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Lección 4 "Plegaria de muchos"

Lección 4 "Plegaria de muchos"

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 Congress Lesson 4 February 26, 2021 Transcription is made from simultaneous translation which leaves possibility for differences from audio

Lesson No. 4. The Prayer of Many

1. Rav’s Introduction: The prayer of many we have already learned much and spoken about it and heard about how everything that we can attain, everything that can be attained in spirituality can be attained only through the power of prayer meaning that we turn to the Creator and the more that we can reveal what is deep within our hearts, our consciousness, whatever we feel. The Creator feels what is within the heart of each and everyone but He also takes into account how we feel our hearts to be and how from that we raise lacks towards Him, requests, prayers. Prayer comes from the Hebrew word LeHitpalel, to pray, means that one judges himself, he wants to discover himself. When he discovers himself he sees how many good, proper things that he has in him or vice versa, what desires, thoughts he has, which he can turn to the Creator and with what thoughts and desires he cannot, that is one thing. There are many preparations here and also many limitations regarding how we can prepare ourselves for prayer. 

There is no need for me to lie in my prayer even if I want to say something which I don't exactly feel I need to understand and to feel that I am raising a prayer which isn't exactly my prayer yet but rather something I would want it to be the case but I have to be aware of it, that is one thing. The second thing is that the prayer cannot rise, cannot emerge from me towards the Creator, rather it needs to rise from the whole group, the whole vessel, the vessel is the ten and that is why first of all I need to prepare myself through connection with the friends so that it is as close as possible to ten. Our collective lack the extent to which in study and discussions between us we can reveal what it is exactly that we want to achieve, to what extent are we ready to support each other, what is the degree of Arvut, mutual guarantee, we have between us, to that extent then we turn to the Creator, with that, and then we have some hope, we have some confidence that the Creator will answer. 

Now, of course, each and every prayer where a person turns to the Creator even if he doesn't know he's turning to the Creator, in any case each and every person, not necessarily one who engages in the wisdom of Kabbalah. Everyone gets some response from the Creator, but the desired response is for him to advance and promote us in exactly the right direction to where we need to advance. It's not that we are going to now learn how to organize things, organize the prayers and organize the connection between us and so on, but rather we directly turn to the Creator and receive from Him with respect to our raising of MAN and the lowering of MAD as we learned in the wisdom of Kabbalah, here everything depends on the extent to which we prepare ourselves for the plea to the Creator. As we pray, LeHitpalel in Hebrew means to judge oneself and from examining ourselves, so judging ourselves we then raise our common request collectively from the ten to the Creator. Of course by that we can be certain that we will receive some response. 

Now the response could be open, clear and understood by us or not yet, but always opposite our request to the Creator there is a response from Him. Even if we don't exactly know how to raise that request and what to do with it, we need to see if we are connected to the group or less it doesn't need to be ten, even five, six, or seven people if we are more or less in such a group and according to what we learn we try to establish our plea to the Creator. Then of course we will gradually come to feel how we are raising our collective lack and how we are receiving a response for that raising of MAN, the raising of our lack. That way we start getting to a situation where we have this dialog with the Creator, with the upper force and this is what each and every one must make sure he has, through the ten that ability to turn to the Creator. Each ten needs to make sure that it assembles all of its members and organizes the plea to the Creator and also begins to feel the response from the Creator and so to begin working MAN and MAD as we learn. We have nothing more, this is the whole wisdom of Kabbalah - to reach a state where we can raise a lack to the Creator and also reaching a state where we can identify the Creator's response until we begin to discover the upper force which is present, revealed right before us and then we begin to work with Him in the revelation of the face as we call it. 

Let us hope that we will merit it and soon but nevertheless for the time being we need to learn how to turn to the Creator from the center of the ten, the center of the ten, yes. Our plea to the Creator that is what answers all of our questions, all of our problems that is the only thing we need to engage in, as it is written” “I wish you would pray all day long”, and by that we revive the system of Adam, our system, which becomes more and more similar to the Creator from the word, Domeh, similar to the Creator. So the prayer of many in that case is everything, all we have to engage in, to establish and we do that until we reach complete revelation of the Creator within our complete vessel. 

We will review various excerpts we have before us, we will try to delve deeper into each and every excerpt, we went over them, we heard them not once, but the main thing is for us to truly see how we can use them in a more inner manner, inner way each time, we can find maybe a few more important details in each sentence relating to the connection between us and the Creator so we can advance. 

