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Letter 2

Letter No. 2

Tuesday, Portion Toldot (Generations), November 23, 1954, Tel Aviv

To my courageous friends … may the Creator be with you.

Concerning what we spoke about while standing by the car, see in the book, Beit Shaar Hakavanot (Gatehouse of Intentions), item 70, and you will find an answer.

And concerning your joining the society, to which I conceded, I must admit that I did not examine it sufficiently. The reason is that while I was in Tiberias, I was thinking about the conflicting opinions existing in Tiberias, so I said that there is no need to consider them, and only the truth will show the way. But upon arrival at Tel Aviv I immediately sensed that there are views among our former friends, as well, meaning prior to the departure of the Light. Now their Kelim (vessels) are, and a hint suffices, and they will seek iniquities and transgressions to justify their deeds, namely that truth is only in Jerusalem, the place of ruin. So now I have come to revert from this, meaning not to join the abovementioned society.

As for your question about the meaning of the verse, “Anyone with whom the spirit of people is pleased,” I have found that I have written in the name of my father, who was asking saying that there was a difference of opinions even among the greatest and most famous. He reasoned saying that if they had said that “Anyone with whom people are pleased,” then they could have asked that question. But since they said precisely “Anyone with whom the spirit of people is pleased,” meaning that there are creations, meaning bodies, and the bodies have no relation to the spirit of the Creator. On the contrary, the view of landlords is opposite to the view of Torah. But the spirit of people is holy.

This is the spirit to which our sages referred, since “whosoever keeps one commandment,” namely the commandment of faith, called “one letter,” “sentences himself and the whole world to the side of merit.”

This brings up the question, “But do we neither see nor feel any merit in the public while there are righteous in the generation?” Baal HaSulam said about that that the righteous draws the abundance for the entire collective, but those who do not have vessels to clothe the Light cannot enjoy this abundance. However, the souls of each and every person receives a Surrounding Light from the abundance, hence “the spirit of people is pleased with him” since the spirit of the Creator illuminates into the spirit of people.

However, we are not speaking of, or concerned with, all those who have not yet clothed their spirits.

May you merit going from strength to strength.

Your friend who sends you regards and wishes you well,

Baruch Shalom Ashlag