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Clase 2 "Anularse ante los amigos"

Clase 2 "Anularse ante los amigos"

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Congress Lesson 2 January 7, 2022, Transcription

Transcription is made from simultaneous translation which leaves a possibility for differences in the audio

Lesson No. 2: Annulling before the Friends

1. Rav’s Introduction: (01:39) This is the most fundamental basic topic, the most important one. This topic is also not very clear to us in effect, up to almost the end of the path of the way. This topic will appear before us each time with its new kind of uniqueness, each and every time until we won’t understand. How come it is appearing and surfacing once again and again and I have to annul myself before the friends, incorporate in them up to losing myself completely, only in such a way I will come closer to the Creator. Therefore it was said that the Creator is standing behind the friends. This is a great action of the Creator that He created such a means through which we can understand Him, approach Him, discover Him. That He created for us such an opportunity so that through the connection between the friends by annulling ourselves before them, by becoming incorporated in them, getting lost in them, dissolving in them, in such a way we can approach the Creator. In principle it is the same thing because we cannot do anything in relation to the Creator, we do not have any such form. When the Creator created around us such an environment so that in relation to it, we can do work in annulling our ego and it is clear, it happens in practice, we can see and feel how much I am coming closer to them in a heartfelt emotional way, I feel them more, I understand.

It is enough that I do it even in my small group in order to begin to feel, following my correct successful work, to feel the Creator and already to work in the group with sensations, feelings, elements, new forces. A group of friends, it’s not something redundant, secondary, that this is how we found ourselves as many in our world and many people and we don't know what to do with ourselves. Rather it is actually the main most important action of the Creator. He didn't just create Adam but rather He made it so man would be able to be in the environment of other people that he would be able to connect with them, communicate with them, he'll be able to feel how much he needs them his ego needs them, and how can he change his state in relation to them, towards them. In order to give all of himself to them, to his ten. This is our main task, the opportunity to acquire the spiritual quality from the smallest non-existent quality up to the quality of complete adhesion and connection with everyone and with the Creator. All of this happens only through the connection between within the small group and later on with the growing number of people until the whole of humanity will enter that state. This is why it's not just annulment before the friends, it is annulment that contains within it incorporation, meaning our ego has to be annulled and instead of it as in a replacement of it within the egoism, the opposite quality, the opposite force has to grow, bestowal, love, connection, adhesion, unity and so on and so forth. That is everything is built upon the fact that in the connection between us we will find the internal qualities of that connection. This is what will be called the appearance of the Creator, the revelation of the Creator to man.

This Is why we must understand this topic and study it with you but most importantly we need to feel the importance of the group. The importance and the necessity to connect because without that we cannot, in any form or shape, take any step towards the Creator. It is only out of the center of the group out of the connection between us. We will not be able to feel those sensations, those qualities with which we have to approach the Creator in order to communicate with Him the quality of bestowal and love that fills everything. However we do not feel it because we are opposite to it, so how can we calibrate ourselves to the perception of that quality of bestowal and love? All of this is attained through annulment before the friends and it's not just annulment, it is annulment which is creative. That is, how should I annul myself in order to advance towards them, in order to connect with them, in order to adhere with them, so that the connection between us will be revealed before us as the quality of the Creator, as the quality of bestowal. This is considered that you make me, you create me, this is what the Creator says that by us advancing towards each other out of our egos, while we restrict our egos, and later on after we have restricted it, we can begin to expand it already in the opposite direction, in the opposite direction of bestowal, a more altruistic connection but with that same force and even to a greater extent. Here we need to understand how we should work with that same egoism that we were created with to begin with, and how do we invert it, right, inverting it inside out to the quality of connection and love above ourselves. This takes place with the help of faith above reason meaning the quality of Bina the quality of bestowal is higher than the quality of reception. Then the feeling and the awareness of reception because the most important thing for us is to be in bestowal and we will go through all of that today. You can ask questions, you can consult amongst yourself which questions we want to ask and workshops and discussions, let's start.

Excerpt 1: Baal HaSulam, Shamati, Article No. 19, "What Is 'The Creator Hates the Bodies,' in the Work?"

Rav reads: Excerpt #1 (10:47) From Rabash: “The importance of the work is precisely when one comes to a state of zero when one sees the annuls his whole existence and being for then the will to receive has no power.” Only then does one enter the Kedusha, sanctity.

Look how simple he writes, the importance of the work is precisely when one comes to a state of zero, meaning we have a lot of work before being zero, before we zero ourselves, when we no longer want anything for ourselves, that is when one sees that he annuls his whole existence and being as if he does not exist at all. That is in the egoism it is not felt for then the will to receive has no control, no power and he wants only one thing to be in the state of zero and following that state one enters the Kedusha, the spiritual world, the feeling of the Creator. In the wisdom of the Kabbalah we call this Tzimtzum, restriction, when the desire becomes restricted it doesn't disappear it only becomes restricted and we then enter different qualities that exist on the other side, on the other side of the work with our will to receive. We already work with this desire in order to bestow.

2. S. (12:35) Could you tell me how it is to nullify one's existence and being?

R. Try physically and this is also why we were created in a physical world. Meaning even in our ego or with the quality of bestowal we take the first steps in the state of our world in which we can exist physically. Meaning having the connection between us without being dependent on our inner qualities. We need to try to do what the Kabbalists advise and start from annulling ourselves in practice towards the friends in the ten such that whatever they want and of course we are talking about the framework of our general movement forward. Everything that the ten decides on in principle, I have to accept it without any excuses and doubts, with joy, with the understanding that this is pulling us forward towards the goal and with that I should go forward.

S. Now in the lesson I am sitting and I have a million desires and thoughts of my own. How can I nullify them before the friends, what does that mean?

