Table of contents
Baruch Shalom Ha-Levi Ashlag (Rabash)/Assorted Notes
The Striking of Thoughts upon Man
640. A Blessing and a Curse
252. A Broken Heart – 1
800. A Broken Heart – 2
849. A Condition for Marrying a Woman
738. A Covenant of Salt
535. A Cup of Kiddush
338. A Cure before the Blow
387. A Decent Judge and an Indecent Judge
756. A Deficiency from the Light
667. A Descent and Ascent in the Work
851. A Desire for Levirate Marriage
737. A Eulogy
139. A Foot and a Shoe
597. A Generation Goes and a Generation Comes and the Earth Forever Stands
6. A Gentile Who Observes the Sabbath Must Die
797. A Gift
580. A Good Neighbor and a Bad Neighbor
94. A Groom Is Akin to a King
209. A Groom and a Bride
13. A Hand on the Throne of the Lord – 1
392. A Hand on the Throne of the Lord – 2
822. A Handmaid Who Is Heir to Her Mistress
9. A Hedge for Wisdom – Silence - 1
483. A Hedge for Wisdom – Silence - 2
430. A Higher Soul
82. A Horse to Ride On
917. A Kept Matza [Passover bread]
93. A King Who Breaks through a Fence
57. A Kli [vessel] that Holds a Blessing
150. A Knife for Slaughter
839. A Kosher Woman
371. A Ladder Set on the Earth
300. A Land Where You Will Eat Bread Without Scarcity
828. A Lot
335. A Messenger of the Public
826. A Messenger to Circumcise
621. A Minor Mitzva [Commandment]
138. A Near Road and a Faraway Road
212. A Palace
285. A Person Builds a Building
647. A Prayer Requires a Deficiency
83. A Prayer for Life and Nourishments
777. A Prayer for the Exile of the Shechina
850. A Proselyte Who Converted
783. A Ransom for His Soul
60. A Request for Help
290. A Righteous Shall Live by His Faith
493. A Righteous Son and a Wicked Son
871. A Scorpion and a Snake
576. A Shabbat Dish
516. A Shoe
431. A Shoe for His Foot
356. A Son Makes the Father Worthy
792. A Stubborn and Rebellious Son
707. A Treasure of Fear of Heaven
683. A Wise Sees the Future
787. ABYA in the Work
353. Abraham Arose
357. Abraham Begot Isaac
354. Abraham Gave All that He Had
744. Abraham’s Gemstones
158. According to the Sorrow Is the Reward
205. Action and Intention
722. Action and Thought
870. Adam HaRishon Was a Heretic
316. Adam HaRishon – 2
837. Adhere to His Attributes
490. Adornments of the Bride
96. Affliction Precedes Mercy
489. Against Your Will - 2
81. Against Your Will You Live; Against Your Will You Die
3. Against Your Will – 1
91. All Bitter Herb [Maror]
64. All Is Done by His Word
364. All Who Are Violent, Prevail – 1
411. All Who Are Violent, Prevail – 2
467. All the Peoples of the Earth Shall See
230. Am I In the Place of God?
892. An Article for Sukkot
417. And Aaron Did So
160. And All the People Stand Over You
368. And Behold, the Lord Stood Over Him
924. And God Spoke to Moses
107. And Golan in the Bashan
925. And I Will Take You as My People
358. And Isaac Was Forty Years Old
458. And It Came to Pass because You Hear
605. And Jethro Heard
365. And Judah Approached Him – 1
719. And Judah Approached Him – 2
404. And Say a Matter
630. And There Was Evening and There Was Morning
695. And They Shall Take to You Pure Olive Oil
697. And You Shall Honor It, Not Doing Your Ways
22. And You, Israel
780. And You, Write
923. And he said, “When You Deliver the Hebrew Women”
474. And the Canaanite, King of Arad, Heard
341. And the Lord Saw
58. Ani [I] and Ein [nothing/null]
680. Annulment - the Baal Shem Tov Way
271. Any Person Who Is Favored
272. Anyone Who Associates the Aim for the Creator with Another Thing
59. Anyone Who Is Angry, It Is as though He Commits Idol-Worship
319. Anyone Who Is Proud, It Is as though He Commits Idol-Worship
266. Anyone Who Is Settled in His Wine
718. Anyone Who Mourns Jerusalem
293. Anyone Who Observes the Shabbat [Sabbath] Properly, Desecrates It
295. Anyone Who Sanctifies the Seventh – 1
380. Anyone Who Sanctifies the Seventh – 2
250. Anyone in Whom There Is Fear of Heaven – 1
751. Anyone in Whom There Is Fear of Heaven – 2
345. Anyone with Whom the Spirit of the Creator Is Pleased
270. Anyone with Whom the Spirit of the People Is Pleased - 2