2. S. (10:45) What does it mean to judge myself from the center of the ten?

R. Praying means to judge myself, judge the extent to which I am in connection to the ten and the extent to which I prepare myself for a connection with the friends by which I build this network of connections between us and from that network, that web, I raise the lack for the revelation of the Creator in order to bring Him contentment, to bestow upon Him. This is our work and then we will discover the way He relates to us in return in a way in the matter of love and connection that He sends us, that He arranges us, arranges for us in order to bring us contentment. I to my beloved and my beloved to me we begin to connect together, the ten, and the Creator and to advance.

S. Yes, but you said in the beginning there is no way to cheat during your prayer and here too there is a question: it turns out that the lack is still not a true deficiency, I don't yet have that deficiency. it turns out that I am cheating?

R. I don't wish to hide anything from the Creator, to the contrary it is nonsensical to play such games rather I want to be open, revealed to Him and the extent to which I want, don't want, understand, don't understand I reveal it all to Him, I open it all before Him and then through that opening of the heart, my heart opening towards Him I bring myself to a state where I want Him to organize my heart and my mind, my thoughts and my emotions and by that I will advance. The fact that prayer is called the act of praying, LeHitplalel, in Hebrew meaning to judge myself, it means I need to examine myself to see if I am turning directly to the Creator so I reveal to Him in everything that I have and He certainly sees into the depths of my desire because He established it. So I ask Him to correct my desire and turn me into whatever is necessary, so I am before Him like a sick person, patient on the operating table completely under the control of the Creator. This is how it is. 

3. S. (14:21) Can the prayer that raises from the heart be turned into the prayer that comes from the ten?

R. Yes, the person can pray to the Creator through the center of the ten as well and this is more effective but also when he is in the ten raising his prayer directly to the Creator and not through the ten that is also ultimately an outcome of his integration in the ten and that also works. I don't want to play such conditions before you to prevent you from praying, turn to the Creator as much as possible with your requests, prayers, everything that you have in your heart but of course it is preferable to share this with the ten. You don't have to speak about it, to confuse the friends like that each time, but nonetheless in the connection between you it should become clear to you through reading the articles, through your discussions that you simply, ultimately you need to raise a collective request.

4. S. (16:41) What is the correct lack or the prayer that the Creator hears from the center of the ten?

R. It is only a prayer for connection between us and connection with Him which we will later see as one in the same but nevertheless first there has to be some concern regarding the connection between us otherwise we will have nothing to raise up to the connection with Him, the Creator connects only with the ten.

5. S. (17:26) This prayer of many how is it created, how can I connect the lacks and prayers of the friends into one?

R. It is where ultimately out of my integration with the ten I raise a lack, we don't need to talk about how now I'm praying, it's possible also, but not necessary because ultimately we are integrated together included of each other if we are in some connection between us throughout the day after the lesson and we meet twice a day or so that also gives each one some kind of integration with his ten, his environments and ultimately each one raises his request from the ten through the center of a ten as an outcome of our discussion and communication. This is how we connect to the Creator, we awaken Him, compel Him to open our hearts.

6. S. (19:09) The feeling that is complete and full of disappointment of myself and great shame before the Creator, simply without words…?

R. Yes, even if you don't answer the words but only feel it in your heart, prayer is called work in the heart and the Creator feels that already and you need no words, you don’t need to compose the words all nicely to write a whole book of prayers, no, it is enough to feel it in the heart to feel how through the connection in the group you want to attain the connection with the Creator in order to bestow contentment upon Him from that. It needs to be as short as possible as it is written: “..let God not be foreign to you”.

7. S. (20:31) A prayer from the center of the ten does the Creator always hear it and if so how to understand it?

R. Yes, the Creator hears only lack which emerges as a result of a person's integration in his ten, for the time being in a simple way I integrate in the ten, I am with them constantly meeting with them, we speak, we mix together in terms of our desires and thoughts it is sufficient for me in order to raise a lack, yes, without all sorts of philosophies and problems. This suffices.

8. S. (21:30) In the ten we can help one another together correct scrutinizing regarding the correct request?

R. Certainly we need to reach the qualities of Bina and that is where we are headed, we will get there.

9. S. (22:02) About the feeling that one cannot get to the center of the ten and it is unclear how to pray from it that it won't be our imagination but the real thing?