R. For that, in fact we had a preparation for the lesson. Here we should want you to already be ready for the fact that we are going towards self-annulment towards the friends. More than what I want to do right now is to be inside my heart, inside this heart to focus my one desire on connection with the Creator for the purpose of creation. For that I annul myself and I become incorporated in the friends meaning complete annulment of myself before the group. I want to be inside of them, I want specifically that boat that we all build together out of our desires, out of our yearnings, I want to be in it.

3. S. (15:27) How can I help a friend with the help of prayer with what you said yesterday, was to pray not for myself?

R. No, there are many kinds of prayer. Requests come from a person who feels what else should he annul inside of himself because inside of annulling within ourself we have nothing else to do, we have nothing else to do. When we annul ourselves, we adhere to the group and this is what we have to ask for. How to make ourselves zero, how to bring ourselves to the state of zero and then from that state of zero our spiritual ascent will begin.

S. It's like I'm calibrating myself?

R. You truly need to calibrate yourself. To calibrate yourself to the fact that I am annulling myself before the friends and this state is truly done by the Creator deliberately. Because this is the greatest help on his side, the fact that I have, even in my state, egoistic state, I have such help such an example. Such a physical opportunity to be in contact with others even though I have no emotion towards them. I need to work in my emotion that I want to be together with them inside of one whole, one desire in a yearning towards the Creator. There are other desires but I am not interested in them. They can be all kinds of desires, they can be different professions, different families, different inclinations, they can all be different but we have only one common thing, we want to attain the Creator. We are learning and we're beginning to understand better and better that only when we connect, we will be able to attain Him. This is why I am with them.

4. S. (17:55) Can you say that this is the restriction of the point in the heart?

R. No it's not the restriction of the point in the heart but rather it’s the restriction of my ego. The point in the heart remains clean and thanks to it I yearn for the Creator.

5. S. (18:23) We restrict our ego everyday anew, where do we go through this process in our egoism restricting it and using it correctly?

R. This happens throughout our whole path until the end of the correction of this egoism because only with it we can work, we have nothing else to work with. We have our egoism and we have the force of the light, the force of the Creator through which we can somehow change this egoism. Change its form, change its content, it's modus operandi and all of this is what we learned in the wisdom of Kabbalah, how to work with the egoism with the help of the upper light. This is the wisdom of Kabbalah.

6. S. (19:24) Restriction is to be in the state of the observer?

R. No, it's not the state of the observer, the one who looks from the side, but rather it is a restriction of the usage of your egoism for the sake of something. You have to explain this to yourself and understand well, why you are restricting its usage. Maybe you're ashamed, maybe you get some other benefit from it. All of this you have to phrase it in a very precise manner.

7. S. (20:12) How do I examine myself to the extent I nullify before the friends, how much I'm succeeding in this?

R. You cannot measure it but rather you simply need to, you cannot measure it for the time being, but later on we will be able to do it in future degrees. For the time being we simply have to annul ourselves, the whole work starts from annulment.

S. If I exert and nullify, do I also have to show it to the friends?

R. We need to try to check all kinds of different ways here to annul ourselves, here to the friends.

8. S. (21:36) If each in the ten is a zero and each nullifies his desire then no desire will remain. So who do we need to nullify before?

R. Then you won't have to nullify yourselves before anything because when all will be nullified you will reach the state of zero. This is the first point for which you will start your spiritual ascent. To annul yourself before the others, towards the others this is actually the goal of each one of us in the initial point of the spiritual path. From that point we will start our ascent. This is the task right now we have before us and later on the entire ascent is already built on the basis of the principle of faith above reason. So that the quality of bestowing Will Rule us above the quality of reception.

9. S. (22:55) The more I know myself, the more I reveal my ego and that's always continuous?

The more I connect to the 10?

R. Yes the more I annul myself so I come closer to annulling myself again to the same measure, the same form in which my egoism will be revealed in me, now my ego will be revealed a long time over many degrees but for the time being I need to carry out the work that was given to me so that in contradiction to my ego by annulling my ego I'll be able to connect with the friends, annul before the friends the moment I will achieve the state of annulment of my ego to a certain degree, a certain measure meaning I will restrict it, then I will start to receive an opportunity to use the upper light with the purpose of beginning to ascend and this is a different kind of work. Right now we're talking only about the first stage of our movement towards correction and this is annulling ourselves before the friends. Specifically for that our world was created in such a way in and we go through such a historical and panoramic evolution we participate in these processes from one generation to the next in order to create in us all the conditions for a complete annulment on each degree, this is how it's going to be. What we call restriction we have to keep it, carry it out on each degree and besides the restriction we also have to rise above the restriction in order to use our desire in the opposite way in order to bestow. That is we will always have the annulment of the quality of reception, the addition of reception that we don’t want to receive, this is what we call restriction and going there we need to develop in us the quality of bestowal. And then already in the quality, in that quality of bestowal we start to feel some resemblance of ours to the Creator. This is already a feeling of the upper light that will fill us.

10. S. (25:56) How can we renew the annulment that is revealed when a new stage has revealed in our ego and I don't know if it is a new revelation of ego or if it is true annulment at that point?

R. We have to constantly aspire for self-annulment before the friends, annul ourselves before the friends. I cannot say anything new here or different. This is what we have to do all the time. I check myself whether I am annulling myself before them or not, to what extent am I annulling myself, where else can I annul myself and following that I start to enter, reaching corporation with each other and this is how we will reach the revelation of the Creator but this principle of annulling before the friends has to be the basis, the foundation. People begin to understand this principle very quickly and apply it. Some people have such a great ego that they don't hear about it. I also went through a very difficult way until I started to feel that I am simply under the control of my egoism so much so that I simply don't hear, that I have to annul myself, I have to annul myself before the friends, this is a problem for many people but it's not really a problem it is simply the first degree that we have to overcome and there's nothing we can do about it so we have to help each other, give an example, with the articles that are relevant to that, Rabash writes about it how envy, lust and honor also help a person to overcome himself in order to annul before the group.