39. Anyone with Whom the Spirit of the People Is Pleased – 1
626. Anything that the Merciful One Does, He Does for the Best
599. Arise, O God
242. As He is merciful, So You Are Merciful
264. Ascend in Degree, Choose a Bridesmaid
298. Associating the Quality of Mercy with Judgment
1. Atzilut is Private Providence
441. Avenge the Vengeance of the Children of Israel
161. Awakening – 1
618. Awakening – 2
231. Aza and Azael
724. Balak Saw
790. Be Careful with What Comes Out from Your Lips
281. Be Mindful with a Minor Commandment as with a Major One – 1
282. Be Mindful with a Minor Commandment as with a Major One – 2
283. Be Mindful with a Minor Commandment as with a Major One – 3
455. Because You Hear
459. Because of Humbleness and Fear of the Lord
752. Before I Was Circumcised – 2
732. Before the Face of the Menorah
19. Beginning to Speak from the Connection with the Creator
23. Behold, I Am Setting Before You
928. Behold, a People Has Come Out of Egypt
396. Behold, the Lord Has Called the Name Bezalel
676. Being Privileged
122. Being Rewarded with Life
377. Better a Poor Child
614. Bitter Herb
779. Bless the Fruit of Your Womb
497. Blessed Are You
105. Blessed Is Our God, Who Has Created Us for His Glory
168. Blessed Is the Man Who Puts His Trust in the Lord
462. Blessed Is the Place [Creator]
908. Blotting Out Amalek
815. Bo [Come]
819. Borrowing Vessels
661. Branch and Root
232. Bribing the Sitra Achra
259. Building the Temple
610. Buying a Woman
645. By Your Actions, We Know You
706. By the Sweat of Your Brow
611. Capital and Fruits
393. Carrier of Iniquity
566. Cast Their Seed Among the Nations
731. Charity for the Poor
825. Choice
841. Coerced
390. Coercion and Inversion
163. Colors in the Work
926. Come unto Pharaoh
510. Concealed and Revealed
72. Concealed and Revealed in His Providence
322. Concerning Choice
332. Concerning Equivalence of Form
202. Concerning Fear
927. Concerning Hametz and Matza
805. Concerning Joy
189. Concerning Learning the Wisdom of Kabbalah
557. Concerning Ohr Hozer [reflected light]
918. Concerning Passover
715. Concerning Preparation for a Fast
716. Concerning Pride
185. Concerning Shekalim – 1
246. Concerning Shekalim – 2
197. Concerning Suffering – 1
409. Concerning Suffering – 2
612. Concerning This World and the Next World – 2
653. Concerning Threshing
40. Concerning Two Witnesses
309. Concerning Walking in Secrecy
216. Concerning Women
233. Concerning Yenika [suction/nursing]
620. Concerning a Blessing
930. Concerning the Beginning of the Month
919. Concerning the Environment
753. Concerning the Evil Inclination
933. Concerning the Exodus from Egypt
746. Concerning the Fetus
903. Concerning the Fifteenth of Shevat
577. Concerning the Goal
534. Concerning the Groom
935. Concerning the Matza [unleavened bread]
942. Concerning the Mind Controlling the Heart
251. Concerning the Minyan [Ten in the synagogue]
938. Concerning the Omer [Count]
17. Concerning the Shechina [Divinity]
421. Concerning the Spies
519. Concerning the Tzimtzum [restriction]
20. Concerning the Will to Receive
487. Concerning the Will to Receive
515. Concerning the surrounding lights
701. Confidence
665. Counsels against the Inclination
408. Count the Heads of the Whole Congregation of Israel
188. Covering a Portion, Revealing Two Portions – 1
700. Covering and Revealing
650. Criticism on Bestowal
444. Darkness Precedes Light
213. Darkness, Fire, and Shadow
905. Daveh [Afflicted] or Hod [Glory/Majesty]
651. Day and Night
832. Dead Fish
125. Definitions – 1
563. Definitions – 2
762. Degrees of Aviut
303. Delight Them with a Complete Building – 2
55. Delight Them with a Complete Structure – 1
791. Demand and Receive Reward
712. Desire and Intellect
558. Desire for Spirituality
196. Devotion
240. Discernments in States
323. Discernments in a Spiritual Kli [vessel]
253. Do Not Eat the Bread of an Evil-Eyed Man
548. Doing and Hearing
469. Each Day They Will Be as New in Your Eyes
321. Eating from the Waste
709. Education
223. Entry into the Work
806. Esau’s Head Is Holy