R. If you discuss these things together first of all the extent to which you can integrate together, come to some conclusions, the extent to which you can reach a plea to the Creator from the connection between you then with that feeling start turning to the Creator, each one of you. Later we will learn how to do it in more complex situations.  Clear?

10. S. (23:02) How can we reach a state where we could pray from the depth of our hearts so the Creator responds?

R. That is exactly what we are talking about, meaning that we need to first of all have this connection in the ten between us where we more or less understand and feel what spiritual state, what inner state we are in, what is our goal through what or by what means we advance towards the goal, how do we see ourselves attaining the goal through the connection between us, how do we discover the Creator in the connection between us? After all of these things become clear to us then we begin to ask the Creator to make the first connection between us on the path.

11. S. (24:19) We feel despair, we want to create a complete prayer in the ten, how are we going to cry out so that we can become one soul as ten?

R. That all becomes clear when you are connected together and discuss it, you can connect together every time not only when you connect to the lesson here but rather between yourselves you need to be in contact and discuss these questions, finding source texts about it, find what is written about it and regarding the state and the situation you are in. Then it will become more clear to you how to turn to the Creator, who the Creator is, and how it is possible to identify that it is Him answering you.

12. S. (25.38) It seems that the goal is the Creator and that ten became a means seemingly there is a secondary importance, how do you do it such that it is like everything appears that all depends on me, how do we connect this all into one?

R. I don't think that this is possible as of yet, it is a good question, at one time I am what is important another time it is the ten and another time it is the Creator and these three points are called Israel, it the person who yearns, Yashar Kel, straight towards the Creator, Orayta, is what we call the force which appears within the ten and Kudsha Brichu is the Creator and each time we place the emphasis on one of the three and from that point it can be the person or the ten or the Creator, from that we begin to see reality until ultimately, not right now, but at the end of the corrections we reach estate where these three points become as one and that is the end of correction. Clear?

13. S. (27:34) If the ten raises the correct prayer from the center of the ten how can she hear whether she got MAD in return?

R. If the ten raises MAN to the Creator, and it truly MAN, meaning a lack, then within that lack it hears, it feels the Creator's response and there is no problem here as it all depends only on the MAN, on the raising of MAN.

14. S. (28:21) The Upper root in the center of the ten is this the place where the Creator fills?

R. Yes, we discover the Creator in the center of the ten.

15. S. (29:14) You said as the result of the prayer we are supposed to come to the first connection what is that state, that first connection that we can reach in the convention?

R. We will truly feel that the group, let's say my group is in a state where we all understand everyone else in terms of their desire for the Creator. We will feel that everyone is ready and willing to support each other to be as one man in one heart because they understand it is impossible to attain the upper force and to bestow contentment upon Him without us being connected in such a way where there is no difference between us. So we can not skip over or erase the difference between us, to shorten it, but we want it to happen and that lack we raise to the Creator because then we turn into one. To an extent at least, to the extent that we can envision it and then we ask the Creator to make of us, all of us, to make of us a single desire, a single will and in that He can reveal Himself fulfill as the light who fulfills the vessel.

16. S. (31:11) Right now when we feel inspired by the friends in the ten and the whole world Kli we really start to turn towards each other and everything seems okay and the question is now how can we right now correctly judge ourselves, do this LeHitpalel and  include the Creator?

R. We are constantly doing this work, people who study with us for a while maybe remember that we read about the students of Ramchal, we read that they were constantly in prayer having this duty around the clock and as it is written I wish they prayed all day long. Now I can't pray 24 hours a day, but if I am with other students, meaning with my friends then we can organize it that way. I'm not saying this is what we need to do but we can organize our prayer like that, our pleas to the Creator. We each time we find more and more lacks and we turn into the Creator with that, because it's clear that only the Creator corrects each and everything and we cannot correct anything in any way, we can only turn to the Creator and so we are constantly looking for more ways to be connected and we don't escape it. We even need to ask Him pray for Him not to escape, not to run away from the prayer and if we get there, if we see that it is a state where we are constantly demanding things from Him then we reach a state where the Creator is revealed. He arranges the vessel for us and is revealed in the corrected vessel which He corrected, that is a good state then and how it needs to be.