11. S. (28:20) To be in a state of the light and mercy for the ten is that considered a complete zero?

R. There are many shades in that. I can't say yes but it is similar. Yes, it is similar.

12. S. (28:43) Does the will to receive always feel rejection towards this annulment?

R. The egoism feels rejection from everyone, it wants to be alone by itself above everyone.

13. S. (29:11) I understand it's necessary to annul but what if one of the friends criticizes and continues to do it? It makes it much harder. What to do?

R. We need to understand that nothing happens by chance. If there is such a person in our group that doesn't get it yet then show him an example in what way you annul before one another. Awakening him with envy, how connected you are to one another and understanding one another, close to one another so he will see it from the side with his ego and then he'll understand that there is no other way that he too needs to annul himself like everyone. Act towards his egotistical qualities. The ego is made in such a way that we can with its help educate him anew towards altruism. Why? Because he is dependent and he looks at others and wants to be better, stronger and higher than others etcetera, meaning you can play with the ego. You understood that, yes? Wonderful.

14. S. (30:51) What do you mean when you say that the Creator said you have made me?

R. I talked about that many times. It is too bad that people ask the same question again. The Creator said you made me because we build and make as we say the Creator. The Creator comes from the words Boreh come and see if we build him through our qualities and besides our qualities besides us and that which is revealed in us, there is the upper light which is around us surrounds us and we are not capable of grasping it or defining it we can only to find that which is received by our qualities by our vessels and what we feel in our desires is called Boreh, Creator. Bo from the word come and Reh from the word to see, to attain it. What you see in your corrected qualities is called Boreh the Creator and that which is outside of your vessels is something completely different the upper force witch you partially receive within yourself and grasp that's what we call Boreh, the Creator and that upper force that remains outside of us and it is unknown and not revealed and we have no qualities or vessels towards that. We have nothing suitable to be able to somewhat discover the qualities of that upper light. Eventually we may attain the whole upper light but for the time being we understand that we can attain only a very small part of it according to the measure in which we resemble it.

15. S. (33:15) What is creative annulment?

R. Annulment is creative because as we in our annulment constantly gradually build a greater resemblance to the Creator it's like we're building him it's like we're making him.

16. (34:02) How can we annul ourselves before the ten if we are a part of the ten?

R. Nullify each towards the others. Each towards the others without that nothing will come out of it. Of course you can continue to be with us in the international world and here but nothing will come out of it. Eventually you need to understand that there is no spiritual correction other than replacing our beastly ego with the spiritual quality, the quality of bestowal, connection, love etcetera.

17. S. (34:48) Should we bring any desire that is from zero?

R. We don't have to bring any desires to zero. All together we can do nothing with her desires, that is our absence. We need to simply understand whether these desires lead us to correction, to resemblance with the Creator, to being similar to the Creator, to his revelation or not. And to use them that way.

18. S. (35:25) What does it mean to rise above the restriction?

R. It means to restrict the egotistic desire of yours for yourself not the desire itself but its intention for yourself to restrict that and try to replace it with the intention for the sake and benefit of others and through them to the benefit of the Creator. We say that the Creator himself does not exist; there is no Creator actually and what we can depict ourselves which is for the benefit of the Creator for the Creator when we all together, each of us works in giving and bestowing to the group and to the world and that's it. You won't be able to run away from that to anywhere that's what I'm trying to say. We won't be able to elude this eventually we will be compelled and obligated to do so whether it's not now or after a few events and years we will be obligated to change ourselves the world will change us through suffering.

19. S. (36:47) What can we do if I succeed in annulling myself in the ten but at the same time my ego is stormy? I feel this feeling of great polarization. What do we do about it?

R. Don't do anything, be happy that your ego is giving you the feeling that you're working against it.

20. S. You said that before annulment or zeroing ourselves there’s preparation

R. Before we reach a zero, we have the work called preparation where we build the group, we learn etcetera. But that's all not yet the beginning of the spiritual work. The spiritual work begins from annulment, practical annulment that you do towards the ten. Meaning that I feel clearly that I must step over my ego and restrict it and it's not just words that I'm saying right now I do it and as much as I come closer to them to the extent and which I suppress my ego and could come closer to them in a way that these qualities are not negative the way they are now but rather positive. As we Aspire and want to help one another to replace one another, to free each other from all kinds of problems, and that we will all be between us. Inside our hearts between our hearts and desires. And then we will already be able to build there the conditions for the revelation of the Creator.

21. S. (38:52) About the practical expression of annulment, should there be an inner action?

R. Annulment needs to be internal and it can be that no one needs to know about it, that I do not need to show it to the friends, that it's an action that I perform, the way I serve them and help and that's very important. That's very important. These examples give a foundation for coming closer.

22. S. (39:30) How do we reach self-annulment?

R. How do we come to self-annulment? Out of a state of necessity where we feel that we must do this, out of me constantly hearing and hearing for months about this, and eventually each time I hear about it I get a certain small dose of the upper light, and therefore eventually, I start to see how it works on me and operates on me. I start to feel that certain changes are taking place and there's an inner click that something is replaced and suddenly I understand that I really can't, without the group, because I need to nullify myself. I can feel either myself or the Creator. How I nullify myself and feel the Creator if I don't have a vessel with which I can change, myself change myself and replace myself, I changed myself to the group and then in the group I reveal.