54. Everlasting Salvation
128. Exalt the Lord Our God
118. Except for “Leave!”
682. Exit and Entry in the Work
101. Faith Above Reason
148. Faith Is Called “Action”
176. Faith Is Regarded as Above Nature
846. Faith Is the Quality of Malchut
170. Faith Within Reason
100. Faith and Reason
317. Faith – 1
728. Faith – 2
178. Father Ejected Mother Because of Her Son
74. Father and Mother
304. Fear and Love
634. Fear of Heaven
549. Feeling the Lack
664. Feeling the Sin Increases the Light
35. Find Favor and a Good Mind
243. Finding Grace
807. Fire Is Called “Judgments”
564. Fire, Wind, Water, Dust
37. Fish Means Worries
73. Flavors of Torah
10. For He Whom the Lord Loves He Admonishes
883. For Man Is the Tree of the Field
207. For Your Crimes, Your Mother Was Sent Away
656. For the Iniquity of the Amorite Is Not Complete
302. For the Lord Chose Jacob for Himself
450. Forces that Induce the Development of the Heart and the Mind
192. Foundations
363. Four Angels
662. Four Discernments in the Desire
637. Four States in the Work
422. From Afar the Lord Appeared to Me
119. From Lo Lishma to Lishma
600. From the Depth I Called You, Lord – 1
702. From the Depths I Have Called You, Lord – 2
789. From the Peh and Above, It Is Not Considered a Kli
513. Gathering Wood
570. General Attainment and Personal Attainment
560. Generations
835. Gird Your Sword
344. Go Forth
589. God Did Not Guide Them
609. God Is More Terrible than Your Sanctifiers
52. God Made It so that He Would Be Feared
726. Going on the Road
888. Good Days
102. Good Deeds Are Called Sons
220. Good Taste in Small, Corporeal Things
879. Good Writing and Signing
343. Gopher Wood
260. Great Is He Who Is Commanded and Does
694. Great Is a Transgression that Is Lishma
437. Great Priesthood
77. Greeks Have Gathered Around Me
400. Half a Shekel – 1
578. Half a Shekel – 2
899. Hanu-KoH
818. Happy Are They Who Keep Judgment
127. Happy Is He
337. Happy Is the Man
366. Hard on Himself and Easy on Others
215. Having Guests – 1
299. Having a Clean Mind
571. He Is One and His Name, One
546. He Made Everything Good in Its Time
788. He Raises the Poor from the Dust – 1
297. He Raises the Poor from the Dust, Lifts the Indigent from the Trash
373. He Saw that He Could Not Prevail Over Him
374. He Touched the Hollow of His Thigh
720. He Who Adds Knowledge, Adds Pain
333. He Who Begins a Mitzva [Commandment]
518. He Who Comes to Defile
552. He Who Comes to Purify Is Aided - 1
666. He Who Comes to Purify Is Aided – 2
336. He Who Cries over a Fitting Person
248. He Who Delights the Shabbat
512. He Who Disputes Peace
810. He Who Fears Me
355. He Who Has No Sons
247. He Who Is Meticulous about Turning His Gown
765. He Who Learns Torah in Poverty
454. He Who Prays for His Friend
214. He Who Robs His Father and His Mother
484. He Whom the Lord Loves He Admonishes
261. Hear, My Son, Your Father's Ethics – 1
795. Hear, My Son, Your Father's Morals – 2
401. Hear, O Israel
182. Heresy Is the Punishment
913. His Law He Contemplates
198. Hochma and Hassadim
660. How Did They Sin?
434. How Good Are Your Tents, Jacob - 2
171. How Good Are Your Tents, Jacob – 1
782. How Great Is Your Name
31. How I Love Your Teaching
750. How Terrible Is This Place
351. How to Draw Near Him
360. I Did Not Find My Hands or Legs in the Seminary
887. I Do Swear
538. I Give Him My Covenant of Peace
284. I Have a Minor Mitzva [commandment], Whose Name Is Sukkah
632. I Will Always Yearn
385. I Will Carry You on the Wings of Eagles
529. I Will Give You My Blessing
579. I Will Remove the Stony Heart
249. I Will Sin and Repent
275. I Wish They Left Me and Kept My Law
915. I and Not a Messenger
179. Ibur [Conception] – 1
873. Ibur [Conception] – 2
257. Idol Worship
652. If Any Man of You Brings an Offering - 1
802. If Any Man of You Brings an Offering – 2
663. If He Is Rewarded, His Work Is Done by Others
502. If Man Wins, the Creator Is Happy
4. If There Is a Virgin Maiden
407. If You Buy a Hebrew Slave
574. If You Come
464. If You Go to War - 2