17. S. (33:43) How to overcome reason when we are in prayer?

R. It is enough for me to be integrated in the desires of the others, the friends and then with them I raise my request to the Creator when I pray for them and not for myself. That is already above my reason.

18. S. (34:31) Why when we pray alone it is opposite of Kedusha, holiness?

R. You are praying for yourself, try praying over what your ten wants rather than what you want then you will be as Malchut and your nine friends will be as the first nine Sefirot and through that you will begin to establish the Partzuf and each one who prays for his friend is awarded first. When I pray for what the friend wants it turns out that I am the one who receives the answer.

19. S. (35:43) You spoke about the prayer that it is not my prayer yet and I want it to be my prayer so what is this process that it's not my prayer yet, can you explain this, this process?

R.  My prayer is where I receive lacks from all the people in the world, each and every one and I connect them together and I raise these prayers to the Creator asking for correction over them, that is my prayer because then I become Malchut, the bottom, the foundation for all of the souls, that is my real, true prayer.

20. S. (36:47) During the prayer the ego always wins altogether there is hope that we will be able to beat it, what can we do and in what way can we operate to start defeating it?

R. Did you not hear what we spoke about? About the way we can exploit, use our ego? We have been talking about this for almost 40 minutes now and it is only when I integrate with the ten and raise our lacks all of them together and by that I can defeat my ego.

S. Yes, I am hearing and we are trying to do what you're saying in the ten, but constantly everything is flipping in the direction of the ego.

R. Did you go over all of these materials with us? Yes, the more we advance I succeed in overcoming the small will to receive and then discover a bigger will to receive and we need to connect together around that as well, to try to pray more and to rise above it more and to discover a larger will to receive and to try to overcome that as well and again and again. Until it becomes revealed that I am rising over the will to receive in a very obvious manner where it starts becoming clear to me that I am contact with the upper force, the Creator, and in this inner contact with the ten and then it follows that I begin to take my first paces in the spiritual world.

S. Can we even feel when we're receiving an addition of the will to receive? 

R. If you integrate more with your friends, not letting go of this integration with them you will begin to feel how you receive a new revelation, a new desire each time. The thing is that you're not all listening to what I'm saying.

21. S. (40:15) What does it mean to ask what the ten wants?

R. Of course my ten wants the same thing that I want we are on the path for a while now, but I need to turn to the Creator not for my own personal desire but rather I include within the whole ten, all of my friends that are standing there within my heart and in that way I raise my desire which is included of them to the Creator. This is called the prayer of many meaning that I don't ask for the individual which is me but rather I ask for the many which is all of my friends. The Creator quickly answers such a prayer as it is also written, the prayer of the individual, no.

22. S. (41:40) During the day we're all trying to be in prayer and praying for the friends in this prayer for the friends a prayer from the ten?

R. Certainly that is a prayer for the ten if it is from the ten, but is it clear that you are all connected together scrutinizing what your desires are exactly, what you are aiming for, how connected your desires are together, what goals you want to reach and to what extent you are trying to be connected together. Because the goal becomes revealed only according to the intensity of the connection between you that you also yearn for and all of this you need to scrutinize.

23. S. (42:39) How to build a true prayer in the ten?

R. You need to ask the Creator for that as well, to help you open the hearts of each one and to connect the hearts together otherwise it won't succeed.

24. S. (43:21) How is the work in the heart connected which is the prayer to external work with our hands and our feet, what is the connection between them? 

R.  All of the external work their purpose is only to strengthen the connection of our hearts and our appeal to the Creator.

25. S. (43:49) When we talk about the response of the Creator, the prayer of the ten is it expressed in the feeling of the deficiency of the ten or not necessarily?

R. Not necessarily, so the answer from the Creator may be revealed in such a way where our desire, deficiency, becomes larger without fulfillment and that is also a kind of fulfillment. Like when we learn or do something sometimes, me discovering the extent to which I don't understand that I don't comprehend it, attain it, that is also called advancement.

26. S. (44:40) Is it true to say that the prayer from the heart of the ten, is the key, the main action to advance and to get closer to the Creator?

R.  Yes, only that can help us, the prayer from the heart of the ten and in that same place, the heart of the ten, we will discover the Creator.

27. S. (45:23) How from within us ten women to create one Kli, vessel, a desire that we filled with light, we are a desire to receive, how do we turn this into spirituality, it looks like we are praying for spirituality but when we open it, it turns out to be corporeality, give us an example what is correct prayer, correct intention and what is spirituality, how to feel it?