S. What intention does the intention that is being annulled have?

R. Every desire has an annulment, a certain intention that we want to work with and we have to change it according to its form, its content, its magnitude but eventually this is how we start. Where does the person start his path to spiritual development? From having a goal and the goal is to discover the Creator.

23. S. (41:32) What to do in a state where what I see in the friends awakens the hatred that I cannot control?

R. Very good, so we need to work with all of that until a state in which it'll be to your liking, all the friends are doing and you love it like you love your little friend.

24. S. (42:06) When you feel connection in the ten does it mean the Creator is revealed?

R. It doesn't mean the Creator is revealed but it's a condition that the Creator will be revealed.

25. S. (42:49) Excerpt number 2: Rav reads Annulling Before the Friends. The beginning to the entrance to the work of the Creator is regarded as Ibur, impregnation, meaning to nullify oneself we enter into the womb of the mother as it is written ‘hear my son your father's instruction and do not forsake your mother's teaching.’ Mother comes from the word understanding or Bina meaning that he cancels his self-love called Malchut whose original essence is called the will to receive in order to receive and he enters the vessels of bestowing the quality of bestowing which is called Bina. Meaning what do we need to add here? You could say after a person, let's say he closes his eyes and with his eyes shut, connects two others, nullifies before others, he becomes similar to the drop of semen which reaches the womb. To that place, where from that drop of semen the embryo begins to develop, so a person who notifies himself that way in the group, is similar to that drop which enters into the womb. He begins to develop now? In a gradual way slowly, slowly in some way he connects himself to the group and more manners of self-annulment.

These are internal actions which come from external actions but it could be that now when we're in this virtual connection, we have very little physical connection, which really has no meaning really, but by a person annulling himself before the group, then he comes to them he is in connection with them, he participates with them, and tries to understand more and more how can annul himself before them That's why his spiritual development depends on, so this is how a person develops himself. Meaning in this constant search how he can annul himself and, in this state, he grows, meaning to that measure in which he can annul himself to that extent he grows, develops inside the group. He doesn't bother them, he kind of grows, develops on his own but inside the group. Meaning by helping, connecting to them more and more, adapting himself more to the group, he seemingly is feeling the inner plane, the space between them in the group and that's what's called the development in the womb. This is how he develops all the way to the state to which he and the group come to a mutual balance, he towards the group and the group towards him. Then already a process of knowledge comes and there's nine months of the development of the embryo and there are many actions and things that happen that we can learn about.

Both from the side of the womb and from the side of Bina and also from the side of the person, from the side of the friend. All of this comes to a concrete expression, a revelation when the birth takes place when a person already disconnects, he is separated from the group, when his personal ego appears in him but with that personal ego he can exist as the quality of bestowal, in the quality of bestowal that is spiritual birth. Meaning that we see those states where he annuls himself, he nullifies himself as he wants the group to swallow him, to devour him. He wants to completely devote himself to the group and to sacrifice himself there and to the extent they want him to be there in it, he fills the whole group with himself. Meaning the group is like a womb he expands within it, that's the whole state is in it and that's how he actually exists in this mutual development of the embryo within the womb and the womb itself. This is how a person develops mutually with the group until a person reaches a state in which he can control independently, over his ego, at the minimal level and then the act of birth takes place.

A disconnection, a separation from the group he doesn't disconnect from it but he seemingly becomes a more foreign force within the group and comes closer to the Creator and becomes already something that connects between the group and the Creator on one hand and on the other hand the group is what connects him with the Creator. Well we will learn that actually what is important and the most important thing for us right now is that this whole process that we will go through and let's hope that we go through it ourselves, is actually taking place, implementing through self-annulment towards the group. All those 9 months within which the embryo develops, meaning a person opens within the group in complete annulment towards the group, those are the nine months of the inner womb development as we call it, the group development and this is what we need to go through incomplete annulment of ourselves. Therefore our lesson is also called the annulment of a person before the group. There is the desire of Malchut, the desire of Bina, the desire of Keter, all these combinations between them there are many conditions but we will learn this according to the implementation, the practical internalization of it I will start to receive the correct questions and I'll start to answer for the time being it's enough for us this kind of surrounding survey of this information.

26. S. (50:29) I'd like to better understand the meaning of annulling before the friends so I'd like to give you an example. Let's say that typically maybe it doesn't apply to all tens, let's say there's only three or four friends in the ten who do the role of Shatz and Gabai, the other six friends are not doing it.

R. We're not going to start to scrutinize that now, I can’t engage in your questions as I have the whole world Kli and we didn't start the lesson yet. You need to understand how much you can ask me and how much I can answer, now you'll start telling me what's going on inside the group, I can't. These are personal cases right, it's important but I can't engage in that right now we are engaged in annulment of a person towards the group's first of all the understanding of that state, so I'm sorry.

27. S. (51:39) Should I begin to cancel myself towards the friends first and thoughts or and physicality?

R. You can do it this way and that way, it's best to do both.

28. S. (52:06) All my needs are met by the womb, does the group need to enter the needs of the person who enters the group?

R. No, not all the needs of the friends but his spiritual needs, the spiritual needs of the friends if he annuls himself before the group, then above the group the Creator is and in a precise way will make sure that everything that is needed for the spiritual advancement a person will be able to receive for the group and that's how everything is built.

29. S. (52:53) Is there a difference between the kind of annulment in the ten between impregnation and embryo?

R. Impregnation is a state and the embryo is already the stabilized desire that corrects itself and Ibur, impregnation is a state of something.

30. S. (53:34) How can we annul before the friends if our ego is pulling us, hiding from us and pulling us in all different directions which are not connection?