312. If You Go to War – 1
550. If You Seek Her as Silver
276. If a Human Being Has on the Skin of His Flesh
402. If a Woman Inseminates – 1
306. If the Rav Is Similar to an Angel of the Lord
705. Impudence
733. In Its Time, I Will Hasten It
227. In Katnut, Gevurot Appear First
668. In a Place Where Repentants Stand
340. In the Beginning [God] Created
747. In the Heat of the Day
641. Inheritance of the Land
265. Inner Keys and Outer Keys
824. Internality and Externality
763. Inverse Relation between Lights and Vessels
359. Isaac Sowed in That Land
902. Israel Are Compared to an Olive Tree
218. Israel Are the Sons of Kings
372. It Came to Pass as That Day
133. It Is All Corrections
774. It Is Good to Thank the Creator
320. It Is Not the Shy Who Learns
498. It Shall Come to Pass That If You Surely Hear
378. Jacob Lived in the Land Where His Father Dwelled
362. Jacob Saw that There Was Grain
375. Jacob Sent
376. Jacob Was Very Frightened
87. Jerusalem
369. Joy While Learning Torah
89. Joy and Fear
120. Joy that Comes from Dancing
880. Judgments
452. Just as I Am Dancing before You
642. Justice, Justice You Shall Pursue
631. Kedusha [Holiness] and Tahara [Purity]
180. King David Has No Life
619. King of the Nations
129. Knowledge and Faith
425. Korah Took
863. Korah’s Complaint
844. Labor Is the Reward
545. Laboring and Finding
627. Law and Judgment – 1
785. Law and Judgment – 2
475. Lend Ear, O Heavens
339. Let the Earth Put Forth Grass
162. Love of Others
330. Lowliness
429. Make Everything in Order to Bestow
687. Make for Yourself an Ark
886. Malchuiot, Memories, and Shofarot
588. Malchut of the Upper One Becomes Keter to the Lower One
678. Male and Female
211. Man
108. Man Determines
544. Man Is Born a Wild Ass [Donkey]
904. Man Is the Tree of the Field
267. Man Was Created in the Torah
291. Man and His Role
172. Man and the Torah
759. Man as a Whole
210. Man’s Actions
32. Man’s Greatness Is According to His Work
638. Man’s Inclination
856. Man’s Nature
80. Man’s Receptions
50. Man’s Sensation of Time
725. Man’s Soul Will Teach Him
326. Man’s Work
869. Matrimony
769. Merging of the Body
98. Midnight Correction
703. Miketz [After]
237. Mind and Heart
346. Mind and Heart
379. Miracle and Choice
858. Moses Assembled
228. Moses Is the Quality of Faith
941. Mount Sinai
530. Movement Due to Shame
225. Names Are Given only According to the Lower One
730. Nicer than Gold
445. No Masach [Screen] in Keter
342. Noah Was a Righteous Man
845. None as Holy as the Lord
608. Not because You Were Many
111. Nothing New Under the Sun
596. Nothing New Under the Sun
540. Nourishment
816. Observed and Received
384. Observing Shabbat [Sabbath]
85. Observing Torah Only in the Land of Israel
92. Old and New
735. On the Day When the Tabernacle Was Established
269. One Does Not Toil Over a Meal and Misses It
559. One Hundred Blessings
268. One Learns Only Where One’s Heart Desires
593. One Should Not Appease One’s Neighbor When He Is Angry
602. One Should Not Be Ashamed of the Mockers
629. One Who Despises a Wise Disciple
292. One Who Restrains Himself in Strife
713. One Who Walks along the Way
582. One Whose Wife Provides for Him
466. Optional War and a War of Mitzva [Commandment]
199. Oral Torah
15. Ordinances
49. Our Faith in Books and Authors
622. Overcoming
503. Partnership
347. Passed By Your Servant
644. Passing the Dead before the Bride
145. Passion for Knowledge
617. Peace at Home
866. Peace to the Far and to the Near
447. Peace with the Creator
931. Peh-Sah [speaking mouth]
440. Pinhas Saw
778. Pleasure Cancels the Mind
418. Poverty Becomes Israel
329. Prayer
528. Prayer
601. Prayer and Request
649. Preparation for the Light
451. Pure Eyed
623. Purify Our Hearts
539. Questions about “Return O Israel”
937. Questions for the Exodus from Egypt
56. Questions in the Work
840. Quick Nearing
389. Raise a Contribution for Me – 1
688. Raise a Contribution for Me – 2
804. Raises the Poor from the Dust – 2
491. Raising MAN - 2
201. Raising MAN – 1
41. Raising the Hands
234. Reality and the Existence of Reality