R. I can't give you an example of what a spiritual desire is because you don't feel it as of yet, you need to discuss it,  what spirituality means, how to demand spirituality and are we capable of wanting spirituality. Talking about the extent to which we cannot want spirituality, but we can ask even if we don't want it exactly because we can ask the Creator to make it for us and then the Creator will make the desire for spirituality and we will ask. With everything, ultimately, you need to turn to the Creator, that is how it is. 

28. S. (47:00) It’s like we're standing in front of the gate of the King, what is that prayer that's going to allow all of us together to enter the whole to the King?

R. Exactly that same prayer, it is a desire, lack, that is it.

29. S. (47:32) Our question is correct work in the ten obliging the Creator?

R. Yes, each and every plea to the Creator obliges Him even if it is an incorrect plea over something that is incorrect regardless He responds we say that the upper light is in complete rest meaning it responds to anything we ask of it good or bad doesn't matter, even a thief, before breaking that vault in the back, asks the Creator and that is also effective.

S. Could it be that the correct work if it is lasting and continuous and it is obliging the Creator and us, can we reach a state that this connection will be constant and cannot escape us any longer?

R. No, there's no such thing. Our connection with the Creator is constant and eternal; we never depart from Him although we are under concealment.

30. S. (49:00) What exactly is: why didn't you ask? Meaning I myself, when I'm alone what am I really asking?

R. Through the desire to turn to the friends, to understand that only through the connection between us we can establish a proper desire with which we can turn to the Creator. With everything that you need to turn to Him and ask, this is why it is written, I wish he prayed all day long.

31. S. (49:43) The more we are included in the ten I feel that they are doing inside my heart even when I'm alone but they are like my guards and police of this criticism that you spoke about. If they could hear me, if it is exact for me, everything comes out at the end, everything is going to the Creator, but they are partners inside this thing, they are making me see the truth…?

R. First of all I don't hear a question, you're full of words of inspiration, but next time I want to hear a question.

32. S. (50:38) How to feel and understand that our prayer is desired by the Creator?

R. The Creator is willing to entertain each and every question because this comes from a desire which He created and if we raise that lack, even aim that lack directed towards Him, certainly this brings great contentment to the Creator as He establishes this desire that needs to be answered. He created our desire, He wants us to understand better and better what to ask or who to ask it of, like a baby who is born and then he grows and the more he can respond to us the happier we are and this is how we need to see it.

33. S. (52:13) In the prayer we usually bring gratitude and ask the Creator, Rabash asked, why didn't you ask and why weren't you grateful, and the question is: our feeling is that the prayer is stronger from the broken heart, what does the Creator enjoy more?

R. Both, the prayer comprises two, both requests and gratitude, so we need to try to raise both.

34. S. (53:40) How during being like a baby in a toy store do I remain with my request?

R. It all depends on your connection with the environment.

35. S. (54:31) If we are seeking the brothers to create envy in members of the ten to aim them towards the goal, is this a common prayer?

R. Yes.

Excerpt (59:04 - 01:00:22) reads twice

36. R. To understand this verse might take years. So, what to do? This is under the conditions that a person is in the true Kabbalah books, connected to the friends, with friends that are in the same efforts with him and yet it still takes time. 

Rav Reads: The ascent of the soul and its completeness is mainly when all the souls merge and become one. This is their perfection, their completeness, where they return to that same form like it was prior to the sin of Adam HaRishon to one soul, because then they rise to Kedusha, holiness, to mutual bestow unto the Creator, to the measure in which they connect this is how they bestow to the Creator. Because Kedusha  is one, the Creator is the mark of what holiness is. Therefore, the prayer which is regarded as the soul depends primarily on the unity of the souls for which a prayer is mainly in public and not alone. Meaning if a person does not connect with others and does not do something that he can say he's doing something towards Kedusha, holiness, towards connection, towards the Creator.  Only as much as he is connected with his friends to the extent he comes closer to the Creator and you can measure it that way. So that one will not be separated and alone, which is the opposite of Kedusha. Well, what can we ask ourselves here if there are questions about this?

