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Lección 2 "La grandeza del Creador en la decena"

Lección 2 "La grandeza del Creador en la decena"

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Congress Lesson 2 February 26, 2021 Transcription is made from simultaneous translation which leaves possibility for differences from audio

Lesson No. 2. The Greatness of the Creator in the Ten

1. Rav’s Introduction: Excited to appear before you, we have a huge gathering, very powerful, something that has never happened since antiquity, from ancient times of the Kabbalists so we have every possibility and chance even a promise that we will be able to achieve the correction of the spiritual vessel of Adam, man in this world. We will make an effort and do this, we see how this atmosphere of helping each other when we are inspired by each other, everybody influencing the others, how it moves us. Yesterday was a beautiful gathering of the whole world Kli in front of everybody, a beautiful performance, it was very praiseworthy. Today we see that even in half an hour of seeing the friends and hearing what they are saying, we see how it is waking up our hearts and promotes us to be excited from being together. 

Our goal is to reveal the Creator, the whole of the wisdom of Kabbalah is the method to reveal the Creator to a person in this world. This is how we should see ourselves and what we are doing, this is a beautiful situation, a very special state, the more sublime engagement, the most expansive and broadest engagement a person can have in this world so we should be proud of this and that we have to be responsible for what we have received, how we can wake up each other for correction, how we can push each other to connection. There cannot be revelation in the vessel more than the vessel, as everything depends on the quality of the vessel, the upper light is incomplete rest so all our work is concentrated on the vessel we build because we depend on the measure of the vessel and by that we can reveal the greatness of the Creator. This is why He is called “BoReh” - Come and See, to the extent we prepare the vessel and reveal Him, the Creator has no size or measure, only the extent we build our vessel. 

To the extent that He created our desire to receive the more we can correct this desire to receive the more we come to the state of Ein Sof, an unbounded state, we don't put any boundary on revealing the Creator to the created beings, later there will be other degrees but you don't know them yet, after the final correction of the vessel. All our work is to focus ourselves and connect ourselves to the point where we are completely attached to each other, there is no disturbance in the connection between us. Then to the extent of our efforts to the extent that restrict our ego and the level of exertion we are putting in each one and everybody together and how much be nullified each other towards everyone, to that extent will be revealed the power of the Creator in the vessel. There is much to talk about in this regard but really this is the main building of the vessel. So this lesson, the greatness of the Creator in the ten, of course the greatness of the Creator is in the 10, he can’t be revealed outside of the ten, only according to the qualities which we created in the ten. 

This is why it is written, you have made me, it cannot be otherwise the Creator is concealed, the upper light is incomplete rest, we can reveal parts of this gradually in degrees according to the connection between us, according to the level of participation between us, according to the sacrificing of ourselves for connection. This is how we come to it, it's turns out that even if we don't want to hear and it is not pleasant for us to think about connection, but everything depends on the closeness of the friends together and not on the amount of knowledge or anything else the whole success depends how much are the friends can attach the desires and hearts to each other, to attach the pieces of the broken vessel, to the extent that we lock the broken pieces together, to that extent we reveal the water in the broken vessel as we attach the broken pieces together. In this way you reveal the water in the vessel, we can reveal the filling, according to the power and the intensity of the connection in the manner of the correction accordingly we reveal the filling, the filling depends on the vessel on what levels of coarseness, on what form we overcome, how we participate, everything is determined by how the Creator is revealed to us. 

So the Creator depends entirely on the created beings it is written I have then sold with them, as if he sold himself with the created beings and then we determine his revelation and from this we can also understand how much he wants to be revealed how much the Creator tries and how much he tends to us in a concealed way behind the scenes because he cannot be revealed otherwise we couldn't have a vessel. Because the vessel is our level of independence, how much we crave especially for his quality of forgiving and love and this is why the Creator is always behind the scenes and out of the concealed form he constantly pushes as in all kinds of ways to connect. The Creator tries to direct us to this as much as possible although he remains constantly in concealment and he really suffers from being in concealment because we are not successful and we reveal this feeling as the sadness of divinity that he gave everything he could to people, yet they are still not using what they are receiving so the Creator can not give any more than that because we are not realizing the previous state. 