R. We need to perform physical exercises in the group, to travel, to connect, to talk, to write, to disseminate, this is very important, it really contributes to the connection if a number of people disseminate that unites them. Together with that we have immediately the influence of the upper light upon them because they are doing something that is necessary for the Creator. So in such a way we need to operate, try, try, it's very important.

31. S. (54:53) If everyone annuls themself then throughout those nine months who shows an initiative?

R. The initiative is actually in each showing how he annuls himself, that's the initiative. That's the movement towards the absolute zero but it's important for there to be a clear, concrete vector and our heroes.

S. What is the difference between the spiritual egoism that should be born in us versus the ego and we have now?

R. The spiritually ego is aimed towards the Creator.

32. S. (55:44) The work in the ten what does it mean hear my son your father's instruction?

R. We will see that in our path we have yet to enter that state, of what we need to receive from the quality of the mother and from the quality of the father these are spiritual qualities that are above us. Bina and Hochma, that is mother and father.

33. S. (56:30) If the annulment is done on a continuous matter, how can I hold on to it, how can I maintain the annulment before the ten?

R. Incorporate in the ten and start to nullify before it and you'll be able to see how you can do all of that.

34. S. (57:16) When we annul ourselves, I annul myself, who is the “I”, is that my ego, the man, the human in me?

R. That is a person in which in him there is only for the time being, only egoism.

35. S. (57:47) We see that in spirituality it's built opposite to corporeality, is it an oversimplification to say that lowering ourselves is actually rising in spirituality?

R. Yes. Yes, it's that way.

36. R. (58:50) Excerpt 3 Rav reads: Since he wishes to achieve connection with the Creator, which is called equivalence of form, meaning not to think of his own benefit thus why is subduing a difficult thing. The reason is that he must revoke his own worth and the whole of his life that he wishes to live will only be with the consideration of his ability to work for others benefits. Therefore beginning with love of others between man and man through the love of the Creator. What scary conditions there are here, meaning if I want to reach adhesion with the Creator, and adhesion with him can be according to its form, then I need to annul myself fully, my “I,” and everything I do in life I have to do with the intention of love to everything that surrounds me and only in such a way I will attain the love to the Creator. I will reveal him gradually and with a measure of love to those surrounding me and then I will be able to attain adhesion and connection with him. This is so that we understand here that the replacement of our ego with the opposite quality to it, this is a necessary condition, an obligatory one and therefore our work in the group is truly salvation for us. Because if it weren't for the group, we wouldn't have this transitional state of from love of the created beings to love of the Creator. I wouldn't be able to do anything, I would completely be opposite him and without any ability of coming closer to him, of movement towards his direction in any manner. Specifically the group which exists in order for me to create a connection with it, to nullify myself in it and to that extent I begin to come closer to the Creator and I have the possibility to get to know how I am coming closer, what I do with this. I have the possibility to look over myself and all of this thanks to my connections with the friends.

37. S. (01:01:55) Does annulment toward the friends bring increasing empathy and or love towards them?

R. This is a process of transition, there can be resistance first and then empathy.

38. S. (01:02:39) What does it mean to rise above your desire and not annul it?

R. To change your desire to the opposite of exploiting others, from my own benefit, to work for the benefit of others for the group, that's it.

Excerpt 4 Rav reads (01:03:20): The most important for each and every one to annul himself, try to understand what Rabash writes to us here, the main thing is for each and every one to annul himself completely and not think of himself as righteous, that he counts at all among the friends, that he has a special status, that he has a unique in and of himself. He should only see that his actions do not belong to the society and although it seems as though he is a great person, he should nonetheless look into his actions and think what makes me great and annul himself completely. It is known that in every ten there is Shechina, Divinity if they nullify towards each other and this is a complete level. In a complete level their head, hands, legs and heels it follows that when everybody regards himself as nothing in society then he regards himself as a heel compared to the society while they are the head, the body and the higher organs. When each one thinks of himself in this way, they make the gates of abundance, they make the Creator open the gates of abundance and every lushness in the world opens up to them. Meaning if people nullify themselves within the group one towards the other, and each one towards the whole group, by that they create the conditions in the group for the revelation of the Creator. That's how we should work. We're when each one nullifies himself and learns from the others, looks at the others and shares inspiration from them they create such a condition that allows the revelation of the Creator. It's not going to be revealed in one person but only in a person's relation to the whole group and to the extent that this attitude is a correct one. Understood, yes?

39. S. (01:05:44) What makes this lesson part of the Congress and why is it different from any other morning lessons?

R. The lessons in the Congress are all a connected chain that is aimed at the specific intention, at a specific purpose. That's why the Congress is like a series of organisms and its movement that yesterday we engaged in the annulment and we are engaging in this today as well but in a very specific principle, how it works with relation to the group, how I connect in order to change myself. Meaning I begin to relate to the group as a means through which I can change myself. You can say but it is egotistically using the group of course, of course I'm using the group but I will not I would not call it egotistically using the group because through the group I want to become not egoistic but opposite I want to get rid of the ego, to step on and get rid of the ego. So it is a completely different principle. But there is no other way. If I'm interested in transforming myself, I cannot do anything else. What can I do if I want to become closer to the Creator, more similar to the Creator, to feel the Creator, to enter the quality of eternity and wholeness and infinity and how can I recognize all of this. This desire sits in the and it's given to me from above in each and every one of us who actually actualize it, I have to make an action that is opposite of my essence.

That is something that only the group can do for me if I become gradually incorporated in it, if I try to do it even though I don't want to and I can’t but when I do and when I make certain attempts to do it then some illumination begins to shine on me. Kabbalists call it that way. I begin to absorb some higher force and that higher force changes me and, in that way, I can come closer to the Creator. So the group stands between me and the Creator and it is necessary for me so I can be drawn to the Creator, rise to the Creator, become more similar to him. How do I resemble him, in that I shape myself within the group, I nullify myself towards the group and when I nullify

I myself then to the same extent I am closer to the Creator and after that I begin to see that the Creator exists in the group. This is called ‘within my people I do dwell.’ My people refers to that group that aims to become closer to the Creator. That is how we advance.

