such desires, awakening us towards each other towards connection towards sensation of each other. And gradually we are approaching the formation and indeed it is already forming this great global group multifaceted, that indeed will be able to absorb the whole of the power of the Upper force and pass it on to the rest of humanity. This is our aim, this is the form of our connection and work. For this we have gathered, the Upper Force has gathered us, it brought us together and now it leads us further and further. And we in this lesson need to feel just exactly how this force leads us forward. How can we help and assist it to be its partners?

Lesson Five Rav reads: Going with Faith Above Reason, Rabash says, He must believe above reason and imagine that he has already been rewarded with faith in the Creator. What does it mean faith in the Creator? It is as though you are already feeling him in all of his organs and see and feel that the Creator leads the entire world as the Good who does Good. I’ll repeat, He must believe above reason, meaning in spite of his own understanding, his own opinion, his convictions it doesn't matter, meaning above self and imagine that he has already been rewarded with faith in the Creator, meaning as though you already feel the Creator. The sensation of the Creator means faith in the Creator that is felt in his organs and he sees and feels that the Creator leads the entire world as the Good who does Good.

This is pretty much what Rabash writes in this Article number 28, “What Does It Mean Do Not Add and Do Not Take Away in The Work.” We need to understand it very precisely, to have faith above reason and imagine that you have already merited this faith in the Creator. Meaning with all of his organs as though seeing and feeling that the Creator leads the entire world as the Good that does Good. Although I don't feel, say, in this current moment, the Creator as Good that does Good that fills the whole world with his good attitude disposition towards us that fills the whole world, I don't feel it. However I try, as much as I can, to imagine to myself what is this world in which such a phenomenon as the Creator reveals, that the world is filled with this sensation of a good force. I see regardless of where I turn what I think, whatever I may do, whatever I may encounter, everywhere I see the phenomenon of the goodness of the Creator meaning his presence fills the whole of reality. Now I recommend to you, try and realize and put into practice this state. Imagine that the Creator is good positive force that fills the whole world, and you and the friends connect to such a degree that you want to feel through your own attitude, towards good, you want to make out of yourself a detector as though a device that reveals this good force to the degree that you want to generate it between yourselves and the group. Thus there should be several people that are giving and bestowing influencing each other, such that in the connection between them they would reveal such a quality that would fill all of reality all around you. Thus we create the Kli for the revelation of the Creator.

WSQ. Let's talk about this. How do we put it into practice between us? How do we connect between us in such a way so that we would reveal the Creator? This is it. We have everything for it. It doesn't matter that we don't see or feel anything yet, the most important is that we will aspire towards it, yearn towards it as much as possible. And consequently we will force the Creator to reveal himself in this connection between us that we between us artificially, almost by touch, are creating.

2. R. (14:05) Meaning that we have to imagine to ourselves the world that is filled with the attribute of the creator of bestowal connection and in this state in the group between us we have to communicate, cooperate, in the more we will dispose ourselves towards each other in the group, then the more we will advance towards revelation of the Creator. And always we would have to imagine the Creator in faith above reason. Never within reason itself he will always be revealed to us in this way. That when we would be in the state of concealment, that's why we say there is that Tzimtzum, Masach, Ohr Hozer, meaning restriction would create such conditions within us that even when the Creator would be revealed, we would not wish for him to be revealed clearly within ourselves and only in that condition is he truly revealed. And by then we are already to discover him towards bestowal. We will be learning more on how to do it and how to correctly feel it, but from here on out we will be constantly trying to create this connection in faith above reason. Will be realizing between ourselves such connections as though the Creator dwells between us and we wish to become similar to him in the connection between us.

3. S. (16:29) What is the difference, to think of yourself within reason or above reason, faith above reason and how does one lead to the other?

R. We can imagine all sorts of ways how the states take place but we need to understand that in essence everything depends on how we act and how we react, how we construct our relationships. We need to build such relationships between us as though the Creator is already revealed between us and constantly revealing himself more. Thus we would prepare ourselves to a state where he would indeed be revealed towards us. But going further we would already have to create defense from not revealing himself vividly, completely. This is called restriction creation of a screen reflected light and we reveal him in such a way because to that degree we create within us, a bestowing Kli, a bestowing attribute that is similar to that of the creator, meaning work above our own ego an attribute of bestowing. This is what we need to do in us. Is that clear?

4. S. (18:33) When and in which situation and I or we want to ask for the force of faith?

R. Force of faith we can ask in any situation, explaining how to find this force, how to relate to each other, with the friends, how to reveal this force between us, all of this we can already do right now and constantly. With that we do not depend on anyone, so everyone, each one, should try to do it.