So how could we progress beyond this is why we should determine established between such relationship that will be similar to the Creator, resembling the Creator is our purpose to be similar to the Creator, this is what's called Adam, Domeh, similar from the word in Hebrew meaning synonym and to the extent we want to connect to ourselves and created these relationships between us we will come to reveal the Creator's quality between us which we call Creator, come and see, this is a basically our purpose in the work because by this we give Him contentment and lift the divinity raise the Shekinah from the dust elevate it above our heads above our foreign thoughts and desires we're are still full of. 

This is why in this congress the most important is that everybody moves together to one goal and my duty, my role is to direct, to remind you what we talk about what we learned that everybody already knows about to assemble everybody together, more and more inclinations, dispositions toward one goal. This is why it is important for us in this congress it is what happens between the friends where as much as we can toss away get rid of all kinds of considerations of this world and the connect our forces, desires, dispositions that belong to the next world, to that extent we will advance. This is replacing all the desires, thoughts, qualities of this world with the desires, thoughts, qualities of the next world and the Creator will be revealed among us and then we elevate ourselves like an elevator from one floor to the next. 

Everything is according to the extent we replace our minds and hearts, our thoughts and desires from those that pertain to this world, to those that belong to the next world, the spiritual world. Therefore everything begins and ends only in the relation between the friends. So each ten should tend towards what is happening in it to the extent they build between them the relations that are similar to the revelation of the Creator, that are suitable to revelation of the Creator.  Therefore, the distance between us, the extent to which we feel the distance emotionally that it closes more and more. By this we also measure our nearing, closeness to the Creator, so let's hope that we will succeed in this. I remember myself walking with Rabash in the park, this was when I brought the new students because Rabash had maybe 5 or 6 students, elderly people and Rabash gave permission, so I gave talks with his permission at some place in Tel Aviv. 

This was the Berg Institute the Kabbalah Centre so after a few lessons I gave them they felt that they were totally studying some wrong, mystical methods before so they all came over to us to learn from Rabash and started studying with us. When they started studying with us, I took my regular walk with Rabash always in the morning from 9 till 12 in the morning we were strolling in the park and then I asked Rabash what should we do with these people and he asked for a piece of paper which I did not have, but I took out from the cigarette pack this silver lining and then he could write on the other side so he sat down on the bench and wrote on his knees he wrote this piece from the first article of Rabash about The Purpose of Society 1 and let's hear this article.

Excerpt 1 Reader (16:17 - 17:16)

2. R. The only one goal for the Shekina, divinity between us is the force of giving the force of connection the force of love as we return to the vessel as we can imagine as one vessel united which is the vessel of Adam HaRishon. If we attach ourselves to each other that much then we are rewarded with the state where the Creator exists between us and then we discover ourselves standing in an eternal complete world as one man with one heart and then we are all named after that, start to become truly Adam from the word, Domeh, similar to the Creator. I really hope that we take these things in our heart and in our heart it is not important who is greater or who is smallest as in a complete vessel all the parts are equally important. So let's try to bring ourselves to this more and more both men and women and this way we will connect more and more, I recommend that we do a workshop.

3. WSQ: (18:50) We see that our entire purpose to unite in order to be similar to the original vessel of Adam, how do we do this during the congress, how do we join, how to unite so we all become a single vessel with a single desire, single bestowal, and then to the point that we discover the Creator in this vessel He simply starts to fill up this vessel because we, out of the desire to receive come to connection and He is the desire to bestow, so please how to establish this vessel to the revelation of the Creator?

4.  R. (24:35) I hear what the friends are saying, try to incorporate with each other as much as you can, it is not important that there are great friends, small friends, veterans or beginners, if they understand or they do not understand. This is not important what the others are saying now is what the Creator wants me to hear and this is why I have to listen to the words of the friends and I want to be incorporated in this and specifically by this I can expand my vessel I have no chance to expand my spiritual vessel from the point, spark, that I initially have, except by being incorporated into the friends.  Hearing what they are saying, listen to what they're saying, be inspired by their singing, dancing, still this is mainly from the words and even if they say written words it does not matter you have to be inspired by the friends and I receive impression as it passes through them and by this I have the incorporation and I again broaden the vessel of my soul. This listening we can do because we are in this world and by this we acquire the vessels of the next world, this is very important. So try to listen to what the friends are saying with thirst and then you will understand what Rabash writes about how happy he is to listen to the words of the friends, this is what builds the vessel of each and every, let's continue.