200. Receiving Pleasure from Three Kelim [Vessels]
607. Remember that You Were a Slave
591. Renewed Work
896. Repel Admon in the Shadow of Tzalmon
244. Repentance
134. Repentance Does Not Help in GAR
874. Rest and Joy, Light to the Jews
186. Return, Israel – 1
542. Return, O Israel – 2
112. Returning a Theft
811. Returning to One’s Origin
144. Revealed and Concealed
633. Revealing a Portion and Covering Two Portions – 2
909. Revealing the Concealment
62. Reward and Punishment
61. Right and Left
48. Right, Wholeness, and Truth
135. Righteous Take by Force
583. Righteous and Wicked
882. Rosh Hashanah
881. Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur
901. Rosh Hashanah for the Trees
44. Ruin by Elders—Construction; Construction by Youths—Ruin
217. Run My Beloved
21. Sanctification of the Month
156. Sanctification of the Moon
438. Save Your Servant, You, My God
506. Saved Us from the Hand of the Shepherds
222. Scrutinies in the Work
864. See Life
131. See a Life with a Woman that You Love
318. Seeing and Hearing
219. Seek Peace and Pursue It
410. Self-Love and Love of the Creator
420. Send Forth
836. Servant and Son
42. Serve the Creator with Joy
229. She Opened Her Mouth with Wisdom
655. Shoots Like an Arrow
679. Signs of the Son of David
894. Simchat Torah [The Joy of Torah]
473. Sins Become for Him as Merits
154. Sitting in Corners
406. Six Days You Shall Work
456. Small Talents
314. Smallness and Greatness
45. Sons of Wise Disciples
671. Sorting Food and Waste
274. Specifically through a Man and a Woman
419. Spies
776. Still of Kedusha
167. Strict with Himself and Blesses
146. Suffering and Joy
643. Supporters of the Torah
34. TANTA [Taamim, Nekudot, Tagin, Otiot]
397. Take from Among You a Contribution to the Lord
854. Takes His Part and the Part of His Friend
173. Tefillin
543. Tell the Children of Israel
766. The Ability to Receive
581. The Act Is What Decides
226. The Ark Carries Its Carriers
508. The Ascent of Malchut to Bina
195. The Association of the Quality of Judgment with Mercy
547. The Attribute of Caution
829. The Basis of Learning the Revealed
486. The Beginning of Speech Is from Ein Sof
799. The Birth of the Moon
38. The Blessing of the Torah
594. The Commandment of Repentance
749. The Commandment of the Upper One
174. The Commandments Are from the Mouth of the Creator
754. The Complaint of the Angels
472. The Concealed Things Belong to the Lord Our God
517. The Constitution of the Torah
296. The Core of Creation and the Correction of Creation
7. The Correction of Lines
457. The Counsel of the Lord Ever Stands
495. The Creator Ascended
685. The Creator Complements the Desire
672. The Creator Craves the Prayer of the Righteous
876. The Creator Created the Evil Inclination, He Created for It the Torah as a Spice
391. The Creator Did Not Try Job
289. The Creator Is Meticulous with the Righteous
29. The Creator Observed Their Works
533. The Creator Pulls the Man Close
916. The Day after Shabbat [Sabbath]
848. The Days of the Messiah
673. The Death of a Righteous
86. The Degree of “Wicked”
151. The Desire to Bestow – 1
813. The Desire to Bestow – 2
413. The Difference between Books of Ethics and the Books of the Baal Shem Tov
334. The Difference between Charity and a Gift
553. The Difference between Concealed and Revealed
140. The Difference between Envy and Lust
70. The Difference between Kedusha [holiness] and Sitra Achra [other side]
90. The Difference between Money and Honor
773. The Difference between Torah and Ethics
770. The Difference between the Soul and the Body
736. The Diminution of the Moon
820. The Discernment of “In Everything”
43. The Discernments of “Woman” and “Sons” in the Torah
424. The Dispute between Korah and Moses
449. The Drop Is Declared
934. The Duty to Tell the Story of the Exodus from Egypt
28. The Earth Feared and Was Still
699. The End of Correction
531. The Essence of the Correction
555. The Exile of the Shechina [Divinity]
939. The Exodus from Egypt and the Giving of the Torah