R. The force of faith we need to generate between us at any moment. For this we need to imagine that the Creator fills all of the universe. Just imagine, we can't even feel it yet but to the degree that we would be imagining it to ourselves, and in the same manner would be acting towards each other in the group but only in the group, otherwise you would not be understood. So if we would actually be working this in a way towards each other than in that case, we would be able to start to sense how the Creator fills all of the space the whole world. But in that case, we would already have to work in faith above reason, meaning create a restriction onto our ego and appeal to the Creator only through the force of bestowal, through the quality of bestowal. But this is the only thing we need to do to ourselves to turn ourselves towards the attribute of bestowal. It is only called this way, but we will start to feel what these words mean. They sound like a mantra, what does it mean? It is very unclear but we will start to feel the inner meaning of these words.

5. S. (21:45) How can we always take out the reason of the ten on ourselves?

R. Try to imagine to yourself that you want to live in this fairy tale, even though you know that there is no such thing as faith above reason but you just went to imagine it. Try and imagine as though the Creator fills all of the world. Look at what Rabash is saying, we need to have, we must believe above reason and imagine that he has already been rewarded with faith in the Creator, as though he has felt in all of his organs he sees and feels that the Creator leads the entire world as the Good who does Good. That's it. Imagine it this way and in such a manner act in the group. The group is that space within which you can realize all of it and practice it. Is that clear?

6. S. (23:24) You said that we are trying with the friends to connect, everyone is rising above themselves in the maximum way, trying to connect into the group but what does it mean that within this we need to build some kind of a defense from the Creator?

R. This will come later. At this point we need to imagine to ourselves that the Creator fills the whole of the universe and we are wishing to be just like him. According to attributes and we connect between ourselves in the group through these good attributes. That's it.

S. Every friend must imagine this or we need to somehow share this between each other?

R. We can talk on this topic but most importantly each person needs to care that within him such attitudes and dispositions towards his friends will be formed. Just like the Creator is Good that does Good then each friend should regard the other as Good that does Good. That's clear.

7. S. (24:46) If we practice bestowal among the friends, does it mean that we are working above reason?

R. Well basically yes that is the beginning yes and then you will see what happens.

8. S. (25:22) No translation

R. To reveal the Creator between us means to regard each other as Good that does Good. Then in the equivalence of attributes you will discover the Creator that is already filling everything. Okay.

9 . S. (26:18) How do we know if we have received the gift of thinking in faith above reason or does it need to be activated by our work from below?

R. The time comes when we start to hear that we have to act in faith above reason. That although in our world it is just so not customary, but we have to act in this way because this is the only method to develop within self and an attribute of bestowal and within the attribute of bestowal, we will start to feel the Upper world the Creator and ourselves our ow soul but on a whole different level.

10. S. (27:26) How to take all the strength of the Light and pass it on to humanity?

R. Before then we still need to collect it, and ourselves we need to be very tightly tied together. In that case we would be the conductors of the upper world to the whole of humanity. This indeed is our aim, this is I would say our task, our mission, the Creator pushes us toward it and we have to achieve it. Meaning before the whole world and the whole of humanity we are required to be this link in the chain. We have to tie the whole world together and most importantly tie ourselves to the Creator and know what the true communication is all about, what the true commutation is about with the Creator and with the creatures. In order to turn ourselves into a conduit to which the upper light that works through us will also pass to the rest of humanity. That's clear.

11. S. (29:15) How can I imagine the bestowal as a good force when the beginning of this action starts in reception and my egoism doesn't sense bestowal as good?

R. But you play it, you play it. You see what Rabash says, you must believe, above reason that you have already been rewarded with faith in the Creator and then it is as though you feel the Creator in all of your organs, you see and feel that the Creator leads the entire world as the Good that does Good. We need to imagine all of this, you need to attune yourself to it, and you will see how truly this is what happens. But what came before? Whatever you saw, that wasn’t so. You know that it was the ego that was building a completely different picture of reality for you. In the correct picture of reality you need to pull it by force and you create it with the connection between you and yourself in the group.

S. When we play in the next step and this faith above reason, is it the same?

R. Yes.

12, S. (31:04) You said that there's a state when we will see the friends in faith above reason. How can in this state, so right now within reason I'm trying to see the friend higher, but if I come to this work when I am constantly in faith above reason, what is the difference?

R. In that you wouldn't have to imagine to yourself that as though they are like that, but you would clearly see that they are so.

13. S. (32:14) Faith above reason and loving the friends is the same thing, or is there a difference?

R. Faith above reason is the Kli that we need to build and within it we already discover the attribute of love and bestowal and connection with the Creator and so on. That is already within the Kli that we discover.

14. S. (32:59) Do I need to depict that there is only love between us in the ten, that I love the friends and they love me and that's what's between us?

