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In our world of action we build proper connections; By removing actions, we receive the upper world.
68% of Americans suffer from the abundance of news! Natural communication is not for us. It hurts & obligates our ego. Communication isn't the future. It's an ideal future. When it sinks in that this method no longer works, we will transition to communication in a different way
@DJ__Trump is a businessman. Everything costs. America is not ready to guarantee security for free. Even more so, since Europe pays Russia for gas, while Trump wants to sell American gas. He wants to bring the world back to its pre-global state.
The Creator will finish our work. Our job is to only turn our prayer (MAN) - our desire and anguish to Him. Everything is achieved solely through our efforts to unite that lead to the prayer - finding the correct desire. And the Creator will complete our work.
Although love of creatures repels, it is a mandatory step, where the love the Creator, his revelation, and adhesion with Him begins. Our unity may be selfish so far, but grieving that it is so draws the upper reforming light, O''M, which does all the work.
From Torah's reception to this day, both the Torah's and egoists' views act in the Jewish people. The world will face great suffering. Consequently, it will force the Jews to realize & fulfill their mission: through their unity to reveal and bring the Creator to the world nations
Liberalism is increasingly against #freedom; it is becoming more rigid, like fascism. Kabbalah warns about it: If people do not start correcting their nature from ego-desires to giving to society, #liberalism will turn into fascism.
"Laymen's view" is the opinion of those who wish to remain in their ego (desire for pleasure), distort spirituality for self-benefit, and justify the ego, without the love of people. In this case, the intention remains selfish, which we observe throughout history.
There are two opposite approaches: "The Torah's view contradicts laymen's view." "The Torah's view is to employ the light that reforms, called the "Torah", which produces spiritual "commandments" in us, turning each ego-desire into bestowal.
Love of others is achieved only - with the mutual support of the friends - with the help of the upper reforming light Those looking for the Creator must create relations that'll draw the upper light changing their ego-relations to bestowal & the Creator will be revealed in them