453. The Eyes of Both of Them Opened
584. The Face of the Lord Is in Evildoers
11. The Fear of You and the Dread of You Shall Be upon All the Animals of the Earth
932. The First Innovation
235. The Forms of the Light
177. The Fruit of Torah
893. The Fruit of a Citrus Tree
18. The Garments of the Soul
488. The Garments of the Soul
301. The General Public and the Chosen Few
646. The Generations of Jacob Joseph
944. The Giving of the Torah Is with Two Eyes
527. The God of Israel
827. The Godliness Made the Concealment
669. The Good Inclination and the Evil Inclination
616. The Governance of Malchut
867. The Governance of Peace
187. The Greatness of the Creator Is His Humbleness
245. The Help of the Creator
743. The Journeys of the Children of Israel
648. The Joy of the Giver
238. The Joy of the Groom and Bride
95. The Kingdom of Heaven Begins with Hesed
585. The Kingship and the Governance to The One Who Lives Forever
801. The Klipa of Ishmael
137. The Lack Is the Kli [Vessel]
278. The Light Created on the First Day - 2
117. The Light in It Reforms Him
325. The Light of Hassadim on which There Was No Tzimtzum
256. The Light that Was Created on the First Day - 1
147. The Line of the Work
350. The Lord Appeared to Him by the Oaks of Mamre
786. The Lord Came from Sinai
381. The Lord Hears the Poor
433. The Lord Your God Was Unwilling to Listen
742. The Lord’s Revenge Against Midian
532. The Main Choice
24. The Main Thing We Need
432. The Making of the Calf
760. The Material of the Soul
689. The Matter of Father and Son
165. The Matter of Keeping
911. The Meal of a Wicked One
906. The Meaning of Amalek
446. The Meaning of Dry Land
208. The Meaning of Dust
305. The Meaning of Evil
71. The Meaning of Exile
895. The Meaning of Hanukah
784. The Meaning of Shabbat
5. The Meaning of Sins Becoming as Merits
891. The Meaning of Yom Kippur
169. The Meaning of the Bed
569. The Meaning of the Offering
193. The Meaning of the Second Restriction
817. The Meaning of “Poor”
568. The Meaning of “Right” and “Left”
115. The Meaning of “Torah Lishma [for Her sake]”
758. The Measure of Overcoming
595. The Measure of the Greatness of the Creator
327. The Merit of Having Guests
263. The Merit of the Bride
798. The Merit of the Little One
511. The Middle Line
273. The Mightiest of the Mighty
521. The Mind [Reason] that Governs Man
625. The Mitzva of Sukkah
922. The More One Speaks of the Exodus from Egypt
727. The Most Important Is the Environment
686. The Most Important Is the Right
823. The Name Shadai
592. The Names of Malchut
159. The Need and Importance of Teaching Faith
636. The Need for Flavors of Torah
830. The Need for Gentiles
143. The Need for Recognition of Evil
857. The Need for a Kli without Light
921. The Need for an Act from Below
831. The Need for the Torah
853. The Need to Recognize the Greatness of the Creator
945. The Ninth of Av
16. The Numbered Things of the Tabernacle – 1
398. The Numbered Things of the Tabernacle – 2
113. The Old Man Looks for Fear of Heaven
803. The Order of Conveying the Wisdom
68. The Order of the Work
929. The Passover Offering
110. The Path of Torah
496. The Path of Truth
480. The Place Where the Lord Will Choose
794. The Place of Attainment
190. The Place of Repentants
940. The Point in the Heart
554. The Power of Thought
426. The Prayer of a Righteous, Son of a Righteous, and a Righteous, Son of a Wicked
708. The Prayer of the Righteous
324. The Preparation Period
104. The Prohibition to Teach a Gentile Torah
575. The Purity of the Work
628. The Qualities of “Idol-Worshippers” and “Israel”
181. The Quality of Adam HaRishon – 1
675. The Quality of Joseph
889. The Quality of Mercy
684. The Quality of Moses
501. The Quality of Truth – 1
567. The Quality of Truth – 2
395. The Quality of “Still” and the Quality of “Vegetative”
414. The Rabble Who Were Among Them Had Greedy Desires
796. The Real State
109. The Reason Why People Go to the Graves of the Patriarchs
224. The Reason for the Faith
868. The Reason that Obligates
509. The Revelation of the Love of the Creator