R. Yes, indeed, precisely like that you have to imagine.

S. Does it matter what I feel?

R. Only so and in no other way, and then you will see that your ego is constantly turning and twisting you.

S. And also towards the world the same?

R. You need to limit yourself somewhat. That's enough.

15. S. (33:46) Sometimes there are moments in the workshop that it is felt that we are in great love. Could it be that faith above reason reaches it first in moments and only later in a constant manner?

R. Yes, it is indeed so, it is quite possible that that’s what happens with you. Also true.

16. S. (34:20) What actions can we take when some members of the ten don't believe that the Creator reins the entire world as the good who does good?

R. If we want to discover the Creator and for this, we are in the group then we still need to admit to ourselves what is it that we are doing in order to reveal him? Revelation of any states whatever those may be events takes place in the sensation and in recognition and understanding. And to the degree that we can become similar to what is happening and even in our egoistic world as well we have to create such an organ within ourselves that we become similar to the Creator, with its attribute of bestowing. In that case we'll be able to reveal him. We'll be able to reach our goal. Let’s start doing it you have to have faith in the sages and follow them. Then you'll see that everything works out. In any case they will not teach you anything bad that you would regard within your friends as though you are in the state of good and bestowing and love there is nothing bad about it. But if you try, you will gradually feel that besides our world there is another world. Beside our degree of relationships there are other relationships and they are all built upon the attribute of love and bestowal. Within this world you will have to create this closed space; your group towards which you would relay according to the laws of the spiritual world and then inside of the group you will reveal the Creator. Remember these words, try and feel them then you will succeed. Don't try to be smart. In that case you would only bounce back and God knows when you would come back and return.

17. S. (37:37) This figure that we're building of the Creator, is it also essential for Gmar Tikkun, the end of Correction?

R. Undoubtedly only according to the upper light that we awaken through our yearning for each other from within towards each other in the group.

S. If a friend is treating me as good that does good and I see everything the opposite what should I do?

R. Correct yourself, what is there to ask? Correct yourself but also ask the Creator to correct you. What kind of a question is this? You're starting to understand already that all of the disturbances within that we see, they demand an instant relation to the Creator. Appeal to the Creator.

18. S. (38:49) What is the meaning of the organs he's talking about in the article? How to feel them?

R. The organs are attributes of bestowal, the attributes of bestowal that cultivate in relation to my friends within them I will start to reveal the Creator.

19. S. (39:33) To be all the time in the state of faith above reason does it mean that I constantly need to act and I am not always able to act. How to realize it in practice?

R. in the group you need to constantly realize it, otherwise what is the problem when you were little when you played with dolls and so on with your friends, weren't you playing? The whole life was a game and today as a matter of fact it is also a game. So stop pretending to be so understanding and serious and smart and so far from games. Stop engaging in nonsense and start playing, that's what I would advise to you.

20. S. (40:29) Can we say that the state in which we returned through our prayers of friends to the group?

R. Yes this is good it means that the upper light has indeed worked.

21. S. (41:13) What is confirming the fact that we are actually building the Creator in the group?

R. The fact that you will constantly, constantly exert in order to make an action of bestowal between you. Connections of mutual bestowal between you. The most important thing is the effort in it. The most important is to build such a network of these interconnections, these relationships, that in which the Creator will be revealed, this is what we build.

22. S. (42:12) We are aiming towards the Creator, aiming our receptor, tools of reception, and this way we draw him towards us. Is this correct and in what way should we unite the ten in this direction to draw the goodness of the Creator to the ten and through the ten to the world Kli?

R. We have this article called, this part that is called faith above reason, we need to recommend it to everyone so that people would study it very thoroughly and after that we would be ready to reveal this attribute called faith in the Creator.

23. S. (43:28) How can I feel that I am connected to all the friends in the ten only with connections of bestowal?

R. When you'll be doing it all you'll start to feel that you're approaching it. Don't worry in advance how will I make it happen, just try and work towards it and then you would have corresponding sensations. Just like in any type of work that we do when we do it, we feel it. When we don't do it, we don't feel it. Gradually start to feel it and this is what sets a person who doesn't work and doesn't engage in anything with the one that actually is a master at his job.

S. How can we transfer faith above reason to the friends when we are lacking it? If faith above reason is something we are unable to feel ourselves?

R. Indeed faith above reason is a personal Kli of each person that builds that faith. That's why it's impossible to pass it to another but only to teach. Such examples and conversations that we're having between us right now, how we aim at each other. But then each one to the extent of his own effort would be able to create within himself conditions according to which the Creator will build within him the faith within reason. Faith above reason. To the point that the Creator will be revealed in him. This is so.

24. S. (45:52) Sometimes our perceptions are taking us to egotistical paths. Our mind is taking us in egotistical ways to see faith in them. Is that allowing us to see what we cannot see through our senses to see everything even though it is dark because we believe in the Creator?