WSQ Continued .... (27:07)

Excerpt 2 Reader (31:01 - 31:53)

5. WSQ: How do I make an action, to come closer to the friends by some increase in the work in the ten and by this I always try to discover what kind of contentment I give to the Creator through this, which is our goal. I wish to bring Him contentment and I have no other way of actually doing it except through the friends. In my attitude to the friends as I try to connect them, bring them together, serve them, whatever I can do in the ten - how do I envision bringing contentment to the Creator through this and I want it to appear to me, to reveal to me that I do it to Him and I want it, want to see him through that. I want to reveal that how can I discover the Creator receiving the results of my efforts and how can I see the Creator is happy with this and I want to be proud with what I do to Him so through the connection with the friends I work with the Creator, so how through each and every state when I try to bring contentment to the Creator I do this through my work in the group?

Excerpt 3 Reader (40:01 - 41:11)

6. Yes, so this is what we always need to say to the friends because the person by himself cannot get any spiritual impression because spirituality is concealed and we wake up ourselves only by waking up the others. So as much as we try to wake up the friends this is basically all our work I don't need to work on myself, I need to work on waking up the others. So working in dissemination and the in different ways of spreading the knowledge of the Creator, the method to reveal the Creator to everybody, we have to do this in a suitable way for those who we reveal it to. This is the most important of work it is the same in the group, the more we want to reveal the Creator it all depends on how much I open myself, how much I open my heart to the friends and then they see that from the desire to reveal the Creator this is the only thing to obligate me to turn to them. So the only thing that we have to work on to reveal the upper force, it depends on the advertising the greatness of the Creator inside the group there is nothing else needed besides this. By this I awaken the friends and the more I wake up the friends and I work because that I received waking up from them this is my great benefit and everybody does the same towards everybody and then we quickly come to the right intensity of the vessel when we yearn to the Creator, only by each one awakening the friends and by this will come to a state that even though we do not have any desire for spirituality but since we are in a selfish desire that is opposite to spirituality, it is sufficient for us to wake up each other just like the jealousy, lust and honor can pull us out of this world to the next world and for this each and everybody has the opportunity, so let's try to work on this.

7.  WSQ: (44:28) How can we awaken the friends for the spiritual work by using the same qualities we have in this world, they do not have any spiritual qualities I do not have any spiritual qualities, but how can we set up the relationship between us in a way that each one can wake up the others, inspire the others to spiritual work to come out of the ego, to build a connection with the Creator and to be in this inclination in the correct way. So I don't yearn to the Creator without building a vessel for his revelation, because this is only mysticism, it does not exist in reality. Rather longing and reaching the revelation of the Creator is only according to the qualities, intensity of the vessel so we have to build such a relationship between us that this closer to the revelation of the Creator and according to the similarity of shape between the Creator and the created being the Creator can appear in the vessel. How can we do this between us in the ten, what qualities, what forces do we need to accumulate in us to influence each other and how to push the friends towards spiritual work and then whatever they do after my right influence, it is all on my account, how to do this?

Excerpt 4 Reader (58:30 - 59:49)

8. R. This also is a problem. How can I be impressed by the greatness of the Creator now I'm impressed with the friends. I see so many people as it seems to me there are 10,000 people who are now participating in all of our networks and we are getting more requests from them to join the tens, to enter the tens because they are beginning to understand more only by connecting in a 10 can we create that condition by which the Creator is revealed in the 10. We are not in competition between 10’s of which 10 reveals the Creator first, although we will talk about that later also. Without a 10, without helping to connect mutual 10s we won't be able to awaken the Creator to give us the power of bestowal to be revealed in the common force of bestowal between us. The question is how do I come to this, how do I advance? Let's say I am advancing now by being impressed with the friends with the power, the greatness, because there is no life besides this as this life is so despicable, so empty. I come because I have no choice, of course this is not the true correct state. 