37. S. (01:03:23) What does it mean that prayer is the quality of the soul?

R. Prayer is the request to the Creator the raising of MAN, a deficiency, that I want to connect to the Creator, but in order to connect to Him, in order to be adhered to Him I need qualities that will be in me like the Creator, qualities of bestowal. Then, I ask for the Creator to give me qualities of bestow upon my qualities of reception. So that if I receive from Him these qualities of bestowal it turns out that this way I will correct myself, change myself. That is it. That is the prayer. Give me the possibility to resemble you, this is basically the whole prayer, but in practice what is it? The fact that I want to care for all of humanity, to love from the love of the created beings, to the love of the Creator.

S. So the more our group advances the more our qualities have been established, stabilized, with accordance toward the Creator?

R. It is all measured according to our connection with the group as much as we want to constantly run away from it, but we measure our advancement towards spirituality only according to the internal connection. Internal, between us, in the group. Of course this repulses  us, weakens us, because this is what we specifically don't want. Anything we are willing to accept, except our obligation to connect as one together, but what can you do? There is nothing you can do, this is what the Creator demands; this is His quality. You want to come closer to incorporate in Him, to rise to His degree, then please. Only in such a way can you according to you being adapted to the Creator in the quality of bestowal you come closer to Him. Of course it is not you that can do this, but to ask from Him you can and you must.

38. S. (01:06:34) What is the difference between the deficiency and the point in the heart?

R. That point in the heart is what we received to start with which is in each and everyone of us as we are all in the will to receive, a little egoistic point. In this will to receive this egoistic desire we have a spark from the shattering of Adam HaRishon and that spark that is in our will to receive is called the point in the heart according to its smallness.

39. S. (01:07:32) What is the point that brings it from my prayer to a prayer for everybody?

R. That component is the will to receive that we want to be connected specifically together and the Creator arranges these things. It’s on us only to ask. By my work with the friends I need to receive a desire from envy, from all kinds of such connections between us, I need to receive the desire to acquire the quality of bestowal so that I will envy the friends. I can do that even though it is against my will to receive, as it is written, “you can poke one of my eyes as long as you poke two of his eyes”. So I see that my will to receive agrees to enter into harm, if it is in order to learn from the other, to be more than the other. This is how we can advance as we attain everything only if we don't let go of the goal of ours and try to establish it in every way between us, increasing more and more, this is called an opening to those who are adhered to repentance.

40. S. (01:09:36) What can we do right now in this very lesson in order to pray for the whole world?

R. Also now we are constantly praying and scrutinizing how we can come to the correct request to the Creator. Altogether if we ask correctly, let’s say now if we were to ask for the end of correction, we would receive the end of correction. Meaning, there is no limit on behalf of the Creator there are no limitations it only depends on the extent to which we ask. Just like a little child asks whatever he asks, but we give him only what is beneficial to him. This is the same way that we have with the Creator. It is truly this way.

41. S. (01:10:53) What is the meaning of turning into a single soul?

R. One soul is considered that we are connecting to that soul like it was prior to the shattering, but not to the whole big system, the universal system, but the ten. The ten is that minimal mechanism in which the laws of the general system take place. This is what we asked the Creator to make happen all depending on our deficiency. Already in the ten we have the ability to talk about all of the laws that will take place there in the ten. We will get to know the general system and the Creator that is revealed in this. We with Him as a sort of mini big world.

42. S. (01:13:10) How can we succeed that all of our desires, everything we wish for, that we will unite to feel this mutual desire and reach the prayer of many?

R. We need to pray about that as well as you are not capable of uniting all of those desires. When we pray that we want to unite all of the desires to be as one heart, then in that desire certainly the Creator will observe and answer this.

43. S. (01:14:10) The prayer of many we create in the ten or does this come from the Creator and we just discover it through the ten?

R. Prayers come from us. They rise from us to the Creator. We can ask the Creator to bring us all kinds of preparations. What do we need in order to pray to Him, in order to ask from Him correctly. We can ask for that as well. It’s called the prayer prior to the prayer. A deficiency that comes before the deficiency. That we have a general lack, but we don't know what to ask in which way. This is like a little child that cries and his mother knows what he is crying about, but others they don’t. We need to ask the Creator to establish our deficiency to turn everything to the Creator as He receives all of the questions, all of the requests, with which we can advance onwards to spirituality.

44. S. (01:15:46) The Creator knows our hearts and the space where we are asking is this in order for us to know who we are?