R. Let's start to realize what we talked about and then everything will become clear. I don't want to confuse you any further. I don't wish to. It is enough.

25. R. (50:30) We have 5500 connections at least in the channels that we can determine right now. OF course we're not considering all the other channels that we cannot measure, we don't have the technical capability to check but let's continue acting and item two of our lesson.

2. RABASH, Article No. 38 (1990), "What Is, 'A Cup of Blessing Must Be Full,' in the Work?"

When a person can go with his eyes shut, above reason, and believe in the sages and go all the way. This is called Ibur.

Rabash writes it like this; When a person can go with his eyes shut above reason, meaning regardless of how much he knows and what he knows and what he thinks and what he understands, but rather goes above it, above reason. He doesn't want to find anything out but he has the knowledge, the sensation, he doesn't cross it out, he doesn't make of himself some sort of a limited person but rather he tries to go above that and believe in the sages and go all the way. If this is the way he tries to advance in the attribute of bestowal of nearing with the friends, these actions bring him to a state called Ibur, spiritual conception, to the beginning.

Reading Excerpt 2 again Rabash writes: When a person can go with his eyes shut, meaning without consulting with his sensations and his reason within which he sees our egoistic world and nothing else. He wants to go above reason, meaning believe in the sages and go in this faith all the way. Faith is the attribute of bestowal and through this he performs an action called spiritual conception. He brings himself to a state of bestowal, gradually this attribute of spiritual embryo develops in him and starts to develop.

Here I have some questions: What does it mean to go with his eyes shut? Now I am asking you and not you. Is it clear?

I’m asking, who can answer? Tell me what it means to walk with your eyes shut.

S. (54:07) It was easier in the beginning of the path.

R. Don't try to be smart.

S. I'm not trying to be smart, it is much harder now.

S. (54:06)To give yourself to the group regardless of what rejections I feel.

R. This is true to give yourself up to the group in spite of all the doubts this is a very good method to grow closer towards faith above reason.

S. (55:17) It's to walk through and not look at things with criticism but give all your heart and soul to the ten.

R. This is only with the help of the friends. If you are connected with them, you will reach the quality of bestowal because the Creator's light will be shining on you to the degree that you can annul yourself before the friends, you awaken towards yourself the upper light and in that upper light forms you, structures you is that clear?

S. Should we progress without our individual concern?

R. It's true, but not easy at all.

S. (56:30) Is this to restrict our egoism and not to show what our egoism feels?

R. Indeed but for this I need the friends, what do I do with them? How do I reach such a state where I am walking with my eyes shut. That was my question.

S. (57:07) Everything that my friends agree with, my friends in the ten and that I am against it, I am the only one against it and I'm still going to agree.

R. This is also true.

S. (57:35) To follow the words of Rav and his advice in the ten.

R. Well, technically yes.

S. (57:52) To ask for the friends.

R. This is always beneficial indeed.

S. ( 58:06 )To desire the next state and because I can't see the next state, I don't see anything.

R. Yes but that's not the answer to my question. To desire the next degree, what degree? If I want to be in the attribute of bestowal, I would have seen the next degree.

S. (58:48) To accept the law, the rule of the Creator above everything.

R. This is true.

S. (59:06) I work with the ten in bestowal then I can do actions above reason.

R. Yes, good.

S.(59:35) When we are in a ten, connected as right now in a circle, in mutual guarantee and every friend can come above reason and close his eyes.

26. R. (59:55) After many attempts the person acts as though the Creator fills the whole reality, this is a spiritual perception. This is what Baal HaSulam writes; only love and good for after me and I return to the house of the Creator forever. The most important thing for us is to never try these attempts to see the world filled with the Creator and how we can approach him through our attributes or qualities in order to feel ourselves in him. This is what it's called to return forever into the house of the Lord.

27. S. (01:01:24) I think that it means to advance without looking for spiritual gain.

R. No, I'm asking for your questions.

28. S. (01:02:18) I responded to the question you asked before, what it means with eyes shut. It means not to listen to my feelings but to have the faith and not to listen to my thoughts.

R. Perfect.

29. S. (01:02:56) What does it mean to discover the Creator? Is it when everything I see between me and my friends is like coming out of one source? I really feel that the Creator's talking to me through the friends.

R. We will reach this and we will feel it but in essence this is true.

30. S. (01:03:32) If I see Bnei Baruch as the workers of the Creator, employees of the Creator, how to feel the same towards the world?

R. We'll talk about this later. First of all we need to build our inner Kli. From that we will learn how to correctly perceive the world which then has its own additional conditions; because there in the world you are dealing with people who have nothing to do with this goal. So the work is very different here, however you are connecting with those that are similar to you.

31. S. (01:04:38) Is it still called faith above reason when it's felt like a lot of love towards the ten? If yes, then what is faith above reason in such a state?