We should demand of the Creator that we want to feel his greatness. Feeling the greatness of the Creator is what we need to truly rise from one level to the next in the spiritual world. The greatness of the Creator is revealed according to the greatness of the friends, the greatness of the environment because we are creating a vessel and in the vessel we are creating according to how much we appreciate the friends, as Rabash writes I am making myself a zero and many more zeros towards the friends and according to this I build in me a condition within me for the revelation of the Creator. The Creator is revealed according to the greatness of the friends I have a spiritual vessel and this is called a soul. There are many discernments in this and we will learn them practically along the way and this is how we will discover it.

Excerpt 5 Reader (01:03:54 - 01:05:08)

9. R. It means that the fact that I feel the greatness of the Creator doesn't mean that I am revealing Him. I only get an impression from circumference, the amount of what he did, because I can only attain Him according to the size of my vessel, the expansiveness, the size of creation as much as I can imagine it, how eternal, how complete it is, which indicates to me the work of the Creator. This is how we reveal it only through the vessels. As we are impressed by how the Creator is revealed in us, how He operates within us, arranging us, arranging everything from one end of creation to the other end of creation, the common force, the light of Ein Sof, how it operates. Out of this we get the greatness of the upper operator and according to this greatness we are willing to attribute ourselves, attach ourselves to Him without any questions or hesitations. This is how we get closer to the right vessels in which the Creator is revealed. Since the beginning of our meeting today which is more than an hour now I haven't seen one question.  Is this because you have nothing to ask about what we said or because you decided not to do this?

S. Maybe because you didn't invite them to ask either they may have thought you were going to continue with the workshop?

R. We have gone through many stages of connection from connection with us to connection with the Creator and now let us see if we have pertinent questions according to the topic.

10. S. (01:08:08) There is this pleasure with the Creator himself since there are many friends here, but where is that point of transition towards the friends, because otherwise it seems like I only enjoy the Creator?

R. No, we have to come to the state where the goal is not the friends or the Creator, and certainly not me, but rather I, the friends and the Creator all become one and I don't leave one without the other. Then I am directed correctly toward the revelation of the Creator in the ten, then I in the ten discover the Creator and this is how it happens.

11. S. (01:09:10) No matter how much we try to put forth effort in the ten, I only reveal how far I am from the Creator at the end of the day. How do I rise from this state to a state that I can give contentment to the Creator?

R. I think there is this saying to all of humanity, to all of the people who say, there is none so wise as the experienced. One who has already been through it knows what happens. He knows the beginning, he knows the end, he can see the beginning and then he has got experience. Experience means he is familiar with all of the stages along the way and so are we. We can't see what we haven't gone through, but we take this from the Kabbalists and some of it we reveal with the friends and this is how we advance.

S. The feeling of advancing is not just that we advance to feel how far we are, maybe it can create the deficiency for prayer?

R. Yes, this also is not a disappointment, it is the revelation of a new vessel, a new depth you would have to feel in order to advance forward. It is minus, plus, minus, plus, a deeper minus and a higher plus. This is how we advance and this is why we need the society, which will constantly be next to us, next to each and every one of us and it will be like a storage, a warehouse, a capacitor, condenser. Where everything that we acquire in a descent and in an ascent. It goes into the society, we are in these ascents and descents, tossed away, not knowing where I am, all kinds of states, but my whole work is included, accumulated in the ten. This is how we reach the goal and likewise each of the friends. It turns out that the ten is really the place where we assemble, gather, accumulate all of these successes, questions, answers even though you say I'm falling, I don't remember anything and it is worse than before is because you went from the previous state which entered the ten and now you have a new empty vessel.

12. S. (01:13:31) There's a special feeling that we rose to a certain degree and there's also a fear of losing the degree or losing the sense of what we have attained. How can we make another effort or more awakening to push deeper, more inner with the friends?

R. This is called lack of faith when you still don't feel that you are in a common, big, infinite vessel, eternal and in that vessel you are and will remain in it regardless of the states that you will go through and all of the states that you will go through are only directed by the Creator because you need to go through them otherwise you won't be able to correct your soul. The most important is to constantly yearn for connection with the friends and in the worst states you must only exert to be among them, with them. Sometimes you are disconnected from everything but, at least in a physical way you are now, there are many people like that also who are quite conscious let's say. It doesn't matter as for now our ship is still sailing forward and they are sailing along with us. So it's like one time these and one time those, it's like planet Earth some are awake, some are sleep, this is the way it is and in general all of us are living. So let us all awaken ourselves correctly.