69. The Reward for Work in Spirituality
492. The Reward for a Mitzva
615. The Reward for the Work
476. The Rich Shall Not Give More and the Poor Shall Not Give Less
310. The Righteous Perishes and No One Notices
191. The Roles of Light of Wisdom
884. The Rosh Hashanah Prayer
106. The Ruin of Kedusha [Holiness]
504. The Secret of the Lord Is to Those Who Fear Him
721. The Segula of Torah and Mitzvot
448. The Sensation of Wholeness
142. The Sorrow of the Shechina [Divinity] – 1
890. The Sorrow of the Shechina – 2
561. The Soul of Israel
141. The Spirit of the Wise Is Displeased with Him
51. The State of Shabbat [Sabbath]
2. The Striking of Thoughts upon Man
768. The Suckling of the Klipot
25. The Summoning for the Blessing on the Food
399. The Tabernacle of the Testimony
130. The Testimony of the Creator
775. The Thoughts of a Gentile and Those of Israel
936. The Time of Redemption
184. The Time of Wearing the Tefillin [Phylacteries]
203. The Torah Is Acquired through Suffering
692. The Torah Is Called Tushiya – 1
693. The Torah Is Called Tushiya – 2
97. The Torah Must Be Received with Both Hands
920. The Torah Spoke Regarding Four Sons
691. The Torah Was Given in Secret
551. The Torah as a Spice
556. The Torah, from the Words “Shot Through”
311. The Tree from which Adam HaRishon Ate Was Wheat
349. The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil
838. The Trueness of Providence
136. The Tying of Isaac
103. The Unification of ZON
587. The Upper One Scrutinizes for the Purpose of the Lower One
764. The View of Kedusha
331. The Voice Is Good for Perfumes
53. The Voice, the Voice of Jacob, but the Hands, the Hands of Esau
412. The Vow of a Hermit, to Dedicate Himself to the Lord
88. The War Against Amalek
78. The War of the Inclination
781. The Way of the Baal Shem Tov
370. The Way of the Land Preceded the Torah
734. The Western Candle
236. The Whole Earth Is Full of His Glory
481. The Whole World Is Nourished by My Son Hanina - 2
12. The Whole World Is Nourished by My Son Hanina – 1
843. The Work Is the Reward
842. The Work in General
465. The Work of the General Public and the Work of the Individual
75. The Work of the Greatest in the Nation
861. The Work of the Lines
76. The Works Go Up
443. The Writing Is in the Labor
328. Their Idols Are Silver and Gold, the Work of Man's Hands
878. Their Leg Was a Straight Leg
711. There Has Never Risen a Prophet Like Moses
494. There Is Fear Only in a Place of Wholeness
603. There Is Shechina in the Wall
388. These Are the Ordinances
573. They Shall Fear You
383. They Stood at the Foot of the Mountain
468. This Day, the Lord Your God Commands You
427. This Is the Constitution of the Torah [Law] – 1
428. This Is the Constitution of the Torah [Law] – 2
386. This Is the Day that the Lord Has Made
416. This Is the Making of the Menorah [Temple Lamp] – 1
639. This Is the Making of the Menorah [Temple Lamp] – 2
482. This Is the Path of Torah - 2
8. This Is the Path of Torah – 1
46. This Moment and the Next Moment
537. This Month Is to You
403. This Shall Be the Law of the Leper
729. This World Is Sanctified by Man
690. This World and the Future
280. This World and the Next World – 1
635. This World and the Next World – 1
658. This World and the Next World – 2
590. Those Who Walk to the Land of Israel
606. Those of Little Faith
175. Three Degrees of Man
943. Three Discernments in the Torah
710. Three Generations, Three Lines
740. Three Gifts
423. Three Lines - 2
875. Three Lines - 4
27. Three Lines – 1
525. Three Lines – 3
114. Three Partners
436. Three Prayers - 1
877. Three Prayers - 2
315. Three Souls
206. Three Things in the World
14. Thus You Shall Say to the House of Jacob
814. Times in the Work
674. To Admonish Another
367. To Benjamin He Gave Three Hundred Pieces of Silver
741. To Cleanse the People
565. To Do Them Today
755. To Enjoy in Order to Bestow
748. To Renew the Reason
124. To Serve Me
757. Toil
714. Torah of Hesed [Mercy/Grace]
153. Torah with the Manner of the Land
84. Touching the Tefillin [phylacteries]