R. In this case it is considered that you need to rise to the next degree and in relation to that next degree you are still in an egoistic state so you're still forced to apply the same method as everyone else, which is rise above reason. Because one that is greater than his friend his ego is greater. You can't run away from this work, it's one for all.

32. S. (01:05:57) If I’m asking to see the friend as the greatest in the generation, does the Creator answer this prayer?

R. Of course. This is the best prayer there is. That you want to see your friends as perfect.

33. S. (01:06:28) How do I bring my ego to faith above reason?

R. Listen to what we're saying and you will see how it’s possible. Look at what item 3 says,

3. RABASH, Article No. 22 (1985), "The Whole of the Torah Is One Holy Name"

Rav reads Rabash: “ When the evil inclination brings us foreign thoughts” meaning egoistic ones “this is the time to take these thoughts” we need to take them in this state and raise them above reason. I will even add that foreign thoughts are anything that separates me from the Creator meaning ego, but these thoughts awaken in us on purpose so we would rise above them and discover a spiritual state. This is what we need to do.

34. S. (01:07:52) I’d like to answer the question that you posed about the eyes being shut.

R. Do whatever it is you prefer but quickly.

S. What is related to eyes being shut? Is it to become a zero and then make efforts in order to try to give as bestowal? That was our answer.

R. This is true as well. The most important thing is to do these exercises on a regular basis.

S. Above reason means above my desires and feelings? What must be the action when we

sense this above reason when we haven't developed these new feelings?

R. We have to act in such a way as though we are already in this state and from this state we continue further. We must imagine to ourselves because these desires are pressures when together we’re trying to do this. Then the light will influence us. This is how it works.

35. S. (01:10:19) What is this action of bringing the Creator the foreign thoughts? What do we need to ask from the Creator?

R. For the Creator to give us love between us. That's it, nothing else. In this love between us according to the law of equivalence of form He Himself will be revealed. That will be the revelation of the Creator to the creatures.

36. S. (01:11:11) How to rise above distracting thoughts that keep on distracting us from the lesson?

R. This is actually beautiful, it means that you are given an opportunity every moment yet to make another correction. You don’t enter the same river twice. Every single time it's a new condition and a new correction.

37. S. (01:11:48) The purpose of faith above reason is to be together with the friends because the Creator is adding more and more ego to us. In faith above reason I need to love the friends but if I feel the Creator in faith above reason, I don't need two friends.

R. Such a thing is not possible. Why are you so smart? How is it possible that you feel the Creator without loving the friends? In what will you discover the Creator and feel Him from? Only in the connection between you. With what organ will you feel the Creator? What do you mean with the soul? Tell me, go ahead.

S. It's what the Creator's giving me from above.

R. What do you mean from above? From above they can only spit on your head. When you build between your friends who are aimed at the goal, the quality of love, bestowal, mutual help and mutual inclusion, through that you build the space, the place, that's what it’s called; within which you will then be able to reveal the Creator according to equivalence of form based on what you build between you, your friends and the Creator. It cannot be any other way. So don’t imagine that something will all of a sudden fall on your head. Nothing good will fall on your head. Only if in advance you will build the place for His revelation.

38. S. (01:14:30) How to manage the mind and heart to go above reason and depict the qualities of the Creator?

R. Aim yourselves towards connection with your friends. Make it so that between you a true connection would develop such that one whole will be built out of you. And with that you also have to raise yourself above the ego rationally, systemically. Then you'll be able to create such conditions. You do it and then you will all of a sudden discover that the Creator is taking place within you. He’s revealing within you.

39. S. (01:16:17) What is the connection between bestowal and faith above reason and which one comes first?

R. Faith above reason is the Kli that we are building and bestowal is already the force, the work of this Kli that is aimed at each other and at the Creator. We will feel it. The most important thing going forward from this lesson is to constantly develop this attitude of faith above reason, to read about it. The friends who work on the materials need to post all of these materials for us so we can read it and discuss it and constantly dwell on it.

S. If the person relates to each person in the ten as if they are the Creator themself does that mean that I am building the Kli of above reason, if I relate to every friend in the ten as the Creator?

R. Yes, but the question is whether it is indeed so or you are just deceiving yourself. So let's learn how to check ourselves, measure ourselves, weigh ourselves in relation to faith above reason. It's going to be different on each and every degree in content and in its power. You'll see how it goes.

40. S. (01:18:25) How can we, the friends who speak Russian help our country, the Russian speakers? How can we help them advance toward connection and how can we influence them with the connection between us and can we even influence them?

R. I would recommend to you, first and foremost to build the relationship between you, this is most important. When at least some of the spiritual force will be revealed in you, the quality of bestowal and love between you, it will at the same time be radiating from you and people will feel it. They will feel it but for the time being we really don’t need to talk about it, to advertise it. But to disseminate general knowledge of connection between people, that good connection leads us to better life, no problem. Go ahead and disseminate, constantly do it. Be in contact with our main disseminators and they will teach you.