S. This is the question then how do we continue to awaken ourselves correctly so we can go deeper?

R. This is what we will be doing during the congress.

13. S. (01:16:13) What are these words of friends? The great words, what does the feeling of what these words really mean, what is happening to us?

R. Try to imagine that behind the friends stands the Creator as the Kabbalists tell us and that actually through the friends He is sending you a message and then you will begin to accept what you are hearing from them more deeply and by this you will advance tremendously as suddenly you will hear from the friends things that pertain to your spiritual development exactly matching the state that you are in. We are in a network of connection between us. It turns out that if we listen a little more to what the friends are saying we find accordingly how we should see ourselves in this network and how the Creator is directing me from one state to the next. This is why the correct connection among friends does everything, you don't need anything else.

14. S. (01:18:07) When through the work I can't nullify in some way and through the annulment we might build this inner structure, is this the way the Creator appears to me through the friends in the ten to me?

R. Yes.

15. S. (01:18:48) Which one level of unity do we have to reach before we can call it a Partzuf?

R. The level where we annul ourselves in the smallest initial level towards the others, and this level we are already connected together and we still don't have the actual power to bestow upon each other, but at least I annul myself to be incorporated with the friends. This is the beginning of Partzuf of the Ubar, the embryonic Partzuf and it is a great Partzuf as we will feel we are in the upper light, in the Creator as we annul ourselves in the ten we will feel ourselves in that state and feel how he tends to us like an embryo in the mother's womb developing. The Creator relates this to us and we will feel it accordingly and we will also try to be similar to Him through the friends. In this way we will begin to relate to one another in the ten as I want to relate to the Creator because it is the same thing. In this way we will advance in all of our spiritual development through the months of conception, the impregnation and the birth itself and then the degrees of greatness, of growing up which is all by annulling one before the other so as to give the Creator room to tend to us. The more we annul, the more the Creator tends to the ten nurturing and raising it increasingly more. I am very happy that today we have a connection with China.

16. S. (01:21:17) From the friend in the ten you mentioned that the created beings don't have these abilities of bestowal so what abilities do the created beings have?

R. What qualities? The only quality in the created being is the will to receive. It doesn't matter what desires, our thoughts, but they are all for me, what we need to try to do with the help of the upper force, of course, is also to add desires and intentions towards the friends, towards others. If we establish such a network of connections between us where we not only work to receive but also to give to the friends then by this we arrange and establish a place for the revelation of the Creator because He only gives. According to the law of equivalence the form, He can then be revealed in the connections between us, among the friends if we are all in mutual bestowal among each other.

17. S. (01:23:12) We have been through so many states with the friends here with me and there are so many emotions, I want to give everything the Creator is giving me, what to do in this state?

R. Only to pray from the bottom of your heart for all of the friends, for everyone, the men and the women from the bottom of the heart as there is nothing else all of the spiritual work is mainly in the heart.

18. S. (01:24:14) The Shechina, divinity resides only in a whole place, how to hold the Shechina, the divinity in the ten if the Creator himself is placing some of us in states of descent?

R. Truly beautiful question. The Creator keeps breaking the state of attaining something so that we will attain a better state. There are many articles about it, otherwise we wouldn't be advancing.  We attain something spiritual, spirituality is wholeness if we attain something we would never come out of it. It gives you a feeling of wholeness and even if rationally I would imagine or depict that there are other things without feeling I wouldn't be able to advance. This is why the Creator does this big favor to us, taking away from us what we obtain and then we feel the deficiency as we are on a greater level than before so now we are able to advance more.

19. S. (01:26:21) How do we obtain, achieve everyday the ability to get closer to feel the greatness of the Creator in truth?

R. To be in connection with all of the friends and the connection with us during the lessons and you are certain to advance beautifully because the Creator is tending to us as we are the only group for Him that exist in this world in the framework of the last generation that is intending to correct the broken vessel of Adam HaRishon. There is no question that if we participate in the lessons and everything that we do you will advance together with the men.