R. To the extent you come closer to the Creator you get to know who you are, yes.

Excerpt 2 Reader (01:16:46 - 01:17:30)

45. R. We're bringing ruin upon our souls if we pray only for ourselves, give me, do for me, correct me, give me the quality of bestowal, I want to come closer to you, all of the good things. If we turn to the Creator, but we ask for ourselves, which is usually what we asked, by this we are just distancing ourselves from the Creator. We are only distancing ourselves. This works in a manner that we are in the forces of nature, the Creator is the Upper law of nature. If we ask instead of connecting with others, to correct us, meaning me, each for himself, by that one distances from the Creator and does not come closer to Him. Hence, we need to define really well in the group, in the ten, such knowledge, such confidence that we have no choice that we must constantly ask only for the connection between us. From the connection between us to ask for the coming closer of the connection between us to the Creator. Now we're going to do a workshop about that. 

WSQ: (01:19:01) How do we exactly arrange, to address our appeal, that we are asking from Him to first connect between us and then from this connection to bring our connection closer to Him?

Excerpt  3 Reader (01:25:23 - 01:27:41) reads twice

46. R. The more he evokes mercy in the Creator, accordingly we will advance and that is the summation here. To evoke mercy in the Creator can only be if we ask for the forces to bestow and not for ourselves. That I want to advance, I want to be in bestowal, I want to be similar to the Creator. No, rather I am asking for the others and then in such a way I am truly asking for the force of bestowal. It can't be that I'm asking for the force of bestowal for myself, that I want to be the bestower or the one who is similar to the Creator, if you want to be similar to the Creator then ask Him for the force that He will give for the others. Meaning, the prayer always needs to be for the friends and not for yourself. Even when you are asking to be one who bestows.

Excerpt 4 Reader (01:29:04 - 01:30:14) reads twice

47. R. We also have a song about this, Ma Nishma, only ask, maybe we’ll hear it and ask?

48. S. You said I see the people aren't grasping the depth of our work in prayer how important it is and that there's nothing else besides it and now the friends they have awakened a bit. All the points in the heart are assembling and asking m. We are in the middle of a congress,we have been waiting for so long. How to process this moment?

R. Do want all of us to turn to the Creator with one cry, one deficiency, one man in one heart and to demand from Him to correct our general hearts, our common desire. To place Himself in our hearts, we want Him to fill our hearts, for Him to connect our hearts, fill our hearts as one heart. We need to constantly think about that until we have that desire more and more will take on a depiction of something felt in us that is more practical, more tangible, more existing as it truly has a place, that it has a reality and then we will also start to discover together with that desire also the Creator who is this establishing this desire, even the corrupted desire. Also as much as it will be disconnected from this ego and corrected. With all of this we will start to feel within the common heart between us it's not that each and everyone, but in us all together. We will feel that we belong once again to the system called Adam HaRashon, which is very special. It seemingly exist outside of our ego and belongs to everyone. These things are very internal and we need to give this attention with more and more demand to feel this. By this we begin to breach into the internality of reality then begin to discover this internality where the Creator is disconnected, differentiated from all creation, which is outside of Him and this is where we will reveal ourselves with Him. This is all truly ahead of us, very close and very practical manner that we need to not let go of this after the convention as we still have time for us to continue and not to let go. Also after the convention we need to constantly advance more and more.

Excerpt 5 Reader (01:37:39 - 01:38:30)

49. R. Not to stop but to constantly be in the prayer for the Creator for the ten, for the whole world, for all of the tens but to be constantly aimed towards the Creator. Beware not to go down to such a prayer that is harmful like we read, that moreover if he doesn't come to the connection but that actually would cause ruin to the soul if we pray for oneself.

Excerpt 6 Reader (01:39:11 - 01:40:25)

50. R. We need to pray for each and every one that can succeed in the work of the Creator more than me that is actually the purest prayer that I have where I want someone who is more capable of bringing contentment to the Creator and I will help him with all of my heart and soul pushing him forward to do all of the conditions for him just so he can bestow to the Creator and it's not important to me whether it's me or person that I hated previously, it doesn't matter who. The main thing is that it is important that he or she will be able to benefit the Creator, if not to the Creator than through the ten nevertheless as far away from me as possible. When I awaken these things but not through me, by that we are closer to spirituality.  Clear?