S. We are at the beginning of our path, we are just beginning to discover the Creator and attain the wisdom of Kabbalah and we’re hoping to count on your wise advice. Tell us please, how can we support one another with the faith that it is possible to reach faith above reason? How to hold inside us this faith in this feeling?

R. This possibility depends only on you. Only, and not on anyone else, only on you. But in general the global state is such that if you really truly want it, you will very quickly succeed in it. It only depends on the magnitude of your desire, nothing else. So go right ahead, don't believe anyone that it is impossible, that it is hard and so on. This is the greatest problem that we have in this world, to reveal the Creator, and then in that case everything will become clear.

41. R. (01:22:22) We are nearing the end of the lesson and I still would like to read a couple of things to you.

Excerpt 6. RABASH, Article No. 24 (1991), “What Does It Mean that One Should Bear a Son and a Daughter in the Work?”

Rav Reads: Item 6, “These thoughts of emptiness come to a person”, it’s done on purpose “in order for one to have a need to take upon himself faith above reason. And for this we need the help of the Creator.” Meaning that the person has to ask of the Creator to give him such force that he will be able to believe above reason. Meaning we have to appeal to the Creator regarding everything. The Creator will help and explain to us, will show us, will give us, and then everything will be OK. Nothing needs to be decided on our own. Just constantly ask. Be this very serious, annoying person.

Rabash writes in article 12 the most important is the prayer. That is, one must pray to the Creator to help him go above reason. Meaning that the work should be with gladness as though he has already been rewarded with the reason of Kedusha, sanctity. The most important is to appeal to the Creator. Do anything that you can, imagine this world as being filled with the Creator. Act in such a way as though you are dwelling within Him. Regarding friends in that way, but not to everybody else, otherwise people will think that you are a bit crazy, out there. So rise to the degree of faith above reason and thus develop it within the group. Then ask the Creator to help us rise above our state, what we see in our world, in ourselves, meaning the knowledge, the reason.

This is faith above reason and this work needs to be in gladness as though he has already been rewarded. Last excerpt: “The work above reason should be unconditional surrender.” “A person should say I want to be a servant of the Creator even though I have no idea about the work and I feel no flavor in the work. Nevertheless I am willing to work with all my might as though I have attainment and feeling and flavor in the work.” In this way we have to act even though I don’t understand and don’t see and don’t feel, and in essence I don't really want it. But I constantly need to force myself. This is the work, the work above reason, above the egoistic desires. It evokes the revelation of the Creator, evokes the revelation of the Creator.

42. S. (01:26:21) Can you please give us a practical example of how for you as a teacher to go above reason, how can ten do this?

R. I'm already telling you about this. What practical examples do you want? When was it anything other than practice? When did we study theory? We don’t study theory. Practically we are studying what we have to do right now today. This is what we are studying so go and act.

43. S. (01:27:04) What does it mean to believe in the Sages?

R What the kabbalists suggest to us, Rabash and others, we have to take as our foundation and realize it.

44. S. (01:27:22) How to sense the Creator with all of our organs if we only have five organs of reception?

R. You have many many more. Don't worry. You'll have plenty more, sensations and tastes, colors you don't know yet but you see that there is many opportunities of sensations that you have

45. S. (01:27:48) What does it depend on to reach faith above reason?

R. Only on our stubbornness, the correct direction. We have to present to Him such a Kli of connection between us that it will reveal the Creator.

46. S. (01:28:15) Can you explain what is the difference between the individual Kli of faith above reason vs. the Kli of the group?

R. What personal Kli? By my personal Kli I mean my group. What other Kli can there be? You on your own are not a Kli, you’re just a black point.

47. S. (01:28:56) What is the difference between faith above reason and just relations?

R. I can't answer this question because this is nonsense. Faith above reason is a very precise construction of our own Kli according to what the Kabbalists tell us. I need to follow their instructions to the tee, what Baal HaSulam and others tell me.

48. S. (01:29:38) How can we reach a commitment now in every ten that we won't leave this effort of imagining that the Creator fills the whole world and acting this state out towards the friends?

R. We will connect between ourselves into a ten and through it we will feel how the Creator fills the whole world. We don't have any other aim. We need to build our own personal Kli in our ten, in our group and connect in such a way that we will start to feel the revelation of the Creator. Nothing else is important, everything else is just passing, it's nonsense. Only this is important. Connect in such a way that the Creator would reveal between us the quality of love and bestowal. It will reveal above our ego. This is called Faith above reason.

49. S. (01:03:02) Go with your eyes shut and then it says, “believe in the sages and go all the way.” What does it mean to go all the way?