20. S. (01:27:41) You said we have to demand from the Creator to feel His greatness; how do we do this in the ten?

R. We constantly talk and learn about how we increase the greatness of the Creator only through the connection with the friends to the extent that the friends want to show me that they have the greatness of the Creator in them even though they don't have it but that I am impressed by what I hear and see from them. Accordingly, I also advance in understanding the greatness of the Creator in me, this is how I get it only from the friends.

21. S. (01:28:45) You said something that is fundamental about replacing the thoughts of this world with thoughts of the congress, so what are thoughts and desires of spirituality?

R. The thoughts and desires of spirituality or to instill the connection to others and to show them how inspired I am by the greatness of the Creator and then through envy, lust, and honor they will want to be at least on the same level of greatness of the Creator that I have from my dissemination in them of how I yearn for connection and how is spirituality it is they also will become envious realizing this is how we help each other.

22. S. (01:30:08) How do we unite our deficiency in such a way to connect the one vessel with the Creator?

R. We are always speaking about this as if you missed all of our lessons that you are asking about this. We are unifying all of our deficiencies, our desire, our passions from revealing the Creator, will unify them by always trying to influence each other.

23. S. (01:31:01) The work in the ten should also raise my prayer for the entire world?

R. I don't have to do that if I don't find importance in that, but gradually the importance to care for connecting the world to this so it will grow and be revealed because we each work in our soul by working on the general correction of Adam HaRishon of the general system and when we erect the collective system there is also your part in that and that part you have to correct it. It turns out that in your part you are responsible for the whole world and later you will discover something that is hard to grasp right now is that besides you there is nothing else because you include everyone else. Everyone includes all of the others. You are responsible for the vessel of all of Adam HaRishon as well as everyone else and no one disturbs the other. This is an integrated system that we can't yet depict in our egoistic mind but it will happen. Don't worry we will have to care for the whole world at some point and it is worthwhile to take that into account already.

24. S. (01:33:25) You said I don't think of myself or of the friends and the Creator separately but that everything should be connected together as one. Why is everything being connected as one?

R. Israel is the person who longs to have adhesion with the Creator, Torah, Orayta, the light refers to the general vessel with the general light that is corrected and Kudsha B’richu, blessed be he, is the Creator, these three things are all as one together that is what needs to happen.

S. Here we have gathered in tens all over the world and we really want that state to be within us. What should we do?

R. Always think about it and always long for it and then it will happen, and we are close to it and the Creator is just standing by waiting. It's like the baby already wants to eat but we wait a little bit because he wants but he doesn't yet want with all of his strength because when he has a great appetite it means he will eat in a healthy way so there is a little bit of waiting still. We have started and I hope by the result of the congress we will come to such an intensity of desire, intention and inclination with everything that we need all together to merit the revelation of the Creator.

25. S. (01:35:28) How can I see the greatness of the Creator in my incapability to include myself in the friends?

R. In that the Creator does not let you come closer to the friends you can see His greatness. That even if you want it He doesn't let you, why? Until you ask as there is this game that is happening here it's called that the Creator is playing with the whale which refers to the will to receive that He created and all of us are included in that whale each and everyone of us, that the Creator is playing with us one time and this direction another time in that direction, plus or minus this is how He brings us up, giving us extreme, contrasting feelings, more conflicting thoughts and ultimately we achieve the right vessels to reveal Him from one end to the other. To reveal Him in His entirety.

26. S. (01:36:56) What is the right vessel and its measure?

R. The right vessel is the will to bestow of the whole ten to the Creator because then that vessel is ready to receive bestowal from the Creator, because what does it want, it connects in order to bestow to the Creator so the Creator has to provide help, what to bestow and how to bestow. It has to provide them with the next state and this is the correct initial vessel, later we will see.

27. S. (01:38:01) Why are we trying to connect with each other, how should we be cautious so the Creator can always be important to us?

R. That is what we should always be cautious about that the Creator is always great and that is always between us more as we have to behave as if He is always there, as if He is revealed to us. Then according to our efforts we will ultimately discover that He is between us and that He was already here. We were just insensitive to it and when we want to discover Him between us we raise our sensitivity. We focus our sensitivity and then we begin to feel it.