40. S. (01:09:44) If you could please explain, you said that I have to check myself if I'm bringing damage to the society?

R. We have to examine ourselves like that, to direct ourselves so that the benefit will come to the group. This is about your group, not the whole world, we are talking only about the group here.

41. S. (01:10:31) There is a feeling that we are speaking about the external signs of annulment or acting in the moment but the whole thing is that we have to want to annul. If I'm not the landlord of my desires and I'm activated from above, how can I want this?

R. What you say is that you cannot manage your own desires, that's a great accomplishment that you recognize that you need to nullify yourself to reveal the upper world and the Creator. In general, in the true state that we are in, that is good, that's good to hear. What to do next, how to work on this. We just need to realize what we are learning, we have to get closer to the group, always be in the lessons, always yearn to be closer to them. This way you will succeed. Your attitude to the topic is correct, so go ahead.

42. S. (01:11:53) If annulment is a new state that we attain through small actions, there are friends that are expecting for something to happen beyond their attainment and we forget what we have, what helps us be persistent in doing what they told us to do?

R. Over very long times of our spiritual development there are times when we seemingly do nothing, meaning I cannot move forward, not backwards or forwards or nothing. But at least automatically I am present in the lesson and that is also progress. Meaning I give room for the upper light to influence me, in as much as I can do, I do. This is where you have no more and there's such states and we need to take into account that many times we, as if all fall to some kind of a coma, automatically and we cannot do anything about it and we can't. It depends on the group and the environment but alone, no. Baal HaSulam explains to us the most important thing the main thing for us is the attempt to make it so that we will perceive our group in its upper state, in the advanced state and if I want to advance to the next the next level, I have to be included in that state inside the group and then I will see that the group is even higher. Meaning each time I pull myself, I feel the group of something higher and I pull myself towards the group. I include myself in it. You know like a caterpillar that crawls forward, same with us. I see the group and I pull myself towards it, I pull myself and now I see the group is even higher and I pull myself more and so on. Our old path upwards is to constantly cling to and connect with the group. I do not do anything else, there is no other means for spiritual ascent. Imagine to yourself what I'm trying to say and see that each one has a wonderful opportunity for spiritual ascent here.

43. S. (01:15:38) I want to know when we do the work that is supposed to be in Lo Lishma, do we do that first before we get to the impregnation and the embryo state or is it the other way around?

R. I don't understand what you mean by opposite. We, in each and every degree there is Ibur, Yenicka, Mochin. Meaning the entrance to the embryonic state just like in our worlds, like children come to the world, there is impregnation, there is development of the embryo and then there's birth. The same three stages exist in spiritual development that is why there is such an order in our world, because it was the creator of over based on spiritual degrees.

44. S. (01:16:55) Why should men try and become the lowest part of the body and not the highest part of the body like the heart?

R. Because he has to nullify himself, read what is written in this excerpt, one has to nullify to resemble the lower part of the body.

S. It means less importance of himself?

R. Yes.

45. S. (01:17:25) Is annulment a free choice action or we must do it?

R. I don't understand what you mean by annulment being mandatory or not. If you want to develop spiritually then you have to annul yourself, that is the restriction. Restriction of the ego is the first condition for spiritual development. Beyond death after the restriction of the ego to developing the quality of bestowal which is faith above reason. So there's no choice in that. If you do not want it, you will be pushed towards it.

46. S. (01:18:21) The action to annulments to zero is that from above?

R. What do you mean an action from above, from below?

S. Can I do it myself?

R. Do it, do it yourself everything comes from the Creator, the Creator starts everything and the Creator ends everything and in general the Creator does everything. It is just that the person has to try to participate in that. That is how it works.

47. S. (01:19:05) In a state where a person feels that he's righteous in his pride to himself, how can you annul himself in such a state?

R. He should pray and ask and nullify himself in every action towards the friends, in that way he will come to the opportunity to nullify himself towards the Creator. He has an opportunity in this world to do everything with a group in order to nullify himself and to ask the Creator to help him nullify himself.

S. But annulment is when I see someone greater than me then I can annul myself so I have to pray to see the friends as great?

R. Yes, you have to see them as great. Try to see in each one of them something unique.

Excerpt #5 (01:20:30) 48. R. We know what our sages said as their faces are not similar to one another, their views are not similar to one another, so how can they be as one man with one heart. Answer, if we are saying that each one cares for himself it is impossible to be as one man since they are not similar to one another however if they are they all annul themselves and worry only about the benefit of the Creator, they have no individual views since the individuals have all been cancelled and have entered the single authority, meaning the authority of the Creator. So the main thing for us is to annul ourselves to annul our control. Whatever we do, and I'm not talking about the ordinary life, our family life and so on. But inside the group in the spiritual area where we want to evolve there cannot be any control of ourselves. Our control should be over that we should have no control. This is where we can control. Meaning a person who can control his heart, himself in the way that he nullifies his egoistic desires of his heart. This is critically important. So that we are all different, in each of us there are different desires, different intentions and we have to work in a way that each one nullifies himself we become similar to each other in our direction, in our annulment. Meaning even though we are extremely different perhaps even upset to each other and to some extent but if we nullify ourselves to some extent then we become similar as we are nullified. Then when they connect together, the Creator becomes revealed in them because what is left in them, is just empty space, they clear themselves to be able to receive the Creator

49. S. (01:22:56) How is this hierarchy of organs built if we do the same actions and we become as one?

R. We ourselves are different so even though each one there are some different qualities, different feelings but if we are doing the same actions, similar actions if we nullify ourselves by annulling ourselves, we become similar and closer and the Creator shines on us and begins to create within us some new kinds of communication, connection. We begin to realize that we just were not gathered here in the group together and being so different and it is so unclear, but rather we're put here together by the upper light that has shattered us, has dispersed us and now it is beginning to reconnect us, to regroup us. We begin to feel how it is gathering us, the broken piece and it brings us closer together, we feel more resistant because we're opposite, because we are different, but it continues to bring us together and that is where we have to be in faith above reason, to be its helpers. Together with the upper light we too begin to group ourselves together into a harmonious system, one system called Shechina.