R. The whole path means to put the quality of bestowal on all your egoistic desires. Meaning that Masach, screen, will be above all of the Aviut, coarseness.

50. S. (01:31:47) What is the purpose of the prayer if we agree that He is the good that does good? Then who am I to disagree and ask something?

R. Why do I have to disagree with Him? You asked the good that does good so that you will be given the state in which you could be similar to Him; precisely out of assuming that He is good that does good.

51. S. (01:32:36) Rabash writes that we need to believe in faith above reason and imagine that we've already been awarded with this quality of bestowal in our organs. How should we imagine this game in the ten?

R. The result of our effort needs to be such that we create such a Kli, such a desire, intention in which everything can be revealed vividly. I don't want to stop at a state on a degree where I just see it cognitively. Rather I want to reveal the state where the quality of love and bestowal of the Creator is revealed. So I assimilate myself to the next upper degree which in relation to me is called the Creator.

52. S. (01:34:23) In any path it is required to go from the starting point to the end and there is some distance in this trajectory in faith above reason, so what does it mean that we won't be lost, so how to do it in faith above reason?

R. If you go above reason then you are going in a direct path between Malchut and Bina all of it is set up only on the condition that you annul yourself and subjugate yourself to the collective, in the degree that you subjugate yourself to the collective, you draw on yourself the luminescence of the upper light which draws you forward.

53. S. (01:35:) How to connect between the faith in the Sages and the actions in the ten?

R. We need to read and listen to what the Sages say to us and put it into practice in the relationship between us and a ten, this is what it is called to walk with the faith of the Sages.

54. S. (01:36:39) To rise above reason when one wants to achieve, to attain the goal, does it depend on how I'm being looked out outside of my environment?

R. Under normal circumstances it only depends on how much you imagine yourself how the Creator fills the whole world that's it.

55. S. (01:37:35) About the prayer, what does it mean to pray all day long, is that a thought, is that an attitude or an action?

R. It is the interpretation of the world in which the Creator rules and that's how I relate to him and that's the prayer in its whole. I want to be in this world that it's just filled with the Creator, tied endlessly and constantly with the group.

56. S. (01:38:31) When we cancel ourselves and we have to imagine the rule of the Creator, this depiction to ourselves, what do we describe to ourselves?

R. We have to imagine to ourselves that we live and exist inside the Creator that he envelops everything and he controls everything, moves every single thing, each one of us and everyone together. This is this state where we indeed are, it is just that our ego does not allow us to sense it, doesn't allow us to sense it but we have in our choice seriously to work on it to reveal the Creator this is the wisdom of Kabbalah. The revelation of the Creator in this world. How we do it, only in a manner that we give corresponding effort to it, the Creator dwells in the world controlling and completing everything and does everything. There is None Else Besides Him and we have to come to this state vividly, meaning together, when we annul together and try to forcibly reveal Him, become similar to Him. All of that is bringing us to the state where the Creator is revealed, this is not tremendous work, it's just what we need to focus ourselves on the fact this is where I am going and this is what I desire, to reveal Him.

S. Between the feelings and the emotion is there any connection?

R. I don't know, it depends on the sensations, original qualities, the sensation is what we are currently feeling.

57. S. (01:41:39) Some of the work in the ten is to ask for happiness and to always satisfy the friends and is it because our intentions are perfect?

R. Let's think it is so for now but moving forward there will be additions more and more.

58. S. (01:42:33) In the congress we feel the Creator and the connection in the ten, what to do in order to come out quickly from the descent that will come out after such a Congress?

R. Already now we start to feel that this current state is a descent and we need to accept that this is how it goes from ascent to ascent and try and put this to practice and you'll see that this is possible.

59. S. (01:43:20) Sages tell us we must exist in happiness and joy, that we are progressing correctly. Can we do such an analysis, that we are in joy and happiness we're getting closer to the Creator and if we are sad, we're serving our ego, so should we always play in the ten that we are in joy and so they will get this contagion?

R. Oh yes indeed, we have to show the friends that we are in ascent, inspiration, joy and gladness. We each must do this each one in the group in relation to the other and I have to show happiness and I think that in itself will also be the answer for the first part of your question.

60. S. (01:44:34) I want to reveal the Creator but on the other hand I'm asking him that He would not be revealed because I want to be in faith above reason, so should I always stay in concealment to never see the Creator?

R. To the degree in which you relate to him, he will relate to you, to that degree, you will be able to see Him meaning, he will be revealed within you only in that manner. So don't worry, you don't need to reject him, you only need to put yourself in accordance with these qualities and then you will be able to have Him reveal in you.

61. S. (01:45:47) If I want to be the servant of the Creator even if I don't have any understanding in the work, when does this period start, when the Creator brings me to it or based on my own readiness?