51. S. (01:41:42) Where's the work of a person in prayer, what decision do we need to take?

R. For a prayer to happen in a person he needs to understand that all he has comes from the Creator except for the prayer and the prayer depends upon him, this is actually why it is man's work and it is this work that he needs to concentrate and be concentrated on. Other than prayer we have nothing to do and all of reality, in all of the world's wherever we are and whatever degree we are in along the rungs of the ladder it does not matter, except for praying to the Creator for others, for the friends, for the connection of everyone, for the corrections are different kinds other than that we have nothing to do, we are shattered vessels, just to awaken upon our own some kind of Reshimot for correction that can come forth to correction.

52. S. (01:43:15) We raised a prayer every day for connection but every time there are disturbances that become stronger, is this because our ego is growing?

R. That I don't know and I don't want to know about that, what comes to me comes to me from the Creator because there is Nothing Else Besides Him, so whether I accept all of these news that come to me as good or bad they are news that I need to respond to in a new prayer.

53. S. (01:45:10) To make a correct prayer one should be critical of oneself before making a correct prayer?

R. If I fail the friends and I want to help them actually and helping them I want to bring contentment to the Creator, I don't need to be afraid, I need to ask constantly from the Creator to help this one and do that because by that we're bringing Him contentment, the Creator has no deficiencies except for one which is to help the created beings other than that He doesn't have anything else. When we are demanding from Him we are actually bringing Him contentment from that, a pleasant feeling seemingly. We need to constantly ask from Him as we will be benefiting Him, to ask from Him in a way that He can bestow, that you can approach to ask that you have a desire to bestow that I am asking for the friends, then for certain my request will be pure from its ego and will be able to bestow according to my ego then I am giving him work called the Creator's work that I in Him in this become partners. I am asking Him to do the work and He is doing the work because that is His force, that is His desire that I am truly bringing Him contentment by this. He enjoys from such a request from the created beings.

S. He said the root of prayer comes from the word to judge oneself and in article 3 when he evokes mercy on himself so we're talkin about judgment and mercy upon oneself, what is the distinction?

R. In judging oneself it means that I see the extent I am corrupted and only from that do I start to see the ability to correct myself. If I ask for corrections for myself that will be an egotistical appeal, I need to see where am I in my ego seeing the flaws, blemishes and others.

S. When should I be critical of oneself first before making a prayer?

R. No, you didn't understand me, since I am an egoist I don't see others in the correct manner so all of the things that I see in others in the wrong way I asked the Creator to correct.

S. That is what I understand that I need to judge myself as incorrect and start there?

R. Yes.

54. S. (01:49:18) To ask how can I understand what we are giving to the friends because the ego confuses me making me feel that I'm giving but I'm truly only receiving for myself so it becomes a trap?

R. Start building the prayer for the sake of others and from that you will receive all kinds of new discernments, new correct discernments.

55. S. (01:50:27) How can I describe this will to receive to ask for my friends and not ask for myself to be first?

R. I am certain you can say what it seems to you that should be corrected for the friends, so ask for it to be corrected, start with that and later you will start to see things that are more essential, more meaningful.

56. S. (01:51:33) How can we actually engage in mutual collective prayer?

R. If you can ask the friends to pray for your problems then this also is accepted by the Creator in the correct way.

57. S. (01:52:40) You said if we could ask for a correction he would have given it to us that there is no problem on his side

R. The problem is what do you want, if you were to ask for the sake of correction in the direction of correction then there is no problem but when you are asking in the opposite direction towards your ego then the Creator doesn't give you anything and you remain as you do. Scrutinize exactly your request meaning bottom line, the first thing we need to scrutinize that only the Creator can be turned to and only that will help us in all of our spiritual work and all together in our life, even in our corporeal life as there is None Else Besides Him everything comes from Him downwards towards us. Second, we need to know what to ask from the Creator for Him to answer us, yes what to ask from Him and when we clarify those two things other than those two things we don't need anything. That is all together our entire work.

58. S. (01:54:21) We need to be careful to not ask for ourselves because we bring ruin to our soul eventually we all fall into this mistake on our path. What is this ruin and how can it be corrected more?

R. The whole of the wisdom of Kabbalah altogether reveals to us how we can correctly turn to the Creator, it explains to us the world's the Partzufim, the Sefirot the relations between us, our ego, all that we learned and all that you can possibly learn is altogether to lead us to the correct prayer to the Creator. That is it, there is no more than that. let us put together our efforts in this is how we will succeed