S. The gap between us the differences, is it in the force of annulment that each one can create?

R. I don't want to talk about this topic because we still do not have any conditions for this, no preparation for that. We still can't talk about how the upper light gathers us and what we should do accordingly and so on. We just need to connect as we are learning right now and what will be next, you can use your intellect to think about anything you want but you will just get confused.

50. S. (01:25:45) Regarding this excerpt, if I completely annul myself before the ten how can I be sure that the ten is not deviating?

R. This is not your business. The ten is under the rule of the Creator and you have to nullify toward the ten, in relation to the ten, that is it. You cannot begin to examine the ten to see how correct or incorrect it is, whether it has flaws or not, it is not your business. You have to nullify yourself towards it. I'm saying as long as everything is organized and working out for you through our system and so on. Meaning everything is following the method of Baal HaSulam and Rabash. So if you want to advance, there is only one option just to nullify and those that don't, they fall, fall back to their beastly life.

51. S. (01:26:52) Why do I need to annul?

R. In order to become similar to the Creator we have to nullify our egoism and acquire the Creator's quality, the quality of love and the bestowal. Then we will begin to feel our eternalness, our wholeness, our perfection and we can then begin to feel the total quality of nature. This is where the Creator wants to bring us.

52. S. (01:27:32) Question about excerpt number two. It is written that he annuls the love toward himself called Malchut whose original essence is the will to receive in order to receive and enters the vessels of bestowal called Bina. What does it mean to enter vessels of Bina?

R. It means entering the quality of bestowal, just the quality of bestowal. Can someone understand what that is? It’s to bestow, meaning to feel another's desire and then in me will be formed a desire to fulfill the other desire. Meaning not to fulfill my desire but the desire of another. And so I need my desires only in order to fulfill the desires of others. That is the key we work with. And then we start becoming similar to the Creator and feel what He feels, meaning the upper state.

Rav Reading excerpt #6 (01:28:44) “A person must decide that He wants the Creator to give him a desire to completely annul before Him, meaning not leave any desire under his own authority, but that all the desires in him will be only to give glory to the Creator. Once he decides on complete annulment, he asks the Creator to help him execute it. This means that although in the mind and the desire he sees that the body disagrees with him annulling all his desires before the Creator instead of for his own sake, he should pray to the Creator to help him want to annul before Him with all the desires, leaving no desire for himself. This is called a “complete prayer.”...

Meaning he can’t do all of that but he asks the Creator, that the Creator will rebuild him, reformat him… he wants “the Creator will give him a complete desire without any compromises to himself, and he asks of the Creator to help him”...to always be aimed at Him and to always have this desire.

53. S. (01:30:28) In annulling the ego when it comes from the Creator, it is a painful state. How can we ourselves reach annulling the ego, is it possible?

R. It is impossible, it is not something we can do anything about. The only thing we can do is ask the Creator to do this action with us. We are the created being. The created being is what was created, it cannot change itself. I cannot do anything about what it is. So nothing is going to help us except the awareness that if we want to change anything we have to ask the Creator to do it. And asking the Creator in a serious way, in that we will do the right action. We can do this only through the group. This is the system through which we connect to the Creator. You understand, like in a technical sense, if I want to connect with someone, I have to connect to them through some communication device that connects me to where I want to connect. Meaning there has to be a network of connection, a line of connection. All of that has to happen through the group. A part of the group we have to create on our own like Rabash writes to us and other Kabbalists. For a few thousand years these principles are already known. And the other part is that based on our efforts from above it happens by the Creator. Meaning it is such a mutual work where we meet the Creator that’s inside the group. Where we each time create a group, improve the group, shape it as more connected, more loyal, more connected to itself and to the goal. In that way we build ourselves. We build our connection with the Creator and He changes us. This is how we operate.

54. S. (01:33:18) I heard yesterday that we are not annulling the ego and today I heard that we are. So can you explain?

R. You might hear many other things as well. That we burn the ego, eradicate the ego, take its head off and so on. It’s all about the intentions for self, and the desires themselves remain. We just correct them in the sense that we add the right intention to them.

55. S. (01:33:54) When I annul myself in the ten and feel the feeling of light and love, after annulment in the ten how do I know it’s not the ego who is happy but it comes from the Creator?

R. Again, entering the group with these desires and intentions and checking. How well is this accepted by the whole group, by the friends? You will see.

56. S. (01:34:29) How does a state in the ten change when each one in the ten is able to annul?

R. So they begin to feel within them the revelation of the Creator in the connection between them in the ten.

57. S. (01:34:50) The process of annulment and growth, it repeats itself?

R. Is it a process that repeats itself in each and every degree, yes. Of course at different qualities but in each and every degree.

58. S. (01:35:20) What remains from a person after he annuls himself perfectly?

R. What is left is a Kli that begins to be filled by the upper light, the revelation of the Creator.

59. S. (01:35:39) What does it mean to rise if our goal is to bring joy to the Creator, what should we think about it?

R. Exactly about that, I'm doing it in order to bring contentment to the Creator, to equivalence of form to him, close to him, adhesion with him, all of that is to bring containment to the Creator.