R. Doesn't matter if it's the Creator or your readiness, where would you have this readiness if not from the Creator? Everything that we have comes from the Creator but it depends on us only if we want to go through the next degree, only working together we can pass this states.

S. Can we be persuaded to it or is it free choice?

R. What do you mean free choice how you as an egoist have a free choice?

S. As if I want to accept that I want to choose anything.

R. This needs to be studied, investigated and studied in the freedom of will.

62. S. (01:47:08) Can we say that our gathering is the creation of the vessel and what is actually the light that is filling this vessel?

R. So in order to consider yourself a group, you have to study with each other, you have to help each other form each other. There is a special condition for egoists, they also have to assist each other in the group, to start to annul their own ego in relation to each other and to gradually come together. Not only to concede to each other but also to assist each other, so start working on that and then we'll talk about whether you're successful or not. That is our whole system of connection, people coming together to ten individuals that need to cancel themselves, step over themselves in relation to the other nine. It will turn out that they build such a group, such a company of people where they will be able to annul their ego and correct their ego and in that corrected ego the Creator will be revealed in accordance to the equivalence of form between the Creator and them.

63. S. (01:49:11) We wanted to scrutinize, what does it mean to take the foreign thoughts and raise them above reason, was it to present them to the Creator or what is it exactly?

R. I didn't understand the question?

S. What does it mean to take foreign thoughts and raise them above reason?

R. It means to raise all the disturbances that awaken in us and regard them as egoistic disturbances and we ourselves need to be above them, to the extent they come against us and we need to rise above them and we have a lot of material about that.

64. S. (01:50:54) To go with our eyes shut, faith above reason…?

R. Ox to the burden and donkey to the load, we need to study, it's not simple at all.

65. S. (01:51:23) What if I feel the deficiency for the friend is not exactly what the Creator wants for her, how can I work with that?

R. It's none of your business what deficiency the friend has and whether it is correct or not, your attitude should not be critical but rather how can I change myself in relation to the friend, I want to be connected with the friends if you want to spiritually advance.

66. S. (01:52:04) How can we aim ourselves so we can practically go all the way?

R. It will become clear, you just need to read more and more of our materials about the topic of faith above reason. It's simply impossible to just explain, we will have to realize it upon ourselves and then we will start to understand what the inner meaning of this whole construction of the vessel is. It's extremely hard to imagine for people it is very dissimilar to faith, to knowledge, to reason, it's above reason, it confuses us. It's very unclear to many, many people but let's try gradually little by little. I will always be happy to accept questions about this topic, this is the most important thing, how to rise to the degree of faith above reason.

67. S. (01:53:53) Can faith above reason become a habit thanks to actions of the friends in the ten and be constantly in this state? Is it a psychological barrier or physical barrier before us?

R. It is purely a spiritual barrier and there are many, many degrees that we need to more and more ascend to the degree of faith about reason.

68. S. (01:54:46) We constantly have disturbances in the corporeal world and we try together to overcome them through prayer, is it enough or is there another advice?

R. For the time being this is sufficient, as you progress onwards you will have more and more additional possibilities.

69. S. (01:55:41) When we open this connection, we also get the joy but also, we get the pride, so what do you do in this state?

R. We correct it, we correct it.

S. How do we correct it?

R. We need to sit and cry all the way screaming to the Creator until he will do it for us.

70. S. (01:56:42) How to communicate with the Creator when he hasn't been revealed in the group, is it enough to imagine that He exists between us?

R. Of course it is sufficient but with that we need to appeal to him, we need to reach that contact essentially and cognitively, so the contact will be constantly growing.

71. S. (01:57:40) To be in the morning lesson does that mean to be in the house of the Lord?

R. No, it's simply to be in a mechanical connection. The house of the Lord, meaning the vessel is collected from all sorts of different egoistic parts that connect together with the intention the Creator will be able to reveal Himself in that case only we can call that collection the house of the Lord.

72. S. (01:58:36) How to rise above hatred in faith above reason?

R. You need to understand that this is your ego that's on purpose making fun of you and bringing it to you and you need to constantly find and ask where to ask for the Creator’s help

S. And what to do when hatred shuts our eyes?

R. There is nothing you can do, I don’t know what to tell you. You wait, sit with the friends, maybe even disconnect, maybe just make a meal together, whatever tricks you can engage in.

73. S. (01:59:53) We need this connection between the group of friends and should the friends and can the friends see that I connected with them and how can they do that?

R. I hope that they will learn from what you show them.

S. I must show this connection, that they are important to me?

R. Of course, of course, it is written everywhere. You are asking me this question is making me upset. I don't know how you are asking this, people who study for so many years. Do not know these basic elementary things without which you cannot approach the solution of this problem which is the revelation of the Creator to its creatures.