28. S. (01:39:22) The Creator is playing with us in reminding us of the greatness of the friends. What is the right prayer? Is it egoistic to ask to see the greatness of my friends?

R. No, it is very good if I ask the Creator to help me see the greatness of the friends.

29. S. (01:40:13) Is there a difference between to think in one's heart and to have faith in the Creator?

R. No, there is not that much difference. What is most important is to attain faith in the greatness of the Creator nevertheless meaning that I make it as though I discover the Creator. Because I have an egoistic desire so He can't be revealed, so I make actions as though He is revealed, I play with that. It is like when little girls play with the dolls, what does it give them? It nevertheless gives them, we see nature is pushing them, forcing them this is how they grow, so we have to play in a similar way.  If the Creator is already present and revealed between us to some extent showing that to others that this is how I see life, that the Creator is here and He is revealed and then by these efforts we truly come to attracting the light that reforms and then we discover the Creator that His glory fills the whole of reality.

Excerpt 7 Reader (01:42:20 - 01:43:45)

30. R. We are coming closer to receiving even though we are not aware that we received more of the qualities of the Creator that he can then become revealed in us and clothe in us. It happens gradually in everyone of us with already corrected vessels of bestowal, vessels of faith that we don't yet feel or understand them as they exist in such a way that they don't prevent us from being in this egoistic world. We operate in this world like other egoists as well but still gradually desires and thoughts, mind and heart that are spirituality is shaping up in us and I hope that we are going to reveal them in practice.

Excerpt 8 Reader (01:45:10 - 01:46:38)

31. S. What should be the first action to have the unity in a new ten?

R. I can't begin the explanation now, where should they turn to?

S. boardworldkli@gmail.com

R. Turn to that email and you can get all of the guidance and I will be glad to speak to you after that this way you can delve into the method and get to know it better.

32. S. (01:48:04) When we feel a lack of connection how can we apply joy in the work with the ten to overcome this deficiency?

R. The deficiency of connection is excellent as I feel that it is lacking, this is the vessel now I can work to fulfill this deficiency, the lack of connection. Where is the connection and where do I attain it, it is already in my hands. The deficiency is in the Creator's hands but if I realize the deficiency somewhat then it automatically becomes fulfilled because more than the calf wants to suckle the cow wants to feed meaning that the Creator longs for us to realize our deficiency more than showing the deficiency. We don't need anything else so He reveals an initial deficiency and within us we need to realize that deficiency in the ten. When I ask you about this deficiency that I got from the Creator I bring myself to a state where He fulfills it so He only gives me the beginnings of the deficiency is called Reshimot.  I work with them in the right way and I receive a great deficiency that he can fulfill. He can't fulfill a small deficiency that comes from Him so where is my effort with the small deficiency that He gave me and with the effort that I made then I come to a great deficiency and this is what He can fulfill, that is mine that is what I feel that I want and not that I got it from Him. It is like a baby is given something and another thing and another thing to eat, tasting it but then he wants it on his own. That is his own deficiency, then we happily and joyfully fulfill him being happy that he asked for it himself what we gave him in advance. This is how we build the correct deficiency in here. 

To begin with it all comes from the Creator but with our addition of exertion, it comes from us that is how it works with us as well as we don't have desires to connect with each other we have to make the effort to invest, nurture and grow these deficiencies until we do and then we discover. Our lesson is moving to its conclusion soon we will hear from INFO and that takes us to a break and then to our second lesson of the day. I hope you have enjoyed the first lesson. We have made progress with some additional points of connection between us, don't lose the connection between the tens and inside each ten. It is very good that each ten is envious of the other tens as envy, lust and honor take a person out of this world into the spiritual world so please, the more of that the better. The true progress in spirituality happens by being envious of the friends, by learning from the friends not from the teacher, the Rav, typically we hear from and are integrated with the friends as that is the most correct thing. Why are we so concerned about our children playing with other children and not connecting with bad environments? Because a person typically becomes like his peers, so look at the friends and see what they have and I don't, to be envious of that, to have a great desire to connect and you will see that with this mutual completion, complementation we can obtain such a vessel that when the Creator feels that, it takes us to very high spiritual degrees where we lack nothing besides connecting between us.