60. S. (01:36:03) How should I understand what the group wants for me?

R. What does the group want for me? How can I understand it correctly? The group wants me to nullify myself, to adhere to the group and to become a single whole together with it. That should be demand, expectation from each and every friend in the group, that is on the part of the group.

61. S. (01:36:47) What does it mean that I need my desire just to fill the other’s desires?

R. That is how we should work, this is called in order to bestow. It is when all that I do is to fulfill the others and through them the Creator and by that I've come to the equivalence of form of the Creator.

62. S. (01:37:21) Annulment and agreeing with the ten, are those qualities that can be similar that will bring me to agree with the Creator?

R. Yes of course and then you don't need anything else. Only to nullify yourself to the group and from there on we already work in a correct way toward the Creator. Because inside the group is always the Creator. As it is written “within my people I dwell.”

63. Excerpt 7 Rav reads: (01:38:05) One must believe that his desire to begin to work the Creator in annulment himself is a call from above, if a desire awakens in a person for spiritual progress that comes from the Creator for it is not within man’s wisdom. The evidence of this is that during this call all the questions he had before he was called from above, he had many questions and each time he wanted to do something to bestow the body resisted and could not understand. If there is a person in the world who could annul himself before the Creator and not worry about his own benefit, he was always in some fear whether he could annul himself to the Creator but now he sees that all the thoughts and doubts have been completely burned and he would feel great pleasure if you could annul himself before the Creator. Meaning under no circumstances should you be afraid to be leaning on the group. When we lean on the group, we can overcome all these doubts and we come to a state where we are just with eyes shut. Meaning when we do not need any questions, answers, nothing, we just want to be the quality of bestowal. Therefore we want to attain it above any doubts that we may have.

I want to say these excerpts are not so successful. they're big and heavy. They contain some lines from the sources themselves that do not bring the people so easily closer to themselves. Each excerpt is like a story on its own and we do not have enough time for that. Not to mention that the lesson was shortened by half an hour. So let's move forward.

64. R. (01:45:14) Now I would like to do a little workshop. Let's speak, shortly, for 5 minutes. What did the Creator do so special in the group that He created such a condition in which we can reach Him and otherwise we can’t? Otherwise we would just stay on our level, on our egoistic level of existence. Meaning to what extent this is so wondrous, so unique, this quality that was created as a result of concern for us? It is the soul of Adam that was shattered and a piece, a fragment of it is in each of us. And when we come together in the group, we need to bring these parts together and then we can reach the Creator. So essentially there is a unique and incredible opportunity that we have. That by connecting together on the corporeal level we gradually elevate that connection to a spiritual degree, even to some extent. We awaken upon ourselves through equivalence of our yearning, even though it’s egoistic, we still awaken the influence of the upper light, of the Creator, and in such a way begin to be drawn to Him. Meaning it is a means, a method by which to resemble, to rise above yourself and get closer to the Creator. It’s all in the group and only through the group can we make this path. Otherwise we remain on the lower level of the beast in which we were born. So let us praise the group for it being such a unique device, such a special instrument that will really help us. Please take a few minutes praising the group for being the only opportunity, the only possibility we have to rise from the beastly level to the level of the Creator.

Workshop (01:48:15): “Let's praise the group for being such a special instrument to help us rise above ourselves, from the level of the beast to the degree of the Creator.”

65. S (01:52:45) What should I do if I don’t understand what annulment is? That is what I'm asking for the Creator for the friends, like a small one to adults.

R. Annulment is when I exchange my self-concerns with the group concerns. That is called annulment, the rest are just words.

66. S. (01:53:22) There's a feeling that the work is going slow because everything passes through the mind. On one hand you understand all of that but how do you help the heart feel?

R. The heart is under the control of the Creator, that is why we have to pray. The brain is in our control and the heart is in the Creator’s control. So start gathering a prayer in your mind in a way that from your prayer the Creator can work on your heart. The hearts are only under the control of the Creator. He created the desire, that way everything will succeed.

67. S. (01:54:19) Why do you call the ten the group?

R. It's a group. The minimum group is a ten. The big group is all of humanity.

68. S. (01:54:31) If even one friend doesn't nullify in the 10 can it still feel the Creator?

R. It doesn't matter. The main thing is that you have at least two friends that can annul one towards the other.

69. S. (01:54:58) If a person through the group can nullify, does it help build an individual vessel?

R. Of course, sure. I can be responsible for the others. I try to do everything I can from myself, that depends on me towards the others.

70. S. (01:55:26) What does it mean to ask through the ten?

R. All my requests have to go through the ten. How could it be otherwise? Only through my small group I can turn to the Creator, otherwise I will not be able to. It is my communicator, like a block that through it I connect to Him. If I want to make some connection, I turn to the Creator but I can never do it directly, He won’t hear me. If two friends at least don’t connect in bestowing to one another they cannot connect to the Creator. It is the minimum condition. The optimum condition is all of humanity, but such a rational condition is a ten.

71. S. (01:56:26) What does it mean to ask through the ten?

R. When I annul myself towards the others by that I am creating a connection with the Creator.

72. S. (01:56:38) How to not get confused between nullification and indifference, laziness?

R. It’s not laziness and indifference. I have to work seriously on myself in order to annul myself.

73. S. (01:56:53) In what qualities does the desire of each one to nullify towards the ten get stronger?

R. According to what he sees in the friends.

74. R. (01:57:16) I want to thank our women for being along with us, helping us with everything and participating in a very serious and active way in correcting our mutual Kli. So thank you, thank you.