505. True Mercy
286. Truth and Peace Loved
833. Turn Away from Evil and Do Good - 4
30. Turn Away from Evil and Do Good – 1
65. Turn Away from Evil and Do Good – 2
812. Turn Away from Evil and Do Good – 3
287. Turning His Ear from Hearing Torah
900. Two Degrees
761. Two Discernments in the Kelim
121. Two Forces within Man
698. Two Kinds of Internality
204. Two Kinds of Repentance
852. Two Kinds of Scrutinies
572. Two Labors
914. Two Opposites
739. Two Types of Attire
723. Tzimtzum
910. Until He Does Not Know
352. Until I Was Circumcised – 1
132. Upper and Lower
624. Ushpizin
126. Visiting the Sick
717. Voice and Speech
152. Walk Discreetly
771. Walking
520. Water Will Flow from His Buckets
262. We Have Forgotten the Good
294. We Will Do and We Will Hear – 1
821. We Will Do and We Will Hear – 2
514. Welcoming Guests – 2
659. What Are Torah and Work?
157. What Comes First—the Blessing or the Peace?
477. What Do You Have in the House?
33. What Is Amalek, Whose Memory We Must Blot Out
79. What Is Handsome In the Work?
897. What Is Hanukah
507. What Is Joy?
221. What Is Life?
912. What Is Purim
657. What Is Reality and What Is Imagination
67. What Is Truth?
898. What Is the Miracle of Hanukah
524. What Is, He Swallowed Maror [bitter herb], He Will Not Come Out, in the work?
598. What It Means that Shabbat Is Called “Guest” in the Work
523. What It Means to Bear a Son and a Daughter in the Work
478. What Was the Sin of Korah?
164. What to Ask of the Creator—to Be His Servant
435. When Balak Took Counsel
907. When He Let His Hand Down, Amalek Prevailed
277. When One of the Members of the Group Dies
382. When Pharaoh Sent the People
241. When Wicked Are Lost, There Is Singing
470. When You Come
394. When You Count the Heads of the Children of Israel to Number Them
415. When You Raise the Candles - 1
500. When You Raise the Candles - 2
613. When a Woman Inseminates
681. When a Woman Inseminates – 2
405. When an Ox or a Sheep or a Goat Is Born
745. When the Creator Came
348. When the Creator Loves a Person
541. When the Lord Favors Man’s Ways
313. When the Lord Rejoices Over You
586. Which Is the Straight Path
166. Which Repentance Helps?
116. Who Are the Wicked?
654. Who Despises the Day of Smallness
36. Who Hears a Prayer
258. Who Is Rich?
872. Who Makes a Way through the Sea
26. Who Will Not Lift Up the Face
865. Wholeness Is One Hundred
99. Wholeness and Deficiency – 1
808. Wholeness and Deficiency – 2
809. Wholeness in Life
604. Why He Waited until the War Against Amalek
279. Why Israel Are Compared to an Olive Tree
677. Why Matza Is Called “Bread of Poverty”
194. Why Was David Punished?
439. Why Was Pinhas Awarded the Priesthood?
704. Why Was the Torah Given to Israel
239. Widows
862. Will Give Wisdom to the Wise
460. Will Keep His Promise to You
847. Willows of the Brook
562. Wisdom and Prayer
526. With All Your Heart
288. With Me, from Lebanon, Bride
860. With What to Aid?
885. With a Shofar You Will Renew
123. Without Hands and Without Legs
66. Woe unto You Who Await the Day of the Lord
855. Wood and Stone
255. Words of a Dead Man
183. Work Is the Most Important
254. Work Means Faith
47. Worse than Everyone
793. Write Them on the Tablet of Your Heart
772. Writing a Book of Torah
463. You Became Rich; You Are in the Evening; Light the Candle
155. You Have Chosen Us – 1
308. You Have Chosen Us – 2
307. You Have Not a Blade of Grass Below
670. You Shall Give Him His Wages On His Day
859. You Shall Increase Their Inheritance
767. You Shall Make Holy Garments
479. You Shall Not Distort Justice
536. You Shall Tithe a Tenth
63. You Stand Here Today – 1
471. You Stand Today - 2
442. Your Children, Whom You Said
485. Your FearThe Fear of You and the Dread of You Shall Be upon All the Animals of the Earth & Dread
361. Your Good Treasure
696. Your Strength to the Torah
834. “Grow!”
499. “I” is the Malchut
149. “Land” Is the Kingdom of Heaven
522. “Right” Means Wholeness
461. “See” in Singular Form
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